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"Well, it's a bit of a mix really. I see myself as sympathetic, cunning, devoted, loving, energetic but at my center... I'm a little stuck on it" she said, rubbing the back of her head.

"I know what it is" North said with a smile.

"You do?" Celina asked.

"Yes. I can see why you don't know what it is, since you have many possibilities. But for me, I see that your center is loyalty. You're loyal to what you do, you are loyal to your friends and love but you are loyal to yourself" North declared.

Celina considered this for a moment before giving a smile and then a nod. "Yeah, that makes sense" she said.

"I thought it would've been sacrifice" Bunny said with a little concern.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, no more taking shots for people and putting yourself in danger and no getting into trouble" Jack said firmly. Celina pouted.

"Not fair" she said but Jack stood his ground.

"Nope" he said.

"Hey Tooth, mind if I watch my memories? I need to see what I can use against Jack" Celina said to the Tooth Fairy who nodded in response.

"Of course" she said. Celina then turned back to Jack.

"Okay but if I can't get in trouble, then I won't be on your side" Celina said with a grin. Jack raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean by that?" Jack asked but before he could say another word, a snowball hit him in the face. The kids all burst out laughing at that as did Bunny as he watched Jack wipe the snow away from his face. He looked up to see that Celina had a hand on her hip and one hand raised with a snowball in it.

"Since you won't let me do what I want, I guess I'll have to pelt you with snowballs until you let me" she said simply.

"Oh yeah? Last time I checked, I am the Snowball King here" Jack said but then Celina clicked her fingers and a big snowball appeared in her hand.

"Yeah? Well now the Snowball Queen has come to town" she said, before throwing at Jack and he got hit in the face again.

"Oh man, I really need a camera!" Bunny said with a laugh but then a snowball hit him in the chest.

"You wanna fight Kangaroo?" Jack said with a smirk, making another snowball to throw at him.

"You bet I do!" Bunny replied, making a snowball of his own.

"Snowball fight! Jamie, Pippa, Cupcake, Caleb, Sandy and Bunny you are with me!" Celina said, then creating a snow wall with the flick of her hand. Everyone shrieked in delight and Celina's team all went and hid behind the wall.

"The rest of you with me!" Jack declared, creating a wall of his own so the remainder of the group all went behind that wall. Jack threw a snowball but it missed Celina as she dodged it and then Jamie managed to hit Jack on the shoulder.

"I hit Jack!" Jamie said excitedly, then giving Celina a high five.

"Big mistake kiddo!" Jack said and soon, snowballs were flying back and forth like crazy.


Meanwhile, Pitch had finally managed to crawl out from underneath the net and staggered to his feet. He saw everyone having fun and he scowled. This isn't how it should be! They should all be bowing to him! Surrendering! There was no fear here whatsoever. Looking around, he smiled as he saw some nightmares coming back when they had gotten knocked out of the sky.

"You think you have won?!" he yelled to them, causing them all to turn to look at him. "There will always be fear! I will have my revenge and I will get you!" Pitch said, pointing a finger at Celina who didn't seem that bothered. Pitch only wanted her so he could heal her.

Jack snarled with rage and his staff flared up and he was about to take an angry step towards Pitch when Celina put her arm in front of him. He looked at her in confusion and she shook his head and him and placed her hand on her chest. Jack knew what she meant but he didn't like it as his grip on his staff relaxed. She took a deep breath and took a few steps forward.

"Pitch Black, you have threatened my friends lives and took Jack away from me and forced him to do things that he would not do of free will. I therefore banish you to the Spiritwell Gates where no one will show you kindness or speak any words to you. Maybe then you will see what your actions have done" Celina said, speaking as if she was a ruler and this impressed the Guardians a lot.

"What's the Spiritwell Gates?" Jack asked.

