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Superman was struggling to get up. His body was beaten up so badly, he was finally finding it hard to move. The Justice League's battle with General Zod's army has lasted for more than two to three hours and the whole of Justice League was finally exhausted. Superman was trying his hardest to finish the battle once and for all.

He scanned around the area to look for the other Justice Leaguers: Batman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern were all preoccupied with battling Zod's army; Flash was running around the area, trying to help each and every member of the League; Cyborg was nowhere to be seen as he was told to stay in the Watchtower to try and open the portal again for the Phantom Zone to send Zod and his army; and Wonder Woman was in combat with Faora- though it looked as if Wonder Woman was winning as, even though both of them looked exhausted, Faora's attacks were deteriorating.

"Is this the limit of the fight you can give me Kal-El?" Zod called out, "I'm disappointed"

"You won't have to because I'm going to stop this now!"

Superman flew towards him in fast speed, knocking Zod into a nearby building, where Superman continuously punched him in great strength. Zod soon countered one of his punches and kicked Superman out of the building. He then took one of the trucks that lay on the street and threw it at Superman, who caught it in the last minute but still stumbled.

"Kneel before Zod, Kal-El" Zod commanded him

"What makes you think I'll do that?"

"Then you shall die"

Superman prepared himself for an attack from Zod, prepared to counter it but it never came. Instead he heard a whoosh sound then a crash. He looked up to see Zod gone from in front of him but a cloud of smoke coming from a building. He looked around and saw that Faora was lying on the floor, unconscious…

The smoke was finally clearing out and he could finally see Wonder Woman in a battle with Zod… to which she was weakening. Her battle with Faora has left her weak and exhausted but he saw that she still went on. He couldn't allow this.

As he got up, he saw that one of Zod's punches has left Wonder Woman on her knees.

"Wonder Woman!" Superman called out

Zod grabbed her by her hair and walked towards Superman. Superman clenched his jaw at the sight.

"Let her go Zod!" Superman demanded, "you're fight is with me"

"This woman is unlike any other women I have ever fought," Zod looked at her half-closed eyes, "she is stronger and more willed" he then turned to Superman, "yet, judging by your expression, you are more concerned about her than anybody else in your so called 'Justice League' when the rest of your team is far weaker than the two of you. Why is that Kal-El?"

"Let her go Zod!" Superman continued to demand him

"What is she to you?" he ignored Superman's demand

My girlfriend; Lover, as she would say. My one true love.

"I said LET HER GO!"

Superman shot beams from his eyes, directed towards Zod who was sent flying by the beams. Superman ran towards where Wonder Woman was and caught her before she dropped to the ground.

"Diana?" he gently shook her, "Diana please wake up"

She opened her eyes slightly, "Kal?"

"Yes it's me," his heart slightly fluttered at the sight of her, "how are you feeling?"

"Terrible," she smiled then touched his cheeks," but I'm glad you're alright". Her eyes were slowly closing. This worried Superman but he could still hear her heartbeat, slow but still beating. Thank God.

"Silly", he whispered, "You didn't have to worry about me". He hugged her tightly and smiled, glad that she was okay.

"It seems my punches weren't strong enough to kill her"

Superman's expression turned sour and his anger resurfaced as he heard his voice. Superman was about to reply to Zod's comment when there was a call from his comlink.

"Superman," it was Cyborg, "I've figured out a way to open the Phantom Zone again. All you have to do is to get away from the radius of where the portal will open up. I'll tell you when I'm opening it"

"Good," Superman replied, "just tell the others to escape first to give them time to leave. I'll handle Zod and his army"

"Got it"

He prepared himself. He instantly grabbed Zod by the neck and threw punches to his chest and stomach until he could hear him cough. He then slammed Zod on the ground and shot beams from his eyes. This left Zod weak for a moment.

Superman turned around to check whether the Justice League members have escaped and sure enough, Batman, Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman were flown around a ball made from Green Lantern's ring with J'onn flying beside them.

"Superman NOW"

He then took a deep breath and prepared himself to jump at massive heights. Once he did, he was flying up towards the sky but before he could reach outer space, he quickly turned around to hit the ground and create a small earthquake, enough to make Zod and his army stumble.

He saw the portal above them opening up and threw final beams towards Zod, who has slightly managed to keep his balance then flew away in an instant.

Zod and his army were then quickly dragged by the portal. Superman stood just outside of the radius to make sure that none of Zod or his army could escape.

As the portal finally closed and Zod and his army were gone, Superman fell on his knees, unconscious soon after.

