A/N: I just finished watching Vampire Prosecutor 2 and already stories started running through my brain. I really hope there is a third season. I absolutely love this show and I want more. There is also a severe lack of fanfiction. So this is my contribution. Enjoy!

The setting is the final episode of Season 2 when Tae-yeon is looking for Jun-in, but with some major changes.

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Prosecutor. If I did, than the third season would already be out.

Tae -yeon had been in the car with L on his way to stop the bomb and free Jung-in. At least that is what he had thought he had been doing at the time. He arrived at the specified location and had to fight at least twenty guys to get through. When he finally got past all of the men he saw a small room that was empty except for Jung-in in the center and a small toilet in one of the corners. There wasn't a bomb anywhere near his teammate. Tae-yeon raced into the room to untie Jung-in and remove her gag.

"This was a trap for you," Jung-in said a moment too late as L slammed a heavy door shut and locked the both of them in the small room.

Tae-yeon tried the door and it appeared to be thick. Since all sound had suddenly been cut off, he also suspected the room was soundproof. All he could see in the room was a speaker and possible a tiny hatch on the ceiling. The hatch was too high up and even if it wasn't, there would be no way for them to fit through. Tae-yeon went over to Jung-in and pulled her into a quick hug before he slumped to the ground. He was exhausted from the fight and was at a loss of what to do at the moment. He needed time to think. He still had his phone, but something about the room had left it without a signal.

"Min?" Jung-in hesitantly asked after the brief hug. "I'm sorry I got you into this. I can't believe I let myself get taken."

"Don't blame yourself, Jung-in," Tae-yeon said from the ground as he looked up at her. His focus then went to the speaker on the ceiling as he heard it crackle, signaling that it had just been turned on.

"I'm sure you're wondering why I have brought you both here," came the teasing tone of L. "Tae-yeon, I wanted to hurt those around you, but then I decided it would be more fun to watch you hurt the woman that you care for."

"Why would I ever hurt Jung-in?" Tae-yeon yelled at the speaker.

"You will end up hurting her if you want to survive," was L's reply. "The two of you are going to stay locked up together until this has been seen through. Jung-in will be receiving food each day, but Tae-yeon will only receive what he needs one day. This will be just enough to reveal any secrets and increase the young prosecutor's fear. The games will begin tomorrow. Sleep well." The speaker crackled again to let them know that it had now been turned off.

"You know I will share anything I am given with you, Min. I am not going to let you starve to death," said Jung-in.

"I don't think that will be allowed," said Tae-yeon. "You keep it all. Hopefully the others will find us soon. We should get some sleep now."

Jung-in got settled on one side of the small room and curled up into as comfortable a position as she could manage with her jacket being used as a blanket. Tae-yeon rolled up his jacket and walked over to Jung-in and placed the jacket like a pillow under her head. "Sleep well," said Tae-yeon as he retreated to the other side of the room.

Sleep never did find its way to Tae-yeon that night. He sat propped up against the wall and kept thinking about their current situation. He knew exactly what L was trying to do. The scary part was he didn't know if he could beat L. He had been injured and had lost blood. He also had not had much blood to drink since he hadn't had time. Now he was trapped with the human woman that he cared about. Tae-yeon knew that L wanted him to reveal his secret to Jung-in and then to eventually kill her. He figured he would be released immediately after some point was proven. Sleep was definitely out of the question as all of these thoughts kept on playing throughout his head all night long.

Across the room, Jung-in wasn't having much luck with sleep either. She was scared and kept on trying to figure out what this was all about. She never would understand how there could be such horrible people, but she knew there would always be more.

Eventually morning came, at least Tae-yeon and Jung-in figured it was morning since the small hatch opened up and one of the snacks that Jung-in would have every morning fell down to the ground. Jung-in scooped it up and offered half to Tae-yeon who of course refused. Tae-yeon was starting to feel thirsty, but it was still at the point where he could ignore the hunger that came with being a vampire.

The day passed mostly in silence. Tae-yeon was never a big talker and Jung-in didn't want their captor to learn anything that would be to his advantage. A little more food arrived for Jung-in during the day, but nothing so far for Tae-yeon.

