President Warcher walked into his office. Today had not been a good day at all. It turns out his head gamemaker was a rebel spy planning to kill him and was now looking for a new gamemaker. Unfortunately, no one seemed to be what he was looking for. Just then, his niece, Georgia, walked in. Her sleek dark purple hair was pulled back off her face.

"I'm busy, Georgia, what do you want?" President Warcher sighed.

"Oh Albertis, is that any way to talk to your Head Gamemaker?" Georgia smirked.

"I didn't approve of this." President Warcher said with disdain.

He never got on with Georgia, she thought herself as above him. In someways, they were more alike than they'd like to admit, not that anyone of them ever would admit it of course.

"I bet you can't even think of a good twist." President Warcher spat.

"You should really stop underestimating me old man, I already have." Georgia smirked.

"Stop smirking." President Warcher growled through gritted teeth.

"You're boring." Georgia decided and threw a green folder on President Warcher's desk.

He hadn't even noticed she had it. Lazily, he flicked it open and read her suggestions.

"Number four is interesting." President Warcher decided, a small smile tugged on the corner of his lips.

"I thought you'd like that one." Georgia smiled.

"I underestimated you child. Welcome to the team, Head Gamemaker." President Warcher smiled.

"I knew you'd like my ideas." Georgia grinned happily and left the room.

He read over the twist again.

'Two tributes, totally different to each other, shall be bonded and unable to go farther than 5m without their partner. If one tribute gets injured the other will be injured. One dies, the other died. There will be two victors.'

So, new syot, fresh start and hopefully some good tributes! PM me this form.

Reaping Outfit:
Reaped or Volunteered?:
Chariot Outfit Ideas?:
Interview Outfit:
Alliances? (They can still ally with other people.):
Preferred Weapon:

There you have it! Hope you like the idea :D