"So, what now?" Natasha asked as we walked back to my apartment later that night. Or, well, early morning, it being 3am and all that. I glanced back at the others a few feet behind us before turning back to her, "I think they need another drink". "I could do with another drink" she said sadly, "there's just too much to take in". "Hey, I came back from the dead. You just stood there and looked pretty" I shot back and she smirked, "you think I'm pretty?" "I know you're pretty" i replied, "hey, i should be an actor!" She laughed, "you'll have to sort yourself out first. We need Iron Man back on the team". "The Avengers... After three years... I could give it a shot... It's up to Rogers though... And I'm not sure if h-" she cut me off by turning back to the others, "Hey, Cap, you know the Avengers?" "Yea?" Steve asked looking up and she grinned, nudging me, "room for one more?" He grinned, "if he's got time". "You got time?" Nat asked me and I shrugged, "I was planning on going to Iceland for a while, but I'm sure we could work something out". Grinning, Natasha turned back to Rogers, "he's in".

"Then I hereby declare Tony Stark, aka. Carlos Brasillon, as Iron Man, the jerk in the Avengers" Clint announced and I playfully pushed him away, "don't go cheesy on me buddy". "Cheesy? Me?" He asked outraged, "NEVER". "Oh yea?" I asked, "I seem to remember a certain birdbrain choking up when he watched the titanic". He went bright red and the others laughed. "No cheesiness" I said again, patting him on the back and he sighed, "fine. No cheesiness". "You're going to have to take the dye out of your hair though. And grow a beard. Iron Mans not Iron Man without the right hair" Natasha said and I smirked, "admit it. You love my hair blond". "No. I don't" she replied, trying to keep a straight face but she burst out laughing when I started chasing her.

"Admit it" I shouted grinning, running after her down the street. "No way Stark" she shot back, and I tackled her. We both fell and rolled a few meters along the grassy bank until finally coming to a stop in a heap. Laughing, I turned to her, to find her grinning back at me. "Hey Nat". "Hey Stark". Smirking, i looked up at the night sky, the stars glittering above us. "It's a beautiful night" I sang and she laughed, "No way". I pouted at her, "aw come on. Pleaseeeee?"."...Fine" she replied smiling and i looked back up at the sky, "it's a beautiful night". "We're looking for something dumb to do" she sang. "Hey Baby, i think I wanna marry you" I continued. "Is it the look in your eyes?"? "Or is it these dancing shoes?". "Who cares Baby? I think I wanna marry you". "La la lala la la lala la la laaaaa" I said, forgetting the next lines and she laughed again. Turning to her, I grinned, "Hey, you wanna do something dumb?". "Are you asking what i think You're asking?" She asked turning to me. "...if we wake up". "And we wanna break up". "That's cool. I won't blame you" I finished, "...yea, I am". "Seriously?" She asked and I sat up, "Natasha Romanoff, I think I wanna marry you".

Running back down the street, we crashed into the others. "Hey, hey, calm down" Steve said as we shouting and cheered, grinning like idiots. "WE'RE ENGAGED" Natasha yelled, hi-fiving me. They stared at us confused. "We should go to Vegas" i said suddenly and Nat grinned, "I can get a car". "I've got money". "STARK" Clint barked and i turned to him, suddenly very afraid. He was glaring at me, his arms crossed. I thought he had a girlfriend... Didn't he? Surely he didn't actually like Nat? But suddenly he relaxed, grinning at me, "you'll need a best man". Smirking, I ruffled his hair, "you're in. Get your speech and suit ready. Capcicle, your maid of honour. Bruce and Thor, your both bridesmaids. Let's to".

And so, that very night, at exactly 3am, Natasha and I got married. And when we woke up, we didn't want to break up. Nor the next morning, or the next. I became Iron Man again, took the dye out of my hair, and once again became number 1 of Fury's most annoying list. Loki was arrested and sent back to Asgard, put in the best well-guarded prison cell they had. I kept in good contact with Pedro back in Brazil and even went back to Rio a few times. Everything turned out perfectly. Maybe it was luck. Maybe it was destiny. But honestly? I think it was just abet of Science And Fate.