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Okay, in the last chapter of 'Remember Me' a lot of you asked me if Celina was the spirit of the wind. Well the answer to that is… no! She isn't! Jack has the wind so I didn't think that would be really fair. But hey, I can't shout for you having a good guess :D I am glad that you had a guess as you are interested to know what she is in charge of. Well, it will be revealed shortly but you can keep guessing if you want but remember; she isn't the wind. Cupcakes to start you all off on this sequel and I hope you enjoy!

It was a normal breezy day in the Pole and the land was covered in a crisp layer of snow. Now on this day, North had invited all of the other Guardians over for a quick reunion. North was waiting for the others in his office and while he was waiting, he was working on a new aeroplane design which he was cleverly crafting out of ice.

He took his little hammer and started to hum a song as he worked. After a few taps here and there, he smiled at his aeroplane that automatically took off from the desk and started to fly around and leave a trail of snowflakes coming out from behind it.

He then leaned back on his chair and sighed. It had been four months since Bunny, Tooth, Sandy and himself had seen Jack's memories and had found out about his past. Now that he and the others had seen them, they understood Jack a lot better than they used. Well in fact they didn't really understand him at all until they had seen his memories. He was just glad Jack wasn't mad at them from watching them.

At least they knew where Jack was now when he was late for meetings. North always arranged more meetings now as he wanted to bond with all of his friends and become more like a family. Jack was always late since he was visiting Celina's grave and he always brought his girlfriend's favourite flower which was a pink lily. North had visited the grave a couple of times and had left little ice sculptures of sparrows every week when the previous ones melted.

Tooth visited and she had recently made a little special room in her palace for Celina's memories and she had also put Jack's memories in with hers too, once he had finished with them. he did occasionally watch them again but he was only allowed to watch them in the room in case they got lost but he was never allowed to look at Celina's memories and this he accepted, seeing as it was her memories and not his.

Sandy had come to visit too and he had modelled little sparrows that fluttered around her grave and he enabled them to not be seen by anyone so they couldn't be wrecked but he always made fresh ones whenever the rain came and washed them away.

Bunny had visited lots and had brought fresh flowers from his warren to put on Celina's grave and this had surprised Jack. Sure Bunny had said he was very sorry loads and loads of times and Jack said it was fine but Bunny didn't seem to accept that. Jack didn't mind, in fact he was quite warmed by this. His only request to his friends was that they didn't leave anything on his grave as it made him feel uncomfortable.

The Guardians did not know how uncomfortable that felt seeing as they were all alive when they were chosen.

That memory gave North the chills every time he thought about it but he tried not to. He always liked the memory when Celina and Jack had helped him fix his sleigh. But strangely enough, the one with Pitch, he had liked too because of the courage they both had and when they had their first kiss. Tooth and Sandy had loved the memory when Celina had asked them for advice and Bunny had liked the one when Jack and Celina had met for the first time as he knew it was the start of a true friendship that soon turned into a love relationship. North was surprised as he had thought that when he had met Jack was his favourite but Bunny had his own opinion about the memories and this North and the others respected.

North had asked Jack what his favourite memory was and was shocked when he said it was his memory when he had died. When North had asked why, he had said it was because his sister had lived on and he had saved her.

North then sat back up straight and checked his calendar that he kept on the left side of the desk and saw that it was time for a meeting. He got up and stretched and let out a yawn and watched the tiny aeroplane fly around and come to a nice landing on his desk. North smiled as it was one of the few times where his work hadn't been smashed by a yeti opening the door without knocking.

He made his way out of his office and made his way to the Globe room, almost stomping on tiny elves with cookies stuffed in their mouth. When he arrived there, he saw the yetis doing their usual jobs and he was satisfied with this. He pulled the lever down that activated the Northern lights that then went spiralling up the Globe and out into the crystal clear sky.

North then summoned some elves to fetch the eggnog and cookies and by the time the elves had them ready, Bunny, Tooth and Sandy had already arrived. "G'day North!" Bunny said, as he felt cheerful today.

"Ah Bunny, how have you been?" North asked, gesturing to the meeting table. Bunny hopped over, followed by Tooth and Sandy. North sat at the head of the table, Sandy sat opposite him and Tooth sat on the left and Bunny sat on the right with a space next to him for Jack.