"You have to be getting hungry," said Jung-in that evening holding out another one of her morning snacks. That seemed to be all she would be receiving while she was here. "Please just have some."

"I'm fine," Tae-yeon quickly replied before focusing back on the wall. He was far from fine, but he needed to focus on anything else besides the human in the same room with him. The wall was the only thing he could focus on. After a night of not sleeping, sleep came somewhat easy the second night. At least Tae-yeon could ignore his hunger for blood if he was asleep.

The next morning Tae-yeon was not as tired, but he was definitely starting to feel the thirst coming on strong. He ignored Jung-in's attempts to talk to him and was trying not to lose himself. If he hadn't forgotten to have blood before coming here and if he hadn't been injured then this would not be so hard for him right now.

"Good morning," the voice of L blared over the speaker. "Today is the day that Tae-yeon gets to have his special treat. Our prosecutor isn't looking so well and could probably do with a little nourishment. You might want to try to make this last if you can since this will be all you get until your final meal whenever that may be. Enjoy!"

Tae-yeon braced himself for the look of disgust and revulsion on Jung-in's face as a bag of blood came out of the hatch and fell at his feet. He could tell Jung-in hadn't yet registered what the bag was or what he was just yet.

"What kind of sick joke is this?" Jung-in yelled at the speaker after seeing the bag of blood. She figured their captor was playing some sick joke on them and she did not find it funny. She could tell that Min was not doing well and he needed something besides grotesque jokes.

Tae-yeon now realized that of course Jung-in wouldn't automatically think he was a vampire since she didn't believe that such creatures existed. She thought that this was some kind of a joke. He almost was tempted to play along at being human a little bit longer and show outrage at not being sent proper nutrition. In the end his will to end his hunger won out.

Tae-yeon gave one brief glance at Jung-in before he picked up the blood bag. He could smell the blood through the plastic and his fangs instinctively extended and his eyes turned an electric blue color. "I'm sorry that I got you into this mess, Jung-in," Tae-yeon said before using a fang to rip into the bag and greedily suck down the blood within. There hadn't been that much in there to begin with and he was so hungry that he couldn't save any. The bag was empty way too soon. He had thought of turning his back to Jung-in, but there really was no hiding in this room and she would know what was happening anyways.

Jung-in could not believe her eyes. She was a rational woman and did not believe in vampires. That was until she saw her boss with blue eyes and fangs drinking blood. This did not fit with the picture she had of Min. Min who came to her rescue and worked hard to uphold the law. Min who she had never seen eat or drink anything. Min who she had developed feelings more. Min who she now saw was a blood drinking monster. A small cry escaped from Jung-in as she backed as far away from Min as was possible in such a small room. She trusted Min despite learning this secret of his, but this was not what had her so afraid. She was afraid what would happen to a vampire if they did not get to drink blood on a regular basis. She was afraid of what a starving vampire would do when trapped inside of a small room with a human.

Tae-yeon dropped the bag to the ground and after a moment his eyes returned to normal and the fangs disappeared. He hated seeing the fear in-Jung-in's eyes and it broke his heart, but he hadn't expected any other reaction. Tae-yeon slumped to the ground and buried his face in his hands. He couldn't even make eye contact with Jung-in now. The hunger was not bad like it was before and he felt better than he had in days, but the shame is what kept him on the ground. He also wanted to appear as unthreatening as possible.

"Sorry that you had to see that," Tae-yeon mumbled while his head was still resting in his hands.

Jung-in made her decision as soon as she heard Min speak. This was still the same man that she had been working with. She hesitantly moved away from the wall and walked over to Min and placed her hand on his shoulder. She felt Min flinch at her touch and look up at her.

"Don't feel like you have to do that. I know what I am and I know it is monstrous," said Min in a monotone voice.

Jung-in slid down to the ground next to Min let out a sigh. "I honestly don't know what to say right now. I am afraid, but it is not what you are thinking. You are something that I never thought existed, but I know that you are a good person.

"I'm not even human," said Tae-yeon.

"You are more human than all of the bad guys that we go after," Jung-in retorted. "I am surprised and not sure how I could have missed this. I wish that you had told me under normal circumstances."

