True Brotherly Love Chapter 1

It was close to Christmas. Matt's nightmares were still coming, but, not nearly as often.

Adam was acting strangely, always either on the phone or on an errand, hardly ever home.

Matt was lonely. In order to pass the time, he drew up moves he and Jeff could use in the ring. Or, at least, Jeff could. He still didn't know when he would be able to return to the ring. He was still on medical leave due to the gunshot wound. But, that never lasted long.

Having had enough, Matt got drunk one night. He sat on the back porch steps as Adam came home. He searched the whole house. When he saw his life sitting on the steps, he smiled and walked out. He sat down behind Matt and wrapped his arms around him.

"Hey, baby."

Matt ignored him, his anger just about ready to explode. He kept drinking.



"Why are you giving me the cold shoulder?"

Adam asked confused. In his mind, he didn't do anything to deserve this.

"You're smart. Figure it out." Matt spat venomously.

Adam moved to his side. That's when he saw the beer bottles. He took a good look at Matt. "You're drunk."

"No shit." Taking another drink.


"You're full of questions tonight, Copeland." Matt spat out.

"Are you full of answers, Hardy?" Adam was getting angry. He didn't know what Matt's problem was and he was tired of the attitude.

"You have the answers. If you'll use that brain of yours, you'll realize it." Matt got up, staggered a few steps and went back into the house for another beer. Adam followed him and snatched the beer away. Matt snatched it back.

"That's mine! If you want one, get it yourself! I ain't you damn slave! You selfish son of a bitch!"

"Never once did I ever say you were, Matt.

Why am I selfish?" That confused him even more.

"Oh, COME ON! For the past few weeks, you're either on the phone, or off on some damned errand! You're never here with me!"

Adam realized that what Matt said was true. In a way, he was being selfish. He hung his head.

Matt saw the hurt in Adam's eyes. But, his hurt was more important right now. He had to get it out. "When was the last time we made love Adam? I don't mean a quick fuck, I mean made love?"

"Every time we lay together Matt, we make love."

"Like hell! You get your rocks off then, poof, you disappear!" Matt was close to tears, his heart breaking.

"Matt, I'm sorry." He reached for Matt

"Save it! I don't want to hear empty promises! All I want, all I need is YOU!" He went to HIS room. Not their room, but, HIS. He fought to regain his control over his emotions.

Adam was hiding a secret. He only hoped his love could hold on just a little longer before giving up on them.


Chapter 2

Jeff was walking backstage after his match against Jason. He ws heading for his dressing room when he was hit with a bad, sinking feeling. He quickly walked in, rummaged through his bag and retrieved his cell phone.

Shannon and Shane watched him curiously. They were shocked by the look of concern on Jeff's face and were very quiet when he made his call.

"Hello?" Came the tearful answer.

"Matt?" Jeff asked, concerned. Why was Matt crying?

"Jeff? Jeff! I'm so glad you called!" Matt told him, crying hysterically

"Matt, what's wrong?" Jeff asked and Shane and Shannon stood up. "Matt, talk to me!"

"Adam----doesn't----" Matt was crying too hard to finish.

"Doesn't what? Matt, answer me!" Jeff demanded.

"He---doesn't----love me any more."

"WHAT?! What did you say ?" Jeff shouted. Shane and Shannon both now were very concerned.

"He-----doesn't--------love me!"

"I don't believe that." Jeff said calmly. He was trying to calm his brother down as well as himself.

"It's true! He's always either on the phone, or he's off somewhere doing God knows what! He doesn't----want me---here."

Adam heard his cries and walked in.

"Matt, you're wrong." Jeff said. "Adam loves you. Only you."

"Nuh-uh....he doesn't-----He doesn't love me!"

"Couldn't be more wrong, baby," Adam said as he sat on the bed where Matt was curled up in a ball.

"See! Told ya. Now, you talk to him." Jeff encouraged.

"Don't know---what good---that will do. I already know the answer."

"Betcha ya don' to him Matty. Remember, I'm here for ya. Bye now."

"What was that about?" Shannon asked.

"Matt. He believes Adam doesn't love him anymore." Jeff smiled.

"Bullshit!" Shane exclaimed. "That man loves him more than life itself!"

"I know."

"Why the smile, Jeffy?" Shannon asked.

"Cause Adam will convince him of it." Jeff said, his smiling widening. "And, they'll have some fun tonight!"

