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"I know I can live without you… I can live without you half the day… I know I can live without you… and put life off for another day… but I can't stop… thinking about, thinking about us anymore…"

Riley really despised working nights during the week.

Tuesday evenings were the absolute worst. Middle of the week, generally nothing to celebrate… tips were always poor on Tuesday and besides the sprinkling of regulars, no one ever stopped by.

She leaned over the bar top, playing a game of quarters with herself. She hadn't poured a beer or made up a shot for at least an hour and the night was still young. Glancing over her shoulder at the clock, she mentally groaned at the thought of having yet another three hours to go.

"Tink I ca' be gettin' a pint, lass?"

Riley felt herself stiffen at the sound of the brogue. She slowly shifted her eyes to find Connor MacManus sliding onto a stool across from her. She shoved herself away from the bar, a scowl painting her features. "We're out."

The blond raised an eyebrow. "Yer tellin' me dat yer bar es ou' of beer, girl?" he asked.

"It is for you," she replied, giving him a sugary sweet phony smile that didn't reach her eyes.

Connor gave her a frown. "So dat's 'ow yer goin' ta play?" he asked, leaning over the bar to reach under and grab a bottle of whiskey and a shot glass.

"Are you trying to get me fired?" she hissed, reaching out and snatching the bottle from his hand. "Haven't you and your sorry brother done enough?" She slammed the bottle down with more force than necessary.

The fairer twin raised an eyebrow, bouncing his empty shot glass from hand to hand. "Ain' sure wha' yer meanin', lass," he replied, tossing the glass in the air and catching it easily. "Ain' ne'er done som'tin' ta ye dat ye didn' li'."

Riley gave him a sneer, her hand flashing out to grab the his new toy. "You're related to Murphy, that's more than enough." She shoved the glass under the bar and grabbed a rag. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."

"No', no' girl, calm yerself an' tal' ta me," he soothed, reaching out and grabbing her arm to stop her from walking away.

The girl stopped and looked at Connor's hand tight on her bicep. She slowly dragged her green eyes up to meet his and he nearly flinched at the iciness of her sharp stare. "Do. Not. Touch. Me." Her tone was soft, but her words cut him to the quick.

The Irishman slowly loosened his grip, lowering his hand to the bartop. "Lass, wha' 'appened?" he asked her, his voice quiet. "I ge' dat ye an' Murph 'ad a squabble bu'-"

She scoffed and shook her head. "I don't know what your brother told you and to be honest I really don't care." She crossed her arms tight over her chest. "I told Murphy that he and I are done, which means that you and me? We're done too."

Connor's brow furrowed. "'ow do ye ge' dat, lass? I 'aven' done a ting an' I ain' me brudder." He gave her a shrug. "Tink ye an' me 'ave our own ting sep'rate frum Murph, aye?"

Riley blinked, suddenly thrown by his words. "We don't have a thing, Connor…"

He snorted, waving his hand at her. "Ain' sayin' dat 'm goin' ta ma' an honest woman outta ye er an'ting, jus' dat we 'ave som'tin' 'tween us, dat's all." He grinned and leaned closer. "Ye tellin' me dat ye don' miss me cock, girl?"

Riley felt herself flush. "Connor, I'm at work and this is bordering on harassment." She shook her head. "And does Murphy even know you're here?" She glanced over at the door. "Considering part of his problem was our 'closeness', I don't think he'd be thrilled to find out you're with me right now."

The blond raised an eyebrow. "Dat's da problem den?"

She let out a huff, rubbing at a spot on the bar. "Have you even talked to your brother?"

Connor shrugged. To be honest, he really wasn't clear what exactly had happened between the two. When Murphy had come back from his walk, he had been rather sullen and not saying much. The more Connor had pushed, the more his darker half had shut down, only telling him that Riley most likely wasn't coming back. "I tal' ta me brudder e'ryday."

Riley rolled her eyes. "Whatever," she muttered. She tossed her rag into a tub. "Look, it was all fun, but it's over now."

"So dat's et den?" Connor replied with a scowl.

She shrugged. "That's it."

"Wha' ef'n I don' wan' ta accept dat?" he countered.

