"Chloe, we need to talk." Those five words set Chloe's heart-rate racing. Had she done something? She couldn't think of anything. She had tried to be the perfect girlfriend. And yet, Beca was looking at her with a serious look. Beca hardly ever got serious. A horrible thought occurred to Chloe; what if Beca was breaking up with her? The redhead tried to push away these thoughts, thinking that she was seriously overthinking that one sentence.

"Becs? What's wrong?" her fears did not subdue as Beca took her hand and led her to the sofa to sit down.

"We have to talk about something that happened a while ago. Whilst I was still in the hospital." The two had a sort of agreement that they would not talk seriously about what had happened: it was just too painful for everyone. The memory of Beca being so damaged, her dying, Chloe still had nightmares about it. Such bad nightmares that only Beca could calm her down after them. Luckily for the redhead, the short brunette had pretty much moved in with her.

But now, Beca sat opposite her, looking at their entwined hands.

"Becs, what is it? You're scaring me."

Finally Beca looked up. There was something in her face that Chloe couldn't quite put her finger on.

"Chloe. I've been thinking about this for some time. There was something that you said in the hospital that I just have to talk to you about." Chloe's breath hitched as she tried to recall everything that she had said in the hospital.

"Beca, what is it?"

Beca huffed, obviously annoyed that the redhead couldn't remember what she had apparently said.

"You're not making this easy for me Chlo." She groaned. Beca paced for a minute, thinking. She had honestly thought that Chloe would remember and this had kind of screwed up her plans. Suddenly an idea hit her. She walked over to the cupboard and she looked behind her before opening the door. She was slightly surprised at how worried Chloe looked. She knew the redhead might hate her after this. She sighed again. "Chloe. This relationship was built on a lie." Chloe gasped in shock. What was happening? Why was Beca saying this? "You know as well as I do that I did not promise to dress up for Mardi Gras, no matter how bad the set list was."

Beca watched Chloe's reaction with amusement. The redhead's eyes widened in realisation before narrowing. She stood from the sofa and stalked up to Beca. "I thought that you were breaking up with me!"

Beca couldn't keep it in anymore. She burst out laughing at the redhead's anger. And it probably wasn't the best idea. A blush covered Chloe's cheeks as she got increasingly angry. How dare Beca do that to her!

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't slap you so hard-" she began menacingly, but was cut off by soft lips on hers. No, she thought. I will not give up so easily. She tried to push Beca away, but the smaller girl was surprisingly strong. And persistent. She knew that this was Chloe's weakness and so kept kissing her. The redhead refused her entrance to her mouth, but the longer the kiss lasted, the less resistant Chloe became. Oh, fuck this, Chloe thought before pushing Beca up against the wall, choosing instead to let out her anger out this way. Beca had honestly not expected this but was not complaining. She moaned into the kiss as Chloe hands went wondering, if rather roughly. Chloe was not letting up. She was going to wind Beca up and then just leave her. That seemed like torture enough. That's if, if she could stand to just walk away. This kiss was slightly hotter than she had originally thought. But then, any kiss with Beca was hot.

Beca moaned as Chloe's lips moved down her jawline to her throat.

"Ugh, Chlo, you didn't let me finish." Chloe cut Beca off again with her lips.

She pulled away just long enough to say, "With that little stunt, it might be a while before I let you finish…"

Chloe felt great satisfaction as Beca gulped. She knew exactly what the redhead meant. And it was a thought that she didn't quite enjoy.

"But Chlo, we won."

Chloe pulled away again, confused.


"We won the ICCAs."

"Yes. So?"

"After everything that you did for me, I thought this was the least that I could do for you."

"Beca, what the hell are you talking about? I've had enough of your cryptic crap."

"God you're hot when you're angry."


"Fine." The small brunette squirmed out of the redhead's grasp, much to the older girl's annoyance. She opened the cupboard door and reached in to grab something. Chloe didn't at first understand what she was seeing. Beca was holding a navy blue thing with silver bits. Whatever it was it was skimpy.

Realisation hit Chloe like a truck.

"Oh. My. God. Beca? Is that what I think it is?"

Beca smirked at Chloe's saucer-like eyes.

