Author's note: So we got here I hope you enjoy it! I know it seems a bit disney-ish trust me original draft had M.K dying so please don't judge. Questions will there be any follow up? Yes a one shot-smut I guess. Will there be a sequel? No. Why? I have other things I need to work on. Can I continue the story? Please don't. What does Danai look like? You make it up.

Other than that thanks everyone and the people from the last chapter as well hope you all enjoyed Tainted as much as I did writing it!

Everything was bitterly silent.

The atmosphere was tense. The floors were painted with Mandrake's blood. The storm raged on getting worst by the second I could feel it as my emotions tensed up I just sat there in a daze holding Mandrake's dead body. My body is physically drained I'm light headed. Everything is spinning but something knocks me out of my daze as I hear someone cries.

Danai falls to her knees and cries loudly.

I groan pushing Mandrake's lifeless body off of my legs with the one arm I had working. They slowly slip in his bumpy skin and body, he was heavier then he looked. After I get one foot free I kick his body off mine and painfully get up. Everything was blurred and everywhere. My head felt light, I was bleeding in so many places and my ribs were cracked but I needed to get to her.

I wobble over towards her "Danai why?" I ask.

"He was no king, he was a tyrant. He used the death of my beloved Dagda as an excuse for all this bloodshed! He used Mothers and children for his bidding!" She screams.

I put my arms around her tightly "calm down sweetie." I say brushing my fingers in to her hair. I kiss her forehead as she just bawled in my arms I look around at the other Boggan's they looked pissed but lost. "W-will they kill us?" I ask nervously.

She just gently shook her small head.

"What now?" I ask her.

"The laws state I am the ruler if I kill the ruler I become the Queen." She sniffles. "It was Dagda's right not mine, he worked so hard to please that disgusting thing but it was never good enough until war was a foot." She spits bitterly.

"I am so sorry." I say rubbing her arms. "But you can put a stop to this."

"They only know war if I refuse war they will not stand behind me. They will not follow me. They will not listen to me." She says sniffling.

"You'll get through to them." I say.

"No I won't." She simply says.

She is already giving up are they really that close minded? This needed to stop. No more bloodshed not under my rule.

"If I speak will they understand me?" I ask. She just nods. I let her go and slowly stand up, very painfully. My knees buck under the pressure and I fall but I get back up. Hold my ribs I walk in to the crowd of Boggan's they grunt at me tightening their grips on weapons, children or just their armour.

I cough and begin to speak up "Since my time in this world I've seen horrors I thought I would never see! I hear cries of starvation echoing, weapons being shot, children being used as shields or soldiers this is your nation back in my world you would be ashamed, arrested, out in front a bunch of strangers that would determine your fates you would be put in jail or even to death! Great nations will break with war; tear them in to pieces is it really worth it? "I breathe heavily and begin to talk again.

I raise my voice again "I've picked up swords and arrows, I've felt the power they give a person and I was shocked by the damaged they cause. I will not allow that to happen to my people nor to yours! The halls of Moonhaven flow with the blood of OUR people so many people have died including children I'm ashamed while I was sleeping all of this bloodshed happened." I pled to them.

"In the end aren't we all the same?"

"If this war prevails then we turn our backs on the forest. As we fight it will die as I speak it is dying I encourage you to work with us. We can work together as equals to bring balance back to the forest I will take away the boarders set by the Queen's before me I hear by revoke them! You'll be welcome in Moonhaven with the Leafmen, farmers, healers and Jinn. If this war continues I want you to know. I stand here before with a promise if you move with us we'll be glad to work with you but if not I will stand up and continue fighting this war."

I collapse inhaling, holding my ribs they felt like they were going to burst out of my chest. My hand tightens around my ribs. "I will not be afraid to stand up for what I know is right! My message will not be forgotten! I will never be silenced the Queen I choose after me will carry on the same teaching! That's I am fighting for!" I say while on my knees.

Danai's cries now go unheard but the storm raged on outside that was the only thing I could hear. But out of the silence I heard footsteps from behind me slowly coming closer. I begin to shutter as I feel a small soft hand on my shoulder I look up it was Danai.

"The Queen is right." She says. "We can work together for the future."

I smile and put my hand on hers "we can work together."

It wasn't silent anymore we heard whispers across the hallowed room, clangs of mental on the marble some Boggan's were dropping their weapons. I gulp as I use my arm to lift myself up and give Danai half a hug.

The storm is weakening.

One Boggan walks up to me she exhales loudly "so tell me how yah are planin' to make us get along?" She asks.

I lean on Danai as my knees buckle again "well everything lives and needs to die it's the natural order of things. So during say the start of Fall you can rot the falling leafs quicker make them into compost. Some animals will use the extra dirt as shelter and once Spring comes a lot the extra mulch will provide better growing materials for the plants. So I won't need to use my powers as often."

"Yah I'm in." The Boggan says then she turns around "who's all joinin' us?"