Tooth was about to ask North something until a ferocious gust of wind burst through the window. Sheets of left over pieces of paper were blown about and some elves hid behind legs of chairs and under tables. Yeti's scattered in alarm as the sudden gust caught them off guard and some dropped the toys and tools they were working on and using.

Jack came skidding down to a halt as he landed on the floor. He looked very concerned and there was a gleam of worry in his eyes. "Guys we have a problem" Jack began, "IwasinBurgessandwastalkingtoJamieandhesaidhehadan ightmareandhesaidhisfriendshadnightmaresforthepast fewdaystoo!" he burst out and North stood up.

He had no clue what Jack was on about but the tone in his voice said it all. "Jack! Calm down and speak slowly" North said, gesturing with his hands.

"Sit down mate" Bunny said pulling out the chair next to him but to his surprise and annoyance, Jack did the opposite and slammed his staff on the floor.

"We have no time to sit down! Pitch is back!" Jack shouted and that got Bunny on his feet.

"Say what?!" he shouted and the others stood up too.

"How do you know Jack? Pitch won't be released for another two centuries!" Tooth exclaimed.

Jack rolled his eyes, "Look, Jamie and his friends said that they have had nightmares for the last few days. Jamie did tell me about it two days ago and I said the exact same thing you just said Tooth. I came to see him the next day and he gave me a picture that he had managed to take in the night. I have it right here as he gave it to me to show you guys" Jack said, more understandably and pulled a photo out of his pocket and placed it on the table.

The rest of the Guardians looked at it closely and saw that Jack wasn't kidding. There was a pair of golden eyes gleaming out and the faint shape of a horse with its sand mane whipping out. Sandy made images above his head in anger and shock but then he noticed something else.

He pointed his little finger to the corner of the picture that appeared to show… a pink flower? That was odd… since when did Pitch like flowers?

"What's with that?" Bunny asked and Jack scoffed.

"Who cares?! Pitch is out there and probably getting stronger by the minute!" Jack shouted and Tooth held onto one of his shoulders.

"Calm down Jack. This was only taken yesterday and Pitch can't get power back that easily after the beating we gave him!" Tooth said with a smile.

Jack didn't crack a smile but his eyes travelled up to the Globe and his ocean blue eyes widened in horror. "Then how do you explain that?" he asked, pointing up at the Globe with his staff. Everyone looked up and saw that the lights on the Globe were flickering out quite quickly, more quickly the last time they had battled Pitch.

"Проклинать темноту! We must stop him now before we lose anymore believers!" North said, pulling out his swords from his belt.

"That rat bag!" Bunny said angrily.

"Oh, Bunnymund it isn't nice to call people names. And North! Curse the darkness? I'm wounded" a soft but chilling voice said from up above. The Guardians whirled around to see the unfriendly face of Pitch standing up on the Globe but Jack noticed that he looked different.

Pitch didn't look too healthy, in fact, his skin was a more ashy grey than usual and he looked quite thin but his eyes were still bright as they sun but not in a kind way. More like a sadist kind of way. "So the Big Four have become the Big Five. Glad to see you're fitting in Jackson" Pitch said with a smirk but Jack scowled.

"Cut the crap Pitch, how are you back?" Jack asked. Pitch was about to answer but Bunny butted it.

"Forget that, we have sent your ass to your hell hole twice, what makes you think we can't do it again?" Bunny snapped.

Tooth felt irritated at Bunny's cursing but she couldn't think about that now. Pitch shook his head, "Bunny, you are a Guardian, you are not supposed to curse in front of children" he scolded.

"I suggest you get out of my home and go back to where you came from!" North shouted.

Pitch ignored the old Russian man and looked at Bunny with a huge evil grin on his face, "In an answer to your question Bunny, the fact that you can't beat me… again… is that I am more powerful this time" he replied and Jack scoffed.

"You don't look it! How are you so powerful?" Jack asked, saying 'powerful' with a sarcastic tone and the other Guardians tired not to laugh at that.

"Because he isn't alone this time" a female voice said and it sounded so familiar, it made Jack shudder.

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