"How could I?" Tae-yeon asked while now looking Jung-in in the eyes. "You mean so much to me, but I can't ever have normal relationships with people. There have been times where I have just barely held myself back from biting you. I can't get close to anyone and I never wanted you to be in any danger."

"You have never bitten me so that means that you were able to hold yourself back," said Jung-in. "Have you ever bitten anyone?" She couldn't help but ask the question that had been on her mind. She wanted to believe the best of Min and did not believe he was a killer, but she was still a prosecutor and still needed to know.

"Once," said Tae-yeon. "Dr. La was already dying and he offered me his blood so that I could be strong when going after Chief Jang Chul-oh. You saw me right afterwards as I was leaving Club Blood. What is weird is that the first victim of a vampire becomes a vampire, but he survived and is still human."

"I knew you weren't a killer, but I just needed to hear you say that you weren't," said Jung-in. "You and I will get through this."

"This is different," said Tae-yeon. "We are trapped in here and I just had the only blood I am going to get from L. I was so focused on finding Ji-ae and then getting injected with something from Dr. La that I didn't drink anything before coming to find you. I then fought my way to get to you. I was in rough shape when I got here and was barely hanging on. I should be alright for a couple of days, but what about after that? L is not opening that door until I have drained you dry."

"I trust you, Min," said Jung-in.

"I want you to live a long and happy life," said Tae-yeon stroking a piece of Jung-in's hair behind her ear. "I don't know how to get us out of here. After awhile I won't be able to control myself."

"What can I do to help?" Jung-in asked sincerely.

"There isn't anything that you can do," said Tae-yeon. "The only way out is for you to die." A tear ran down Tae-yeon's face at the thought of the sick game L was making him play.

"Would I survive you biting me and remain human?" Jung-in asked. She knew what L was trying to make Min do. She knew he was trying to make him get rid of the last of his humanity and really turn into a monster. She would let him bite her if it would let them get out of here.

"Me biting Dr. La didn't turn him and we are not sure why, but I am not sure what would happen to you," admitted Tae-yeon. "I don't even know if I could stop myself. I don't want there to be any chance that you would become like me. I would never want that for you."

"We have time, right?" Jung-in asked.

"If I come after you, than I want you to kill me," said Tae-yeon. "Promise me."

"I can't do that," said Jung-in. "I will find a way to stop you, but I am not going to kill you."

Tae-yeon shook his head before putting his head back in his hands. He had almost expected L to come back on the speaker and ridicule them or be touched or something. All they were receiving was silence. "I hope Soon-bum finds us soon."

"We can pass the time chatting until that happens," suggested Jung-in. "Can you tell me more? Does anyone else know? How long have you been a vampire?"

"I have been a vampire for about eight years now," Tae-yeon began. "I was bitten and I changed. I decided to use my new skills to help me solve our cases. Soon-bum has known for a couple years. He discovered my secret when we were on a case together. My control has gotten a lot better than it was back then even though sometimes I almost slip up. Soon-bum has stopped me from biting suspects a couple of times. He was freaked at first until I told him everything. He has been a great friend."

"What new skills and how do they help?" Jung-in was fascinated despite her better judgment.

"I am not even sure how this all works," said Tae-yeon. "I can tell things about a murder scene by taking a closer look. I can sort of rewind what happened and get a picture of the murder. When I taste the blood I can feel how they felt and what they saw in their last moments. Drinking dead blood is definitely not pleasant and kind of painful. I do it because it is useful. I am also faster and stronger than a normal person and I can heal small wounds instantly. Larger wounds take awhile longer and usually require blood. Sorry, I don't mean to be talking about drinking blood so much, but that is such a big part of what I am."

"Don't be sorry," said Jung-in touching his arm. "I wanted to know. This does explain a lot such as how you have known details of a case that seemed impossible and why you were always asking for blood samples."

"I guess I haven't been as discrete as I thought," said Tae-yeon with a small smile.

Jung-in rested her head on Min's shoulder and started to nap after a little while. She knew she would be fine at least for today and could let herself be close to the man that she cared about. She could worry about what came next tomorrow.