It had been a week since the battle and everyone from the Justice League to the citizens of New York were slowly recovering. After two to three days of staying in the Fortress of Solitude, lying under the yellow sun emitted through his Fortress' crystal exterior, Superman has regained most of his energy. Soon after, Superman has helped with reconstructing buildings in New York as well as helping find lost people. During his help in the city, he frequently visited Wonder Woman, who, despite her fast regeneration, was still unconscious throughout. Even though it killed him to see her like that, as long as he heard her gentle heartbeat, he would try and pull himself through to help others. Shifts around the world were handed to the newly recruited members of the Justice League as the senior members tried to recover from the battle- Batman especially who, according to Alfred was still recovering from a great deal of damage to his body yet being stubborn as to want to go back to the Watchtower immediately to help. Superman reassured Batman that everything in Watchtower is fine and that he could take all the time he needed to recover- even though he knew that Batman wouldn't listen anyway. Soon after, most of the senior members of the Justice League were back and they have decided to swap shifts in the Watchtower as the new members were stationed around the world to save people.

One day, it was Superman's turn to watch over in the Watchtower, which was empty due to Superman sending most members as well to help with the construction of New York while he was gone.

As he was alone in Watchtower except with Diana, who was still in the medical room, he decided to visit her.

As he entered the medical room, his thoughts still filled of the events before as well as worry over Diana's condition, a great deal of shock came over him as he turned his head up to where Diana was sitting, conscious.

"Diana!" Superman ran towards her and hugged her

"Kal," she said in a whisper, "how long have I been asleep?"

"About a week now" he looked towards her eyes, "how are you feeling?"

"Good," she nodded, "a lot better"

"I'm glad," he sighed, "I'm really glad"

"I'm sorry to have made you worry"

"It's fine," he held her face to look straight to his, "it's fine. I'm just really glad you're okay"

"Me too"

Clark hugged her tightly, unafraid that her bones would break; tightly until he couldn't hug her anymore; tightly so to express to her how happy he was.

Superman and Wonder Woman approached the computer room to check how members of the Justice League were doing around the world. They were relieved to see that everything was going well until…

Wonder Woman spotted breaking news from their television screen and decided to turn the volume up.

Since General Zod's attack, tragedy has struck the people of New York; people were injured while some have died. It was only when the Justice League arrived that the battle between our super powered heroes and General Zod's army commenced, to which the Justice League triumphed and we were all saved.

Pictures and videos of the battle were shown and played throughout the commentary.

Although thousands of lives were saved, a great number of lives were still lost. Two of which was a family of two- a mother and a daughter, who were last seen walking home together when the attack began.

A picture of the mother and daughter of about 5 years old was displayed in the screen. Wonder Woman felt her heart tear at the sight of the picture- whose shot showed a great deal of happiness from the two. She clenched her fist at the thought that she couldn't save them.

A moment of silence for the two missed citizens as well as for the lost loved ones in the attack.

Diana turned around to see that Clark has disappeared from beside her. She scanned around the room to see him standing by the corner, his head down, staring down the floor, his body was stiff and his fist was clenched. He was shaking.

"Kal?" Diana approached him, "are you-"

Diana was surprised when he suddenly punched a hole through the metal wall.


He didn't stop in that one punch, he continued to punch the wall, making a hole each time. Diana wanted to stop him but she felt his hurt as well and knew how painful it was. They allowed the battle to go on for so long which lead to the deaths of a number of innocent people. Moreover, they couldn't even save them, no matter how hard they tried.

Finally, she caught a glimpse of his knuckles which turned red. She finally remembered that the Watchtower satellite was made from the strongest metal ore in Earth as well as safe rocks from other planets which Batman had Green Lantern gather and carefully examined. She finally realized that even though he could cut through any metal, rock from other planets might have a different effect and especially since he was still reeling from the battle with Zod.

Still, he continued to punch the wall in a fit of rage.

"Kal stop!" she called out

He ignored her

"Kal!" she tried to grab his arm to try and stop him

It was no use, he still continued

"KAL STOP!" she finally managed to grab and stop his hand. She pushed him towards the wall and stared to his eyes, as her own filled themselves with tears.

Clark saw her watering eyes and slowly slid down and sat on the floor. He stared into space in front of him as Diana hugged him and rested her head on his chest.

"Does your hand hurt?" she asked, while staying in her position of resting her head on her lover's chest

"A bit" he continued to stare into space

"I'm sure it'll heal in less than a minute"

"Yeah" his voice was monotone

"We'll have to fix this wall before the others come back


"Are you hurting inside?"


"Me too"

"I failed to save those people," he said," and I almost lost you as well"

"You won't lose me"

"I will never be able to forgive myself if I did"

"You won't have to"

"Diana?" Clark called out in his monotone voice


"Do you want to get married to me?"


Clark pushed Diana to look into her eyes as he asked, "Really?"

"Yes" she smiled to him," I've always known you're the man I want to spend the rest of my life with"

"To a pathetic guy like me?"

"You're not pathetic," she caressed his cheeks, "you're the most amazing guy I know; the man I chose, the only man I've ever loved, my Superman"

"I love you so much Diana"

"I love you too Kal"

Clark passionately kissed her, grateful that she accepted a guy like him to be in her life forever; thankful that she was with him and would always stay by his side; grateful that he was lucky.

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