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DISCLAIMER :: If I own Inazuma Eleven, I'm going to be rich. If I own Amemiya Taiyou, he's not going to be seen outside of my house. Which was why I don't own any of them, because none of these things happened.

You were a normal girl. You were absolutely average.

Sure, you had your hopes and dreams, but they were never higher than what you could've possibly reached. Are you a pessimist? No, more like a realist, if you may say so yourself.

Your grades? They were a little above average. And that's putting an emphasis on the little part. You study like how a student should be (correction; like how no student has ever been. 'Sides, who study nowadays, anyway? It's all soccer. University's probably no longer needed. Just... soccer fields.), just to maintain your grades, and, possibly, improve it (very) little by little. Yeah.

Everything was always like 've lived quietly for years, never in the spotlight, and you never wanted to be.

You were contented with this kind of life. At least nobody cared to bother you this way.

...And it surprised you greatly when the all-popular Amemiya Taiyou-or the "School's Diva", as your friends dubbed-greeted you with that charming smile only-the-Gods-know-charmed-how-many.

"Hello," he said politely, smiling all the while, "I've never see you around. Are you new?"

...Well, he certainly knew how to hurt your little, humble heart.

His bright smile suddenly turns into a worried frown. It seems you had spaced out for quite longer than you initially expected.

"Are you alright? Did I offend you somehow?" he asked, his voice full of regret.

Well, sure, he was always with the other popular students, and most of the time practicing his soccer techniques when you're all bundled up inside the library, struggling to just maintain that oh-so-little-above-average grades, but... you practically sit behind him every. Single. Day, for God's sake!

Heck, you were sure that during the roll calls he glanced at you, even though it was just for a mere second!

"Well, you see," you began, trying to ignore the irritation welling up inside you, "Thank you for your kind words, of course I'm new! What with my uniform all ironed to perfection-look at how smooth it looks like!-with no ink blotches and whatnot!" You said, adding an enormous amount of sarcasm into your words.

Sure, your uniform wasn't that dirty, but it was enough to indicate that you had been there for more than a day. With a few ink blotches and crumpled parts, one would instantly know that you've been here for long, and that you struggled a lot with your academics.

Apparently, anyone but this little ball of sunshine.

Amemiya merely smiled at you. He doesn't seem to mind your sarcasm-dripped words-although he had to admit, he was quite startled by your bold remark.

Ah, how amusing.

"Not like other girls," he silently noted, "But I wonder, is it in a good way, or otherwise?"

When he suddenly chuckle-with his damn beautiful voice, no less-you instantly thought that you had met with the world's most peculiar man.

"I see," he finally said, "I'm sorry, that was a honest mistake on my end. Soccer's been taking my time, you know. I barely get any rest, so I space out a lot in class. You're the girl who sat behind me, aren't you?"

He spaces out a lot in class, yet his grades managed to beat yours?! Two times better than yours, at that!

D-did he... Did he just bragged in front of you...?!

What an annoying young man!

...You briefly wondered why he was popular in the first place.

-And then you remembered. His looks-which could rival a model's, his brain, and the fact that he's a soccer athlete. Of course everyone would be head over heels for him.

"Ah, yes, I'm indeed "her"-the girl who doesn't even warrant a place in your brain to be remembered, Genius-kun." You said, and although you were smiling, your words were very bitter.

You may sound like a sore loser, but you didn't care. He started this one, and you weren't going to back down. Not yet, at least. You had a chance to win this one, really.

As average as you are, you're quite protective over your little thing called 'pride', after all.

He merely chuckled, "Oh, no, that's not my intent! I remembered you, didn't I?" he said in a polite, yet teasing manner-something that you believed as a feat that only he could accomplish-while eyeing you, amused. "I'm sorry for my insolence, Your Highness."

Cue you blushing a million shades of red.

"But... may I request an introduction?" he asked, "Our meeting was not really pleasurable, after all."

You nodded dumbly, inwardly cursing yourself. Why the hell did you nod? Why did you get reduced to a blushing, stuttering mess just by a word uttered by him?!

...You were starting to lose your mind, you thought.

Suddenly, a hand was extended to your view.

"I'm Amemiya Taiyou, 1-3. Nice to meet you."

You glanced at him, and at the hand he extended, and finally back to him. You then opted to sigh as you accepted his handshake offer, "Thanks, Leutenant Obvious-Genius. (L/N) (F/N), 1-3." You said, as you felt Amemiya's hand shaking yours lightly.

He smiled as he broke the contact. He then walked away, but not before pausing for an instant, whispering right into your ears-you could practically feel his breath!-with an awfully smooth voice,

"That was interesting, (F/N)."

Cue you blushing again, as red as a cherry.

And that was your uncanny, (not so) sweet introduction with Amemiya Taiyou, Arakumo Gakuen's Diva.