"It's like a prison for spirits. Not easy to escape from since no one knows it location because it changes all the time. It's nothing but a deserted wasteland and hardly anyone is sent there since you have to do something really bad to be sent there" Bunny said, liking the punishment she was giving him but he didn't know how she was going to get him there. Portals weren't able to work in there and if she went along with him to take him there, they probably wouldn't see her again. What was she up to?

"You can't send me there! You wouldn't be able to return! I helped you when you needed it! I thought you were loyal" Pitch spat.

"Oh no he didn't" Jack said, stepping forward again but this time North stopped him.

"Let her finish" he told Jack.

"Indeed I am loyal but those I choose to be loyal too, always remain loyal to me" Celina said wisely.

"I don't care. Attack!" Pitch yelled, the nightmares then reacting and charging at Celina. The kids all edged back and Bunny went for his boomerang but Sandy and Tooth stopped him.

"Look" Tooth whispered.

Then to everyone's amazement, the nightmares had stopped in front of the raven haired girl and were standing next to her as if they were her pets. One of them even nuzzled her hand and she petted it fondly. Pitch looked horrified.

"Seems that you weren't loyal enough to your own nightmares Pitch. Good thing I always relied on them since you tossed them aside like trash" Celina said with a cocky grin.

"Oh that's gotta sting!" Claude said and everyone agreed with him.

"You…y-you horrible, insolent brat!" Pitch shouted in a rage, throwing what little nightmare sand he had left at her. Celina was about to react but a beam of ice cut the sand off and another beam was fired and it hit Pitch square in the chest. The Boogieman screamed as it struck him and it almost made him fall over.

Jack retracted his staff back, the blue fading from his staff. Bunny rolled his eyes at the albino. "Over protective much?" he asked and Jack gave a shrug. He would always be there to protect her, no matter what.

Celina glared at Pitch, who was now backing away and he had a look of fear on his face. She gave him a farewell wave. "See ya and I definitely wouldn't want to be ya" she said, then giving him a two fingered salute. As the last word escaped her mouth, the nightmares all reared and charged at Pitch. The nightmare king yelled out in shock and attempted to run but he was swept up in the swirling nightmare sand vortex.

"I will return!" he screamed and everyone stared in awe as they watched the vortex swirl up into the sky and then vanished just like that. Jack squinted up at the sky but he could not see any sign of Pitch.

"I don't think that will be for a long while" Celina commented.

"I'll say" Jack agreed, coming up to her and slipping his hand into hers.

"Definitely" Bunny agreed.

"So it's over? We won?" Jamie asked.

"I guess we did!" North said happily.

"Alright!" the kids cheered, then dancing around and the snowball fight then began once again. As he had done before, Sandy conjured up some sand and shot it up at the sky where it exploded light fireworks and it rained down on everyone.

As the Guardians, minus Jack went into the snowball fight with the kids, Jack and Celina watched them, still holding hands.

"I don't know about you but I think a vacation is in order. All this saving has tired me out" Celina said cheerfully. Jack smiled at her.

"Yeah, I was thinking of Canada. That's a nice place to relax" Jack said.

"True that" Celina agreed.

"But actually, I have a place that I used to go to. It's in the middle of the Atlantic ocean so it's quite warm and enough shade to prevent me from getting a heatstroke" Jack told her.

"Sweet! Now this is a great end to a great day. Imagine if you were still on an evil rampage" Celina said. Jack smiled and shivered as he recalled her death minutes ago but then he pulled her towards her and held her by the waist with both hands and he pulled her to his chest.

"I don't know about you but I like this ending much better" he told her. Celina grinned as she then wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You said it" she said and a second later, they kissed. It was the first proper kiss they had in 300 years where no pressure was on them. Jack loved the feeling of her lips against his and he felt like the luckiest person ever to have such a beauty of a girlfriend.

Celina felt a surge of happiness fill up inside her and she felt one of her leg lift up so her heel was nearly touching her butt. They both had their eyes shut as they continued to kiss and pretty soon, everyone noticed this.

