Dr. Selvig was walking the halls of the Helicarrier, carrying with him several files of notes. Not paying attention to where he was going, he collided with someone, sending him and the notes to the ground.

"Oh man, I am sorry about that." he apologized.

"No. Problem, doctor." Steve said, standing up after gathering up his papers.

"I honestly didn't see you there, Captain. I'll try to keep my eyes open next time."

"That's great, Selvig. Take care." and Steve walked away. As he picked up the remaining stray papers, Erik noticed a small box on the floor. It had black felt on it, like a ringbox. Oh...

He picked it up and chased after Steve, catching up to him in one of the many lobbies.

"Captain! I think you dropped this."

Steve turned and went wide eyed when he saw the box. He immediately took it in his hands.

"Oh, thank you. I don't know what I would do if I lost this."

"Not being nosy, but that wouldn't happen to be a-"

Steve nodded. "Yup. It has a ring in it."

"Who's the lucky lady?"

"Natasha. We've been dating for a exactly one year today."

"That's wonderful. Wow, you must have done a good job hiding your relationship. I normally spot them out instantly."

"We tried to keep it between us. A lot of people found out over the course of the year. But, I feel its a good thing, as now they attend the wedding. That is, if she says yes."

"Well, if she's stood by e you for a year, chances are she is in it for the long haul. Be brave. And confident. Good luck."

"Thank you, doctor." Erik nodded and walked away.

"Steve, what is the emergency?" Natasha asked, running into their apartment.

"I needed to talk to you."

Natasha glared at him. "I was in the middle of an important stakeout. This can wait." she turned on her heel and started to leave.

"Will you marry me?" Steve blurted out. She stopped in her tracks. Turning, she saw Steve on one knee, ring in hand.

"Sorry. I felt it couldn't wait. I love you, Nat. I need to make it official. What do you say?"

Natasha walked over to him. "I think you know the answer." she said, smiling. He took the ring and placed it on her. She looked at it before kissing him.

"How long before they start finding out we're engaged?" Steve asked as they broke off and he picked her up into his arms.

"Maybe 10 minutes." she replied.

"We'll see." he said, walking her to the bedroom.