A Mr Grumpy pants is in full flow this morning, everything is 'it's too early' to 'you have to do that again!' Oh boy, bad mood doesn't begin to describe Christian this morning.

"I want to go home right now Ana! I don't care what it takes I want out" he yells.

"Oh Christian, stop acting like a petulant child, the staff are here to help you, ok so they woke you to take some vitals but it's not like you have anywhere else to be today so go back to sleep and stop moaning!" I bristle; I don't usually raise my voice and Christian looks a bit taken a back at my tone of voice.

"I'm sorry baby, I just don't like being here, being prodded and poked about, tubes sticking out of me, the antibiotics are making me feel like shit, the bed is uncomfortable and you are not lying next to me" his tone softens.

"I haven't had much sleep either and I agree it's not the same as our own bed but needs must, we have to get you better" I reply.

He drifts off to sleep so I tidy myself up, brush my teeth and hair, eat the breakfast Gail so kindly provided and go for a walk outside just to stretch my legs.

Flash flash, I am momentarily blinded by bright lights and it takes me a while to realise that the press has gathered outside. My first thought is at least I brushed my hair and I hope I don't have breakfast all around my mouth but then when the intrusive questions start to come, my thoughts turn to how did they know we were here?…

"Mrs Grey, what happened? Has Mr Grey had a relapse?"

"How long is he staying for?"

"What's wrong with your husband?"

"Is it relating to his gunshot wounds?"

The questions just keep coming and I am standing there like a plank not really knowing what I should do.

"No questions will be answered today; a statement will be released later this afternoon. Thank you" I hear Taylors voice.

I turn to see his face, serious and unwavering in his comments, he takes my arm and escorts me back inside promptly.

"Are you ok Mrs Grey" he asks.

"Yes, thank you for rescuing me Taylor but how did they know we were here?" I feel uneasy.

"I don't know Mrs Grey, a member of the hospital staff, someone saw the cars last night and took a lucky guess, who knows but Mr Grey will be unhappy about this" he looks annoyed "and he doesn't need any added stress right now"

"Is Christian still asleep?" I ask

"He was when I left to find you Mrs Grey" Taylor responds.

"Will you come to the canteen while I get a coffee?"

"Of course Mrs Grey" we walk the few corridors to the canteen, order and sit down for a while.

"Taylor, can I ask you a question and I would really like your honest opinion"

"Go ahead" he looks worried.

"What do you think of Niamh?"

"I have only seen her twice so I have not had much interaction with her" he says "can I ask why you are asking?"

"Oh I just feel uneasy sometimes, I think it is because I am used to Gail and the way she does everything, Niamh is quiet and she gets on with things but I don't know" I say.

"I know Gail feels a little uneasy too but that is just a role change, watching someone else do what you used to do and probably not doing things the same way either. She is young and my impression is she is immature but that doesn't make her a bad person and her background check was fine"

"Thank you Taylor, I was just wondering" I sip the last of my coffee and decide to head back to Christian.

Taylor is with me but stays outside the room when I enter. Christian glances up and smiles.

"Hey baby, where did you go?"

"Fresh air and a leg stretch" I reply smiling.

"Can you flick the television on babes, I am seriously bored"

I find the remote and turn it on, of course the first thing that comes up is a picture of Christian looking mighty fine in a tuxedo with the headline 'Seattle's billionaire Christian Grey back in hospital'

"What the fuck!" he yells.

"Ignore it" I say tentatively.

"How the fuck did they find out?" just at that moment a picture of me standing outside the hospital thirty minutes ago flashes up 'Ana Grey holds vigil at husbands bedside'

"I'm dying now!" he booms "Taylor!"

Taylor rushes in "Yes Mr Grey"

"Sort this bunch of loser's out with a statement; I'm not dying for fuck sake" he growls.

"Yes sir" and he disappears.

Approximately 2 hours later he returns with a statement prepared by him and approved by legal. Christian spends a few moments reading over it before giving his approval.

"Go tell them this and then tell them to fuck off"

"Christian! Enough with the swearing, they have a job to do" I scold him.

We are interrupted by the nurse needing to draw some more blood and a porter to take him to x-ray. I stay in his room, flicking through the channels aimlessly looking for something to pass the time but end up back on the news channel. After an hour, Christian is wheeled back into the room and just in time to see Taylor deliver the prepared statement…

"Good afternoon, this will be the only statement released at this time. Mr Grey was admitted last night for a chest infection. Due to the previous injury sustained this is a precautionary measure and he is expected to be discharged within the next 24 hours. Once again we ask that the Grey family privacy is respected at this time. Thank you"

Perfect, I think to myself and Christian seems satisfied.