"Who were you talking to?" Adam asked

"Why should it matter?" Matt shot back. "We're through anyway!"

"Only if YOU want us to be, baby." Adam said soothingly.

"I don' do."

"Why do you say that?"

"I told you. You're either on that damn phone, or off doing something else! That tells me you don't want me or love me anymore! Who is it?"

"I'm not cheating on you." Adam told him.

"NO? Tell me, when you leave, where do you go? Who do you talk to on the phone?"

"I can't tell you."

"SEE? I knew it! There is someone else!"


Chapter 3

"Matt, honey. There's no one else for me but you." Adam told him seriously.

"Then, why won't you tell me!" Matt cried.

"Can you trust me long enough for Christmas to come around?" Adam tried not to smile.

Matt was stunned. Of course! His heart was working on a special Christmas present. "Is that what this has all been about?"

Adam smiled and nodded. "Yes, baby. You are my heart. I promised you I would love you forever and a day. I would never cheat on you. I LOVE YOU."

"God, Adam. I've been a fool!"

Adam shook his head. "No, Matt. The way things looked, you had every right to be upset with me. But, believe me. I'd never betray you."

Matt smiled. "I love you." He said as he reached for him "Come to me."

Adam growled at that open invitation. He climbed on top of Matt and kissed him deeply, passionately trailing down his neck.

"I've missed you." Matt said.

"And, I've missed you, kitten."

He ripped Matt's shirt off, making Matt purr after he took a nipple in his mouth. "Yes, purr for me kitten." Adam said.

"You keep up with you're nurturing, and I'll keep purring for you." Matt replied.

"And, what will I be?" Adam asked.

"MY alpha wolf." Matt told him.

"Wolves don't have kittens."

Matt looked at him. Eyes full of love and devotion. "You do."

Adam growled deeply. "You're one of a kind, kitten."

"Don't you forget it! Now, make love to me, my Alpha wolf!"

"Won't Kevin be angry?"

"He won't know. It's between you and me."

"If you say so." Adam shrugged.

"I do. Now, do your nurturing. I've been a BAD kitten!"

"Then, you need some punishing." Adam teased as he tore Matt's sweats off and engulfing his cock all at once. Matt bucked up "Oh, God! I love your punishment!"

Adam smiles, and hums his contentment.

"Don't do that! I'll cum too soon!"

Adam stopped humming, places his fingers in Matt's mouth, getting them wet then he works them into Matt, stretching him.

"God, ADAM! HURRY!" He pleaded.

Adam raises up, teases Matt's entrance. Matt uses his hip and legs to push himself onto Adam, who growls.

"Damn, baby! So tight!" Adam stated.

"It's been a long time. I've been waiting for you."

"You won't have to wait anymore, kitten."

He thrusts deeply into Matt as he writhes in ecstasy, purring loudly. Adam found it hard to hold back, but, he made sure he did as he took Matt's cock in his hand and worked it. He wanted them to cum at the same time.

Matt moaned, purred and writhed. But, shortly after Adam started stroking his cock with his hand and his cock hitting his sweet spot, it wasn't long before his breathing became shallow and he found himself gasping for air.

"Yes, kitten, cum with me." Adam encouraged.

Matt screamed as he came. Adam howled as he found himself cumming at the same time. Both men sent to paradise of orgasmic origins.

Jeff and the other brothers were given a few days off and they decided to go to Adam and Matt's beach house. As they entered, they smelled breakfast cooking and found Adam standing over the stove, frying bacon.

"Hey, brother Adam!" Jeff called as he entered. "Whatcha doin?"

Adam turned. "Brothers! What brings you here?"

"Came to see you of course!" Jason said

"Where's Matt?" Shannon asked.

"Still asleep." Adam answered.

"He still upset?" Shane asked quirking his brow.

"Hardly." Adam answered smiling slightly

Jeff gasped. "You go, you old dog!"

"Who you calling old, Jeff?" Matt asked as he came in dressed only in his black, silk boxers. He crossed over to Adam, took a piece of bacon and kissed him. "Mornin, baby."


"Who you calling old, Jeff?" He asked again, taking a bite of bacon.

"Nobody." Jeff answered. He smiled at the brightness in his brother's eyes. He was concerned when he talked to him on the phone, but, he knew, Adam would take care of him. And, by the looks of it....did he ever!

