That boy is a fine human, I think to myself as I look at his scared little face through the glass of his cage. He looks strong, loyal-and has a vague sense of excitement and sweetness as he stares back at me.

I bend down to get a look oh him; He's being used for breeding at the moment , But at further examination, it seems he'll be allowed to be adopted after a fortnight. No wonder, I think. He does after all look like a fine male.

I examine him more; The bulge in his belly tells me a lot about his condition. He's close to giving birth,I can tell. It saddens me that he has to be taken away from his offspring so quickly. I acknowledge the info pad some more; a wild human, a pleasant personality (To both genders and species) non territorial, strong fit and healthy, but is not currently up for sale.

I eye him. Maybe I could buy him now; with his offspring... But I don't have the time to help his necessities. I read some more, and move to another cage with the dominant male who made my human pregnant. The human has a fiery red pelt, tanned skin, and green eyes. He's the complete opposite of my human.

But I'm mostly surprised at HIS info pad;

Aggressive, territorial, detests females ( Of both species) and is often used for the main role in breeding; impregnating submissive males. Was my human really that submissive?

He catches my attention, by staring at me, challenging. Something I could kill so easily was daring me?

I compare the two males, immediately knowing that id be the one getting the submissive one, him being the most affectionate and sweetest out of the pair. I honestly disliked the aggressive one, but I pity him as well, His life being kept behind a glass barrier.

I'll go ask the manager if I can reserve the human, and bring it home when it had given birth, I think to myself. I turn around, face to face with a rather ugly mech. Its a moldy green color, with equally dull optics, which behold a lack of individuality and character.

"Rock;" He tells me. I suspect he's telling me his name.

I nod, but don't tell him my name. He seems to understand why, and starts to talk a little more intelligently.

"You want that one, dontcha?" He question.

I nod. He cracks a smile and laughs at me.

"We've had fifty people reserve and ask for him!"

"W-what?" I choke, Losing my nobility. He stops laughing.

"Everyone wants the guy;I mean, who wouldn't?" He looks at my human.

I look at the human as well.


He looks at me, startled.

"I would pay double...Triple!" I exaggerate.

"Rock" Looks at me darkly. " We've had better prices than that,"

I panic; I sound like a sparkling. But I want him.

"1000!" I say, pleading.

He looks confused for a moment, but seems to understand.

"That's the most we've had!" He chokes.

I stare at him; Silently asking him to get the manager.

He understands and walks off quickly to get the him.

I stare at the human, who now lays on the floor, small paws clawing at his belly in obvious pain.

I feel like a sparkling again.

I feel bad :( I generally don't like sexy scenes, but i guess I like M-preg. I tried to make it long, so if its not good, I'll update it later. for now, goodbye! I can't be bothered to type no more