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"Yuffie? What a....uh..Nice...surprise!" Tifa stood dumbfounded in the door way

"Tifa, nice to see you again." Yuffie smirked

"Vincent did you know Yuffie was coming to visit us?" Tifa said between gritted teeth.

"No, he didn't I thought I just come and surprise my dear friend Vince here." Yuffie answered for him, putting his arm around his shoulders.

"Vincent I need to speak to you in the kitchen for a minute." Tifa said through a false smile.

"Okay, I'll be back in a minute Yuffie." he stood up and walked with Tifa to the kitchen.


"Vincent, I had a romantic evening planed and everything." Tifa sighed.

"Oh but Tifa, Yuffie doesn't know about us, and If Cloud were to find out he might be angry with me." Vincent lied

"But we're finished, he knows that!" Tifa exclaimed

"It would be complicated, so we just have to tone it down." he replied.

They walked back into the living room.

"So Yuffie how long do you plan on staying?" Tifa bluntly asked.

Yuffie looked up at Vincent.

"She's staying for a month, maybe a little longer." Vincent answered

Tifa punched him discretely in the ribs.

"well isn't that nice." Tifa groaned to herself.

"Well I'm starving would you make me some lunch?" Yuffie smiled

"Sure, you must have had a tiring journey!" Tifa could see this was going to be less than easy.

"I'd like some to please." Vincent added.

"Well I just did the shopping so I'll get straight to it." with that Tifa left the room.

Vincent came and sat with Yuffie, She held up her hand and they high-Fived.

They sat on the sofa in front of the fire place.

"I like your Kimono, its beautiful." Vincent started.

"Thank you, its been in my family for generations." Yuffie pulled her feet up on to the sofa and turned to face him.

"How are things in Wutai?" Vincent turned to face her.

"Uh, okay I suppose, there has been worst times." Yuffie sighed

Vincent decided to change the subject.

"it's snowing again." He stated.

"Wow, it never snows in Wutai!" Yuffie jumped up and ran to the window

Vincent stood up and went to join her.

"I bet your always out there making snow men, aren't you?" Yuffie joked

"Hehehe," Vincent laughed slightly

"Awwww come on don't deny it, I bet when it snows you jump out your bed in your Jammies and run all the way down stairs and go out and play!" Yuffie teased

"No, I've never made a snow man before." Vincent said as they watched the snow flakes fall.

"really? Well we can't have that." She said taking his hands and pulling him outside.

"Yuffie what are you doing?" Vincent said as he followed her.

"We're going to make a Snowman!" Yuffie giggled.

Vincent laughed slightly, Yuffie was fun.

"Okay, so we have to make two balls, one has to be smaller though."

"alright." he said as he watched her roll the snow.

they soon had the body of their snowman was complete.

Yuffie took to large snowballs in her hand and stuck them on the front of the snow man.

"Look! it's a snow Tifa!" Yuffie exclaimed

Vincent laughed, he picked up some twigs. "These can be its arms."

"yeah, now your getting it!" Yuffie smiled, Vincent was different now to he was in AVALANCHE, maybe he'd got over that Lucrecia bitch.

"I think lunch is ready." Vincent said turning to face the house.

" Good, Be careful the ice is slippery." Yuffie said as she watched Vincent step on the ice.

He fell straight onto his behind.

"Awwww, Poor Vincent." Yuffie mocked as she helped him to his feet.

"oww." He sighed

"Did you hurt your ass?" Yuffie teased.

"It's not funny, come on lunch might be getting cold." He said taking her hand so she wouldn't slip.

Yuffie felt her cheeks flush red. "What's happening?" She thought to herself.

"Are you alright?" Vincent asked noticing her cheeks.

"Yes, I think its the cold." She blushed even more. "Argh my stupid face what's it playing at and why is my heart beating so fast?" she cursed herself.

He let go of her hand when they were in the house, her cheeks returned to normal.

They went through into the dining room/ kitchen.

"Lunch is ready, take a seat." Tifa said.

Vincent sat down next to Tifa. Yuffie sat opposite them.

She happily tucked into the vegetable and beef soup that Tifa had prepared.

the ate in silence until...

"Achoo.." Vincent sneezed

"Have you got a cold? how have you managed that you haven't been anywhere?" Tifa shook her head

Yuffie sniggered.

"What?" Tifa turned to face her.

"We went and played in the snow and he fell on his ass." Yuffie giggled.

"Vincent your soaked, go and change before you get pneumonia or something?" Tifa sighed.

"Achoo." Yuffie sniffled.

"You as well, tut tut."

they both quickly finished their soup and went to change.


Vincent took Yuffie to her room.

"I put your bag on the bed. If you want to use the shower feel free, there is one in the en suite." Vincent explained.

"Thanks, see you in a minute." She said walking into the room.

She pulled the door shut and made her way to the bathroom.

She put on the shower and started to undress.

She stepped under the hot water and started to wash.


Vincent had also decided to take a shower.

He ran his hand through his long shadowy locks.

He almost jumped out of his skin when he felt a hand on his chest.

"Tifa." He sighed

"Hey, with Yuffie here there we won't have a lot of time alone together, we should make the most of it." She whispered.

"You might catch my cold." Vincent protested.

"I don't care." She bluntly replied.

Vincent rolled his eyes and turned round.

"Alright." he gave in, knowing Tifa would not until she got what she wanted.


Yuffie climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her.

She walked into her room. Her bag was indeed on the bed, she opened it and took out a green jumper and a pair of jeans, not really ladylike but she was on vacation.

her hair dried quickly.

