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Remember where we were? Victor and Ylva had sex at the lake after the meeting with the principal and during swimming lessons. Now they just got home ;-)

She tried hard to keep her laughing down for Liekos sake as they entered the bedroom.

"I told you we shouldn't have made it so late" Ylva said semi seriously "Did you see the look on Bridget's face? She's very… perceptive".

"Come here" he said as he sat down on the bed and pulled her into his lap, one leg on each side of him "Why do you care little wolf? Are you ashamed?".

His right hand caressed her face as his other hand grabbed her behind and pushed her against his groin. He was definitely ready for another round.

She giggled as she snaked her arms around his neck and kissed him "No, I am not ashamed Victor, but it's just irresponsible to come home so late when she counted on us to be home for hours by now".

His hand slowly slid to her back and he undid the zipper of her dress "Whatever" he murmured against her lips.

He pressed her closer to his warm body as he pressed his lips against her neck. She moaned, one hand fidgeting with the buttons of his shirt. They didn't open up fast enough to her liking so she used her talons to tear through the fabric.

"Naughty little wolf" he mused as his hand slid up her thigh and under her skirt "You're not even wearing underwear".

She scoffed "You tore them apart at the lake Victor".

Her lips found his again, she wanted him closer, inside her. She could feel how hard he was, practically bursting through his pants. She couldn't stop grinding against him, her wet folds rubbing against the fabric of his pants where she could feel his hard on.

His hand teased the inside of her thigh "Mmmm, look at you, all needy for me to fuck this sweet little pussy" he murmured as one finger slid between her fold.

She moaned loudly and arched her back "Victor!" she groaned "Why are you still wearing clothes?!".

He chuckled. She was getting impatient. Her hands letting go of his back and quickly undoing his belt and pants to get him out.

His big hands moved up her dress and in one swift move, he slid the dress over her head and discarded it somewhere on the bedroom floor. She felt vulnerable for a mere second until she realized who she was with. She kissed him again, her naked body riding against him.

"No fair that I'm naked and you're not" she murmured against his lips.

He grinned as he took his precious time to take in the view "I like you better this way" he said as he tickled along her thighs.

"Victor please" she groaned as she rubbed against his cock again "Stop teasing".

"Mmmm" he moaned "Someone's needy. I wonder why… Cuz I'm sure I just fucked you non-stop for two hours at the lake".

She moaned again "Yes but… please… cuz… you know… ten years and all" she begged.

"Oh I see" he cruelly continued to tease her "You want to catch up on lost time hm?"

He suddenly moved her up with one hand around her throat and another under her behind as he slowly let her sink down on his cock. He exhaled heavily when he felt her tighten around his hard on and she instantly started moving up and down on him.

He groaned fiercely, she felt so damn good around him. Moving up and down on him, her naked body rubbing against his bare chest, her wet folds clasping around his cock, tightening around him, milking him almost.

He gasped for air "Fucking hell, this is about the sweetest pussy I've ever had".

She giggled "Please tell me more about all the pussy you've had in your life, it's so attractive".

He chuckled as he claimed her lips again "Well I lost count little wolf, but I know you're the only one I'd actually come back for".

She closed her eyes and smiled, simply enjoying what he just said. In Victor-language this was basically a declaration of love. Or something that came close enough at least.

"Enough of this 'you-on-top' nonsense" he suddenly said "It feels fucking good but little feral girls do not dominate big feral men. That's one thing you should learn".

He quickly turned her over on the bed so she was lying beneath him where he liked her most. The rest of his clothes were off in no time and he was quickly inside her again. She loved feeling the weight of him on top of her as she opened up wide for him.

He pushed inside as he looked into her eyes. She groaned slightly in pain. It still hurt a little when he entered her. He reached down for her leg and pulled it up a bit, wanting to fuck her as deep as possible. He kissed her deeply, as if to claim every inch of her.

She suddenly broke the kiss "I'm sorry about leaving the way I did ten years ago, I didn't think you'd-"

"Care?" he growled as he fucked her hard.

She closed her eyes and moved with him. God, this had to be heaven. It was mind numbing, the way he fucked her. She almost forgot what she wanted to say.

He snaked his arms around her as he pushed in and out of her "It's fine little wolf" he softly groaned against her warm lips. She inhaled is smell, it was addictive to her.

