Star Trek Enterprise: Xindi Invasion

Captain's Starlog: May 4th, 2153: Three months...that's how long a species called the Xindi have been attacking human colonies. Earth banded together with the Andorians and Vulcans to form a united front after the first joint Human-Vulcan-Andorian colony was established. The Xindi have proven to be difficult opponents, but it is clear that their intent is genocide...

"Bridge to Captain Archer." T'Pol said over the comm.

"Go ahead."

"We're receiving a distress call. It's from a Klingon colony. They say they are under attack from an unknown species."

"Set a course and engage and maximum warp. Hoshi, send a message to Klingon space, inform them that we've intercepted a distress call and are coming to render assistance."

"Aye sir." she replied

Archer felt the ship vibrate slightly as power was routed to the warp engines. He put on a fresh uniform and headed to the bridge.

Archer walked onto the bridge and went over to Lt. Reed. "What's our ETA?" he asked

"About half-an-hour sir." Reed replied

"Go to tactical alert. Can we tell who's attacking the colony?"

"I'm getting vague readings sir, all I can say is that there are definitely ships attacking, I'll know more when we get closer."

Hoshi? any response to our message?"

"Not yet sir. Wait...I've got something, a Captain Bosk of the Klingon cruiser B'Moth, he wants to speak to you."

"On screen."

"Captain Archer I understand you've receive a distress call from our colony?"

"That's right. We're close enough to confirm with our sensors that they are indeed under attack. We're heading there to render whatever assistance we can."

"Very well. I am heading that way also with two more warships. But we're still forty-five minutes out." Bosk replied.

"We'll do what we can and we'll contact you when we know more."

Bosk nodded then cut the channel. "Bridge to Engineering, Trip, get me more power."

"I'm pushing the engines as fast as they'll go Captain. Any more and we risk a core breach."


Half an hour later the Enterprise dropped out of warp near the Klingon colony. They immediately identified the vessels as Xindi. "Mr. Reed, concentrate fire on the Reptilians. Travis, take us in full impulse."

"Aye sir."

The Enterprise swooped in on the attacking Xindi ships. There were six of them. Three Reptilian, three insectoid. A volley of torpedoes disabled a single Reptilian ship despite it's shields. The rest were quick to react. The Reptilians ignored Enterprise and continued firing on the colony. The three insectoid ships concentrated on the Enterprise. The human ship's rear weapons destroyed one and disabled another in ten minutes. Five minutes after that the Enterprise lost weapons. Archer ordered the Enterprise out of the system and contacted Captain Bosk.

"We know who's attacking the colony. They're called the Xindi. They've been attacking Earth, Vulcan and Andorian ships and colonies for the last three months. From the few communications we've had with them we believe they intend to wipe out all life that is not Xindi. In their last attack on a joint human/vulcan/andorian colony, fifty-thousand people were wiped out. Not from orbit but from troops on the ground lining civilians up against walls and shooting them. I imagine they'll do the same thing here albeit with less success. There were six ships attacking the colony we disabled two and destroyed one before we lost weapons and had to withdraw. My engineer estimates that we'll have weapons back by the time you get here."

"You honor us with your assistance Captain Archer. We'll be there soon."

"Archer out."

Some time later the Klingons arrived just as Trip restored weapons. The Enterprise jumped to warp and joined the Klingons in attack formation. A Klingon cruiser, two birds of prey and a human NX-class cruiser dropped out of warp in the middle of the Xindi formation. Two Reptilian ships were immediately destroyed forcing the others to break off their attack. Enterprise targeted the Reptilian ships disabled in their earlier attack and destroyed it. The two birds of prey destroyed the remaining insectoid ships and the Klingon cruiser concentrated on one of the last two Reptilian ships. Disruptor fire flashed from the cruisers guns and destroyed one. The Enterprise quickly joined the cruiser in destroying the other.

Reed slammed his console "Darn Klingons! They stole our kill!" he said.

Archer smiled.

Hoshi facepalmed...

"Status on the colony Mr. Reed." ordered Archer

"I'm detecting scattered groups of Xindi. They appear to be eliminating Klingons wherever they find them. The colony's defense forces are scattered as well, it looks like they're having a hard time cleaning them up."

"Hoshi, open a channel to Bosk." ordered Archer

"Channel open sir."

"Captain Archer, your ship fought well. Our sensors indicate there are several alien troops on the surface attacking the colony." Bosk said

"We've confirmed them as Xindi troops. We're prepared to send down a team of soldiers specifically trained to deal with high-level threats like the Xindi...with your permission of course."

"You honor us again."

"They're heading down now. They'll be under the command of Major Hayes." replied Archer

"Very well. I will met this Major Hayes on the surface." replied Bosk

A day later with Enterprise still in orbit Captain Bosk met with Archer once again.

"Your men fought with great skill and honor...for that I thank you." said Bosk

"You're welcome. I've been in contact with Starfleet Command. They have asked me to invite you to a strategic conference with the Vulcans and Andorians as well as a few other species. Are you interested?"

"I will have to speak with the High Council but considering the results of this attack and your assistance it shouldn't be a problem. These Xindi...are without honor. They murdered innocent Klingon civilians. You will have the support of my house. However the Council should not be far behind.