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Outtake 4- Vegas Nights

Jasper POV
We said good night to Bella and Garrett, noticing that they picked a room on the other side of the hotel; I'd really have to stretch my gift tonight. Charles and Makenna gave us an odd look as they walked into their room next door- they really didn't know what was coming.

I was so happy when Bella finally gave in and told that uptight soldier she's mated to that she would marry his old ass. I had to laugh when I thought about what Alice's reaction would have been to their tacky Vegas wedding.

"What's so funny, Jas?" My sexy little mate slid up behind me, reaching around to unbutton my shirt as she pressed her gorgeous breasts against my back. Peter and Char were already on the bed, so the lust was swirling around me in a thick cloud.

A sudden thought made me panic and I whirled around to cup Bree's face in my hands. "Are you sure you don't want all this? A wedding or anything? We can do it while we're here if you want, or when we get back home."

Bree swore to me that she didn't want to marry me, she just wanted Jenks to change her name to Whitlock like the rest of us. She felt like a wedding was unnecessary, saying that she was happy to get all three of us and not just me alone. I tried not to be offended when she said things like that, because it was honestly a dream come true for me.

"Baby, if you ask me that one more time, I'm gonna marry Charlotte. Now shut up and kiss me." Well, yes ma'am. Can do.

Her spicy scent filled my senses, overwhelming me as her taste exploded on my tongue. She was a sensual blend of sweet apricot and cypress, a perfect complement to Char's softer magnolia blossom.

As I pulled back from the kiss I realized why Charlotte was so heavily on my mind. Her soft blonde hair was peeking over Bree's shoulder as she kissed up the side of my mate's neck, while her hands untied the knot on her wrap shirt so I could reach in and slip it off her beautiful shoulders.

Bree turned her head to capture Char's lips, and I turned my attention to the light assortment of scars on her shoulders and arms, fighting back the remorse and anger that filled me every time I saw the blemishes I felt I should have been able to prevent. If we hadn't left Forks, left Bella, I might have found Bree before she was turned, or at least before she was damaged too badly but-

"Knock that shit off, Major," Peter's smooth voice filled my ear, as his hands eased the tension in my muscles. His kiss on my neck sent a shiver down my spine, then his teeth were on me, roughly chewing on the muscle beneath his favorite mark. He'd left many over the years, as I had on him, but he consistantly returned to his first on the top of my left shoulder.

I opened my eyes when he nudged my chin up, as he pulled me back to lean against his chest. Both of our cocks grew even harder as we looked at our beautiful women enjoying each other's bodies. "Look at them, aren't they perfect? Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than that?"

Glancing back at him over my shoulder, I pictured the way he looked with both of our girls riding him, Bree on his cock and Char on his face, as they kissed and groped each other above him. Yeah, I had no shortage of beautiful images to offset the negative ones that filled my first century of this life.

I reached back and grabbed his neck, pulling him down for a rough, brutal kiss, the kind of kiss only he can give me, and finally relaxed against my captain, my Peter. "Sorry," I whispered, knowing he understood everything that encompassed. My regrets, my self-doubts, and every single mark he and Char had received under my care.

Turning our attention back to our mates, I saw that Charlotte was completely bare, and she was working to remove Bree's pants, even as Peter unbuttoned mine and worked them over my hips, freeing my erection and drawing out a grateful moan.

My hands joined Char's as we worshipped Bree's perfect breasts, teasing the small pink nipples to tight peaks. The four of us drew closer together as Peter stepped around me to pull my mate in for a deep kiss, and Charlotte went lower to bury her face in that delicious pussy.

"Bree, baby, I think you're doing it again," I pushed down the lust enough to focus on my mate, reminding her to tone down her own succubus powers, something she had to learn to work with after she left the Denalis' company.

With her previous partners, they were all more evenly matched, though she said Tanya tended to take control most often because her age gave her a stronger lure than the others. We have experienced it ourselves when Tanya and Diego came to visit Bree. Those times were actually a challenge for my gift, as I tended to project more than normal, and my own body had difficulty keeping up with the high levels of lust and affection that three open, mated pairs generated.

"Sorry, Jas. Come on, let's go to the bed," Bree said, stepping away from the rest of us as the light haze of her power lifted, leaving us disoriented for a few seconds.

I reached down to lift Char to her feet, unable to resist stealing a kiss from my sweet southern girl, whose lips tasted heavily of my mate's arousal. Peter came up behind her, pressing her between us as his hands freely roamed her soft curves, lingering on her full breasts, and my own hands reached out to tease her wet folds.