Tae-yeon was surprised as first to feel Jung-in resting her head on his should. He stiffened up for awhile before he finally let himself relax. He was in control right now and could enjoy this moment. He rested his head on top of Jung-in's soft hair and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He was comfortable and allowed himself to drift off to sleep as well.

"Sorry to break up the nap session, but I am getting bored," said L suddenly from the speaker, waking Tae-yeon and Jung-in from their peaceful slumber. "Jung-in, I am surprised at you. There was promise at the start with you backing away in fear as blood dripped down Tae-yeon's face. Then you two had to go and have your special moments and take a nap together. This is not as entertaining as I expected it would be. It will all be worth it in the end when you kill her."

"Why can't you understand that I am not like you?" Tae-yeon screamed at the speaker. "I have been doing fine being a prosecutor, having friends, having someone that I care about even if I could never tell her before." By this point Tae-yeon was standing and letting out all of his rage at L. "I was just starting to be happy and you had to come along and threaten those closest to me. Is it because I have achieved something that you couldn't? Are you jealous of what I have? What is the reason for all of this? You said you tried to live the way I do and just because you failed doesn't mean that I will. I promise I won't come after you if you let us out of here. I don't even care if you let me go as long as Jung-in can get out safely."

"Give me a few days to think on your offer," said L. Once again the speaker went silent.

Tae-yeon pounded his fist into the wall and yelled out all of his frustration. He hadn't even realized that his eyes had changed and his fangs had extended. His anger at L had brought out this side of him. As soon as he remembered that Jung-in was right beside him he began to calm down.

"Are you going to be alright?" Jung-in asked once Min had started to calm down. When he looked over at her his eyes were just beginning to fade back to normal. Even if they both survived this ordeal, she didn't know if she would ever get used to the fangs or the slightly scary eyes.

"Sorry," said Tae-yeon with his eyes now back to normal. He didn't know what else to say now after his outburst. He decided to go to the other side of the room away from Jung-in. Even though Jung-in seemed to be accepting him, he still wanted to take things easy and not freak her out. He had never been so freaked out in his life and had never been in a situation like this before. As every awful scenario started running through his head, Tae-yeon found himself sinking into depression.

Jung-in noticed that some kind of change was coming over Min. As many times as she tried to get his attention, nothing seemed to be working. "Tae-yeon!"

Tae-yeon had never heard Jung-in refer to him as anything other than Min or Prosecutor Min. He had to admit he liked hearing her use his name. He figured that Jung-in had used his name to snap him out of the mood he had found himself in. Now that Jung-in knew his secret, he felt like he could now let himself start to feel what he had been trying to suppress for the past two years. He didn't want to be cold and distant with her anymore. If they managed to get out of this, than he would really tell Jung-in how he felt and try to be someone that could be good for her. Not that a vampire would ever be a good match for her, but he was going to at least try if given the chance.

Tae-yeon got up off the ground and walked over to Jung-in who was sitting on the ground. He crouched down and pulled the young prosecutor into a tight embrace. "We will find a way out of this," said Tae-yeon who then placed a small kiss on Jung-in's cheek.

A couple more days passed in relative silence. Tae-yeon was starting to retreat more and more into his own mind as the hunger began to grow again. He was trying to ignore it, but he kept finding himself glancing at Jung-in's neck. Jung-in was receiving her daily food and water, but as promised, nothing more was arriving for Tae-yeon.

After another long day, Tae-yeon was becoming restless. He wanted to be able to do something besides sit in the small room. He needed some kind of distraction to take his mind off how much Jung-in's blood was calling to him.

"There is rope in the corner that is from when you were tied up in here," said Tae-yeon, saying his first words after at least a day or two of silence. He continued on when he saw Jung-in's confused look. "I want you to tie me up. I don't know how much longer I can keep myself under control. I need you to tie me up so I won't hurt you."

Jung-in merely nodded and got up from her space on the floor to go retrieve the rope that was next to the pile of wrappers that had been building up over the past days. She approached Tae-yeon with the rope in her hand and waited for some signal that she could safely get close enough to tie him up.

