Disclaim : I do not own Naruto the only thing that I do own is some of the moves in this fanfic. Also I will using some of the moves and transformation from other animation.

Two figures are walking towards the leaf village; both came from battling each other. "Hey dope?" "Yeah what do you what now Sasuka-teme?" "Why did you bring back to the village Naruto? Why did you look for me so much, what did I do to be brought back?" "Nothing" silence fell upon the two as they neared the gates of the hidden leaf, as they walked they heard the cheers of thier friends that have been waiting for them. "What do you mean 'nothing' then why" "I'm doing this for Sakura, I will do anything just to see her happy even if that means I will never be with her" answered Naruto. "And all I ask for is for you to look after her for me Sasuka" "why where are you going?" "Nowhere ... It's that she going to forget me... Or me forget her" "that not true I bet when we get there she will run to you first" "Hai ... If you say so" was the only reply sasuka got.

"They here everybody" shouted Sakura and every person in the village moved towards Susake, they got there and pushed Naruto out of the way as they trampled over him. Naruto screamed in pain but no one heard him due to the cheers of the people to see their beloved sasuka. The crowd move to Sasuka leaving behind naruto in a near death state, Naruto stood up and walk away from everyone. Sakura ran forward and hugged sasuke much to every ones surprise "sasuka-kun your back" said sakura as she kissed sasuka

Sakura's POV

'I must make sure that I love Naruto, I don't what him to think I'm choose him because I feel guilty I will make sure that I love him' thought Sakura as she kissed Sasuka " what are you doing Sakura " asked Sasuka "making sure of something" "see Sasuka I told you, I was but a mere tool used to get you but I'm alright with that because at least I got to see her smile for the last time, anyway don't forget what you promised me" said Naruto as the shadow clone was dispelled itself. 'What just happened? Wait Naruto's clone sow me kiss Sasuka, what if he takes it the wrong way, no I don't love Sasuka I love him' thought Sakura

Normal POV

"Sakura what were you making sure of?" "If I really loved you" "and do you ..." "No ... Know now that I never really loved you it was just a childhood crash. I know now that I really love naruto"said Sakura "well then you have a problem."

With Naruto

'So she chooses him hey. Well I guess that its time' thought Naruto as he walked into the hokages office. "Naruto finally so how was the mission?" "It was a success but now I ask for something in return" "huh ... What do you mean, what do you want?" Tsunade asked as she walked towards Naruto but stop 'his cry why? What could be so bad' "It hurts so much baa-Chan "said Naruto as he fell to the ground hold the area of his chest where his heart is." What hurts, is it your body?" "No ... Why did she choose him, why did she choose Sasuka?"

"What does he have that I don't? Please baa-Chan make the pain stop "asked Naruto as Tsunade held him."Sash ... Relax calm down then we talk " "no I need you wipe my memories of everyone but leave those of you, ero-sensai, and kybaai. Please I don't ask much just this." "But what about the good times you had with them do you really want to forget that to?" "Yes please" "ok but once I do that there is no going back" "hai" Tsunade started" thank you baa-Chan" said Naruto as he blacked out

At the gate

"What where is he where did he go" shouted Sakura "I must tell him I love and not you ". Everyone stopped when they heard someone scream "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh". "That was Naruto" said Sasuka as everyone ran towards hokage tower.