Jack didn't see the Doctor awake over the next couple of days. He was asleep by the time Jack went to bed and was gone when he woke up in the morning. Jack figured he was hiding on the TARDIS but when he went into the console room to find him the Doctor wasn't there and the TARDIS refused to tell him where the Doctor was hiding. He spent his days working and he removed the chains that he had placed on the TARDIS. He placed a new one on the handbrake though. He didn't think the Time Lord would try to leave while he was still blind but he couldn't be sure.

He wanted to apologize to the Doctor. The Doctor had been in unimaginable pain and had almost died on them several times. He realized he had no right to be angry the Doctor wanted to end it on his terms when there was no hope. But it tore him up inside to realize how close he had been to losing the man he loved. He had come close to going through all the Doctor's pockets when he realized he still carried a vial of aspirin. But he didn't do it. Instead he kept the coat up in his office.

Jack moaned in his sleep and tried to roll over as something warm covered his groin. Firm hands held him in place and the pleasure intensified. He opened his eyes to see brown eyes watching him. He groaned again.

"Doctor," he tried to warn him as he was quickly brought to climax. The Doctor lifted his head and smiled at Jack.

"Now that you're awake. I've made breakfast." He said happily. Jack noticed the Doctor's glasses were on his nose again and he grabbed the Doctor's arm as he tried to scramble off the bed.

"Can you see?" he asked the Doctor.

"Yep. My vision started to come back a couple of days ago. Today has been the first day where my thinking glasses help." He grinned broadly.

"You didn't tell us."

"I was trying to find a way to show you. In fact come on." He grabbed Jack's hand and pulled him out of their room. Jack was led naked across the hub and into the TARDIS. Once in the corridors the Doctor turned and opened a door. Inside was a bedroom Jack had never seen before.

"It's ours." The Doctor told him. "For when you travel with me. I may not be as fast as I was. I will probably also need the glasses for the rest of the time I am in this body but I am alive. Thanks to you and Martha I am alive. Now get dressed and meet me in the console room."

He waited impatiently for Jack to dress and return to him. Jack watched the Doctor dancing around the controls pressing buttons and setting levers. He noticed Jack in the doorway and smiled at him. Jack came up and while the Doctor watched eagerly he removed the chain on the handbrake.

The Doctor stroked the TARDIS controls before he pulled the lever to send them into the the vortex.

"So where are we going this time." Jack asked coming up behind the Doctor and wrapping his arms around him. He rested his chin on the Doctor's shoulder as he looked at the monitor.

"Calderon Beta and if we look up at exactly 12:01 we will see more stars then anywhere else in the entire universe. I want to see the stars again Jack and there is no one else I can think of that I want to see them with."