"Steve boy! I have news for you." Tony said, entering the soldiers suite and headed for the bedroom. He immediately stopped when he spotted a naked Natasha frozen in spot, covering her private areas as Steve jumped out of bed.

"Stark! What the hell happened to knocking?!" she demanded.

"I'm sorry. Didn't expect a woman to be naked in our good captain's quarters."

"Doesn't excuse you not knocking." Steve said, hurrying over to cover Natasha with a robe. He helped her slip it on.

"Damn, didn't get to see the goods." Tony joked. Natasha blushed deeply in embarrassment and looked down at the floor. Steve whispered to her to go sit in the kitchen. She glared at the billionaire as she walked away.

"You owe Natasha an apology for embarrassing her like that." Steve said, sternly.

"Alright, I'll apologize to Red when she isn't indisposed. Anyway, they're unveiling a statue of you in D.C. today."

"Really? Why?" Steve asked.

"You're Captain America, the country's poster boy. But aside from that, the whole you/Natasha thing has intrigued me. When did you guys hook up?"

"Stark, stop being nosy."

"Steve, you are living in my building, I think I should know if any of my occupants are together." Tony said, folding his arms.

Steve sighed. "About 4 months ago. Started off casual, but it grew because, well, I really love her."

"That's cute." Tony said.

"Yeah, laugh it up, Stark, it's true."

"I wasn't laughing, I genuinely find that cute. I've known Natalie for awhile-"

"Natasha." Steve corrected.

"She told you she hates being called that, huh? Anyway, I've known her awhile, so if anyone was to make a good boyfriend for her, I guessed it would be you."

Steve raised an eyebrow. "Are you giving us an encrypted approval?"

"Yup. I have to go. You kids, or should I say seniors, have fun." and he turned and left.

Steve turned to the kitchen. "He's gone."

The door slowly opened and Natasha sauntered out, hands firmly on her upper arms.

"No one ever walked in on me naked before." she said.

"It's alright, he apologized. Or will, when he feels you won't try to snap his neck."

"He knows, doesn't he?"

Steve sighed. "Yeah. Yeah he does."

"He's gonna blab. I know it."

Steve shrugged. "Let him. Besides, he approve. Of us, and what we do isn't his or anyone else's business."

"He approved of us? Stark?" she asked, surprised.


"Huh. Didn't expect that from him."

"Anyway, we'd best get ready. The festival starts in an hour." she nodded in agreement, giving him a quick kiss and went to get dressed. Steve smiled.