"That's really not my problem," Riley told him. She heaved a sigh, wiping her palms on her jean covered thighs. "Goodbye, Connor." She turned and walked away to the other end of the bar, leaving the fairer Irishman alone.

"T'fuck did ye do!?"

Murphy looked up from his pencil drawing as his brother crashed through the doorway. He winced at the sound of the door slamming, shaking the kitchen table. "No' sure wha' yer talkin' 'bout, brudder," he replied, his eyes moving back to the shaded lines.

Connor scowled and crossed the apartment, snatching the notebook from his twin. "Wit' Riley, ye arse," he snarled, throwing the spiral against the wall.

"T'fuck ye doin'?" the darker brother howled, jumping to his feet and shoving Connor hard in the shoulder.

The fairer twin grabbed his other half by the collar with both hands, pulling him in. "Wha'. Di'. Ye. Do." He annunciated each word, his teeth bared, his eyes hard.

Murphy's eyes narrowed, his own hands fisting in Connor's collar. "I didn' do an'ting," he growled.

Connor shoved him hard, making him stumble over his own two feet. "Den why es she just wipin' 'er 'ands o' us?" he countered. "Why es she so mad wit' ye? Why ye been poutin' like a lass dat didn' ge' asked ta prom fer da pas' wee'?" His gaze shifted to the notebook that had fallen open behind his brother. A hostile smirk pulled at his lips as his eyes shifted back. "An' yer fuckin' drawin' th' lass?"

"Fuck ye," Murphy hissed, stomping away and snatching the book from the floor. "We jus'... we jus' ended tings, alrigh'?"

He received a scoff in response as his brother let his coat slide off his shoulders. "Shame on ye, Murph. Lyin' ta yer ow' brudder like dat." He tossed the peacoat on the couch.

The darker brother couldn't help but scowl and for once resent how easily Connor could read him, see right through him. He had tried to call Riley more than he cared to admit over the past week. The sound of the slamming receiver still sounded in his ears. He had even gone to the bar, his tail tucked between his legs, but she had immediately had the bouncer escort him out.

"We go' enta a figh', alrigh'?" Murphy muttered, collapsing in the kitchen chair, his notebook held loosely between his knees.

Connor cursed, reaching into his back pocket for his cigarettes. He pulled the pack open, peering inside, counting the cylinders before pulling two out with his teeth. He tossed the pack onto the table and lit the smokes before extending one to his brother. "Tell me wha' 'appened," he replied, collapsing onto his mattress and taking a drag, blowing the smoke towards the ceiling.

Murphy let out a grunt, tucking the cigarette in the corner of his mouth. He rested his notebook on his knees, paging through it absently. "We jus' 'ad an argumen'," he replied, his eyes moving over his latest drawing, taking in the penciled lines and shaded angles of Riley's face. "Ain' much more ta say den dat."

The blonde scoffed, laying back on his bed, his eyes closed as he quietly puffed on his smoke. "Shame da devil, Murph," he retorted. "Sto' lyin' ta me. Ye know I'll be gettin' da trut' ou' o' ye, so ye may as well tell me now, save me da time." He cracked open an eye, glancing at his brother. "Ye goin' ta make me 'ave ta guess wha' ye di'?"

The brunet lifted his gaze, giving his twin a scowl. "Tink I 'fended da lass, dat's all."

Connor snorted, shifting to a sitting position, his feet flat on the floor, his elbows resting on his knees as he moved the cylinder from side to side between his lips. "Must 'ave been sumtin' pretty 'orrid ta be 'fendin' a lass like Riley," he pointed out. "I bee' tellin' 'er tings dat woul' make a whore fall o'er' an' she barely bats a lash." He chuckled, contemplating some of the filthy words that he had muttered over the past month or so. "So tell me, wha' coul' ye 'ave said ta make da girl as angry wi' cha as she es?"

Murphy tossed his notebook onto the table and scrubbed his hands over his face. He knew once he told Connor what he'd said to Riley, he was risking getting his ass handed to him, not that he didn't deserve it. "Sai' she liked ta ge' roun'," he muttered, his eyes fixed on the floor.

