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It had been quiet the next few days after the Parasitica virus. Leo was watching Space Heroes, Raph was reading a comic, and I, myself, was working on the Shellraiser. It had been deathly quiet ever since the scare… I began to think about Mikey the day Leo had turned Raph. Their eyes black and ready for the kill… Mikey was scared to death. I was frightened to, but being the only older brother still not bitten, I had to stay calm. There was still slime on the Shellraiser's walls. Gross… I still couldn't help but to think about Mike. I decided to check on him. Getting up, I headed over to the goofball's room. It was quiet… Too quiet.
"Mikey…?" I asked as I opened the door slowly and saw him curled in a ball. I approached him slowly and got beside him on the bed. He turned and I saw that he had been crying.
"Donnie… Do you think you guys will turn again? Did I make the vaccine right?"
"Mikey, you saved us. We are grateful, bud."
"But…. What about the bites?"
I smiled and showed him my neck. "See? No bite. Leo's sting has gone in. All Raph and I have are bruises as do you." I said. I could see Mikey contemplating this in his head. Although we may treat Mikey like he's a total idiot, he is smart, he just has stupid moments.
"….So I didn't mess up?" He asked, timidly.
"Of course not, bro. You did great." I said as I gave him a kiss on the cheek. We stayed quiet for a while before Mikey broke the silence.
"I'm glad you're my older brother. You were so calm during the whole thing." He smiled as he turned to face me.
"Believe me, I was scared."
"You didn't act like it."
"Yeah, but being an older brother, your instincts take over. The younger sibling's life is more important. I'm sorry I bit you." I said as I looked down.
"Bro, you were infected. You couldn't help it." His bright smile made me smile. I chuckled and pulled him close to my chest. We spent a few more minutes quiet and sober. I began to think about the way Mikey looked when he saw the parasitic wasp on my computer. He was scared. I couldn't blame him. When the two people you thought you could trust are trying to bite you and make you a parasitic wasp zombie, you get real scared. I felt Mikey shift under me.
"I love you big brother and thank you for believing in me."
"I love you little brother and no problem."

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