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Alfred bounced about the house he shared with his brother. The bouncy blonde couldn't be any more excited as tonight, a new episode of his favorite television show "Zero Parametres" war airing that night. The show was about a bunch of law enforcement officers that worked in a special unit for the United Nations specific to Europe, solving cases while looking gorgeous. "Zero Parametres" was different from most law enforcement shows as it had the actors use their real names for their characters rather than have them go by character names; apparently the show's director thought that it would have a better flow if the actors and actresses went by their real names. But there was one reason as to why Alfred watched the show besides for the action, suspense and drama and that reason was named Arthur Kirkland.

To say that Alfred was merely a fan of Arthur's was an understatement, the boy was just in love with the Englishman. Arthur's character was a detective from New Scotland Yard who had been a part of the military and sniper trained. Alfred could only describe the character as a mix between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. The man had messy, sandy blonde hair and bright emerald green eyes but his most distinctive features were his thick bushy eyebrows. Alfred would give anything just to meet Arthur Kirkland.

"Hey Al," A soft voice from the kitchen caught the American's attention.

Alfred turned to look at the entrance to the kitchen to see his elder brother, a Canadian by the name of Matthew Williams. Alfred and Matthew were blood brothers, it was just that their mother was Canadian and since Matthew was born in Canada, she had insisted that he have her surname. It was the same with their other younger brother, who was also born in Canada.

Matthew was one of the executive chefs at a high-end French Restaurant in New York City. He had worked his way through cooking school as a busboy in that very restaurant and continued to work his way up to a waiter to a Sous-chef to where he was now after his graduation from culinary school as top of his class. Matthew was also a fan of "Zero Parametres" like Alfred, but as big as his younger brother. But Matthew's time off corresponded with the show, since he was one of two, he was allowed Saturday night off of work so he watched the show with his brother and his brother's friends.

"Yeah Mattie?" asked Alfred as he smiled towards the elder boy.

"Do you want to help me with dinner?" asked Matthew with a gentler grin. Alfred may not be the master chef like his brother but he did enjoy cooking, especially for his friends and family.

"Sure, dude!"

Since friends would be coming over to dinner today, as it was Alfred and Matthew's turn to host the viewing party that week, Matthew had planned something simple for them. Matthew was to work on the French Onion soup while Alfred was making baguettes to go with it. Dinner with friends was typically potluck, someone brought the drinks, someone brought show snacks, and someone brought dessert.

The doorbell rang in the nick of time as the two brothers had finished their dishes. Alfred hurried to answer the door to find a very familiar white haired Brit standing at his doorway. She was smiling at him and holding a bottle of white wine.

"Hello Alfred," she greeted cheerfully, "mind if I come in?"

Alfred shook his head and laughed as he stepped out of the doorway and gestured for her to enter. "Nah, come on in Rowena."

Rowena Kirkland was a girl from Alfred's university who double majored in medicine and international law. From what Alfred knew Rowena was from London, England and that her white hair was not bleached. Alfred guessed that what brought on their friendship was her surname, Kirkland. When he heard that a student with the last name of Kirkland was on campus, he had begged to meet them and was surprised to find the white haired Londoner. He had to admit, she had some resemblance to Arthur Kirkland, similar facial structure, same eyes (though hers had a hint of blue in them), same facial expressions and similar style of dress. Also, when he had asked Rowena if she had any family, she told him that she had an older brother who was a lawyer so Alfred quickly ruled out Rowena having any relation to Arthur Kirkland as Arthur Kirkland was an actor.

Alfred had hardly been able to close the door when his next friend arrived, Kiku Honda, a Japanese mathematics major. They got along rather well with their love of technology and video games. Alfred had had a math class with Kiku which was how they met each other and when Alfred had found out that Kiku was also a fan of "Zero Parametres" it was awesome. Even though Kiku preferred to read atmospheres than to talk, they still made great friends. Kiku had even promised to show Alfred around Japan some day if the American were to visit his home country. But at the watching parties, as Rowena always brought the drinks, Kiku always brought the snacks which included a wide variety of treats from Pocky to takoyaki to jelly doughnuts.

Following Kiku had been a Lithuanian man by the name of Toris Laurinaitis, a law major. Toris had actually been the one to find Alfred wandering around campus, lost, in his freshman year. He was an introvert that most people, including Alfred, took advantage of but Toris was also a person who could accept others quite well. Toris always brought the dessert for the dinner.

"So are you excited about the new episode Arfred?"

Alfred turned to his Japenese friend with a wide grin but before he could answer, Matthew cut in.

"He hasn't stopped talking about it all week," chuckled Matthew, "He keeps on fanboying about how he hopes Arthur is going to save the day with his "heroic" sniper skills."

