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By the way, since so far GumLee is winning, I'm going to put a bit of bromance between them in this chapter. Nothing major, since that's not the official pairing. Also, in regular Adventure Time, Ice King actually wants to be friends with Finn and Jake, yet in the gender bent version, Ice Queen seems as if she hates Fionna. I don't like it, since the rest of them seem to stay in character (besides Marshall liking Fi, since Marcy doesn't like Finn) so if you notice Ice Queen is a bit nicer, it's on purpose.

. . . . .

Marshall yawned as he awoke, sitting up and stretching his arms above his head. He got up off the ground while he glanced around, confused as to where he was. Suddenly, he heard someone groan behind him, causing the Vampire King to twirl around and hiss. Gumball squeaked as there was suddenly an extremely angry vampire in his face. Marshall immediately calmed down as the events from earlier replayed through his mind.

"Heh, sorry about that, GumGum. Didn't mean to scare you," he apologized with a smirk, pushing his hair out of his eyes. The Candy Prince bristled at that.

"I wasn't scared.! You just . . . startled me," he mumbled, his already pink cheeks turning an even darker shade of pink.

"Haha, sure, sure," Marshall Lee snickered. "By the way, nice squeaky-toy impression. It was spot on," he smirked as the prince began sputtering indignantly, his face now a light red. The immortal and the prince both quieted down as the others began to stir, groaning and looking around blearily.

"Where . . . " Fionna began. "Where are we.? Last thing I remember we were at Marshall's house," she mumbled as she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

"Yeah, that's the last thing I remember, too," Cake yawned and stretched, smacking her lips together as she took in their surroundings. "Gah.! What's Ice Queen doing here.?!" She screeched, hissing at the confused queen and jumping on Fi's shoulder.

"Whoa, where are we.?" She gaped in confusion. Marshall sighed in annoyance. How clueless are these people, he wondered idly.

"Okay, listen up, 'cause I'm only explaining this once. We're in my memories. Got it.? We were all in my house and Cake spilled magic dust on us all, which I use to return here. Any questions.?" He pinched the bridge of his nose, exhaling loudly as Fionna began waving her hand around wildly, nearly smacking poor Gumball in the face. "It was rhetorical, Fi. But go ahead."

"Why return to your memories.? Is there something you forgot that you need to remember.?" She asked, cocking her head to the side in confusion. The others began voicing their agreement to the hero's question, nodding their heads as they awaited the King's answer.

"No, that's, well I . . . " Marshall stumbled over his words as he tried to explain it in a way the others would understand, without giving anything away. He sighed and shook his head angrily. "Look, it doesn't matter. There's just something I had to see, okay.? Let's leave it at that," he growled as he glared at the group, causing Ice Queen, who was about to question Marshall, to snap her mouth shut.

He waved towards his group of misfit friends, motioning them to follow him as he floated away. "C'mon, guys. Let's go. The sooner we get to the memory I wanted to see, the sooner we can leave. This memory world is super jacked up, though, so be careful. Don't need anyone getting lost," he warned them cautiously. "And don't look at any of my memories either.! Just look straight ahead and follow me."

"But why.? Is there something you don't want us to see, Marshall.?" Gumball asked, cocking his head to the side in confusion. "If there's something that you don't want to see then why risk coming back here to see the other thing.? Is it really worth it.?"

"Look, that's enough questions, alright.?! It doesn't matter why I came back, or why I don't want you all to see my memories.! None of you were even supposed to fucking be here, so none of you have the glob damn right to question me.!" The Vampire King panted as he tried to catch his breath, seething with rage. "None of you were supposed to be here . . . So just, do me a favor.? Don't, under any circumstances, look at any memories unless I tell you to, alright.?" He pleaded, giving his friends his best puppy dog eyes.

Gumball felt guilty for causing Marshall Lee to become angry like that, so he immediately nodded to the King's request. Out of the corner of his eye, the prince of the Candy Kingdom saw the Ice Queen nod, with Fionna and Cake nodding as well.

"Marshall Lee.? I apologize for upsetting you, but it is as you said; we're not supposed to be here. So don't you think we at least deserve a little better explanation than what you gave us.?" He asked kindly, awaiting his answer with a hopeful smile towards the Vampire King.

Marshall inhaled slowly, trying to calm his frazzled nerves before answering the pink prince. "Very well. My childhood is not one of which I wish to share with you all, so I don't want you guys to look at my memories. I tend to avoid them when I come back, which is yearly. I look for a certain memory of me and Simone when I was young. Anything I left out.?" He asked with a huff, crossing his muscular arms over his chest.

"Who the heck is Simone.?" Ice Queen asked, raising a long eyebrow in confusion.

Marshall Lee gaped in astonishment. "Wha-you don't even-GAH.! You're Simone.!" He growled angrily, shaking the frozen queen by her shoulders.

"You knew Ice Queen when you were a kid.?!" Fionna screeched. "Why didn't you ever say anything.?!" The poor blonde girl's mind was blown, she just couldn't wrap her mind around her friend and her enemy being companions.

"Well, I-" Marshall started before being cut off by Ice Queen.

"Wait a minute, my name is what-mone.?"

"Your name is-"

"Marshall Lee, why didn't you ever tell us.?" Gumball asked, once again cutting the vampire off.

"I didn't think-"

"I think he's hidin' something. Mhm, look at his face. Secrets."

"Would you all just shut the fuck up.?! Glob, it's like talking to a bunch of children.! Yes, Fi, I knew her as a child. She helped me through some tough times. Ice Queen, your name is Simone. I never told you, GumGum, because it's none of your business, if you ask me. And Cake, of course I'm hiding things. What about you, kitty, someone know all your little secrets.?" He hissed at the magical cat, scoffing when she shrunk back in fear. "Yeah, didn't fucking think so. You have things you don't want anyone to know, and so do I, so leave it at that. All of you need to learn when to leave well enough alone. C'mon, let's just get out of here. All this yelling has got me stressed out," he sighed grudgingly.

"Sounds good to me," Ice Queen chirped happily, standing up from her position on the ground.

"Wake me up when we're leaving," Cake sighed, snuggling into Fionna's backpack to sleep.

Gumball started to walk on, but froze when he caught sight of the vampire's face; he looked way too stressed out to only be 1,000 years old. He walked over the raven cautiously, knowing that right now anything could set him off.

"Marshall Lee.? You should get some sleep, too. You seem really stressed," he chided gently, laying a reassuring hand on the king's shoulder. Marshall gave the candy prince a weary smile in return.

"Yeah, yeah, GumGum, I'm good. We'll all take a nap later tonight if we haven't gotten out of here yet. Sound good.?"

Gumball allowed a sincere smile to show on his face. "Yeah."

. . . . .

Alright, I'm sorry it's so short, and extremely boring, but all my inspiration is going into Fenders stories that I haven't even uploaded yet. I hardly have any time to write, with work and school, and when I do I want to write Fenders stories. I'm trying to get into online school, though, and if I do, I'll be able to write and update a hell of a lot faster, so wish me luck. C:

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