Chapter 4

Again, after another phone call, Adam was off. He leaned down to where Matt sat at the table and kissed him. "I'll be back." he said

"You better be." Matt replied, smiling.

After Adam left. Matt occupied himself by working out with his family. That nagging doubt would not leave him alone. As much as he wanted to believe in Adam, he still felt betrayed. He decided to wait until after Christmas to leave. No sense in ruining the holiday for his brothers. He continued his daily routine.

Adam went to Kevin's house and they stood out on the back porch, watching secretly.

"You know, you are running the chance of losing him permanently." Kevin said as he watched Matt angrily punching the bag.

"Yeah, I know. I'm hoping he waits until AFTER Christmas before he does anything though."

"For your sake, Adam, I hope he does."

That night, they ALL went out to dinner. They got a banquet room since there was so many of them.. and where they wouldn't be disturbed. Adam sat by Matt, Jason by Jeff and Andrew between Shane and Shannon. There was laughter and good cheer even though Jeff could see that doubt in his brother's eyes even though he hid it from Adam, he only let it show for Jeff. Jeff tossed a paper at him. He read what it said.

"Would you chill already? Adam's being honest with you! Let it go!"

Matt looked at him as he smiled encouragingly. He smiled and nodded.

Suddenly, the song that Adam sang to him on the night of the party came on. Jason smiled at Adam when their eyes met. Adam nodded in gratitude.

Adam stood and offered his hand to Matt. Hesitantly, Matt took it and they walked to the middle of the circle of tables and danced close together. Matt felt so loved in that embrace that he relaxed and wrapped his arms around him.

"Finally." Andrew stated.

"No kidding." Shannon replied.

"He's FINALLY at ease with that stupid, nagging doubt." Shane stated.

Jason and Jeff got closer to each other. Both smiling widely.

"I LOVE YOU, angel." Adam said.

"Thought I was your kitten." Matt replied.

"That too. You're my angel because you saved me from a life of loneliness."

"You make me so happy, baby." Matt stated.

"I try. You make me whole."

"I'm sorry I ever doubted you."

"It's alright. Just don't ever doubt me again." Adam replied, lovingly.

"I won't." Matt declared. "I love you too much for that."

They kissed deeply.

"Uh-I think we best get out of here. Andrew said.

"Yeah, it's getting a little too hot in here!" Shannon said, laughing.

Matt slept in the next morning. Adam thought it was due to the lack of sleep the past few weeks, so left him to sleep on. Never thinking once that he could be sick.


Chapter 5

Adam made coffee, poured him a cup and walked outside, whistling. The memories of the night before running rampant through his mind and bringing a smile to his face. He knew his very special surprise would arrive in a few days and he couldn't wait to spring it on his the one true love of his life. He had arranged to keep the surprise hidden Kevin's house until Christmas morning. The alpha wolf of the pack more than willing to help out, loving the very idea of the surprise and proud that one of his new pups had come up with it.

Matt had a sheet, blanket, quilt and a comforter over him and he was STILL cold! He burrowed down into his bed, looking for a warm spot. He was pretty warm when Adam was with him but once he got up, Matt was very very cold. He smelled the coffee and smiled. Adam only made coffee when he was in a very good mood. Usually he waited until Matt was up for him to make it. Matt smiled when he heard Adam walk outside whistling. When he heard the door shut, that's when a strong chill took hold and he hunkered down. 'Adam' he called out to his heart.

Adam was smiling until he heard the call. Frowning at the weakness of it, he raced inside, throwing his cup in the yard. He ran upstairs calling out. "MATT!" which woke the whole house up.

"Adam--why are you?" Jason started to ask until he saw the concern in his best friend's eyes. He and Jeff raced in behind him, helping to untangle Matt from the covers. Adam rushed to put Matt into a warm embrace,

feeling the tremors going through him.

Jason and Jeff rushed to gather around him, forming a circle of warmth.

Shannon had gone to sit in front of Matt, brushing hair out of his clammy face. "What now, Matty?" He asked softly. "What has gotten to you now?"

Shane turned to Andrew. "You go get some cold water and towels. We need to keep him cooled off." Andrew nodded and rushed to get the items needed as Shane went to kneel by the bed.

Shannon turned to him. "How much more, Shaney? How much more can Matt take?" He was very afraid of losing a brother. Someone as close to him as blood relatives.

