"Ana! What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Mia rushes over and puts her arms around my shoulders.

"It's ok Mia, he is awake!" I manage to say in between snivels.

"Oh my goodness" she rushes past me into Christian's room and see her hug Grace and Carrick before wiping away her own tears.

Carrick comes to the door and signals for me to come back in.

"He is asking for you Ana" he smiles.

"Grace, how shall I answer his questions?" I say in a low voice.

"I think answering truthfully is best but if you see him getting upset then back away from that topic" she advises me.

I gulp "Ok"

"Hey baby, where did you go?" Christian says as I walk toward him.

"Just out there, I thought you might want to have a moment with them" I smile.

"I want you here baby" he grasps my hand "How are you? You have lost weight baby, that's not good for you or the babies"

Oh boy that didn't take long; I glance at Grace who nods her head.

"Oh I am fine and so are the babies, well in fact Christian whilst you have been in here you have become a Daddy" I probably could have worded it better but my head is all over the place.

"What do you mean?" he looks concerned.

"Max and Melissa are here, I went into labour after the shooting and the doctors couldn't stop me progressing and I had them" I feel extremely nervous waiting for his reaction.

"You have had them!?" his voice raises.

"Calm yourself son, they are both absolutely fine" Grace chip's in "Ana did beautifully and is coping just fine"

"But they are early, are you sure they are ok Mom?" his voice is sounding frantic.

"Christian, if you do not calm down I will have to sedate you again!" Grace means business "Now take a deep breath and listen to what you are being told"

I see him inhale, close his eyes for a moment, turns his head toward me, opens his eyes and exhales.

"Sorry, my head is a mess" he starts

"Its ok honey, a lot has happened in the last week or so and there is much to take in" I speak in a soothing voice.

"I want to know everything Ana, from start to finish. Mom, Dad, Mia can you give us some time together?" he asks.

"Of course" Grace answers "but if you get agitated again I will stop the conversation. Do you understand Christian?"

He nods; I don't think he really has the strength to do much anyway.

"Ana, I will be outside the door, just signal if you need me, I will also warn you he may fall asleep again in a short while, he will tire very quickly. I nod in acceptance of what she has said and Grace leaves the room.

"Where do you want me to start Christian?" I tentatively ask.

"At the beginning, the last thing I remember is seeing Taylor diving in front of me after I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen" he says.

"I saw Taylor fall but I didn't realise what was happening, Sawyer pushed me backward into the lobby, a bullet grazed him but he was not badly injured and then I saw you on the ground too. Taylor took a bullet to the shoulder, he has had surgery and is now receiving physiotherapy" I pause and look at Christian who is focused on me and what I am saying.

"Who shot us Ana?" he is too the point as usual.

"Are you sure you are up to this Christian?" I whisper.

"Tell me!" he shouts

I see Grace stand up but I raise my hand to stop her coming in.

"I will not tell you anymore unless you stay calm, ok?" I sound like Grace now but it is important for him to stay calm.

"Ok, Ok, sorry, please continue" he looks sheepish but takes another deep breath.

"It was Elena" I wait for the explosion from him, his eyes betray the real inner turmoil going on, I can see the anger, disgust and building fury.

"That bitch, that evil whore, I'm going to kill her when I get out of here" he raises his voice.

"She is dead Christian, she was shot by a CPD officer at the scene" I wait for his reaction.

"Oh" is all he says before closing his eyes and sleeping again.

I signal to Grace to come in and she checks his vitals again.

"Where did you get to Ana?" she asks.

"I told him Elena was dead and he fell back asleep" I sound concerned.

"That's actually good Ana, his body is not allowing him to take in any more information than he can cope with, self-preservation" she tells me and I feel a little more reassured.

Carrick's head appears around the door, "Ana, Max needs you"

"Thank you Carrick" I walk out to see what he is fussing about, I think he is hungry.

"Grace, is it alright if I feed Max in the comfy chair next to Christian?" I ask.

"Of course Ana" she moves the chair around so I can see Christian.

I settle into the chair and Max is quietly feeding, I relax back and close my eyes for a moment.

"Ana? What are you doing?" a croaky voice stirs me from my temporary slumber.

"Christian, I would like you to meet your son" I hope he is ready for this.

"That's him?" he looks frightened

"Yes, do you want to hold him?" I smile as he nods

"I need to sit up a bit though" he says.

I signal for Grace to come in "Ah, you're awake again and I see you have met your rather handsome son"

He smiles "Can you sit me up so I can hold him please Mom?"

Grace picks up the bed controls and raises the back up a little but stops when he grimaces "Where is that sore son?" Grace asks.

"My abdomen is really sore" he groans a little.

