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Chapter 9 - Intense Feelings

Glove clad hands pounded into the poor punching bag. The albino did not leave a single bag in this room that he did not punch, rather, annihilate really. It was a run down gym room Black*Star owned to train, the walls shabby, but the lighting good enough.

"Soul, c'mon man, this is not good for you," the blue haired man said, concerned for his good friend's health. With the way he was smacking the bag, Black*Star was getting tired just from watching, and that was saying something.

"You have work to do. C'mon."

"Go, I'll follow after you in a bit."

"A bit as in another two hours?!" Fed up with his friend's childish behaviour, Black*Star planted his feet in front of the punching bag.

"'Star. Move," Soul growled out, eager to let out his anger at the tube filled bag.

"No," Black*Star insisted, folding his arms. "I'm not moving until you get out of this room. When's the last time you ate something? Two days ago?!"

Soul ignored the question and ducked around the bag, trying to aim at it from a different angle but to no avail as his friend followed.

Although he didn't want to admit it, his visit to Maka broke something inside of him he wasn't sure could be repaired again. So what's a better way than to wallow in despair than turn that into flames of anger, and ignite it further everytime?

Did she ever even love you, Evans?


Maka wanted to tuck her knees to her chin and curl up so terribly, but she couldn't. She cursed at the cast her leg was in and shift on her bed.

They'd finally released her just yesterday, and she'd been inconsolable. Even Kid couldn't cheer her up. But then again how could he when he was the sole reason for her problem?

The blonde glanced down at the necklace laying peacefully on her bare neck. The sight on it shredded her torn heart into a million pieces but she couldn't bear the thought of taking it off. At least not yet.

Knock. Knock.

"Maka? Are you awake?" Liz's concerned voice came in through the door. Quickly, she closed her eyes, evening her breath to pass for someone who's at least on the verge of sleep and waited until the dirty blonde left.

I'm so sorry Soul.. so sorry..

She opened her dark green eyes again, this time sighing heavily as if the weight of the world all lied on her shoulders and she was the only one to bear it. And it was briging her down. No matter how strong she was, it brought her down, slowly, steadily until her feet were trudging in deep sand, so deep it got to her knees, greedily working it's way up.

Maka wanted to scream but that would just bring unwanted attention and attention was the last thing she needed right now so she settled for a loud sob muffled by her pillow, that's all she seemed to be doing lately. And she hated it.


Soul, in a pitiful attempt to show Black*Star that he can go on with his life, sat at the small corner of a cafe. He recalled how Maka had smelled of coffee that day on the beach, coffee, vanilla and books. God, she was obsessed with reading, he though with a small smile. Reading and painting alike, but mostly the first.

Her green eyes would always light up with she was describing to him a book, using wild hand genstures. Then, she'd blush when she'd realise she'd been rambling and he obviously wouldn't know what she was talking about. But he'd tell her it was okay, that he liked the sound of her voice, that it was music to his ears and she'd blush darker, so in a way, he'd distract her by asking her to tell him the whole story, right from the very beginning. And then her chest would rise softly as she takes a deep breath, firstly biting her lip in wonder of how she shpuld begin then a small smile cascading her lips as she'd start describing everything and he'd lean in mid-sentence, so close to her and th-

Soul shook his head, frowning and stared at his black coffee, thinking about how it made a perfect metaphor for his life. Black. Not to sound angsty or anything, but that's how he felt, dark, like a shadow was cast over him, grinning evilly and waiting for his moment to strike him into his demise.

He sighed over the drink again and lifted it to his dry lips, licking them before taking a sip then set it down, brows lifting as his eyes caught movement of someone...


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