"You are fine to get closer," said Tae-yeon. "Please be as quick as possible and tie the rope as tight as you can."

Tying up the boss was something Jung-in had never figured would be required of her. If the situation wasn't so dire, than tying up the boss would almost have been funny. She could picture Dong-man and Detective Hwang laughing at this if it had been happening in the office. Unfortunately this wasn't the office and the reason for tying up the boss was to keep him from killing her. After a couple minutes, Jung-in figured that the rope was tight enough. She now had Tae-yeon propped up against the wall with the rope wrapping around his body with his hands and legs restrained. She saw him struggle a little to test out the strength of the rope. A satisfied look came over his face so apparently her rope tying skills had been adequate.

Tae-yeon then rested his eyes for awhile since there was nothing much else to do in this room besides sleep. When he next awoke he looked over to Jung-in and saw she was as far away from his as possible.

"Your eyes," said Jung-in. "You just woke up, but your eyes are blue. How are you feeling?"

A quick realization came over Tae-yeon that he could not get his fangs to retract and that his eyes would most likely be staying blue until he had more blood. Right now the human part of him was thankful for the ropes that were binding him, but the vampire side longed to get free. He closed his eyes and kept them closed so as not to frighten Jung-in. "I need you to talk about anything. I don't care what it is, but talk about you or your friends or about us working together. I need you to keep reminding me that you are human and alive and my friend."

"I don't even know what to say," said Jung-in with a small sob. "When we get out of here the team should go on another trip. We only ever went on that one and it didn't exactly go as planned, but we should all try again. We can see Dong-man and Detective Hwang get really drunk again and see them pull pranks on each other. Maybe sometime you and I could go out together."

"I would like that," said Tae-yeon who had been focusing on her voice while his eyes were still closed.

Jung-in continued to talk about random nonsense for awhile. She spoke of every crazy thing Dong-man and Detective Hwang had done, their weirdest cases, where they should go on a trip when they got out of this room. She spoke until she felt her mouth begin to go dry. Tae-yeon never once opened his eyes, but Jung-in knew he had been listening to every word.

That night when she was sure that Tae-yeon was asleep she got up and looked at the speaker. She had an idea, but she wasn't sure if it would work or if it was even smart to try. "Would it be possible to get a knife?"

It took a moment before there was any response from L. "Why would you want a knife?"

"I think you should give me a fighting chance to survive," began Jung-in. "I know it wouldn't do much good against Tae-yeon, but it would be better than nothing."

"You know what?" said L's voice over the speaker again. "I will honor your request. You two have been boring and this is taking longer than I thought it would. Maybe that will spice up the action a little." The speaker then went silent and roughly ten minutes later a knife fell out of the hatch and clanged on the ground.

Jung-in had no intention of using the knife on Tae-yeon, but she was trying to give herself a fighting chance at living. That at least had been the truth. Jung-in found a plastic cup that had once held some of the little water she had been given. She clenched her teeth as she made a small incision on her arm and let her blood run into the cup. Once she had gotten what she figured would be enough she set the cup down so that she could use the knife to cut a piece of her shirt to make a bandage. She really hoped she was doing the right thing.

"Tae-yeon," said Jung-in closer to the prosecutor than she had been in awhile. "Wake up."She heard what almost could have been a growl and saw Tae-yeon's eyes fly open to reveal the unnatural blue hue. She could no longer see any resemblance to the man that she had admired. "I have something for you and you are going to have to let me get closer otherwise I can't give it to you. Do you understand?" She was still not seeing any signs of recognition in Tae-yeon's eyes, but she had come this far already and was not going to chicken out. Jung-in slowly extended the cup that held her blood and placed it to Tae-yeon's mouth without making any sudden or quick movements.

Tae-yeon greedily drank down the offered blood and it was the best he had ever tasted. He was savoring the taste in his mouth even once he had drunk it all down. He licked his lips to get any stray drops that could have leaked from the cup. After a moment he started to regain his sense of self and the blue in his eyes started to dim. It was then that he saw Jung-in still holding the cup and then the bloodstained rag that was wrapped around her arm. "Why would you do that?"

