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"So Georgia, tell me more about this little idea." President Warcher asked. "Well basically, each tribute will have a partner who is the exact opposite of them, physically and mentally. They'll be tied together by an invisible tether and will be unable to go 2m away from their partner with getting an electric shock. The tributes are also bound in another way. If one tribute cuts themselves,the other will get that same cut and will receive the feeling of the pain just as much. So if one dies, the other one dies and just to show how generous us here in the Capitol are, the last remaining pain shall both be crowned Victors." Georgia explained. President Warcher nodded his head. "You are indeed a good gamemaker, are you ready to set up the Arena?" He asked. Georgia nodded. "I've already started." She grinned. "Excellent. Have you thought up of the sponsor shop items yet?" President Warcher asked. Georgia nodded one again. "I've got the list in here." Georgia rooted in her flamboyant blue bag and dragged out a long slip of paper. She handed it to the President. "I have to go and see how the constructors are getting on with the tethers. I'll leave this with you." Georgia said and exited the room. President Warcher read over his list.

Sword $3
Set of 6 throwing knives 4$
Set of 12 throwing knives 8$
Set of 6 spears 3$
Set of 12 spears 6$
Mace 5$
Axe 2$
Tomahawk 4$
Scythe 4$
Machete 3$
Bow and Arrows (12 arrows) 4$
Spare Arrows (6) 3$
Knuckle Duster 3$
Katana 3$
Cutlass 2$
Sickle 3$
Crossbow 4$
Blow Gun 2$
Slingshot 2$
Whip 3$
Chain Whip 5$

Food and Drink:
Extravagant Dinner (5 apples, 2 pots of lamb curry, 2 portions of rice, large dollop of goats cheese, 3 bottles of water, 2 cans of lemonade) 10$
Filling Diner (3 apples, 1 pot of lamb curry, 1 portion of rice, medium dollop of goats cheese, 1 bottle of water 1 can of lemonade) 7$
Regular Dinner (2 apples, 1/4 pot of lamb curry, 1/2 portion of rice, small dollop of goats cheese, 1 bottle of water, 1 can of lemonade) 4$
Bag of apples 2$
Lamb curry 4$
Rice 3$
Bottled water 2$
Cold lemonade 3$
Pack of biscuits 2$

Spare Clothing:
White thermal v-neck 4$
Dark green cargo pants 5$
Brown belt 2$
Black hiking boots 3$
Dark green rain jacket 4$

Large first aid kit (20 plasters, 4 rolls of bandages, 3,packs of fever pills, antiseptic wipes) 7$
Medium first aid kit (10 plasters, 2 rolls of bandages, 2 packs of fever pills, antiseptic wipes) 5$
Small first aid kit (5 plasters, 1 roll of bandages, 1 pack of fever pills) 4$
Burn ointment 5$
Rash ointment 3$
Eye cleansing kit 4$
Allergy pills 3$

So this is the sponsor shop! Every chapter you can earn sponsor money by:

Reviewing- 1$
Answering the question (i'll have one at the end of every chapter)-2$
Bonus things that may come up from time to time- 4$

So review for your sponsor money, here's the question: Do you think I should write the train rides?