"Well, Miss Beale, it might have been, but after how you've been treating me, I'm not too sure if there's any point of me owning it…"

Chloe launched herself at Beca. She knew that she would never be able to resist Beca. Instead, she grabbed the brunette's hand and threw the costume onto the sofa, dragging the smaller girl to her bedroom hastily.

"God, why did I think that this was a good idea?" Beca mumbled to herself.

The small brunette was standing in a street with other people dressed like her. She was pretty much wearing underwear with a feathery harness on her back. She was mortified. Not to mention the copious amounts of makeup that she had on all over her body to hide her scars.

And to top it off, Chloe had disappeared. The whole point of her doing this was for the redhead, and now she was nowhere to be seen. She hadn't even seen Beca in the outfit. She swore under her breath, looking at the people around her. God they look stupid, she thought before realising that she was one of them.

"Oh my god! Beca?" oh god please no. Beca turned to see the Bellas standing there. Aubrey was failing to hide her laughter whilst the others gawked at her. Fat Amy recovered first. "Damn Shortstuff, you can pull that off."

Beca raised an eyebrow. "What can I say, it's my new career choice." She said sarcastically. "Chloe told you about this didn't she?" Aubrey grinned. Beca was going to have to have a serious little chat with her girlfriend later. Well, so she thought until she remembered that it was a serious little chat that landed her in this situation.

"Where is Chloe?" Aubrey asked looking around.

Beca was about to answer when said person decided to make her appearance.

"BREE!" both Aubrey and Beca cringed at the volume of the redhead.

As Beca turned to her girlfriend, her eyes nearly popped out. Chloe stood there in a nearly identical outfit to her, except that hers was bright yellow. Beca forgot all mortification in that moment and felt nothing but love for her girlfriend. Beca couldn't help but check out the redhead. The yellow outfit let very little to the imagination as the redhead's toned stomach and legs were out for the world to see. What Beca didn't notice, however, was the predatory look that Chloe was sending her way. The redhead couldn't believe how good Beca looked. Sure she had imagined it before, sometimes to Titanium (before the two of them got together of course), but seeing Beca actually dressed like that made her feel hot all over. And the way that Beca was looking at her made Chloe feel like she was the only thing on the earth.

An awkward cough sounded, bringing the girls out of their staring.

"If you two lezzes have finished eye sex, I think you should get out there and shake your stuff…" Fat Amy commented. Beca nodded, trying to get her bearing back after having seen Chloe like this. The redhead walked up to her and placed her arm around the brunette's waist. Beca turned to Chloe and was met with loving warm crystal blue eyes. Chloe placed a gentle peck onto the corner of Beca's mouth, earning a smile from the smaller girl.

"You look amazing." The redhead said quietly.

"I got nothing on you, though." Beca replied, just as quietly, causing Chloe to beam.

Unbeknown to the two girls, Aubrey was taking photos of their little encounter. At first, she wanted photo proof that this actually happened, but seeing her two friends like this was just too cute an opportunity to miss out on. But they didn't have to know that just yet.

"Amy's right. Come on. Chop chop. To the parade." She urged the two girls through the crowd and onto the street beyond.

The photos caught Beca's eye again. God she loved Aubrey for taking those photos. She walked over to the picture frame and picked it up. Inside there were three photos from fifteen years ago. The first was her and Chloe kissing in Louisiana, dressed in their Mardi Gras costumes. The second was the two of them, pressed close to each other that same day, staring at one another with a look of love in their eyes, not having a single care in the world for anyone else but each other. The final photo was the two of them, still in their costumes, kissing in front of the entire crowd. Beca smiled at the memory, and the blush that she could see covering both of their faces. She had been so focused on the photo that she didn't hear Chloe come up behind her and was only aware of her when her arm slipped around her waist and her chin rested on her shoulder to see what Beca was looking at.

"Those photos again?" she could hear the affectionate smile in her voice.

Beca smiled, placing the photo back down and turning in Chloe's arms. The redhead was just as gorgeous as she had ever been. Beca kissed her lightly, still revelling in the feeling that kissing Chloe Beale still gave her.

"I love you." The small brunette said against her lips.

Chloe smiled. No, life isn't a fairytale. There are ups and downs and it's in no way easy. But with Beca, just maybe, Chloe got her happy ending.

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