"I saw the state that you were in and I couldn't let you completely lose your mind," said Jung-in. "Besides I was also looking after myself. If I can give you a small amount of blood without you biting me then we can both survive longer in here. So don't think that this is all about you. Now just say thank you and let's be done with this."

"Thank you," said Tae-yeon sincerely.

"Don't think I am going to let you try that one again," said L suddenly from the speaker. "Then again our prosecutor now has a taste for your blood. How long do you think he will last now that he has had a small taste? The amount you offered him was barely enough to quench his thirst."

A moment later the heavy door opened and ten men holding guns stepped in to block the doorway. L entered the room and picked up the knife that he had given to Jung-in. He hit Jung-in and knocked her to the side. He then took the knife and jabbed it into Tae-yeon's side before cutting the rope and leaving the room. The door was sealed once more leaving Jung-in with an injured vampire who was now no longer restrained.

Tae-yeon's wound was not healing and his eyes were glowing even more brightly now. He tried to focus on the pain instead of the hunger, but he was having trouble focusing on anything besides Jung-in and the smell of her blood beneath her makeshift bandage. He hesitated at first, but then he slowly started to drag himself over to his teammate.

Back at the office, Dong-man had finally been able to pick up a trace on Min's cell phone after so many days of nothing. The signal did not last long, but it was enough time to get the location. "Detective Hwang!"

"What is it?" Soon-bum asked sullenly sticking his head in the room.

"I found Prosecutor Min!"

"Really? There is no time to lose. Get me back up!" Soon-bum got the location and then flew out the door and into his car. He broke every speed limit law and before long arrived at a building that was most likely holding Tae-yeon and hopefully Jung-in. He didn't even want to think about what he could possibly find. Soon-bum had been prepared for Tae-yeon being found. Each day he made sure he had a cooler in his car filled with blood bags. He figured Tae-yeon would need them as soon as he was found. Soon-bum just hoped that he wasn't too late.

Soon-bum heard sirens in the background and knew that backup was almost here. He needed to find Tae-yeon first and he needed to find him fast. He held a gun in one hand and the small cooler in the other. After searching for a few minutes, Soon-bum found the guy they had been holding in custody in front of a room with a thick door but no apparent keyhole. "How do I get in there?" Soon-bum asked while steadily pointing a gun at the vampire.

"This little button right here will open the door," said L waving what he had once told Tae-yeon was the bomb trigger.

That was all Soon-bum needed to hear before he fired off every round in the gun into the man's chest. He didn't know if that would be enough to kill the vampire, but it would at least get him out of the way for enough time. Soon-bum ran over and grabbed the button from the vampire who was now bleeding on the ground and unable to move at the moment. Soon-bum took a chance and pressed the button and the heavy door began to open.

Soon-bum stepped inside and saw Tae-yeon about to bite into Jung-in's neck. "Tae-yeon, wait!" Soon-bum yelled out and rushed into the room. His friend looked back at the noise, but he did not see any recognition in his friend's eyes. Jung-in was conscious, but had been cowering as Tae-yeon was leaning in closer with his fangs exposed. Soon-bum figured that of course Jung-in knew the secret now. Soon-bum opened up the cooler and tossed the blood bags at his friend.

Tae-yeon immediately bit into one of the bags and drained the bag within a couple seconds and then started on a second and then a third one. Jung-in ran over to Soon-bum who was near the doorway. They were both waiting on Tae-yeon and they were hoping he would finish quickly so that they could get out of here. Tae-yeon finally seemed sated after he had drunk all six bags of blood that Soon-bum had brought. His wound had healed and his eyes and teeth had returned to normal. Blood was staining his teeth and lips, but he hardly noticed.

"You were almost too late," said Tae-yeon who clapped a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Thank you for arriving when you did." Tae-yeon was ashamed of his actions and did not even look at Jung-in and began to walk away. He saw a pile of blood on the floor just outside of the room, but L had disappeared. He started to walk away again before he was stopped by Jung-in's arms around his waist.

Jung-in was not going to let Tae-yeon just walk away without even looking at her. They had shared so much in that small room and she didn't know if he was going to go back to being cold and distant or if he was avoiding her because of what almost happened. "Don't just walk away from me," said Jung-in who was still clinging to Tae-yeon.

