Chase Davenport had been designed to be the smartest planet on the planet, designed to save the world, to make sure that all of humanity, along with his brother and sister, Adam and Bree that no harm should come to anyone on planet earth... So why, Chase asked himself as he stumbled up the stairs into the Davenport mansion, was he having nightmares?

At five years old Chase was small for his age and being the youngest of his siblings was prone to teasing. That being said, he didn't wake Adam or Bree up for help. He was even scared of asking Mr Davenport to comfort him, so he climbed onto the couch in the living room and clumsily threw a blanket over himself. The warmth of the blanket soon devoured him, and he quickly fell asleep.

Chase woke suddenly, still under the blanket, he knew from his bionic senses that it was night time still. So what was the noise coming from the kitchen area of the room?

He peered over the blanket, still keeping his nose and mouth in the warm fabric, in belief that it would keep the intruder from noticing him.

He saw a shadowed figure... making coffee... Chase couldn't believe he had been so stupid; it was Mr Davenport, clad in pyjamas, making himself his 'late night' coffee. Though Chase figured it was more 'extremely early morning coffee'.

Before he could stop himself, he called out, "Mr Davenport?"

His creator spun himself round so fast Chase was surprised he didn't get whiplash. Surprise was on Mr Davenport's face so much that he looked like a rabbit caught in headlights.

"Chase?" Davenport exclaimed, "What are you doing here?"

Chase didn't miss the sound of slight irritation in his voice and began to fiddle with the green blanket nervously, hoping that the closest person he had to a father wasn't mad at him.