Char would always be special to me- the first woman I loved, and the first newborn I let escape, even if that was more for Peter's sake than hers at the time. It was later, after the wars, when she eased her way into my heart, patching me up and healing my soul as best she could. Looking between Peter and Bree, I let them know what was on my mind, "I need Char tonight, guys. Is that ok?"

Of course, it was. We had a strict honesty policy where we swore we would let our needs be known, and try to accommodate one another as best we could. Peter nodded as he stepped toward the bed, though he nipped at my ear and growled, "I get you later though, Major."

I chuckled darkly, thinking we might need to relocate for that encounter. I wasn't sure the hotel was sturdy enough if my captain was going to be rough. Char shivered with desire as I lifted her up and flooded her with my love, adding only a small touch of lust to what she already felt. "Take me, Jasper. Do it now."

I couldn't hold back my growl as she wrapped her slender legs around my waist and tucked her face against my neck, breathing deeply. I plunged my cock into her with one smooth stroke at the same time I thrust my tongue into her mouth, seeking out her soft, comforting flavor. Char had always tasted like home.

Turning our bodies slightly so we both had a clear view of the bed, I began thrusting into her with a slow, burning rhythm, wanting to draw out the encounter as long as I could. Char rested her cheek against mine and sighed happily as we watched our mates seduce each other on the oversized hotel bed.

Peter and Bree had a different relationship, more teasing and playful than Char and I. Right now he was on top of her, running his fingers over her skin, touching her everywhere except where she needed it the most. Her anticipation rivaled his mischievousness, and I knew for a fact she would break first.

I was mesmerized by the strong lines of Peter's back as he shifted and moved above her. One sexy long leg finally reached up and wrapped over his hip, heel digging into the back of his strong thigh. "Just fuck me already, Peter! Damn it!"

Yep, she caved. Char and I laughed softly with Peter as he pulled back and gave her his devilish grin. "Your wish is my command, my lady," his sexy drawl brought sighs from all three of us, and suddenly we weren't close enough at all.

As he plunged into her tight depths, I moved around the side of the bed and carefully laid Char down beside them. I leaned over to kiss both Bree and Peter before turning my attention back to Peter's mate, sinking gratefully into her comforting heat once more.

The girls reached out and held hands without even looking for each other; they have such a close bond, something I couldn't be more grateful for. I didn't know what to expect when I found my mate, but I know I would never have been happy if Bree was jealous of my other loves.

Time lost meaning as the four of us moved together; Char and I slow and sensual, while Peter and Bree were fast and hard. As the lust rose higher and higher, I invariably lost control of my gift and we quickly approached climax together. The girls had their faces together again, and the sight of their pale pink tongues fighting for dominance was nearly enough to push me over.

I looked at Peter, silently grasping the hand he held out to me as he flooded me with the love he held just for me. My other hand slid beneath Charlotte's shoulder to tangle in that soft blonde hair I loved so much. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the feeling of my lovers as the waves of ecstasy washed over and through me.

I leaned over to kiss each of my girls as we heard the muffled cries from the vampires and humans that were in range of my gift, and we all chuckled softly at the sounds of pleasure our love inspired, until I realized Peter was still not sated.

I glanced at my captain, raising my eyebrow as I sent him my curiosity mingled with desire, and I didn't have to wait long. Peter rolled backwards, wrapping his arms around me to pull me off the bed as he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He hummed contentedly at the combined flavors of mine and Char's release, making my knees buckle and my eyes roll back in my head.

I let out a whimper when he pulled away and looked back at the girls cuddling on the bed. "Bree, girl, this shit is good! You should try it for yourself!"

Before I could blink, Bree was diving between Char's legs, diligently cleaning her with every sexy little swipe of her tongue. She glanced back at me over her shoulder with lowered eyelids and a seductive growl, letting me know the girls would be just fine while I took care of Peter.

Pulling him up by his hair, I crashed my lips against his, constantly fighting for control against the only male vampire I would ever willingly submit to. I pressed my teeth into the mark that turned him, satisfied with his needy moan, "Come on Pete, let's go try out the shower..."

He shadowed me closely, never losing contact with my skin as I turned on the water and pulled him beneath the steamy spray. Our eyes met, and for the briefest moment I was thrust back in time to the day I changed Peter and took him as my own. I looked into those red eyes that I loved so much and was so grateful he stuck by me all these years.

Seeing the need in his eyes and feeling it in his emotions, I straightened my back and hardened my gaze slightly, "What's the plan, soldier?"

His joy flared briefly before his desire took over. He lowered his eyes submissively and bared his neck. "You tell me, Major," he purred seductively. Oh, hell yeah. Time to show my captain who's in charge. For now, at least.

"Hands on the wall, and spread 'em. Your ass is mine, Captain." And round two is on.