"He'll be fine, Shanny." Shane replied softly. "Matt will be fine."

"How can you be so sure?" Shannon asked, hesitantly.

"Cause I know Matt. He'll fight to stay with us." Shane answered. While he knew what he said was true, he tried to convince himself of that truth. He found that hard to do.

Dr Anderson made a house call. He examined Matt while Adam held him, refusing to let go.

"His temperature is 103.8. his throat is raw, and his lungs are congested. He needs to be in a hospital."

"No." Matt replied. "No hospital. I have all I need right here. In this house."

"Matt--I really." Dr. Anderson started to say.

Adam shook his head. "Give it up, Doc. If he said no---he meant no. He won't go. No matter what our wishes are."

Dr. Anderson sighed heavily. He knew this to be fact. "I'll set up IV's in here. But, the bags will need to be changed. Do you think you can handle that?"

Adam smiled. "Not a problem."

"Thanks, Addy." Matt said weakly.

"Never could say no to you, kitten." Adam hugged him closely. "It's damn hard to do at times, though."

Out in the hall, Shannon was crying. "How much more, guys? How much more before Matt gives up?"

"He won't give up." Jason said.

"Matt is too damn stubborn for that." Andrew added.

"Maybe he won't give up this time. But, what about next? What will happen to him next? Maybe THAT will be the final chapter to his suffering."

Jeff had heard enough. "Stop it! Stop this talk right now! I WON'T hear any more! Matt will make it! He won't give up! He won't leave us! He won't leave ME!" Jeff was crying too. Desperately trying to convince the others of this, he knew his brother and he knew he was right!

"He is weak." Andrew stated.

Shane studied Jeff's face. Full of determination. "Then, he needs OUR strength." He said. He placed his hand in the middle of them. Jason followed, then Shannon, Andrew and, finally, Jeff.

"Our brother needs our strength and he shall have it." Jason said. "WE won't give up on HIM!"

"No matter what the costs." Shane added.

Dr. Anderson came out. He saw the circle and smiled. "Good, a show of strength. Matt's gonna need it."

"He shall have it then." Jason said, smiling at Jeff. "He shall have it all, if needed."


Chapter 6

Adam stayed with Matt the entire night, holding him close. Matt had a piggyback IV in his left hand, a double dose of antibiotics with glucose to keep him hydrated. Jeff sat by him holding his right hand. He had his head down, eyes closed, trying to send him strength. Adam felt the strength through him and hoped that his heart lying with him did also.

Matt indeed felt the strength. Even through the fog of confusion and the illness he felt it. He opened his eyes to slits and brushed hair out of Jeff's face and smiled. Jeff sat up, shocked at the sudden touch then smiled when he saw his brother looking at him. Adam watched the exchange and hoped that this was a good sign.

"I'll be fine, Jeffy." Matt encouraged. "Just fine."

"Damn right you will be!" Jeff replied. "You are a Hardy! And, WE DON'T GIVE UP!"

Matt chuckled and went back to sleep, the invitation of total peace and quiet in his mind too much for him to turn down.

They took turns staying with him through the day. They had to force Adam to give them their turn at holding Matt. He did not want to leave, no matter the reason. They forced him to sleep, seeing the pain and exhaustion in his eyes.

"Guys--it's not working. Matt's not getting any stronger." Shannon said softly as they sat at the table in the dining room.

"Well, maybe we ought to combine our efforts instead of doing it alone." Shane replied.

They looked at him curious as to what he meant.

"If we form a circle around him, hold hands, and concentrate, maybe we can make him stronger." He explained.

They nodded in agreement. As one, they went to Matt's room and went to the bed. Adam looked at them curiously

"Adam, lay him down in the middle of the bed." Shane told him.

Adam hesitated.

"Addy, just do it. Trust us." Jason told him.

Adam nodded and gently laid Matt down. And, when he saw his brothers gather around to form a circle, hold hands and close their eyes did he understand and he joined in.

Matt was filled with strength, warmth, and love. He knew his brothers were there and would not leave his side. His body started sweating the fever out as his soul was lifted.

Adam felt the sweat pouring off Matt. He smiled for he knew the circle was healing him.

Jeff also knew. Matt's spirit sent him his gratitude and love. 'You're welcome.' He sent back smiling. He tightenend his hold on Matt's hand.