"I do not Mattie!" retorted Alfred, playfully punching his elder brother in the shoulder.

"I actually think that Feliks might be the one to save the day," offered Toris with a cheerful grin. "Remember, they had to go undercover and Feliks's specialty is undercover work."

"Nuh uh!" argued Alfred, "Arthur is totally gonna save the day!"

"I'm going to have to disagree with you there," chuckles Rowena as she swirled her wine glass, "I think Gilbert and his totally awesome hacking skills will get them out of this one."

"But hacking skills are only second to Artie's mad spy skills," retorted Alfred, "and so are undercover skills."

"Actually," said Matthew quietly, "I think Ivan might be the one to rescue them all. I mean, Ivan is the best at combat."

Alfred looked as if he was about to argue his brother about the point when the alarm on his phone went off. The whole table became silent upon hearing the familiar mobile trill and immediately bolted from the dining room table to the living room to turn on the television as soon as possible. Kiku, being the amazing ninja that he was, somehow had set up all the snacks on the coffee table before anybody took notice that he had done so. Alfred and Matthew were on the love seat while Kiku and Toris stole the recliners and Rowena crashed on the ottoman. Only when the show's opening theme, Save the World by Swedish House Mafia, came on did they start cheering.

But as soon as the story began, the room was quiet once more with only the sounds of snack munching heard with the actors and actresses on the television. Alfred and Matthew clung to each other during the intense scenes. Kiku was mentally yelling at the characters to hurry it up with the yaoi. Toris was trembling in his seat whenever the characters entered a suspicious location without any information. Rowena was watching the frightening combat scenes through the spaces between her fingers. But they all cursed the commercial breaks out loud as they always seemed to happen whenever emotions ran high. After an hour of intense drama, the friends all let out a collective sigh of relief when the credits rolled.

"Wow," said Toris as he wiped the sweat from his brow, "So it was Francis who saves the day…."

"But you have to admit, Gilbert's analytical work was boss," commented Matthew.

"And Arthur's totally awesome head shot was awesome!" sang Alfred.

"Ivan's fighting was just amazing," breathed Rowena, "I wonder how they choreographed it."

"But Feriks did good spy work," said Kiku sagely.

"Well," sighed Matthew as he checked the wall clock, "I saw we get the dishes done and then call it a night."

It was a routine that they always did. After the show, Kiku, Toris and Rowena would assist Alfred and Matthew in washing the dishes before they headed back to their homes. It wasn't all too bad as the three friends lived in apartment complexes nearby and the city was relatively safe. It was around 11p.m by the time they finished after all the goofing off they had done. Alfred and Matthew waved goodbye to Toris and Kiku as the two young men were leaving but stopped the Briton in her tracks.

"Do you need a ride Rowena?" asked Matthew curiously.

She merely smiled and shook her head, "No, that's not necessary Matthew."

"Are you sure?" pressed Alfred, "It's a little dangerous out there for a girl this late at night."

"Alfred," chuckled Rowena as she slipped her Bluetooth on to her ear, "I use to walk home this late back in London and trust me and my brother would have not allowed me to attend school so far from home if he did not trust me to take care of myself."

The two nodded as Rowena stepped out into the night. She knew because of Alfred and Matthew's questioning, she would be lagging behind Toris and Kiku but that was alright. The moon was out and the night was clear so she did not see any reason as to accept a ride from them. As she was walking through a less than savory city, the familiar scream of the guitar alerted her of a phone call from a very familiar person. She quickly tapped a button on her Bluetooth ear set.

"Good evening poppet," said a very familiar male voice of a similar accent. In the background she could hear something of a tea kettle.

Rowena smiled, "Good morning Big Brother, busy day today?"

He chuckled, "Very!"

"Don't wear yourself out too much," giggled Rowena as she gave the boy standing in front of her a warning look, daring him to try something. "I still want someone to return to after the school year is over."

"I won't," said her brother cheerfully, "did you receive my package? I am dreadfully sorry about what happened to the one you had, Francis literally tore it apart the last time he was over."

"Not yet but I'll check my mail in the morning, give me a minute though." Rowena removed the ear piece from her ear and glared at the boy. As she was slipping the ear piece into her pocket, he jumped at her, but fell short when the kitten heel of her boot met his face. "Sod off git," spat Rowena, "I don't have time for scum like you." She quickly walked away, leaving the guy sobbing about his face on the ground as she replaced her ear piece. "Back."

"What was that all about?" asked her brother carefully.

"Oh nothing," she replied cheerfully.

"Anyways, I might be visiting you soon," said her brother, "apparently the director wants to film an episode in America."


"Really," a chuckle came from the other line as the kettle began to whistle. "I have to go and attend to my tea now, goodbye Rowena."

"Goodbye Arthur."

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