He suddenly increased his pace. She closed her eyes and his lips scraped the flesh of her delicate neck. His hand roaming her thigh and suddenly grasping it fiercely as he fucked her as deeply as possible. She groaned, loving every inch of him inside her. He growled as he climaxed inside her again. Pressing her tightly against his body as he did so.

Just as he rolled of her, falling down in the pillows, her ears pricked up. A sounds, two rooms away.

"Liekos is awake" she stated as she quickly got up, grabbing a robe and putting it on.

Victor was still a little dazed "Do you think he heard us?".

She blushed "No, he just woke up".

She heard him call for him.

"Mom" he called out again.

"I'm gonna go check up on him" she said as she spun around towards the door.

Victor quickly sat up and pulled her wrist "Not so fast little wolf" he said as he pulled her towards him.

She stared at him in confusion "What? I just-"

He interrupted her by pressing his lips on hers. Gently placing both his hands on the sides of her face and slowly kissing her. She closed her eyes and put her arms around his waist. Almost forgetting what she was supposed to do: check on her son.

He suddenly swatted her butt "Now little wolf, you may leave this room to check on our cub".

She narrowed her eyes on him and poked one finger into his rock hard chest "One day Victor Creed… I will make you pay for treating me like a dog".

He smirked and shrugged "Not a dog, just my mate".

But she had already turned around to exit the room and check on Liekos.

"What's wrong baby? Can't sleep?" she sat next to him on the bed.

He shook his head "What did the principal say?" Liekos asked his mom.

She smiled "Is that why you can't sleep? We will talk about that in the morning honey, but you are not grounded. And I'm not angry with you either. But we will have a talk with Carl and his father to work things out. It would be nice if you boys stopped fighting right?".

Liekos nodded in agreement "Why are you and dad home so late?".

She blinked, a little taken back by this sudden cross hearing. Damn it her kid was way too smart.

"Well we… uhm… wanted to spend some times together" she stuttered. Ylva instantly wanted to head-but herself for telling her son the truth. But then again… why not? She did not just sleep with Victor because she was horny. She made a decision. To see if things could work out between them as a couple.

Liekos' bright blue eyes instantly lit up "Like on a date!" he replied enthusiastically "You were on a date! How was it? Was it nice? Did you have fun? Did he kiss you?".

She laughed softly "Sweetheart, we will also talk about that in the morning".

No we won't!

She kissed the top of his head and both his cheeks as she pulled up the blankets to tuck him in "For now, you need to go to sleep".

She stood up, but before she could leave, he quickly reached for her hand "Can you at least tell me if dad and you are going to be like real parents?".

She chuckled, not the least bit insulted. She knew what he meant: Liekos wanted more than anything for his parents to be together. And that's what he meant by 'real parents'.

"Sweety, your dad and I had a nice time. And yes, we will be like real parents".

She inhaled sharply and hoped that this was something she could actually live up to. But she knew what Victor wanted: to be a real family and to have her as his mate. So it was only her who was holding back.

Liekos smiled widely "Okay mom, I will go to sleep now, goodnight".

"Goodnight honey" she blew him one more kiss before closing the door and strolling back to her own bedroom. Or rather… their bedroom. Because that was probably what it was. Not just hers anymore.

"You never marked me" Victor said as she entered the bedroom.

He was lying casually on top of the sheets, still as naked as she left him there. His arms crossed behind his head and his face turned towards her "Why?" he asked sternly.

She rolled her eyes. Not this again. All this bullshit about marking. Did he not just hear her or something? She had chosen him. She wanted to make this work. Why was that not good enough?

She shrugged and made a face "The whole marking thing is medieval. We are human beings. Free. I don't need some marking ritual to be claimed by someone".

He instantly sat up and narrowed his eyes on her. His talons growing at least 5 inches and his fangs baring at her "It's tradition. Ferals have been doing it for thousands of years. It's to show that they belong together. That no one else will interfere. Ever".

She stood in front of him, her hands resting on her sides. A poor attempt to look intimidating. "Victor, I don't like to be claimed by anyone. I'm a free human being and I don't need you to-".

"Keep your voice down" he interrupted her rudely "Liekos is sleeping again".

She growled softly, not liking the fact that she let go of her anger and he corrected her.

He smirked and continued "It's not just a claim. When two feral mates mark each other, they always know where their mate is and especially if there is any danger near them".

"Oh so it's like Big Brother is watching me yeah? I definitely don't need that" she snapped.