Silence hung over the loft as Murphy refused to meet his brother's gaze, though he could feel the fury brewing in the burn of his stare. He listened as his brother slowly lifted himself from the mattress and walked towards him. Suddenly he felt himself knocked to the floor by the unexpected blow to his temple. "Fuck me!"

"T'fuck es wron' wit' ye?" Connor snarled, reaching down and pulling his twin to his feet. "'ave ye no respect?"

The brunet shoved him off, brushing off his clothes. "Et jus' slipped, alrigh'? Ain' wha' I tink 'bout 'er," he grumbled, rubbing at the sore spot on his head.

"Ye even 'pologize ta da girl? Le' 'er know yer a fuckin' eejit as et 'twere?" The blond shook his head. "Ma woul' be 'shamed o' ye, disrespectin' a lass like dat."

"She won' listen ta me, won' talk ta me," Murphy replied, shrugging his shoulders. "Been tryin' ta fix et bu' she won' 'ave any o' et."

Connor scoffed in disgust. "Yer goin' ta ma' 'er listen ta ye, alrigh'?" he countered, snatching their coats off the couch and shoving one at his brother. "Don' know 'ow, bu' yer goin' ta fix dis."

"Think I could get a shot, Riles?"

Riley grimaced, the voice making her skin crawl. "Sure, Damien," she chirped, faux cheer in her voice. She turned towards the man at the bar, trying to keep her disgust in check as she walked closer, a bottle of tequila tight in her fingers.

A slow grin spread over Damien's face, his eyes traveling over the petite bartender's form. "You're looking good, girl, good enough to eat." He licked his lips and wiggled his eyebrows as she poured him a shot. "When can I have a taste?"

Riley couldn't help the shudder that rolled over her as her eyes darted around looking for the bouncer on duty. "We've been through this, Damien," she replied, pushing the glass towards him. "I'm really not interested, but thank you."

His eyes narrowed as he lifted his shot to his lips, draining it quickly before slamming the glass back on the bar top. "You haven't been out with me yet, how would you know if aren't interested?"

She chewed her lower lip as she slowly came to the realization that this wasn't the first bar that Damien had been in for the night. "You're just not my type, Damien," she told him gently. "I'm sorry."

A meaty hand wrapped around her upper arm and tugged her back, her hip bouncing off the bar so hard she knew there would be a mark in the morning. "I'm sick of you pretendin' you want to put me off, sweetheart," he snarled in her ear and she winced as she felt his spittle against her skin. "And I think I've been courting you for long enough."

"Damien, let me go," she snapped, trying to pull her arm from his grasp, but he only held her tighter. "You're hurting me."

"Dere a problem 'ere, den?"

Riley looked past Damien to see Connor and Murphy standing behind, their hands clenched at their sides as they took in the situation before them. The larger man's lips curled into a nasty sneer as his gaze travelled over what he saw as his competition. "Only problem I have is that you two are apparently trying to cut in line for this sweet piece," he snapped.

The brothers' eyes narrowed as they settled on where his fingers curled around Riley's thin bicep. "Tink I 'eard da lass ask ye ta le' go," Murphy hissed.

"May be en yer bes' int'res' ta 'eed dat," Connor continued, cracking a knuckle.

Riley shook her head. "Everything is fine boys, how about we just-"

She didn't finish her sentence before she felt her head whip to the side, the loud sound of a slap cutting through the air. She didn't have a chance to even process that Damien had struck her before Connor and Murphy were on the man, being sure to make him regret ever laying a finger on their girl.

"That's gonna leave a mark," Riley muttered, pressing the rag just above Connor's eye.

The blond left out a hiss. "Dat be stingin' girl," he rasped.

She rolled her eyes, dabbing at the cut. "Don't be such a baby," she replied. "It's just a little alcohol, you can take it." She glanced to her left to see Murphy cradling his right hand, leaning against the wall with a scowl. "You're next as soon as I'm done here," she told him, her eyes moving back to Connor.

"I ca' take care o' meself," the darker twin grumbled, wincing as he tried to open his fist.

Riley couldn't help but roll her eyes as she pressed a bandage over Connor's brow. "Is he always this stubborn?" she asked, wiping the rag over a spot of blood on his cheekbone.

