I tried to stay away from my crearture, but she won, eventually. Blackdragon is back, however, I don't know how regular this story will be, nor how much it will follow the canon universe. But yet, here we are. A small prologue, set after the events of AvX and The Age of Ultron. Moreto come. Eventually.


It all happens so fast. Or maybe not. Time is an extremely relative concept, and no one knows it better than her. One minute can last only seconds, or maybe an eternity. It's all in the mood. It's all in the mind.

But that, it doesn't matter. What does matter, is that it just happens. Like a tsunami. It lasts only seconds, maybe even less, and yet, it's a lifetime. Or maybe two. Or maybe more.

Reality fractures around her, she feels the vibrations, feels thoughts from another world, another time. Maybe even another herself... herselves.

It's too much. And yet, it's not enough. Everything it's fractured. Everything is complete. She is part of everything,and yet of nothing.

She thought she knew everything, that she knew the truth. But now, she knows she didn't. And yet, the truth is hers.

Months ago, she dreamt of a man, dying on a beach, killed by a young man he considered a son. Then, afterwards, the dreams started. They felt like the truth, but she thought they were just that-mere dreams.

But now, in this moment, she knows better.

Somewhere, far from here, the engines of the universe are singing, their harmony broken, corrupted. Somewhere, far from there, in that moment, a machine falls, The All-Mother of the Nine Realms crying with her creatures as everything is now lost for humans' foolishness.

In the garden of a small house in Haven, Maine, Astrid Ravensong fell on the ground crying in pain as she saw everything and nothing, fearing she had finally lost her mind.

To regain consciousness, it's someone else, and reality has never been as clear as now.

She is back, but she is still lost, still alone, now more than ever before.

But she intends to pick up the pieces of her broken existence, starting now.

Her eyes fall on the place she wanted to be an home for her little family, but the hunted mansion- hunted by the ghosts of her existence- is just a shelter, temporary at best. This isn't her place to be. This isn't her, and she should have never allowed this to happen. But she did- she had wanted it, but she had been wrong, so,so wrong. She isn't as perfect as she has always claimed to be, after all. It has been a mask. Just another mask.

It's time to rise once again. It's time to reclaim her own existence. She doesn't want to be lost and alone any longer. She wants her life, whatever it's left of it, back. Her family. Her friends.

She thought all was lost, but now she knows better. Few things, she will get back. Not all of them, but she will make sure it will be enough. They will mend her broken heart, her shattered soul.

Because this place is not hers, Haven, Maine, is not her home and she isn't really Astrid Ravensong, new owner of an appliances store. The only truth is that she is broken and alone, but she doesn't have to, now she knows.

Because she used to live in Manhattan, her apartment a flat at One Fifth she equipped with her own lab; now, she knows she used to have a brother, many friends, and made the mistake of falling for a man who eventually betrayed everything she ever stood for...

Because her name is Christine Stark. The Blackdragon. And she is back.