"Would it kill you two to get a room?" Bunny asked with an eye roll.

"Yeah, what happened to the snow ball fight?" Jamie asked teasingly but the two did not break apart.

"They know we're still here right?" Pippa asked. North nodded with a laugh.

"Yes they do, but they haven't done this in over 300 years so I understand that" North told her, then pulling a globe from his pocket. "Well, I think its time to go home and I suggest you kids get some sleep. I bet Jack will give you loads of fun tomorrow" North said, then looking up at Jack as if expecting an answer but the pair still didn't stop kissing.

"Oh this is ridiculous!" Bunny said.

"Why, you jealous?" Tooth asked.

"No! I wouldn't want to kiss a frozen popsicle" Bunny told her with a shudder.

"Yes, it had been a while so Jack, it is time to come back. Celina is welcome to come" North said, not knowing where else she could go since her home was in Pitch's lair and he didn't feel comfortable with her going back there.

Finally, the pair did remove their lips but didn't break eye contact and Celina was the first to speak. "Fancy somewhere a little more private where we can catch up?" she whispered.

"Yeah, let's pick up your memory box sometime too" Jack replied with a smile. Celina grinned and her eyes flashed pink for a second and then a shimming portal appeared behind them. Jack then handed her his staff which she put into her bottomless small bag on her waist. Jamie was the first one to spot them.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Jamie asked.

"We have some catching up to do so we will leave you to clean up the mess at the Pole" Celina said with a smirk.

"What the… no way, you and Jack made it! He has to clean it! It's one of the responsibilities of a Guardian!" Bunny argued but then remembered that Celina wasn't in her right mind and neither was Jack.

"Yeah, well I'm not a Guardian and for Jack, I say that he is off duty. If you still protest, I will dye your fur pink and tell Sophie to put glitter and bows on you. Any objections?" Celina asked sweetly.

Jack smirked at her proudly and shot a cocky smirk at Bunny who was now pouting. "Well, do you?" Jack asked with the smirk still plastered on his face.

"I guess not but I want you two back before sunrise" Bunny instructed.

"Two hours after sunrise" Jack said.

"Half an hour!" Bunny shot back.

"An hour after and that's my final offer unless you want to be picking thorns out of those kangaroo feet" Celina told him. Bunny scowled and was about to make a comeback until North stepped forward.

"It's a deal. It will give you some time to catch up" North said with a smile.

"Great!" Jack said happily. "Now if you don't mind, we're going to China!" he added. Now North looked shocked as he only thought they were going to the nearby woods and such.

"China? Oh no, you're not going that far" North said folding his arms, revealing his tattooed arms. Jack then had a mischievous grin coming onto his face and without warning, he picked Celina up bridal style and she let out a cry of surprise but then began to laugh and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Guess what North? We are! If you want us, we will be sitting on the Great Wall of China eating egg fried rice and ice cream!" Jack said, then turning and running into the portal at full speed. Bunny attempted to run forward but as soon as the pair had entered it, it vanished and Bunny almost fell over.

The Pooka then huffed in annoyance but the kids and Tooth were giggling like crazy. "Well that happened!" he said with another huff.

"We will have so much fun now! We can tease him and all sorts!" Claude said.

"Ah, now it isn't nice to make fun of people's relationships" Tooth said and Sandy nodded in agreement.

"But I don't get one thing. If she is so loyal then why didn't Man in the Moon make her a guardian like you guys?" Jamie asked.

"That I don't know. Maybe she isn't ready or won't be but it doesn't matter. She is part of our family now and we will look out for her" North said.

"Agreed!" all the kids said together.

"Yeah well, she'd better not be as annoying as Frosty" Bunny said.

"With the spells that girl can do, I'm wouldn't be surprised if you came to the Pole the next day as a fluffy bunny again" North said and everyone burst out laughing at the look Bunny shot at the Cossack.

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