"Jus' when 'e's embarrassed," he replied, giving her a smirk.

"Ain' embarrassed," Murphy snapped. "Jus' don' nee' anyone playin' me nursemaid li' Connor 'ere 'parently does."

"Th' lass was offerin' us a 'and as et 'twere," the fairer twin replied, giving Riley a wink. "Couldn' be turnin' 'er dow' en our time o' need."

She wrinkled her nose, taking a step back and wiping her hands. "You can calm it down, Casanova," she told him, flicking the rag at him. "We discussed this." She gave him a stern look before crossing to Murphy. She looked up at him, green meeting blue. "Let me see your hand."

He shook his head, clutching his hand closer to his chest. "Nah girl, tol' ye dat I coul'-"

"Murphy," she interjected, reaching to gently lay her fingers on his wrist. "Just let me see your hand, okay?"

He let out a sigh before slowly holding his hand out, wincing as she ran her fingers over his knuckles. "Be gentle wi' me, alrigh'?"

She scoffed. "Not that you deserve it, but okay." She peered at his middle knuckle. "Looks like you're out of the joint my man," she told him, lifting her eyes to meet his.

"Didn' tink et wa' broken," he muttered, avoiding her gaze, staring at the wall behind her head. "FUCK!"

Riley giggled as she pressed his hand back to his chest. "You should probably ice that," she told him.

Murphy scowled. "Ye enjoyed dat a bi' much, didn' ye?" His gaze shifted back to hers and his eyes softened as he noticed the blood at the corner of her slightly swollen lip. "'parently someone be needin' ta loo' aft' ye too, lass," he murmured, lifting his left hand.

She took a step back, just out of his reach. "It's just a busted lip," she replied, shaking her head. "Job hazard."

"Ye sayin' ye be gettin' 'it li' dat a lo', lass?" Connor asked, coming up beside her.

Riley let out a huff, wiping her mouth with the back of the hand before rubbing it into her jeans. "I'm just saying it's not the first time someone's gotten a little rough, a little handsy." She shrugged and grabbed some gauze from the table. "I work on the edge of Southie, boys. Not everyone has the best manners."

The brothers exchanged a look before matching sets of blue eyes settled on her.

"Whatever is running through your mind, stop," she snapped, reaching out and gently taking Murphy's hand. "I've been in Boston for the past 6 years on my own, I don't need a pair of Irish knuckleheads coming to my rescue now."

Connor opened his mouth to retort, but Murphy shook his head, cutting him off before he even began. The blond's eyes moved between his brother and the bartender as she carefully wrapped his hand, her gaze fixed on her work. His mouth twitched and he cleared his throat. "Tink I coul' ge' a drink, lass?" he asked.

Riley's eyes shifted as she continued to wind the gauze around the darker half's knuckles. "Glasses are above the sink," she replied. "If you want water, use the tap. Beer in the fridge. Liquor on top."

"Man' tanks, girl," he replied, tipping an imaginary hat. His eyes met his twin's and he gave a small nod before making his way to the kitchen, leaving the two alone.

Murphy watched Riley as she carefully took care of his hand, her movements cautious and delicate. "Ye still mad wi' me, girl?" he finally asked, breaking the silence.

Her movements stopped and slowly her eyes lifted to meet his. "I think you know the answer to that," she replied. "And just because I'm helping you out doesn't mean I forgive you either." She shifted her focus back to her task. "I'm only doing this because it wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for me."

The darker brother swallowed and brought his other thumb to his mouth, worrying the nail with his teeth. "'m sorry fer wha' I sai' ta ye, lass," he murmured. "I don' be tinkin' dose sor' o' tings 'bout ye, I swear ta ye."

She let out a snort of disbelief, an eyebrow arching. "Then why did you say it?" She flipped his hand and smoothed the end of the gauze over his palm, pressing a piece of medical tape in place.

"Wasn' tinkin'," he muttered as she took a step back and started putting things away. "I'm still learnin' wha' ta do wi' ye bein' wi' Connor as well."

Riley shook her head. "There's nothing to learn," she replied, flipping the first aid kit shut and snapping the latch into place. She turned to face Murphy, her arms crossed over her chest. "You're making it so much harder when it's just sex, Murphy."

