Working Lunch

I pushed a strand of wayward hair from across my face as I nervously waited to meet the new owner and CEO of SIP. Mr Christian Grey was due to arrive any moment, I could see from my office window an assembly of reporters and television crews amassed at the entrance, only being held inline by building security. I couldn't understand the big deal really, I had seen news reports about him, and he was obviously handsome but probably arrogant. His wealth was rumoured to be billions. Not that I paid too much attention to news stories or magazine articles, as I had learned from my flatmate and best friend Kate who was a fantastic journalist, many shoddy reporters would pay for information regardless of whether it's based on fact or fiction and print it without care for the consequences.

The camera flashes drew my attention back to the window, they must have almost blinded the poor souls getting out of the awesome looking Audi A8 and by the sudden explosion of sound from all of the reporters below asking for a statement or comment, Mr Grey had arrived.

I straightened my skirt, checked my hair and makeup in the mirror. I hoped that my appearance was professional but not too stuffy. I wanted to make a good impression; after all I would be working directly with him as he had decided to make this his permanent office. The bell of the elevator chimed announcing his arrival on the 20thfloor. I felt butterflies in my stomach, which was unusual as I am a confident and prepared individual but even I couldn't help being affected by the beauty that is Christian Grey.

He stepped through the elevator doors and took my breath away. Oh my! The magazine photos didn't do him justice. He is just so polished, not a thing out of place. He signals to two burly but not unpleasant, what I assume to be, bodyguards to hang back whilst he makes his introductions. My heart was beating fast, my hands clasped together, I was breathing hard and I was certain that I was blushing as he approached me.

"Good Morning Miss Steele" he said as he reached out his hand to shake.

"G... Good M.. morning Mr Grey". Oh get a grip Ana; he is going to think you are an idiot if you carry on that way.

"Are you alright Miss Steele?" he asked.

"Yes Mr Grey, where would you like to start?" I replied quickly hoping to detract from my earlier stumble.

"Lunch I think" he answered looking at his watch. Lunch, did I hear him right?

"Oh I assumed you would want to review the accounts, meet the staff and settle into your office", I almost whispered to him.

"True however I find my concentration much better on a full stomach, besides it gives me a chance to get to know the second in command", He looked at me with blazing eyes and a smile.

I can feel the colour rising in my face again and I have to glance away so he can't see my embarrassment.

"I will get Sophia to order in from the local deli, what would you like Mr Grey?" I mumble.

"I prefer to dine outside of the office if you don't mind Miss Steele? I find eating in very unpalatable."

"Of course Mr Grey" I agreed

I pick up my jacket and handbag and walk across to Sophia's desk, "Mr Grey and I are having a working lunch at Angelo's but I have my mobile if you need me", Her eyebrows shoot up in surprise, I have never had a "working lunch" with anyone before and I catch a small smile on her face, I try to look unfazed but can't help but let a small smile slip onto my lips. It's not like anything is gonna happen on a lunch break!

We walk to the elevator together, followed by his security and I press the button. I take the opportunity to glance at Mr Grey, his bone structure is exquisite and he is groomed to perfection then I realise he is watching me, I turn away blushing furiously. I can't believe he caught me staring at him! However when I turn back he has a wry smile on his face, thank goodness I didn't upset him on our first meeting. The elevator arrives and we all step in, the doors close and we start to go down.

"I hope the press intrusion doesn't upset you, they can be pretty insistent at times and the reason I have a security detail with me. Taylor, Sawyer this is Miss Steele" he indicates.

They both turn slightly and nod "pleasure to meet you ma'am" and then return to facing the elevator doors without giving me chance to respond.

The bell marks our arrival at reception, the doors open and we all step out. I can see a large group of press outside craning to get a glimpse of anything news worthy and I realise Sawyer is no longer with us.

"He has gone to fetch the car around front" he said as if reading my mind. A moment later Taylor gets a nod and we move towards the car, Sawyer there already with the door open as we scramble through the press gauntlet to climb into the back seat.

"Phew, how do you deal with that all the time" I ask him.

"You get used to it and most of the press guys know the boundaries I have when it comes to privacy, interviews and photo's" he responds. "If that doesn't work, I usually end by buying the company and liquidating its parts for profit."

He instructs Sawyer to drive to Angelo's restaurant a few streets over. I would have walked but with the press I understand why that isn't an option for him. We arrive a short while later and appear to have escaped the following reporters; nonetheless we hurry inside just in case.

"Ah Mr Grey, such a pleasure to see you again, I have your usual table waiting sir." Angelo the MaƮtre de of the restaurant indicates.

"Miss Steele, lovely to see you" Angelo reaches for my hand and lightly kisses the top. I blush again and I see a small shadow flick across Mr Greys face.