She finished dressing and made her way back to the living room.

No one was there. she shrugged at sat down on the sofa in front of the fire.

She had already decided this was her favourite place in the mansion.

she waited for a while but there was no sign of Vincent or Tifa.

She turned her attention to the window. It had stopped snowing and was now pouring down with rain.

Yuffie shivered at the image of it.

Soon she heard footsteps. She twisted round to see who it was.

"Vincent!" She smiled. she felt strangely pleased to see him.

he came and sat with her. "Tifa thought she'd pay me a visit in the shower."

"Oh, next time I'll have to keep an eye on her." Yuffie sighed.

"She is not happy at you being here." Vincent laughed slightly.

"Oh, that's rude of her, I feel so unwanted." Yuffie said aloud

"Hm, I don't care what she wants, you are my guest." Vincent said noticing the disappointment in her voice.

Yuffie smiled, "Yeah, I'm your guest!"

"So where is Tifa?" Yuffie asked.

"She was trying to put up one of her favourite picture's in MY room." Vincent sounded offended.

"Oh what did you say?"

"I said I didn't like it, but that she could put it somewhere else in the mansion." Vincent replied.

Yuffie laughed.

"I like your house Vincent, I don't think it needs any Tifa's pictures anywhere." Yuffie said looking around.

"Thank you, I used to live with Hojo and Lucrecia and the other Turks in here, but now there all gone." Vincent sighed.

Yuffie felt her heart get heavy, Vincent was incredibly cute. A word Yuffie never thought she would use to describe Vincent.

"Were you lonely ?" Yuffie asked shifting nearer to him.

"Yes," Vincent answered quickly.

"I was to, but then you saved me!" Yuffie exclaimed.

"Heh," Vincent half chuckled.

"Oh Chocobo hasn't had any food, do you think we could give him something?" Yuffie suddenly remembered her loyal bird who was still out side.

"Yes, I have some seed and a few hundred greens that I bought for my Chocobo that ran away." Vincent said standing up.

"Awwww, you poor man, even your Chocobo left you." Yuffie thought to herself, she just wanted to run up and hug him.

Vincent came back with some greens and signalled for Yuffie to come outside with him.

The went out into the pouring rain. Yuffie ran and got her Chocobo she pulled him into the front garden. Vincent was standing under the gutter of his stables.

"He can stay in here, its nicer than being in the rain." Vincent said opening the stable door.

Yuffie led her Chocobo in.

Vincent put the greens into the feeding basket and put some extra straw down for the Chocobo to sleep on.

"He'll be fine in here, its nice and warm and should keep him in the dry." Vincent explained.

The bird warked happily, Yuffie removed his bridal and let him snuggle down on the straw. He helped himself to a few greens and went to sleep.

"Come on lets leave him in peace." Yuffie whispered

Vincent nodded in agreement.

Yuffie followed Vincent back into the house.

"Brrrrr." She shivered rubbing her hands together.

Vincent took her hand in his human hand and rubbed it.

Yuffie looked down to hide her blushing cheeks.

"Is that better?" He asked releasing her hand.

"Well yes, thank you." She smiled.


Later that evening the trio were discussing dinner plans.......

"Well I bought a special meal for us." Tifa started.

"Yes, did you buy enough for three." Vincent added.

"Erm, well I didn't know we were expecting a guest, so no. But I thought Yuffie might like to explore Nibelhiem seeing as its her first night." Tifa hinted.

"Oh," Yuffie felt very childish.

"No, she's our guest, Tifa I'm surprised at you!" Vincent protested.

"Well she can make you dinner then!" Tifa shouted.

"Okay." Yuffie answered innocently.

"Well fine if your going to act childish don't bother." Vincent said calmly to Tifa.

"I'm sorry, Look I still have a lot of things to sort out with what's mine at Cloud's house so you should enjoy the food before its ruined." Tifa sat down.

"If she wasn't so nice it would be so much easier to let her down and leave her." Vincent cursed to himself.

They sat uncomfortably in silence for a while.

"So how come you decided to live in the mansion Tifa, Not that I blame you its beautiful." Yuffie said after a while.

"Cloud chucked me out, I had no where else to go so Vincent took me in, he's my hero." Tifa battered her eyelids at him.

"Yes Vincent is good at rescuing people isn't he." Yuffie started to bat her eyelid's knowing it would annoy Tifa.

"Yes well." Tifa shifted closer to him.

Yuffie smiled, although a lot had happened from the time she had last seen Tifa she still enjoyed pestering the irritatingly perfect Tifa Lockhart.

"Well I have a lot of things to sort out and it will take a while so i must depart." Tifa said as she got out of her chair and made her way to the door.

"I'd best see her out, to keep the peace." Vincent whispered to Yuffie.

The Young woman nodded.

"Okay, I'll see you later, I'm going to be quite sometime, I'm sorry about leaving you with Yuffie to cook." Tifa laughed slightly.

"I'm sure I'll be fine." Vincent rolled his eyes.

Tifa lent forward and kissed him quickly.

"Bye." He waved as she ran down the path. The rain had still not ceased.

He walked back into his living room.

He could hear some giggling. His sixth sense was telling him that Yuffie was hiding behind the curtain, The fact he could see her feet had nothing to do with it.

He snuck up on her and grabbed her.

"Ahhh." She screamed with shock.

"You're one crazy individual, you know that!" Vincent laughed as she span round in circles trying to get out of the curtain.

He lifted it up over her head.

"Boo." They said in unison.

It was good to be Yuffie again instead of worrying about her manners and how ladylike she was.


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