He frowned and glanced past her as his brother appeared, leaning in the doorway behind her. His eyes moved back and he rubbed his uninjured hand over the back of his neck.

"'e doesn' do so well when da boyo es confused," Connor muttered stepping into room, a can of beer tight in his hand. He crossed the floor coming up behind Riley and a smirk played over his lips as he felt her shiver. "Jus' goin' ta 'ave ta teach 'im 'ow ta 'dapt." His free hand slip up her arm, closing over her shoulder and giving a squeeze. He pressed his lips to her neck, kissing the skin before nipping lightly, his eyes on his brother.

Riley let out a quiet gasp, her eyes widening at the feeling of the blond's mouth on her neck. "Connor," she hissed. She felt his arm slide around her waist, locking her against him, his cock hard at her back.

"Aye, girl," he muttered, settling his beer on the table beside them before moving his hand to her cheek, turning her face towards his. "Missed 'earin' ye say me name like dat." Before she could protest, he sealed his mouth over hers.

Murphy watched the scene in front of him, his mind swirling as he tried to process how he felt about it. He knew all he had to do was tell Connor to stop and his brother would. The fairer twin's eyes were open and watching him as he kissed Riley, waiting for Murphy's decision.

"Connor, we can't," she breathed against the fairer brother's lips, her lashes lowered.

"Le' 'im, girl," the brunet murmured as he slowly lowered himself to a chair.

She gave him a look of surprise before her eyes fluttered shut as Connor's hand worked under her waistband, his fingers stroking her skin. "What?"

Murphy let out a quiet sigh, pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and meeting his brother's gaze.

"He knows ye won' le' 'im touch ye, girl," the blond muttered, sliding a finger over her clit. "Dat yer still upset 'bout wha' 'e sai'." His other hand closed over her breast, squeezing in time with the movement of his finger. "'e wants ye ta know 'e can be alrigh' wi' dis."

Riley's eyes slowly opened, giving Murphy a hooded stare.

The darker brother nodded, his lighter sparking to life. He gently touched the flame to the tip of his cigarette and took a deep inhale, blowing smoke towards the ceiling. "Le' me see why yer wantin' 'im too." He felt his cock stir as she let out a quiet gasp, knowing Connor had slipped a finger into the tight wetness of her cunt. He shifted, trying to get more comfortable as his jeans became tighter. He touched his tongue to the roof of his mouth, the memory of her taste rolling over his tongue.

Connor's hand fisted in her shirt, pulling it up as he moved a finger in and out at an excruciatingly slow pace, skimming his lips over her jawline and down her throat. He grinned when he felt her shiver in his embrace, pressing back against him. "Ye like dat, girl?" he whispered into her shoulder, pressing a kiss there.

"Connor," she breathed, biting her lower lip.

Murphy watched as his brother took a few steps back, dragging Riley with him. The blond lowered himself to the couch, pulling her onto his lap, his fingers still stroking her. He locked eyes with Murphy, tilting his head to the side. The brunet took another puff of his cigarette. "Le' me see," he requested, his voice soft.

The fairer brother grinned and pulled his hand away, much to Riley's disappointment. She let out a quiet whine and turned her head to look at Connor behind her. "Why'd you stop?"

He gently pushed her to force her to stand up. "Ye 'ave a bit too much on, lass," he replied, his hand snaking around and popping the button on her jeans. His hand slid in the front of her jeans to open the zipper. "Nee' a bi' mo' access ta do wha' I nee' ta do ta ye."

Riley's cheeks flushed and her eyes moved to Murphy as her jeans were dragged down her thighs. He sat, watching as Connor unwrapped her, his face stoic, but his eyes burning. She could detect the lust that was always there when he looked at her, but she could see something else, and her guess from the set of his shoulders, it was taking everything in him not to surge forward and knock his brother away.

She chewed her lower lip, wanting to tell Connor to stop, that Murphy wasn't ready to watch this, no matter how much he had seen before and how much he deserved to be punished for what he had said to her. As she opened her mouth, the darker twin's eyes moved to hers.