"Do you dine here often Mr Grey?" I ask, "Angelo seems to know you well?"

"Yes Miss Steele, I own Angelo's" he shares.

We are seated and Angelo proffers a bottle of 1966 Dom Perignon and Christian nods. He runs through the specials of the day and leaves us to decide. I am aware that Christian is looking directly at me; I catch his eye and smile. He raises his glass in a toast to new beginnings and success. We place our order and I feel very conscious that in the time spent together already we have not discussed anything about SIP.

"I have the staffing figures and details of existing accounts for you to look at, I have highlighted" but he stops me mid-sentence,

"Miss Steele or can I call you Anastasia? Much as the workings of my new company interest me, you are incredibly fascinating and want to get to know you better" he proposes.

I splutter on a sip of wine, nearly choking and not sure how to reply.

"Err Ana is fine" I say not sure how to respond to the second part of his proposal.

He reaches across and delicately runs his finger over the top of my hand, I can feel a tightening down below and I let out an involuntary gasp as the electricity crackles around us. How can someone you have just met have this effect on you I wonder, as a feeling of wetness develops between my legs.

"Mr Grey" I pant.

"Please call me Christian" he replies, his eyes sparkling and dancing as if he knows the effect he is having on me.

"We are supposed to be talking business" I shakily remind him ever aware that my face is flushing again.

"All in good time Ana" he responds. I melt at the way he says 'Ana', sultry and romantic, my knees start to shake when I feel a smooth hand resting on my thigh, and I practically leap up from the table in surprise but find myself enjoying the sensation coursing through my core.

"B...but Mr err Christian" oh my goodness his hands are moving stealthily stroking my inner thigh and moving towards my hot wet core, caressing and teasing as he goes. His eyes are dark and swarthy, needy and focussed on my face, gauging my reaction to his every touch. I find myself biting down on my lower lip to quiet a moan that is escaping and shocked at myself for allowing this man, my boss, to touch me like no other has done in a long time. I see him looking at me, assessing my reaction to his caresses; I focus on his eyes and give a small nod as permission to continue.

My head is screams what are you doing? My body is saying yes please! Just at that moment the waiter arrives with our meal, giving me chance to regroup and figure out what the hell is happening here. I fall silent and begin to eat my food and although I should be utterly starving I realise I am not hungry for food but for the man who has reignited such wanton and lustful feelings within me. I take another sip of wine to try and calm myself but it doesn't help.

Christian is looking at me intensely as if trying to read my thoughts, he gets up, putting his napkin on the table, takes a sip of wine and comes to sit next to me in the private booth. I realise we are in a private area, his security must be outside waiting and the waiter is nowhere to be seen. He leans forward and puts his lips to mine, softly parting my lips and tenderly using his tongue to explore. I am on fire, his hand caresses my cheek and he slowly runs his hand down over my breast, tweaking my already hard nipple.

"Oh Ana, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, so perfect so young and vibrant" he whispers into my ear.

I gasp, no one has ever spoken to me like that before and I am ready to explode.

"Oh Christian" I pant.

I begin to undo his tie and shirt buttons as he lifts my blouse over my head

"No!" I exclaim what if someone comes in?'

"Don't worry, they won't" he reassures.

We continue to seductively undress each other, until we are both down to our under wear. I am thankful that I decided to put on my new set of Guia La Bruna bra and panties, stockings and suspenders. I see his eyes widen with lust as he sees what I am wearing and I glance down to the massive bulge in his boxers and almost choke.

He pulls me into his lap and I can feel his erection taunting my swollen flesh and I yearn for release. I can feel his breathing increasing as I caress his face and chest, teasing and flicking each nipple and moaning as my tongue explores. He tears my panties off with a swift tug and in one fluid movement guides me onto his shaft, I cry out in pain and pleasure, he feels exquisite inside of me and I know that I won't hold out for much longer. We move together and I feel my release building until my insides clench and I explode around him. Moments later he follows with his release and we stay wrapped around each other until we can speak again.

We slowly get dressed in silence, the food has gone cold and looks unappetizing but I really couldn't care. Wow, who would believe what had just happened? I smile at Christian and get rewarded with a smile in return, he points to the restroom so I can freshen up before going back to the office.

After saying our goodbyes to Angelo we head back to the office, through the press and back into the building. The lift deposits us back at level 20 and Sophia is at her desk.

"A good meeting I hope Miss Steele" Sophia asks.

"Very informative thank you Sophia" I reply.

Who knew that could happen on a lunch break?


A/N: Please be gentle. I have not been reading FF for long and this is my first attempt at FF let alone a Lemon.