Title: A Little Taste

Rating: M

Warning's: Boy on boy, girl on girl, gay sex(not very graphic)

Pairing(s): Sterek, Stiles/Ethan, Lydia/Allison, Isaac/Scott, Jennifer/Derek(For a short time)

Summery(Characters): Derek is a douche, Stiles is hurt, Jennifer doesn't know what's happening, Isaac is innocent, Scott is over-protective, Allison is confused, Lydia is smart, and Ethan is a hunk that wants Stiles.

Summery(Story): When Derek cheats on Stiles with Jennifer, Stiles is left in the dust heart broken. Ethan is told by his twin, Aiden, that it's a nice chance to get under the Alpha's skin. Scott is getting way to over-protective of Stiles and Isaac, and it's starting to bug Derek. That's when he finds out Ethan's plan. Realizing what he did, he tries to get Stiles back. To bad Ethan already got to Stiles.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Wolf. If I did, It would be pretty fucked up.

Chapter one: I'm so done with you.

Stiles was many things. He was annoying, he was hyper, he was smart. Everyone knows one thing for sure. He is not an idiot. He can be stupid sometimes, yeah, but he would never do that in a serious situation. Like right now, he was sitting at his desk, clutching his pen as he tried to focus on his work. His mind was in a different place though. A place all full of his boyfriend of 5 months, Derek.

Recently, Derek has been awkward around Stiles, and Stiles is starting to get worried. With the whole Alpha park and stuff, things have been getting...edgy. Scott has been set free of that weird obsession he had with Allison, Isaac has been having a bloodlust to kill the twin alphas, Allison has been seeing her mom when she isn't there, and Lydia...well...Lydia is the same. And right now, Stiles had been holding back for so long.

His mother's anniversary is coming up, and he just doesn't want to deal with anyone's bull-shit. But for some reason, all he can think about is Derek. Derek, Derek, Derek. Stiles has been having some sad thoughts on his behavior. Derek skipping dates, Derek refusing to have sex, Derek paying so much attention to something, that isn't Stiles. He knows he isn't the only thing in Derek's life, with Cora coming back and all that stuff. But does he really have to ignore Stiles? Do stuff and not even tell Stiles what's going on?

Boy did Stiles wish he had a normal life.


''Hey, Stiles.'' Scott said, getting off his motorcycle. ''Hey Scotty,'' Stiles said, nibbling on his lip. Should I ask him? I mean...If he tells Derek, he might get mad at me for even thinking it. The young boy thought, debating to ask him or not. Ah, screw it. ''Hey, Scott?'' He asked, interrupting whatever Scott was saying. ''Uh...yeah?'' He said, stuffing his hands in his pocket. Stiles noticed that whenever Scott was nervous or about to do something that might act in humiliation, he would do that. Stiles noted to talk to him after talking about Derek.

''Uh, have you noticed Derek has been sorta...awkward, like he's hiding a secret?'' Stiles asked, hoping Scott wouldn't be all like; ''Why would you ask that? He's the love of your life, don't ask questions that bad!'' But that was just paranoia...he thought. ''Why would you ask that? But he has been acting strange...like something is about to explode any minute.'' Scott said, opening the door to the school. There it was. If Scott, the most oblivious person in this whole entire world noticed, then something was up. Stiles nodded as the bell rang, signaling first period. ''Huh...okay.''

In first period, Stiles debated. Debated things he hoped isn't true about his boyfriend. Things like...Derek is cheating on him. And that Derek is sleeping around behind his back. He sighed and put his face in his palms. I fucking hate over-thinking. Stiles thought as he looked up at his teaching who was obviously confused because he was doing Math in a History class. Sighing, Stiles put his elbow on his desk and his face in his palm, he tapped his desk with his pencil. ''Hey Stiles!'' Isaac whispered, catching the boy's attention. ''Huh?'' He asked, leaning into Scott because Isaac was across from him. Ignoring Scott's 'WTF are you doing?' look, he leaned closer to try to listen to Isaac. ''Mr. Alpha twin is staring at you.'' Isaac said, nodding his head to the side.

Stiles looked up and saw Ethan, the gay Alpha twin, staring at him. Not a problem. At least he hoped. The twin smiled at Stiles and turned around, looking at his brother. Stiles...was done. He was done. The only thing more confusing than Derek's behavior, was that the Alpha was staring at him. Maybe he was just stessed. Maybe he was paranoid. But Stiles knew something was going on.

And he wanted to find out what.

/Derek's Apartment\

''Oh, Derek!'' That was not something Stiles wanted to hear. Not what he wanted to hear at all. The voice of a girl moaning Derek's name. What in the hell... ''OH GOD HARDER!'' That was not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. Stiles heart was in his stomach as he stayed in the hallway, slowly listening to the sounds. Looking down, he saw a dress and Derek's clothes. He let a tear slip as he heard Derek's grunting. I knew it. Stiles slowly back off, turning around and walking out. Not like Derek would notice. Let alone care.

Holding back tears, Stiles left. Sick of the world, he whimpered as he got in the elevator. Thank the gods it was closed. Starting to sob, he wiped his tears away as his brain pounded in his head. Did I do something wrong? W-was I not a good enough boyfriend? Why didn't I scream at him and the girl? Why did I coward out? Where is Cora? Why am I such an idiot? Stiles mind raced with bad thoughts as he wailed, trying to calm himself down. He just doesn't like me anymore I guess. Stiles calmed down within a minute, sick and tired of feeling hurt.

Here Stiles was, tears running down his face, holding his torso as he held them in, and there was Derek, fucking some girl's brains out. The elevator opened, and he walked forward, looking at the floor. Little did he know someone was in front of him. ''Stiles?'' A girls voice asked. ''What's wrong?'' He looked up and saw Cora. He shook his head, Cora grabbing his wrist's. ''Stiles, tell me.'' She demanded. Her and Stiles formed a close bond over the 5 months they've known each-other. And here, Cora didn't like him crying his eyeballs out.

''N-nothing, why don't you ask Derek?'' He said, ripping out of her grip and running off.

I'm so done.


Cora was pissed. No, she wasn't pissed, she was in a bloodlust spell when she walked into her and her brother's apartment. She heard soft talking between Derek and some girl. That's not what got her this angry. What got her angry was that he broke Stiles heart into pieces. ''DEREK.'' Cora said, stomping where Derek and the girl was. ''WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?'' She screamed, seeing a girl and Derek all cuddled up on the bed. He glared and pulled the cover up to the girl's chest and frowned at her. ''What? I can't spend ALONE time with my girlfriend?'' He snarled, hugging the girl closer, who looked confused.

Cora glared and looked to the girl. ''Girlfriend? You had a boyfriend the last time I checked, who ran out of the complex crying his eyes out!'' She said, putting her hands on her hips. The girl looked confused. ''Wha-'' ''It's nothing Jennifer. And Stiles can deal with his own problems. Now can you leave?'' He growled, holding Jennifer closer. Cora scoffed and turned around, to angry to say anything.

''I hope you get butt-fucked by the devil, you bastard!'' She screamed.

Poor Stiles.

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