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He waited a long time for a car to pull over. In fact, he'd been standing here for 2 hours and 49 minutes. It was dark and anyone who would have noticed him eyeing her house, would've run and run fast. She wasn't inside so he waited in front of her house. That perfect fucking house. Only the white picket fence was missing. The house was disgustingly family-like and it made him wanna throw up. No, it made him wanna tear it down. Yes, tearing it down would do the trick, it would show her… Till the last brick would drop to floor and he could feel content about ruining her perfect little life here. There was no reason for her to have a perfect life here. Not here…

There were two cars in the driveway and he wondered which one belonged to her. One blue BMW convertible and a black pick-up truck, old and rusty. Why would she own two cars? His blood was boiling as he imagined another person possibly being the owner of the cars… perhaps her… 'significant other'. If that was the case, he would tear him down along with the house. Now that would send a message.

Even though this was her home, he could smell she wasn't in it yet. The lights were on downstairs and another woman was inside. Perhaps she lived together with a friend. That would explain the two cars. And it would keep him from tearing the place down and taking his revenge on her. Revenge for the way she left. As if the bitch had any reason to leave as fast as she did. He hadn't hurt her, not in a way she didn't enjoy anyway. Oh, she had screamed alright, but not in fear. So why she had fled New York all those years ago, he still couldn't grasp.

But he would find out soon enough. Tonight they would 'talk' it all out. He grinned. Yeah… 'talk'. Sure.

He knew she would be home soon. He had watched her in the theater where she was working again. He wasn't one for classical music but this was really something… watching her, preying on her as she sat behind the grand piano in her long red gown. Without knowing he was there… The same stage they had first met… It almost made him purr in pleasure. Seeing her in her natural habitat. She hadn't aged a day. But seeing her like that, in her evening dress and hair neatly pinned up, made him think she had grown up. Into something stronger, more confident, more feminine and definitely more…


And then he smelled it… She was coming, she was closer: her arrival.

A red convertible stopped in front of the house. Two individuals got out of the car and walked up to the porch. They were speaking softly and laughing together. One of them was male, 5"9 and wearing a black tie. The other one was her. His little wolf. Her long dress dancing over the ground. She lifted the material as she walked onto the porch and opened the door.

"Thanks for taking me home" he heard her say and he growled when he saw how she kissed the man's cheeks three times. It's was common courtesy, no passion, no lust, nothing. Just a friendly goodbye. On her side anyway. But it angered him nevertheless. At least she didn't invite the man inside. He could practically smell how the male wanted to come in. But that would definitely complicate his plan.

The door was being opened by the woman who had already been inside the house. An older woman, putting on her coat and also making her way out. They said their hello's and goodbyes and something about seeing each other in a few days.

Strange… this probably wasn't the other woman's home then. She didn't take a car either. She was walking home. Strange but convenient. This way, he could speak in private with his little wolf. And they probably had a lot to catch up on. He grinned as the older woman and the male left the house and his little wolf closed the door behind her.

She was alone.

And his.

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