As naruto lay under the comforting shade of a large oak tree, his sun gold hair flowing in the wind, the birds chirping in the tree calming his rest less mind, around him are the tiny forest animal moving along mind their own.

Lifting him self up, naruto walk to the lake and sat down. Hearing rusaling in the bashs to his left he turned to see a fox running towards him behind the were two fully growen wolf running after it. The fow ran forward and went to hide behind him. Looking at the fox he could see its fear by the way in was shivaring, the wolfs slowed down as they neared naruto. Growling at him the kyuubi spock to him " hey kit " "yeah" "why don't you help the fox pup?" "Ok fine"

With sakura and friends.

"Hey guy can we rest? " "Oh hell no chojie we just left the hokage tower like 5 mins age" "yeah I agree with sakura, maybe you should eat less" "are you saying I'm fat?" Turning to Ino with fire in his eyes "no no it fine "

"Guys we got cumpony" stated sasuke.