He launched himself off the bed and roughly grabbed both her arms "It's for your own safety Ylva! But also for Liekos! It's the best way that I can protect you both!".

She scoffed "I don't need protection Victor. Have you any idea how many feral men I've slain before you came along? You were the only one who was too strong for me and the only reason you found me was because of my late father and he's gone now. I live a low-profile life and I have no enemies".

He growled "Every mutant has enemies, they are called humans and especially the ones who are anti-mutant, are dangerous for our kind".

She rolled her eyes again "Whatever. I'm tired and I'm not having this discussion right now becau-"

"You're right little wolf" he smirked as his eyes glimmered "We are not having this discussion right now because we're gonna fuck right now".

"Yeah right" she scoffed "Like I'm in any mood to-"

He shook her arms roughly and threw her on the bed "Shut up".

He tore away the robe, pinned her down on her stomach and forced her legs open.

She struggled a little, she could have tried a lot harder though. "You know" she hissed as he trapped her "This could be considered rape Victor Creed!".

He placed his hard cock in front of her entrance "Yeah it would be" he admitted "If you weren't so fucking wet for me".

She leaned on her arms, bit her lips and rubbed against the tip of his cock as she sat on all fours.

"Do arguments always turn you on this much little wolf?" he mocked her.

She didn't answer. His hand roamed her back, all the way up to her neck where he entwined it before pushing into her roughly. She was so fucking wet. She moaned loudly.

"Hush now" he whispered "Or Liekos will wake up".

He fucked her roughly for a long time until he felt his climax coming way too close. He leaned forward, his chest covering her back as his hand snaked around her waist to enclose around her neck "Soon, you will mark me little wolf, nothing will stand between me and the safety of my pack. Not even you".

She woke up the next morning. Her head resting on something hard and warm, she quickly realized she was cuddled up to Victor and the images of their little argument from last night came back to her. Anger spiked her senses once more. If he honestly thought she would mark him like he had her… he had another thing coming.

The shredded sheets were half covering their naked bodies. They had been going at it pretty roughly last night. At least he did. She just let it happen and she had to admit: she enjoyed it quite a bit. He was angry because she wouldn't mark him and the more stubborn she got, the harder he'd fucked her.

She slowly looked over the sheets, they were completely ripped to bits. She put her head back on his chest and sighed, listening to his steady heartbeat. He shifted a little and his arm pressed her tighter against him. She smiled. Even after fucking her mind-numbingly painful and full of rage, he still pulled her into his arms afterwards. Whispering to her that she should never go to sleep angry. She had laughed softly and fallen asleep within seconds after that.

"Morning stubborn little wolf" he murmured softly in her hair.

She chuckled softly "Starting already Victor?".

"Fine I'll leave it be if you make me breakfast".

"Deal" she quickly replied.

When she came downstairs, Liekos was already up, welcoming her with the brightest smile ever as he sat in front of the TV watching some morning cartoons.

She knew exactly why he was particularly happy this morning. Something in him had sensed the change between his mom and dad.

When Victor came downstairs, he had one of those really annoying I-know-something-you-don't-know-grins on his face. She rolled her eyes and suddenly felt a undeniable craving for meat so she quickly cooked up some breakfast.

He followed her to the kitchen and leaned against her back as she busied herself with the breakfast on the kitchen counter. One arm snaked around her waist and his other hand tickled down her arms, entangling her fingers with his when he reached her hand. He pressed his face into her hair, inhaling her sweet morning scents. She smelled slightly different, probably because he'd fucked her so much he decided.

She smiled "I can't make breakfast like this Victor".

"I don't wanna eat that. I wanna eat something else" he whispered into her ear as he pressed his raging boner against her behind.

She laughed softly and sighed as she enjoyed the feeling of him surrounding her with his huge physique "Victor, our son needs to eat though, and I'm actually starving for something with meat on it".

He grinned "Well then it must be serious because you never eat much meat. Maybe you should buy a longer robe because if you keep walking around like this, it's gonna be hard to keep my hands off you" he empowered his words by grabbing her thigh and pressing his groin against her again.

"Maybe I like taunting you" she mused softly.

He growled "You probably do, you little tease".

His hand reached down pulling her robe up and softly scraping the skin on her upper legs.

She gasped slightly "Victor, stop it, I need to make Liekos food".

He ignored her and tried to move his hand between her thighs from behind "I just wanna feel how wet you are, that's all little wolf".