Chapter 7

Next morning, Matt woke to find Adam holding him tight, Jeff beside him and the other brothers around the bed, sitting with their heads on the bed, sound asleep. Matt's fever broke during the night and that's why they all had slight smiles.

He smiled at them and said softly. "Thank you, brothers." Adam tightened his hold. He looked up. "Thank you, baby."

Dr. Anderson still wanted Matt to have the IV's as a added precaution to fight the chance of relapse. He diagnosed Matt having pneumonia and it could come back with a vengeance. He did allow Matt to go downstairs, as long as he laid on the couch and did not do anything. (Yeah, like they would allow him to!)

Day before Christmas Eve, Adam was gone yet again. He was at Kevin's next door. Kevin was leaving a bedroom, quietly shutting the door. Adam waited in the study.

"How is he?" He asked Kevin as he walked in.

"Sleeping. He's been quiet. How's your pup?" Kevin asked.

"Much better. Hasn't had fever for a few days. His voice is stronger."

"Good to hear. Any more fights?"

Adam shook his head. "No, I think he finally realized that I'm not cheating on him."

"You better not." Kevin stated. "He loses his soul and the Kliq loses theirs. And, THAT'S something I won't have!"

"Don't you worry. I love him with all my heart, soul, and being. I just can't wait til tomorrow night!"

"Kinda early, ain't it?" Kevin asked.

"No, not really, Matt wants to go to Cameron to spend a little time with his Dad."

"Can he travel with him just getting over pneumonia?"

"He doesn't care. He wants to go. And, you know how stubborn he can be."

Kevin nods. "Mind some company?"

"Wouldn't have it any other way." Adam answered.

Christmas Eve, Jay and Jeff decorated the entire house. Shane, Shannon, and Andrew cooked the dinner. Matt was getting dressed after his LONG shower with Adam.

"Adam, can I have a beer tonight?" Matt asked.

"Just one. You are still on meds and I don't want you drunk on the plane that we have to catch tonight."

"It's chartered, Adam. It won't leave without us." Matt answered.

After dinner, they sat around the tree amongst the open boxes. Even though there were new games and music C.D.'s, they weren't playing them. They were awaiting Adam, who went outside. Shortly, he came back. He turned to Matt.

"Baby, that surprise I told you about is here."

Matt jumped up. "WHERE?"

Adam laughed. "Sit down, and I'll bring it to you."

Matt was skeptical.

"Trust me." Adam said.


Chapter 8

Matt sat down, closed his eyes. Everyone was excitedly curious. Adam waved the Kliq inside. Kevin was holding something close to him. And, that something moved! Jeff went to Matt--covered his eyes. Kevin handed the bundle carefully to Adam. The bundle made a soft sound. Adam hushed it.

"Hold out your arms, baby." Adam told Matt. Matt did as told. Gently--Adam lays the bundle in those arms--Jeff squealed. "Bring your arms in--bent at the elbows." Matt obeys and Adam lays it in his arms. He nods to Jeff who removes his hands. "Open your eyes, baby."

Matt opened his brown eyes and looked right into another pair of brown eyes. "My God! What the---?"

"Matt---meet your son." Adam said smiling.

Matt was floored. His son? But, how?

"This is why I've been gone so much. The mother needed a lot of help during the last few months with everything the closer she got to the due date." Adam told him.

"How did you---?" Matt asked.

"Think back---nine months."

Matt remembered back. 9 months ago would put in at the time of----- his eyes went wide. "Wrestlmania."

Adam nodded, smiling. Everyone shouted. They knew how he did it.

"Where's the mother?" Andrew asked.

"She went back home. She signed custody over to you, love." Adam said

"To us, baby." Matt replied.

"Whatcha gonna name him?" Jeff asked playing with his nephew as the rest surrounded the new family.

Matt thought for a minute. "Kevin Christopher Nero Hardy Copeland." He replied.

"That's perfect, baby." Adam said. He knew why Matt chose those names. Kevin could be from the leader of the Kliq but, he knew if was from the friends they made in Denver who helped Matt open up about the rape. "Kevin Christopher Nero Hardy Copeland."

"Vin-for short." Matt said.

"He's beautiful, Matty." Shane said.

"Yes, he is. Thank you Adam."

"I love you." Adam said, leaning down to kiss him.

"I love you."

"Wait til Dad see his grandson." Jeff said.