"Et's alrigh', lass," he murmured, almost as if he could read her thoughts. "We all nee' dis ta 'appen."

The girl swallowed, squeezing her eyes shut as the man behind her slipped her panties down, leaving her naked from the bottom down. She rubbed her thighs together, aching for relief as his hand slid up her spine, taking her shirt with him as he stood. The rough denim of his jeans scratched against her sensitive skin as he pulled the shirt over her head. Both brothers breath hitched as her bra came into view.

"'m likin' dis color on you, girl," the blond purred in her ear, his calloused hands moving over the satin of her bra. The deep red color contrasted with her skin beautifully and Connor couldn't help himself as he closed his palms over her breasts, pressing her back against him as she arched into his hands, her nipples hardening under the cups, pressing into his hands.

"More," she whispered, her head falling back on his shoulders as he massaged her, his knee moving between her thighs.

"Show me wha' yer wantin', girl," he whispered, spreading her legs further apart. His hand slid down her arm, positioning her fingers at her folds. "Touch yerself fer me."

Riley whimpered as he pressed her fingers to touch her clit, the digits sliding through her wetness. She let out a shaky breath as Connor's own hand moved to slide her lips apart, giving her better access. She couldn't help but groan as she moved her fingers, caressing her clit before dipping her finger into her cunt.

Murphy could smell her arousal in the air and he gripped his cigarette tightly in his own fingers. Every muscle in his body was on lock, forcing himself to stay put and watch the pairing before him. His mouth went dry as her hand started to move faster, her moans travelling into his ears, making his cock throb, aching to be released.

Connor watched his brother as he curled his fingers around the cups of her blood red bra, tugging the satin below her breasts to expose her nipples. He pinched the peaks, rolling them, and he couldn't help back grin as Riley's body sagged back against him. "Kee' goin', lass," he murmured in her ear. "Come o' yer 'and so I ca' taste ye."

Riley cried out, her other hand fisting in the blond's spikes as she fucked her fingers, aching for her orgasm. She let her eyes open, gasping for breath as she settled her gaze on Murphy. "Talk to me," she whispered.

The brunet swallowed. "Wha' do ye wan' me ta be sayin', girl?" he asked, honestly confused. A part of him had wondered if she and Connor even remembered he was there.

"What do you want to do to me, Murph?" she gasped, slipping a second finger to join her first, rolling her hips to move her clit against the heel of her hand. "What do you want Connor to do to me since you can't?"

He grit his teeth as the blond grinned from behind her, his fingers still toying with her nipples. "Aye, brudder," he rasped, his tongue flashing over her ear. "Wha' do ye wan' ta see me do ta th' lass?"

Murphy swallowed before running his tongue over dried lips. He cleared his throat before meeting Riley's eyes. "Sto' touchin' yerself," he muttered.


He cocked an eyebrow, pressing the heel of his hand against his cock, trying to tap it down. "Ye asked me wha' I wa' wantin' ta do," he reminded her.

She swallowed and slowly moved her hand away, sliding it along her pelvis to rest on her hip. She ran her tongue over her lips as she watched Murphy, waiting for his next instruction.

A smile pulled at his mouth before he shifted his stormy gaze to his brother. "Move en fron' o' 'er," he continued, jerking his chin and tucking his smoke back in his mouth. "Bu' ma' sure I ca' see boff o' ye."

The blonde gave a quick nod before turning the girl to the side and moving to stand in front of her. He gazed down at Riley, his mouth quirking in a smile and his blue eyes sparkling. "Ye alrigh'?" he asked, his gaze flashing to her chest.

Her lips twitched. "I'll be better once I get off once or twice," she replied. They shared a quiet laugh before moving the focus back to Murphy.

The darker brother tapped his cigarette ash in the tray beside him. "Ge' en o' yer knees," he ordered, flicking the cylinder down before tucking it back between his lips.

Connor slowly lowered himself, keeping his eyes locked on Riley's. He settled himself on his knees, his face level with her pussy. He gave her a quick wink before glancing over at his other half.

"Pu' yer mout' o' 'er cunt," Murphy continued, settling back in the chair and spreading his legs apart and resting his injured hand on his thigh. "Fuck 'er wi' yer tongue."