They begin to walk toward us their hard faces turning in to more soft expressions almost welcoming. There was a lot of soft whispering along with other just celebrating that it was over. Danai was smiling she had the biggest grin of all. But there were a handful of big, strong and stubborn males along with a few females that almost seemed scared of them. "We will not yield to you." One states. "A small child like you should not be ruler." They all murmur their support towards him.

I push Danai away "what gives you the right?"

"Mandrake said if anything were to happen to him I would be ruler." He said.

"Well Danai rules now and you are on my land. If you do not change I'll do what previous Queen's did I will give you boarders." I say.

"Try we will revolt."

I raise my hands a familiar and welcoming pulse begins to flow through my veins. The plants make their way into Moonhaven they wrap themselves around the stubborn Boggan's. "Then you are not welcome here." I spit just tired of all this crap. "Please get them out of the castle and put them extremely out of current boarder make it further."

Within seconds they were gone but I knew it was only a temporary solution.

Most of the Boggan's were reformed.

It was time to ask about my people I was given keys to the dungeon. They said many perished in the fight Boggan's and Leafmen alike as I let them out of their cells the Leafmen told me all about the battle the ones they had lost, their scars and the amount of innocent birds were killed. My heart was breaking from every person I saw and talked too. The clean-up began it might have been late but it felt like no one wanted to sleep. Corpses were being collected, counted and named. My job was to heal people so I just sat on the ground next to the pod attempting to do my best to heal as many major injuries as I could.

Even after all this I didn't get a chance to heal myself but I couldn't my powers were needed elsewhere. Morning soon arose with the bodies collected, tagged and counted there were four hundred dead, fifty of them untrained children, ten were Mother's and the rest soldiers.

As soon as the sun rose it peaked through the clouds I knew it was over.

The storm was over.

People began to sleep after all this I still hadn't seen Ronin or Nod or my Dad. I rub my arms slowly as I get up and begin to walk. I take in a sharp breath it was so painful, like my ribs were knocking themselves in to my lungs. I wince as my arm moves to my bruises I coo myself as my fingers nimbly touch these purple symbols of war.

Maybe I should heal myself I look at my left arm it was still just hanging there useless I wonder. I take my right arm and place it on its counterpart. I gulp and whisper "heal." My fingers twitch very slightly "it's working." I say shocked my arms are both shaking as I see my actual skin colour again just small patches though it was painful attempting to get blood pumping again. I stop just as soon as I start it was just to tiring.

But now I could move my fingers on my left hand.

I look around people were going to sleep a few just sat around fires talking. There suddenly I stop in my tracks a big smiles crosses my face and I breath his name "Dad." Then I yell his name he looks at my happily I run towards him and begin to cry.

He offered his arms, they were opened. I just jump in to his arms and cried "Dad I missed you." I cry hugging him tightly. "Daddy it was so scary Mandrake was going to kill you." I sniffle.

"Hey, hey M.K I'm here." He cooed patting my hair.

I push away from him "so do you know were Ronin and Nod are?" I ask hopeful.

"Funny question we actually split us to find you." He says rubbing the back of his head.

"Alright lets go and find them." I say "oh and Dad?"

"Yeah M.k?" He replies.

"Never scare me like that again." I stress.

He just smiles and nods giving me another hug. Then we hear someone yelling "Nod I've found her." I turn around. He walked towards me coolly then put out his hand once he gets there "your Majesty."

I grab his hand and pull him towards me "I missed you!" I say happily giving him a hug.

"I missed you too." He replies.

I feel small lady like fingers tapping on my shoulder did Danai want something? I turn and jumped up and down before tackling the person. "Never! Never leave me for that long again I mean it." Nod says brushing my hair out of my eyes.

"Then never almost die again to protect me Nod." I reply poking him.

"You almost died too." He pokes me nose.

I pull my tongue out at him "not as much as you did."

He just rolls his eye and grabs my chin pulling me towards him he just pecks my cheek. Ronin looks around at everything "what happened here and why are there Boggan's here?"

I rub the back on my neck "well kind of had a revolution and we became friends."

"Ah okay good." He says.

I whisper something in Nod's ear and pull him up. "So guy's we'll be back really soon." I say dragging Nod behind me.

"No sex you two!" My Dad yells.

"Dad." I say lingering on his name before running away with Nod. We make our way out of the halls of the throne room and I take him down towards outside of the walls towards the pond. I gulp taking a seat on a twig inviting him along with me. We just sit there enjoying the warmth that the sun bought as it shone its rays on Moonhaven. We enlace hands he kisses mine softy.

"So." I start.

"So." He continues.

"I missed you." I blushed.

"Missed you too."

"So I've been thinking."


"I-I know this will seem to be sudden but I was thinking and I even asked Ronin-"I say rambling on.

"So what did you want to tell me?" He asks.

"Well-"I gulp "marry me?" I murmur.

He removes his hand from mine and gets up "no."

My face drops "why?"

"You said you weren't ready for this say if I asked you now-"

"Ask me." I say getting up as I begin to walk over to him.

"Okay then M.K marry me." He says sarcastically.

"Yes." I murmur.

"Really?" He asks raising a brow.

"Yes I will marry you Nod." I smile kissing his cheek. "Now let's go let me Dad know so he can kill you."