"Merry Christmas, Matt." Kevin said placing a hand on his shoulder. "And, to you, little Vin."

The phone rang. Jason answered. He brought the phone to Matt who handed Vin to Adam. "Hello?"

"Hey, pard!" Vin said.

"VIN! Merry Christmas!" Matt shouted.

"You too. So, was Santa good to you?"

"Well, if you call a son good, then, yeah."

"What? A son?" Vin asked.

"Uh-huh. Adam found a surrogate and she had a boy."

"WOW! Talk about secrets!"

"Hey--Matt!" Chris shouted. "You've got a boy?"

"Yep-sure do."

"That's great! What did you name him?"

Matt smiled. "Kevin Christopher Nero Hardy Copeland."

"Let me guess--Vin for short." Chris said.

"WHAT!?" Vin shouted.

"The baby's name is Kevin Christopher Nero Hardy Copeland."

"AW, MAN! Matt, I'm honored." Vin said.

"As am I, Matt. Thank you."

"Well, you helped us out while we were in Denver. Saved our lives, really. So, I wanted to honor that, and our new

friendship. Merry Christmas." Matt replied.

"Merry Christmas, pard." Chris said.

They hung up. Matt stood and watched Adam and the others play with the baby. He smiled. *Yes sir, this baby is gonna be spoiled rotten.* He thought.

Adam looked at him. *As are you, kitten.*

"Merry Christmas, Brothers." Kevin said. "Old and young." He smiled at little Vin. This could be very interesting, indeed.


Adam and Matt got the baby settled down in the makeshift crib and decided to celebrate Christmas another way.

Adam had Matt under the tree, supposedly looking for another gift. Little did he know that the gift was him. Adam watched as Matt stretched under the tree, bringing his jeans tighter to his ass. He licked his lips.

"Can't find anything else under here, baby!" Matt exclaimed.

"Oh, but I can!" Adam replied as he rubbed Matt's ass.

Matt moaned. "Oh, I see what you found. Do you like what you found?" He asked.

"Oh, most definitely. The best thing I've sen all night!" Adam pulled Matt out from under the tree and kissed him. Matt returned the kiss and his hands found his way to Adam's shirt that was unbuttoned. He pulled it off and his mouth attacked his nipples. Adam stopped him. "Uh-uh. This is for your pleasure, love. My gift to you."

Matt whimpered. "It should be for both of us."

Adam shook his head. "No. I want to give this to you. Only you." He pulled Matt's shirt over his head and pulled the band out of his hair. He ran his fingers through it, bringing it over his shoulders. "You look so damn sexy when you wear your hair like this." He kissed him as his hand found it's way to Matt's groin. Matt arched his back into the touch. Adam quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off.

Matt's cock was already swollen. "Were you expecting?" Adam asked.

"No, baby. You do this to me everytime you are around!" Matt moaned as Adam took his cock in his mouth, slowly sucking. Adam slowly took him in his mouth inch by inch until he was swallowed down his throat. Matt bucked up until only his head and feet were on the bed. Adam fingered his entrance and found it was very relaxed. Adam took his mouth away, getting a whimper from Matt. That whimper quickly turned to a moan of pleasure when Adam entered him. He closed his eyes in sheer delight as Adam slowly thrusted inside him, deliberately missing his sweet spot.

Matt wanted to cum so bad he was almost in desperation. He wrapped his legs around Adam's waist, trying to drive him further. Adam obliged him, He hit his sweet spot just once. And, that was enough. Matt screamed as his orgasm hit him hard.

The muscles tightening around his cock drove Adam over the edge and he came along with his soulmate.

They rode this wave for all it was worth.

Adam looked at Matt, the lights from the tree gave a heavenly glow to his face. Adam smiled. "My Christmas angel." He said. "Big one here. Little one upstairs."

Matt looked at him. The love and devotion evident in his eyes. He nodded as he rose to kiss Adam.

"We'll always be here. We're not leaving you. I love you. So does Little Vin."

Adam smiled. A tear falling down his face. He wrapped his arms around Matt and laid down under the tree.

That's how they fell asleep. Kevin snuck in and brought the baby down to them and placed it between the two.

"Merry Christmas, little Kevin. Welcome to the

Brotherhood of Wolves." He whispered as he left, he took one last look at the three under the tree.

"The Brotherhood is in good hands."