The thoracic registrar knocks…

"Hello Mr and Mrs Grey, I have your blood and x-ray results and things are looking a little better, your chest has cleared a little and the white cell count is down a fraction so we're going in the right direction, I do think however it would be beneficial for you to stay resting for another night" he puts his hand up "I know you don't want to be here but absolute rest is what is required and we can continue with the i/v antibiotics" he smiles a semi desperate smile, I think hoping Christian won't kick up a fuss.

"Thank you Doctor" Christian says with a smile, well my jaw almost hit the floor; I wait for the relieved looking doctor to go…

"That was a calm reaction, I thought you were going to bite his head off" I say with a giggle.

"What's the point? I would only have the Grey family Mafia berating me again so I admit defeat and I am going to take my medicine like a good boy. If you giggle again like that though I will take action to relieve the horniness it provokes Mrs Grey"

I look and see the hospital sheet is tenting but I can't stop myself giggling again, he grabs my arm and pulls me on to the bed, kissing me and laughing.

"Christian, you are supposed to be poorly" I say

"I am but you are the best medicine I can have" he compliments.

We settle down next to each other for cuddles and end up falling asleep. A nurse wakes us up about 2 hours later for more obs and Christian is feeling hungry, which is a good sign.

"I could eat a horse, figuratively of course" Christian states "but not this hospital stuff, I need proper food"

"What can I get you then?"

"I know you will disapprove but I really fancy a burger from Shake Shack" a big smile crosses his face.

"You never eat burgers Christian" I say surprised by his choice.

"Must be the medication" he chuckles.

"I will ask Taylor to sneak out for you" I walk to the door and give Taylor the order. He returns about twenty minutes later, the smell emanating from the bag is mouth-watering and Taylor has been a star and got me something too.

The nurse comes in and I see a frown cross her face but the challenging look from Christian is enough for her to ignore a slight break in protocol. The satisfied look on Christians face after he finishes makes me laugh.

"Ana baby, I want you to go home tonight and stay with the children, get some proper rest" Christian says

"I don't want to leave you alone though"

"I will be fine, I don't like Max and Melissa not seeing at least one of us every day, and I know it sounds silly" he looks embarrassed for what he has just said.

"It's not silly, I miss them like crazy too" I state "I know they will be ok with Gail so I want to stay, hopefully you will go home tomorrow"

"But I…" he starts

"But no argument, I stay"

The night passes quietly and with no drama, the doctor is happy for Christian to go home so as quickly as we arrived, Taylor escorts us to home sweet home and back to our babies.

Christian is on strict rest but for his and my own sanity I allow him 2 hours in the office a day otherwise he gets grouchy, fidgety and irritable.

Elliot is due to collect Kate and Ashleigh this evening, Kate looks like a new person with a few days of rest and a happier baby but she knows she can call on us anytime. The rest of the day is spent chilling with Kate, chatting, laughing and being with our children. Niamh has put on a lovely dinner and Elliot arrives just in time for us all to sit together to eat. Elliot visibly relaxes when he sees Kate laughing and happy but all too soon the time comes for them to leave. I hug Kate and whisper that she can call anytime for anything and I whisper the same to Elliot, after all I think Fathers get forgotten sometimes, they have stress and worries however most of the focus is on the Mothers and Babies.

When they have left Christian goes to bed, he looks tired so I sort the twins and follow suit.

He looks much brighter the next morning, Grace phones to enquire after his health and then tells Christian to hand the phone to me to get the true version. I have to chuckle as Grace can read her son like a book. Once she is satisfied with my 'report' she tells me that gramps is still not doing so good and that if at all possible we should come over for a day or two for us all to spend some time with them and soon.

Christian agrees that perhaps in a couple of days we can go providing he is good at his check-up, it gives me a few days to pack a few bits for everyone.

I tell Gail of our plans and joke that she has a couple of days off but also ask for her to keep an eye on Niamh.

Christians check-up is good although the doctor has extended his antibiotics for another five days to make sure it has really knocked it on the head so we leave for Grace and Carrick's later that morning.

It's a beautiful drive, the sun is shining, traffic is light and it feels like we are going on holiday except that in the back of our minds is the realisation that Gramps is very poorly. The twins travelled really well and we arrive a little after 1pm, lunch is waiting and Mia is beside herself to see us all. Nanna and Gramps are already there. I watch Christian converse with Gramps, they have the upmost respect and love for each other; it shows in the way they talk and the looks between them. It's lovely to see this and comforting to know the bond they have. Nanna is fussing over the twins, Grace helps take Max out of his car seat; she gently places him in Nanna's arms and she rocks him whilst singing a lullaby I haven't heard before.

"She sang that same lullaby to all three of mine when they were babies" Grace tells me "It always worked for soothing them when she sang it but if I tried it they never responded" she smiles.

Mia is holding Melissa, cooing and rocking away and Melissa loves it.

I glance around at my family and once again realise how lucky I am.

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