"Take it easy son; you have suffered a huge trauma to multiple areas of your body and it will take time to heal" Grace tells him.

"What do you mean multiple areas?" he asks tersely.

"Christian!" Grace scolds "Care with your tone, pain or no pain you will be told everything in good time, now I suggest you hold your son and enjoy that feeling"

He quietly snorts at his Mom's words; she winks at me as she turns to leave the room.

"Here you go Max, it's your Daddy, I told you he would want to say hello" I say to Max as if he knows what I am saying. I lay him gently in Christian's arms and see his face just melt when he looks into his sons eyes for the first time.

"Oh my god Ana, he is so handsome, is he really ours?"

I smile "Yes he is"

"Where is Melissa? I want to see her too" he is getting anxious.

"She is still in the Nicu but doing really well. You can see her soon" I say brightly.

"Take him Ana, quickly and lower the bed again" I hastily wave for Grace who detects my urgency and comes in.

"So sore Mom, lower me down please" Grace instantly lower the bed and he seems more comfortable.

"Christian, you have a morphine drip control here" she shows him the button control "Press once for an immediate bolus and you can repeat again every 4 hours"

Grace has pushed the button and I can see the tension in his face ease before he falls asleep again.

"I would go home Ana, get some rest and continue again tomorrow. I think he has had all he can take for today" Grace kisses Max wishing him a good night "Are you seeing Melissa before you go?"

"Yes, feeding and expressing needed and then I need to say goodbye to my Mom, she is flying back home later tonight" I tell Grace.

"Try and rest though Ana, I can't stress that enough" Grace looks anxious.

"I promise I will try" I smile.

Walking back to the Nicu I reflect on my feelings from today. Totally overwhelming mixture of happiness, apprehension and concern for the immediate future because I know Christian is going to be the grumpiest patient ever! I feel hopeful though, with Grace and Carrick to help, that I won't have to bear the brunt of it alone, which is a huge relief.

To my surprise, Mom is already holding Melissa when I get there.


"Hello Ana, I just wanted a last cuddle with my grandchildren before I go home" she tells me.

"Sure, what time is your flight so I can arrange for Peters to drive you there?"

"Oh don't worry Ana, I have booked a cab, I figured you would need to take Max home with Peters" she says.

"Only if you are sure Mom"

"Of course Ana"

"Christian has come around today, he remembers me and I told him about Max and Melissa" I tell her.

"I know, I asked Grace earlier when I was over there how he was doing and it's such great news. I know he has some recuperation to go through but I think he is past the worst now and well on the road to recovery"

Ok, I still can't figure out what has changed my Mom, not that I am complaining but I feel scared of letting my guard down and embracing this new person just in case it's temporary. I shake my head and know that I have to focus on the here and now, my Moms change of …err…well attitude is great while it lasts.

"Hey Ana, good news about your husband" Diane the nicu nurse comes over.

"It's fantastic, I told him about the twins and a few other things but it was all a bit too much so we will have to take things slowly" I tell her.

"Very sensible Ana, now, Melissa, she should be able to go home tomorrow providing she gets the green light from the doctor" she beams.

"Really? That's great, oh my, I am excited" I extoll.

"Come by as soon as you get here tomorrow and we will get her discharged" Diane advises.

"That will be great, Christian will be able to meet his daughter too" I beam.

"My cab will be waiting Ana so I will say goodbye and remember I am only a phone call away" Mom hugs me so tight.

"Thanks Mom, I might take you up on that" I laugh.

She leans in to kiss Melissa and then Max

"Until next time my sweet grandbabies" I swear I see her wipe away a tear as she leaves the room.

"I think your Mom's bark is worse than her bite" Diane comments.

"Hmm, I might sound cynical and I hope I am wrong but she isn't normally like this" I admit.

A yawn escapes me, Diane picks up Max, hands him over to Peters who I hadn't realized was waiting outside for me and we go home.

Gail is waiting when I get home and to my surprise, Taylor is sitting at the kitchen table.

"Taylor!" I exclaim loudly before going over to him and hugging him tightly "How are you?"

"I am doing better Miss Stee..sorry Mrs Grey"

"I am so glad and thank you Taylor, Thank you for saving us" I say with tears welling up.

Taylor looks embarrassed but I think my hormones are all over the place and I can't stop sobbing.

"All part of the service Ma'am" he says seriously but I let a laugh out between the tears.

"Oh Taylor, please call me Ana and you are more than security, you are part of the family" I throw my arms around him and hug until hear him groan "Oh Taylor I didn't mean to hurt you"

"It's alright Ana, just a little sore still" he tells me and as if to divert my attention, Max starts yelling so I say my goodnights and go to the bedroom.

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