Title: A Little Taste

Rating: M

Warning's: Boy on boy, girl on girl, gay sex(not very graphic)

Pairing(s): Sterek, Stiles/Ethan, Lydia/Allison, Isaac/Scott, Jennifer/Derek(For a short time)

Summery(Characters): Derek is a douche, Stiles is hurt, Jennifer doesn't know what's happening, Isaac is innocent, Scott is over-protective, Allison is confused, Lydia is smart, and Ethan is a hunk that wants Stiles.

Summery(Story): When Derek cheats on Stiles with Jennifer, Stiles is left in the dust heart broken. Ethan is told by his twin, Aiden, that it's a nice chance to get under the Alpha's skin. Scott is getting way to over-protective of Stiles and Isaac, and it's starting to bug Derek. That's when he finds out Ethan's plan. Realizing what he did, he tries to get Stiles back. To bad Ethan already got to Stiles.

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Chapter 3; I don't even care.

Scott McCall did a lot of things in his 16 years of life. He did a lot of dumb things. Mostly, things to get him in trouble. Especially that time when he and Stiles kidnapped Jackson and got a restraining order against him, and that didn't really work because they ended up having a bitch fight in the boy's locker room over Allison.

Stuff like that he did, but he would never thought he would do this. Confront Derek Hale, the one who broke his best friends heart. Scott thought Derek was going to rip out his throat with his teeth, a treat he told everyone basically 24/7 of the day. He did it to everyone, like he was the shit or something.

But now, he had to go into Derek's apartment, demanding answers. He was so confused. One minute he was saying Stiles was his mate, then he goes and bangs a girl. Like, seriously dude? Scott knocked on the door, waiting two minutes before the door opened. What shocked him was one, it was a human, and second, it was his fucking TEACHER. ''Scott?'' She questioned, squinting. He awkwardly smiled, waving silently. ''Oh, uh, awkward well uh...is Derek there?'' He asked, giving her another awkward look. She looked confused, but nodded. ''Yeah...uh. He's inside.'' She said, letting him in.

Scott mentally cursed himself. His alpha and his teacher where fucking each-other. How nice. Derek walked in, looking happy, but frowned when he saw Scott. ''Uh, Jennifer, sweetie, can you leave for a moment?'' Jennifer bit her lip and nodded, running over to Derek and kissing him, before running off. Scott was glaring at Derek. ''Are you kidding me?'' Scott started. ''You're cheating on Stiles with my teacher? Are you serious right now?'' He asked, crossing his arms. ''You told me Stiles was you're mate, you fucked him, Derek. ow long have you even been cheating on him?'' Scott asked, making Derek clench his jaw. ''A month and a half.'' Scott scoffed. ''Do you even know how long you've been dating Stiles?'' Derek's eyes harden, making Scott let out a dry chuckle.

''Of course not. Because you're a bastard. You know what, just don't go around Stiles anymore.'' Scott said. ''He's been through enough already.''


Stiles didn't want to break. He taught himself better than to be the weaker one, the one that got stepped on all the time. He hated it. Well not this time. He wasn't going to let Derek get to him. He'll just move on. Move on like it never happened. Yep...just like it never happened. ''Stiles,'' He heard next to him, making him look to the side. He saw a guy in his class, Ethan, waving at him. Stiles smiled and waved his pencil. ''Hey, I was wondering, If you...wanted to go to the bowling ally with me. Not like a date...well kinda but...just to spend time together, maybe?'' Stiles was an idiot.

He knew Ethan was a good-looking guy, he knew Ethan was hot as hell and omfgdoeshehaveasixpack? But, he just got out of a relationship...That he needed a distraction from. ''Sure.'' He said, smiling. Mentally cursing himself, he turned back to his desk and so did Ethan.

Now what do I do? God I'm a fucking idiot.


Stiles sat on his bed with Scott and Isaac, just talking. ''So..Derek is fucking our teacher?'' Stiles asked, staring at Scott. The werewolf nodded, making Stiles gap. ''I knew there was something bad about her.'' He said, crossing his arms. ''But she's really nice.'' Isaac said. Stiles looked at Isaac and frowned. ''I know she is, but...Well she probably didn't know about me, so It isn't her fault...but still.'' Stiles said, pouting. ''I'm just, I'm so done with Derek. I don't want to be near him ever again.'' The young boy said, crossing his arms. ''But...you guys haven't even broke up yet?'' Issac said, raising an eye-brow. Stiles bit his lip and pulled his phone out.

We're through. If you even remember dating me. Asshole. Stiles sent the text to Derek then showed Issac and Scott. ''There, all done. I'm not going to mope around and be a damsel in distress. I'm going to be Stiles. I don't take shit from nobody no more.'' He said, snapping his fingers. Isaac chuckled and Scott squinted his eyes slightly. ''Why are you getting over him so quickly?'' Scott asked. The younger man chewed on his lip some more. ''Uhm...I kinda agreed to a 'date thingy' with Ethan.'' He said, making Isaac growl.

''I thought he was with Danny?'' Scott asked. Stiles shook his head. ''Nope.'' Isaac growled. ''Ethan and Aiden are bad news.'' He said, crossing his arms. '['You can't go out with him.'' He said, making Stiles scoff at him. ''Excuse, but when did you start to control my life, and who I date?'' He said, glaring. Isaac sighed. ''I'm sorry, but, I just, I don't have a good feeling about him...OR AIDEN.'' He said. Stiles rolled his eyes.

''If Lydia can fuck Aiden, why can't I fuck Ethan?'' Stiles asked, making Scott face-palm. ''I still think something is fishy with them.'' Isaac said. Stiles rolled his eyes. ''Okay, okay. When you find out something wrong with them, tell me. But for now, we know nothing so. Yeah.'' Stiles said, defeating them.

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