Paul's Mate and Sons

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Bella's Pov

I walked into the house and Embry was crying and cradling our dead mother, Sam let him cry and tried to comfort him like and older brother would, "Oh my god" I whispered covering my mouth and sobbed quietly.

My mother had blood all over her with ripped clothes but Grams had it worse she looked like she had died fighting, her eyes were wide open and held no life in them anymore. I felt my knees drop out of nowhere, "Bella" Paul caught me with a free hand and for one I didn't care that I was mad at him, that I hated him for leaving me I just needed him and he let me cry on his shoulder.

"Those bloodsucking monsters killed them!" Embry screamed and stood up and started to shake. Sam quickly led him outside and I heard my brother change into his wolf and howl in pain for the death of our family.

I was worried for my brother who was in the same pain I was in but I made no move to follow him or comfort him at this time.

"Bella" Paul's voice brought me out of my thinking; I looked up and saw pain in his eyes. I cried more in his arms until I fell asleep.

It was dark when I woke up but I didn't know how long had past, I looked over and saw that Jasper and Emmett were sound asleep in their own beds. I sighed in relief; I opened the door and made my way towards the kitchen, "Hey' a voice startled me and made me jump, 'oh it's you" I said, Paul nodded, 'what are you still doing here?" I asked him making a pot of coffee, "and what time is it?" I asked him.

"Its 3:45 am and im here in case that vampires shows up again." He told me and I nodded, I didn't really care he was here I just needed someone and in truth I was glad it was him. He handed me my coffee and we both sat down at the kitchen table.

"Emmett and jasper didn't see them" Paul told me after an awkward silence, after everything that has happened I haven't even thought about Emmett and jasper.

I felt like a bad mother, "how's Embry?" I asked my throat dry form all the crying, "He's better, after a few punched as a tree and a few rocks he tired himself out" he told me I nodded I didn't feel his presence in the house, "he turned back into a wolf and is sleeping' he added.

"Bella" Paul's voice made me look up at him, " I know this isn't the time " he started off but I cut him off, "Paul it's never the right time" I said, and he nodded, "why didn't you tell me about Emmett and Jasper?"

I couldn't put this off any longer, "you broke up and then I find out I'm pregnant at 16" I spoke as tears feel down my face.

He whipped them away, "I would have been there you know that right?"

"Paul I was 16 I didn't really know what to do I just knew you didn't want me so why would you want the baby" I confessed not looking at him. I felt his warm hand on my chin making me look at him,

"I will always want you"