Final chapter!

The Justice League continued their wedding celebration in the Watchtower cafeteria, where foods of different kinds were prepared for them through Bruce Wayne's pocket money. The feast was both tasty and fulfilling that Barry felt he couldn't eat another bite.

"Hal aren't you going to eat?" Barry asked Hal as he held a piece of chicken in his hand

"No thanks," Hal smiled, "this Green Lantern is trying to watch his weight"

"Your weight?" Barry asked surprised, "you're as thin as a stick!"

"That's an over exaggeration"

"You're right Barry," Bruce interjected, "he's as thin as a pencil"

"Wait- What's the difference between the two?" Hal asked Bruce, stammering

"Pencils are much thicker than sticks"

"Wait- No they're not!" Hal argued, "Wait! That's not the point! I'm not that thin!"

"What would you have preferred then?" Barry asked

"I would have preferred thin but muscular"

"Huh? No that can't-"Barry immediately stopped as he wanted to avoid another argument with Hal, he sighed, "Fine, let's say you are. Why would you still have to watch your weight?"

"Unlike you Barry I don't exercise much but the works I do in the Justice League help me with my muscles"

"No it doesn't" Batman interjected again, "your ring does all the heavy lifting"

"In any case," Hal ignored him, "I don't have time to go to gyms so I have to watch it"

"I don't go to the gym either" Barry pointed to himself

"That's because your exercise is your running," Hal explained, "I fly- which is not really a lot of muscle exercise, not like running"

"That still doesn't explain-"

"Hey Cyborg!" Hal called out to the other side of the room

"He completely ignored me" Barry whispered

"It was a meaningless talk anyway" Bruce told him

"I guess," Barry then turned to Bruce, "say Bruce, I just noticed you're not that different as Batman after all"

"What do you mean?"

"Well," Barry prepared himself, "although you talk more as Bruce you're always just as serious"

"No I'm not," Bruce denied, "Bruce is a party person- a billionaire play-boy; the complete opposite of Batman"

"A… party…person?"

"Yeah" Bruce nodded to him, he then looked to J'onn who stood at the far end of the room, "excuse me," he told Barry then walked towards J'onn

"A party person?!" Barry yelled to himself. He couldn't believe what he just heard. They were already at a celebration yet Bruce still acted like Batman, how is that any different? he asked himself.

Both Clark and Diana were grateful for everybody in the Justice League for helping them celebrate their wedding. Even though they were both inseparable from each other throughout the celebration, they both managed to give their thanks to each member of the League.

"You two are just too cute!" Zatanna squealed

"Huh?" both Clark and Diana were surprised at the comment, "what do you mean?"

"Have you two ever let go of each other's hands since your ceremony?" Zatanna eyed both of them

Both Clark and Diana blushed but still continued to hold each other's hands. No they haven't

"I thought so," Zatanna raised an eyebrow, "I guess there will be no doubt in your marriage after all"

"Who says there was?" Arthur interrupted as he approached them with Mera beside him

"Oh great" Zatanna sighed, "Another happy couple," she crossed her arms then began talking to herself with scrunched eyebrows, "this makes me slightly depressed, I'm out of here" she then turned to both Clark and Diana, "once again, congratulations"

"Thank you" Diana smiled as she slightly bowed

"So how is the newly-wed couple?" Arthur asked them

"I'm sure it's already obvious Arthur," Mera told her husband, "they're happy"

Arthur laughed, "my bad"

"Thank you for coming and for your support" Clark patted Arthur on his back while Diana hugged Mera

"You guys are lucky to have each other" Mera told them

Clark and Diana smiled to each other and tightened their grip in holding their hands.

"Now," a voice began; everybody in the room turned to see whose voice it was. It was J'onn's, "if the bride and groom would come forward, it is time for the married couple's first dance"

"Shall we?" Clark asked his wife


He led her to the dance floor where Diana put her right hand on his shoulder and Clark put his on her waist. The music was about to begin when suddenly-

Rrinng Riinngg Riinnggg

A loud blaring of the alarm erupted everywhere in Watchtower. The loud noise continued its cry until Cyborg arrived in the room. Every member stared at him.

"It's Doomsday," he told them in a stern voice, "he's attacking Metropolis"

Diana heard her husband sigh. She then touched his cheeks which made him look into her eyes. She could see that he was sad, "Hey," she whispered, "it's okay. What really matters now is that we're finally married. You're now my husband and I'm your wife"

Even though his eyes still looked sad, he smiled to her and replied, "You're right," he took a deep breath, "shall we go save the world then?"

She kissed him on his cheek, "together we shall"

"The sudden attack from Doomsday has left Metropolis in a sudden wake of destruction that was soon halted by the arrival of the Justice League, who engaged in a battle with Doomsday. Even though Doomsday proved to be strong opponent against the Justice League, thankfully, the battle didn't last very long as it was seen that Doomsday, literally, leapt away from the battle scene.

Officers from ARGUS commented that the Justice League is currently tracking down Doomsday so he might be brought to justice. It was reported that the first place Doomsday attacked was the STARS labs situated here in Metropolis. Whether it was intentional or coincidental, it's not sure; but one thing is for sure- there have been no reports from officials of anything missing or destroyed from the STARS labs that might be of great importance.

Right now, people of Metropolis as well as the Justice League are underway in restoring the city back to its normal state.

This is Lois Lane of the Daily Planet, reporting from Metropolis itself"

Doomsday walked along the dark corridors with each step leaving a slight shake on the ground. His footsteps were almost like tiny earthquakes that with one big stump could create a small earthquake around the whole building. He finally arrived in front of his destination. The two doors slid open to reveal a laboratory with chemicals, machines and other contraptions a normal person would never be able to easily understand. Though with the sheer number of machines around the room, there were only two people in lab coats and a bald man in a suit. The man turned to see who arrived.

"Ah Doomsday," he greeted, "you've finally arrived. Do you have it?"

Doomsday lifted up the case he carried in his right hand and presented it to the man.

"Good," the man slowly walked towards Doomsday, "we finally have the final ingredients"

"Mr Luthor" the man with glasses in the lab coat called out, "are those the-"

"Yes," he interjected, "it won't be long till we could finally start the experiment"

"But how did Doomsday manage to sneak it out without the Justice League finding out?" the other man in the lab coat asked

"Simple," he took the case from Doomsday's hand, "the case is specifically lined with lead but more importantly, Doomsday himself brought havoc in the city as distraction from his true intention. Just as I told him to"

"Are you sure about this Mr Luthor?"

"Oh yes," he hissed, "soon the time will come when I, Lex Luthor will finally stand victorious over the Justice League and gain control of Metropolis, no not just Metropolis, perhaps the whole world"

He slowly opened the case which made Doomsday to slightly back off. The inside of the case shined with a red and green glow whose sight made Lex smile and say, "We can start by using Superman's weakness against him and finally destroy him once and for all"

I've finally reached the final chapter and, sadly for me, the end of this prologue. I've enjoyed writing this especially Superman and Wonder Woman's wedding! On the other hand, I can finally start on my "Lucky" sequel!

Anyway, I mentioned bot Lois Lane and Lex Luthor in this chapter and Lex's plan is slightly hinted. Unfortunately for the main couple, their wedding was sabotaged by the news of Doomsday's attacks. They are first and foremost superheroes.

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