Riley let out a gasp as the blond placed his mouth over her, flicking his tongue over her clit before moving down to her entrance, his tongue darting in and out, doing as his brother told him. Her hands moved to the back of his head, holding him in place as her knees threatened to buckle.

"Ye alrigh', Riley?" Murphy asked, watching the way her legs shook.

She cried out, throwing her head back as the blond moved faster. She heard the other brother's question, but she couldn't respond as the man between her legs worked her over.

"Lay o' yer back, girl, brin' 'im wi' ye."

She snared a hand in Connor's hair, pulling him away. Slowly, she laid down on her back, bending her legs at the knees and spreading them apart. The fairer twin grinned at her, his mouth shining with her juices before moving between her thighs, his mouth settling back over her cunt.

Murphy watched, crushing his smoke in the ashtray with more force than necessary. He watched as Connor brought her to orgasm, watched the way her body flushed and arched and glistened… he imagined himself in his brother's place, lapping up her arousal, her taste bursting over his tongue. He felt as though his dick was going to burst through his jeans and he was sure he'd never been harder in his life.

The fairer twin placed one last kiss on her clit before moving up her body until his face hovered over hers. His eyes traveled over her face, taking in the flush on her cheeks and the way her lips were parted trying to catch her breath. "No' wha'?" he asked his brother, not taking his gaze away from the woman below him.

"Take yer cock ou' o' yer jeans an' fuck 'er," Murphy told him. "Fuck 'er as 'ard as ye ca', poun' 'er enta da floor."

Riley's breath hitched and she kept her eyes locked on Connor hovering above her as his hand moved between them. She felt his knuckles brush over her skin as he worked with his belt, pulling the leather through the buckle.

"Goo' ting I go' some practice taken off me belt," he murmured, his lips brushing hers as he spoke, tickling her with the end of the belt.

She couldn't help but giggle at his words and the sensation. "Such a talented lad," she teased, gasping when she felt his prick slide over her clit.

"Aye," he whispered, pressing a kiss to her mouth before rising to his knees between her thighs. He spread her legs apart before taking his cock in his hand. He glanced over at his brother. "Ready?"

The darker twin gave a nod, lighting another cigarette. "Fuck 'er goo', brudder…"

Connor gave her hip a squeeze before pressing his cock to her cunt, letting out a moan as he felt her around him. "Christ, always so tigh'," he ground out as he bottomed out inside her. His hands moved to her hips as he started to move, slamming into her over and over.

Riley let out a moan, her hands closing over her breasts as she turned her head to lock eyes with Murphy. She bit her lower lip, trying to muffle her groans as Connor pounded into her. "Harder," she whispered, pinching her nipples between her fingers, keeping her gaze on the darker twin.

"Play wi' 'er clit," Murphy ground out, his fingers digging into his thigh as he puffed at his cigarette. His hips matched his brother's thrusts as he kept his eyes locked on Riley. Every inch of him was aching to be inside her. He could smell the sex in the air, the scent of both his brother and Riley washing over him.

Connor moved his hand to her pelvis. He spread his hand over her lower belly, holding her down for leverage and angling his hand so he could rub his thumb over her clit. "'mon, Riley, come o' me cock fer me an' me brudder," he urged, knowing he wasn't going to last much longer.

She panted, arching her back off the floor as her legs wrapped around him, her locking her ankles at his back. She felt like liquid fire was racing through her veins as she watched Murphy, but felt Connor all over and around her. "Oh, God," she breathed as she combusted, her cunt sucking Connor deeper.

The blond groaned as she quivered around him and he fell forward on his elbows as he pounded into her, working towards his own release. He could feel his balls drawing up, knowing he was working towards a powerful orgasm.

Murphy crushed his cigarette in the ashtray and he groaned as he watched Riley fall apart and his brother not far behind. His cock was throbbing beneath his jeans and he was aching for relief, wanting to feel Riley's cunt surrounding him, but he knew it wasn't the time.

"Oh, Christ, 'ere et comes," Connor moaned, his hips stuttering as he blew his load inside her.