"You saw what I almost did to you," said Tae-yeon angrily. "Why would you want anything to do with me after that? You should just keep your distance."

"I'll just give you two a moment and go talk to the backup," said Soon-bum who was feeling a little awkward in this situation. "Maybe they stopped the guy on their way in. I'll just be going now."

Jung-in waited until Soon-bum was gone before answering Tae-yeon who she was still holding. "I don't know much about vampires, but you held on longer than probably any other vampire could. You were losing blood so quickly after you had been stabbed and you were already starving. That is the only reason you lost your mind and tried to attack me. You would never do that normally."

"You don't understand," said Tae-yeon who lightly pushed Jung-in away from him. "It is hard to keep control around you sometimes and now that I have had your blood, this is going to be even harder."

"Why is it going to be harder?" Jung-in asked.

"Your blood is the best I have ever tasted," said an ashamed Tae-yeon who was looking at the ground.

"Could that be because of how I feel about you?" Jung-in asked while trying to catch Tae-yeon's gaze.

"How do you feel?" Tae-yeon asked while no longer trying to avoid Jung-in's eyes.

"This past year I have been thinking about you and have been seeing a different side to you sometimes," began Jung-in. "My thoughts have not been exactly professional and I think I am falling in love with you."

"I wanted to tell you how I felt when we got out of that room," said Tae-yeon. "After what almost happened, I didn't know if you would still want to hear what I had to say or if it would even be fair of me to say this to you. My thoughts about you haven't exactly been professional either. I care about you and I have wanted to protect you. I don't know what I would do if something happened to you. I think I have been falling in love with you as well, but I tried to suppress my feelings because of what I am."

"There is no harm in trying to make this work," said Jung-in grabbing Tae-yeon's hand.

"Unless you end up dead," Tae-yeon darkly retorted.

"Way to kill the mood," said Jung-in.

"We can try, but are you sure this is what you want?" Tae-yeon just wanted to make sure that this really was what Jung-in wanted. She deserved better than him and wanted to give her every chance to change her mind now that she knew exactly who and what he was and what he was capable of.

"I'm sure," said Jung-in who once again wrapped her arms around Tae-yeon.

Tae-yeon leaned down to kiss Jung-in and everything just felt right at that moment. It took a few moments to break away from their first kiss. Jung-in saw that Tae-yeon's eyes had turned blue and now that they were free of the room, the eyes did not scare her like they had before. She guessed that strong emotions could make his eyes change even if he had just drunk blood.

"You have blood breath," said Jung-in a slightly teasing tone. "You should carry mints with you if I am going to have to be kissing a vampire."

Tae-yeon picked up on the teasing tone and laughed before leaning down and kissing Jung-in again. It was at that moment when Soon-bum walked back into the room. He quickly straightened up and unfortunately his eyes hadn't changed back yet.

Soon-bum saw Tae-yeon leaning down into Jung-in and then straighten up again with his eyes blazing blue. He was worried that maybe he hadn't brought enough blood for Tae-yeon and he was worse off than he thought. It was then he saw Jung-in turning around and was looking embarrassed. So he had only walked in on them kissing. That he could deal with. "Come on you two," said Soon-bum. "You two can make-out somewhere else besides this creepy place. Let's get going."

Tae-yeon and Jung-in walked out of the building hand in hand behind Soon-bum and followed him to his car. There were going to be obstacles they would have to face in the future and decisions to be made about what their relationship was now. They could just enjoy each other's company for now since they were finally free and out of danger for the moment. They could worry about the rest later on.

"Should we let Dong-man in on the secret so that the whole team will know now," Soon-bum asked from the front seat.

"Can we worry about that another day?" Tae-yeon asked from the backseat with his arm wrapped around Jung-in's shoulder. He was lucky to have a great friend like Soon-bum and a wonderful woman who seemed to be falling in love with him despite what he was. He was happy and maybe letting Dong-man in on the secret wouldn't be so bad if he turned out to be anything like these two. There could be no secrets between any of them and they could be a real team now.

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