She got tempted and moved her legs apart only a little so he could actually reach between them. She gasped when his knuckles roamed between her folds. His other hand reached around her waist, ending up on her sensitive breasts where he massaged them slowly.

Ylva closed her eyes, her head resting against one of the upper cabinets as she arched her back, begging for his hand to enter her.

But he suddenly removed his hand from between her thighs as he spun her around to face her "Horny little wolf" he taunted as he licked her juices from his fingers "You taste too fucking sweet".

She moaned in agony. Suddenly forgetting why she was in the kitchen and what really needed to be done. "Now you may continue to make the food for our cub, because an hour from now, we need to drop him off down the street where he has a 'play date' or some shit like that".

"How do you know?" she wondered in surprise.

He shrugged "I checked your agenda" he nonchalantly said as he turned around and stalked off to join his son in the living room.

Ylva quickly made herself decent now she was finally able to make breakfast. She sighed. Well, at least he didn't start the discussion on her marking him again. Although she was sure she hadn't heard the last of it yet. Victor was mindset on fulfilling this stupid medieval tradition and he wouldn't just let it go. She wondered what exactly her motives were for not doing it. He had already done it to her ten years ago… But something held her back. Maybe it was the fear of spending the rest of her life with him. Or maybe it was because it felt like she'd be caged again if she did mark him. As if they were each other's property or something.

On the other hand, it had a lot of benefits: other mutants would know not to mess with her and especially other feral men would finally stay away. And of course, always knowing when your mate was in trouble was a huge benefit.

But this was 2014, not the flippin' Victorian era. She was a strong and independent woman who had been taking care of herself and others she cared about for years now. Fine, she decided she'd give it some thought but she would definitely not just give into his game too easily.

And she was right, for the next couple of days he had been constantly bugging her about the marking thing.

"Why on earth can I not be your mate without those stupid scars on our necks?" she frustratedly asked one day when he told her that she had not really chosen him as a mate "You are mindset on me sinking my teeth into your neck but it makes no sense because I have made a choice already!".

"You have not made a choice Ylva" apparently he called her Ylva when he was angry with her "As long as you don't mark me, you have not really made a choice" he growled.

She desperately threw her hands in the air "Victor, why can you not let it go? It's been ten bloody years! If I wanted another man, there'd be another man! I don't want someone else and I have chosen to be with you for crying out loud. It makes no sense that I should plunch my teeth into your neck to show this!".

"If it's not a big deal to you little wolf… then you might as well just go ahead and do it".

She sighed and rubbed her temples, this man was giving her a bloody head ache.

"If I mark you, it's forever… that's even more than a frikkin' marriage and I wouldn't marry you after such a short time of knowing each other either" she tried to explain. But it was just na repetition of what she'd said earlier, because they had this discussion every single day so far.

He growled and grabbed both her arms "You are my mate… we have a cub, you cannot ever leave me or ban me from your life Ylva".

"Victor, I am not planning on ever doing that. I simply do not enjoy the thought of being possessed".

"Marking has nothing to do with possession!" he snarled.

"Marking has everything to do with possession!" she yelled back at him.

He stared at her intensely, still holding her upper arms so she had nowhere to go. This was turning into one of the longest staring battles she'd ever been part of. And she'd had a lot of practice with her son…

He slowly let go of her arms as he relaxed his muscles "Marking is not about possession little wolf, it's about making a choice" he spoke softly as he sat down on the couch, turning his face away from hers "A choice I made for you without any hesitation".

She frowned in confusion. His voice… it almost sounded disappointing.

But then he flared up as his scents were prickled by something familiar.


Ylva eyed him widely as Victor suddenly rose from his seat, reaching the door in only a few strides. He almost tore the door from its frame, that's how roughly he opened it. Just as he did, James Logan was making his way up the porch.

Victor smirked "Little brother".

James Logan nodded and grinned, clenching his big cigar between his teeth "Victor".

The two big feral man walked up to one another, familiarly greeting each other in a way which could be described as a 'manly hug'.

"Good to see you Jimmy".

"Good to see you too Victor".

"Well" Victor grinned "Now that we're done lying to each other, why don't you come in".

"Good, cuz I ain't exactly here to see your ugly mug".

"Lemme guess, you came to see my mate?" Victor asked cynically.

"From what I heard, she ain't your mate but yes, I wanna meet the woman I owe my life to".

Victor moved away from the door opening "Come in".

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