Murphy started awake as he felt the blanket pulled back, the chill of the room snaking over his skin. He opened his mouth to protest, but snapped shut as Riley slid under the blanket with him. "Wha' ye tink yer doin' girl?" he asked, honestly curious.

She shrugged a naked shoulder, tucking her hands under her cheek on the pillow. "Connor snores too loud," she whispered. "Can't sleep out there."

The brunet slowly registered the loud sounds coming from the other side of the bedroom door and let out a chuckle. "Aye, guess 'm jus' used ta et."

Riley gave him a small smile. They stared at each other in silence for several beats before he cautiously moved a hand out from under the blanket to tuck a strand of black behind her ear. When she didn't brush him off, he pushed a little further and rested his hand on her cheek. "I like th' 'air, lass," he told her quietly, brushing his thumb over her cheekbone.

She bit her lower lip, tucking herself a bit closer. "I would have thought you'd prefer the red," she admitted. "But maybe I was just stereotyping."

He let out a quiet chuckle, moving his own body closer to her on the mattress, their noses brushing. "Aye, I liked th' red too, girl, bu' dis makes yer eyes even greener."

She couldn't help her bark of laughter. "You are a stereotype," she teased, her eyes sparkling.

He grinned at her, his own eyes searching her expression. "Ye still ma' at me, Riley?" he asked quietly.

The girl sobered up, her face losing it's humor at his question and the memory of why she had been so upset. "You really hurt me when you said that," she admitted, lowering her lashes.

Murphy grimaced, hating that he'd actually hurt her. "Wasn' tinkin' when I sai' et," he murmured. "Et wa'... I wa' jus' jealous o' me brudder…" He cleared his throat. "'m jealous o' anyone dat's touched ye dat wasn' me…"

Riley's eyes widened and she met his gaze. She moved to put some distance between them but his hand moved to the small of her back, holding her in place. "Murphy," she murmured. "I told you-"

He shook his head. "I ge' et, lass, I do," he interjected. "I ge' dat ye aren' lookin' ta be tied ta anyone as et twere…" He left out a sigh. "'m not tryin' ta scare ye o' push ye enta an'ting."

She swallowed and blinked, searching his face. "So… what was earlier?" she asked quietly. "Some sort of test?"

Murphy shook his head. "Sometimes I tink… I tink Conn knows me bett' den mesel'... I needed ta see da two o' ye tagetter wit'ou' me. See wha' 'e gives ye dat I can'."

Riley frowned at him. "It's not like that, Murphy… it's just different…"

He let out a sigh, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "'ve jus' ne'er shared like dis befer… an' I ne'er felt like dis befer neidder," he whispered. "Ye go' ta bear wi' me… see ef'n I ca' do dis."

She licked her lips and swallowed. She could feel the trust that Murphy was putting in her and the compromise he was willing to make and it terrified her. "You still… you still want this?" she whispered. "Even though I can't really give you what you want?"

The darker brother gave her a smile, stroking his thumb over her cheekbone. "Wha' I realized dis pas' wee'... I jus' wan' ye… any way I ca' 'ave ye…"

Riley looked at him, processing what he was saying. She bit her lower lip as her hand moved to cover his on her cheek. She liked Murphy… she truly did… but was she really ready to commit to him in the way he was asking? "So what do you want from me?"

He didn't reply with words as he pulled her forward, covering her mouth with his own. His hand travelled over her curves, moving to the small of her back, pressing her closer. He slowly came to the realization that she was naked against him, her smooth skin gliding against him. He groaned into her mouth, his tongue tangling with hers.

Riley tried not to think about how good it felt to have the darker brother touching her, kissing her. She was never about commitment or promises. She just wanted to have a good time, feel good. And when she had Murphy came together that first night, that's all it had been. Then it had been a bit more fun when Connor had been thrown into the mix. But as much as she had tried to ignore it over the following month, while it stayed fun with Connor, things between her and Murphy… they had become so much more serious.

"Le' me 'ave ye, Riley," Murphy whispered against her lips. "'ve missed ye…"

She swallowed, her green eyes frozen on his blue. She nodded slowly, moving her hands to his hips and pushing his shorts down his thighs. "Show me how much," she told him softly, rolling onto her back and pulling him on top of her.