Chapter 1: Hidden Underneath The Masks

"Maka," a gruff voice awoke the blonde from her sweet slumber.

"Maka!" it said again, voice becoming louder, with a hint of a whine.

"Shut it Kid!" the blonde grumbled. The said boy snatched the duvet covers off of his childhood best friend, Maka. Grabbing the pillow from under her, she fiercely threw it at the dark haired boy, Kid.

"Hey," he chuckled, hopping onto the bed next to her. She opened her eyes briefly staring at him, then closed them again.

"Why are you all dressed up?" she asked, the image of Kid in the black suit still flashing in her mind.

"The question is why aren't you dressed up?" he nudged her side, making her giggle quietly.

"Stop, you know I'm ticklish!" she squealed, her eyes snapping open," and what do you mean 'why aren't I dressed up?' What's going on today?"

"Hmm.. let's see today's date. Oh! It's the 13th of August," he said sarcastically,"Now my dear Maka who do we know is born on the 13th of August?"

"Shit," the curse slipped through her mouth, as she flew of her bed throwing open the antique wardrobe, holding out a simple beige dress for Kid to see.

"Maka," Kid chuckled, hands behind his back, sprawled on the soft mattress, "Growing up around all these prestigious aristocrats and all those other important people, you must know that at 'parties' like these you don't wear simple things. I mean look at you mum, she's throwing a ball for her birthday!"

"She may be my mother, but I am most certainly nothing like her," she paused for a second, rummaging through a seemingly endless stream of ball gowns, "Actually, I am nothing like all these snobby people!"

Kid continued to watch her with an amused glint in her eyes, until she dropped to the carpeted floor with frustration. Getting up from his comfortable spot on her bed, he walked over to the painted door, turning the knob in the slowest way possible, knowing that she was watching his every move.

"Today please!" Maka snapped, still grumpy from being awoken and frustrated. Kid rolled his eyes and opened the door, revealing a friendly maid, who was standing with a wide smirk, arms crossed over her chest, an unknown object resting in her right hand.

Maka sighed in relief at the sight of the teenage maid, "Elizabeth! Kid, thank you. Thank you, thank you!"

She jumped up from the floor and embraced the taller boy for a few moments then stepped back.

"She broke quicker than I thought," Liz winked, laughing along with Kid as Maka tried not to crack a smile.

"Shut up both of you. Kid, out of my room now! I have a party to get ready for," Maka ordered, pushing the smiling boy out of her spacious room.

Shutting the door, after pulling Liz in, Maka sighed. Turning to face the young maid, Maka inquired, "What are you holding?"

The dirty blonde head, Liz, held out her small hand, a golden embroidered mask dangling from her finger.

"Why do you have a mask?" she asked.

Liz was already digging through the closet, pulling out a couple of dresses, "Last minute change of plans, your mum decided instead of a normal ball, it's going to be a masquerade.. something about adding to the excitement."


"Right on time!" Maka cheered as Liz pinned up the last bits of her elegant bun, letting a few strands loose.

"Oh no, something is missing," Liz winked, place the mask over Maka's jade eyes, "Now we are done."

A light knock was heard and Maka rose to answer the door. Opening it, she came face to face with an otherwise a handsome stranger, if she didn't recognise the white-striped hair.

"Ready to go?" he smirked, eyeing her with pride, that such a beauty was his best friend, although he considered her his sister. In the end, she had decided to wear a smiple, black dress that reached her ankles.

She rolled her eyes and smiled brightly slipping her arm into his, "Liz, you're going to right? I mean, as a guest?"

Liz giggled, "Yes, it's my day off and your mother invited me, considering that I am almost part of the family. I'm bringing some friends along too!"

"Well we shouldn't keep you like that, go change! I am sure you will look prettier than everyone there," Kid smiled genuinely. Maka hit him playfully, looking at him with mock anger, "Excuse me?!"

"Oh hush."

Liz laughed and rolled her eyes at their childish banter, pink still dusting her cheeks from Kid's earlier comment, and ran off to her room, hopeful to make it in time.

Time passed fairly well, though to Maka it was going in slow-motion as her mother made this awfully long speech that was killing her of boredom, and soon everyone had finally moved on from the food to dancing. (In Maka's opinion that was equally as bad.) Too absorbed in her own thoughts, the ashen blonde didn't notice a tall young man coming towards her.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing all alone?" he asked, smirking.

"And how, may I ask, do you know that I am pretty? After all I'm wearing a mask, aren't I?" she responded, unamused by his cliche line.

"Oh I see you are nothing like these snobby people huh?"

Maka stepped closer, raising her head so that her eyes, could pierce into his blood red orbs, she smirked, "You do realise you just you just insulted these 'snobby' people in their own house.. and I would like to also enlighten you with the fact that you said this insult to the daughter of the host of party. She could just go up to her father and ask him to send bodyguards to escort you outside."

His demeanor didn't even falter, "Oh I know she wouldn't do that now. She doesn't really strike me as someone who enjoys being around these people."

Maka stepped back a bit, surprised at the fact that he hit the right spot, quickly, she regained her composure, "I don't know what're you taking about."

"You know exactly what I'm talking about," with that the stranger dragged her off to the dance floor, swaying gently to the jazz music, "I think I'd like to know you."

"Hm.. maybe I'd like to know you too," Maka hummed out.

"Well then, let's start by this," he swooped down and lifted up her mask, "I'm Soul."

"Maka," she smiled, pulling Soul's mask away from his face.

A/N: Okay so this was my pitiful attempt in fanfiction ahaha! I hope you guys like it..! I know it has been ages and I apologise for the OOC-ness but I needed them to be this way for the story. Please tell me what you think, thank you! :D