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It was a nice and peaceful ride so far. Optimus hadn't spoken yet so I waited and started to think. Maybe I shouldn't have told Sunstreaker those things. What was it that made me tell him? I've never told anyone so what made him so special? What made him so trustworthy? All of them, as a matter of fact. How did I get so many friends in such a short time? They were friends, weren't they? Because I don't really know what friends are…

"Phoebe," Optimus started snapping me out of my thoughts. "I have been talking with the other and we do not believe that it is safe for you and your family to move back to Tranquility. The other have agreed to bring you back to base with us."

"But what about my foster parents?" I asked. "I don't want to be a burden or anything."

"You are not." The tone in his voice made me actually believe it for a second. "Sunstreaker told you as such. He might be young and still has much to learn but at times he is a lot wiser then he seems."

"You heard what I told him, didn't you?"

"Yes, and what people have done to you should not go unpunished. But it's not everyday that a sparkling is conceived by a human and a robot. Your doctors did not know to act around you because you are one of a kind, special, which is another reason we want you to come with us. Ratchet wants to see how much Cybertronian you are and what you abilities are."

"You're saying I might be able to transform or something?"

"Perhaps but we don't know unless we do a couple of tests on you." Optimus replied. "Before we found you, Barricade received your coordinates. You had sent him an emergency signal when you were near shut down. It wouldn't surprise me if he knows where you are now, since you have been growing stronger."

"I don't get it." I frowned in confusion. "You guys found me through him? How have I been able to send signals? I didn't even have my phone on my of any other tracking devices unless of course the Decepticons put a chip in my head or something in those energon cubes."

"You were given energon?"

"Yeah, or at least I thought it was." I frowned again. "I remember Ratchet telling me about it and I saw Barricade leaking the stuff when he was fighting that helicopter Decepticon."


"I think so… Barricade didn't look too good back then. Is he okay?"

"Ratchet patched him up enough to prevent him from going into shut down."

"That happened to me after Starscream caught me..." It was like I could see Optimus frown at my words. "When Barricade transformed to fight Blackout I hit my head on something hard and there was this screen thing in front of my eyes. You know, like those awesome spyglasses people have in movies only without the glasses. It kept on showing 'danger' and all kind of random stuff. It showed something, I think it was 'malfunction', before I passed out in the snow."

"Did you tell this to Ratchet or anyone else this?"


"Good." He said. "I don't want humans making you an experiment. I will talk to your foster parents about moving to Diego Garcia for a while once we get back. I have no doubt that the Decepticons will come for you again. I do not believe that one guardian will be enough to protect you."

"Doesn't Barricade know why they are after me?"

"If he knows he won't tell us."

"What are you going to do with him?"

"That is up to you."

"Me?!" I almost shouted. "Why me?!"

"You know what happened." Optimus replied. "If you trust him then we will let him go. If you want him as a captive we will keep him in our cells."

"What if I want him to join the Autobots?" Silence. "He did save me and – its weird – but he still is my dad somehow. He said that he loved my mom and for some strange reason I believe him somehow. Yes of course he hurt me but why would he save me if he didn't care? Maybe he's not that bad of a guy- or robot, everyone deserves a second chance, right? What makes him not deserve that chance? What do you think?"

"I trust your judgment and we will see if we can make it happen but if he makes one wrong move I will kill him."

"Be my guest." I said. "So… What now? I don't want to go back yet. I actually like driving around."

I could hear Optimus chuckle a little and it made a smile grow on my face.

"Got any road songs in that processor of yours? Or was it a disk? Can't remember... I guess Sunstreaker was right, I really need to learn more about you guys."

"You seem to click well with them."

"What makes you think that?"

"Sunstreaker is not a bot that lets someone sit on his hood, always growling if anyone gets near his alt mode and touching his paintjob."

"Do start to get any ideas in your head, Prime." I growled warningly. "You almost sounding like Darla and Thomas. He was only returning my sketchbook."

"I am not saying anything, youngling." He chuckled. "Merely stating a matter of fact.


"Can I ask you a question?" I asked after listening to a couple of road songs. "If Autobots stand for autonomous robotics, what does Decepticons stand for?"

"Deceptive constructs." Optimus answered. "Why?"

"Well if Barricade is a Decepticon doesn't that make me evil too?" My hands were shaking a little. Why did I ask a question I didn't want the answer too? "I mean; I have the same red eyes as every other Decepticon. What if I turn out to be evil too? I don't want to hurt anyone. Well not you guys anyways. I wouldn't mind kicking Trent's ass or David's or Skylar's. They were some bullies from my old schools. But I mean, I could turn evil right?"

"Do not fear little one." He said. "Bots choose the life they wanted, for once we lived in peace and harmony. There were no sides, no Autobots, no Decepticons only Cybertronian but the Cube changed it all. We do not know where it came from only that it could create worlds. Some wanted to use its power for good others for evil. Eventually Cybertron was consumed in death and darkness and the Cube was lost among the stars until we tracked it back here to Earth about a year ago."

"That was the Mission City accident wasn't it?"

"Yes, it was."

"Ha! I knew that it wasn't a stupid terrorist attack!" I beamed, worries left behind. "The government needs to learn to cover up better!"


Optimus POV

I smiled at the young girl sleeping in my passenger seat. She had been through a dark time and it showed on her face, especially her optics. They were empty and broken, much like I believed her human soul to be, but yet she still tried to live for others without caring what happened to her.

She was an interesting little human.

I parked my alt mode back in front of the Lennox residency and turned on my holoform. I had gotten dark outside and I could hear the laughter and talking from inside the house. I was good to hear my comrades like this but I knew all too well that it wouldn't last for long. The Decepticons were still out in the world. Megatron might be dead but there were enough others that wanted the role of the leader.

I jumped out of the truck and walked to the passenger side before carefully lifting Phoebe out. She needed her rest.

"Where the frag have you been?!" Ratchet's holoform was standing in front of the house, arms crossed over his chest and tapping his foot. "Do you know what could happen to the girl if she would shut down again?!"

"Calm down, old friend." I said as he opened the front door for us. "She would have told me if she wasn't feeling well."

"The girl is too stubborn to admit it." He huffed as we walked up to the guestroom. "What did she say about Barricade? Please tell me I can shoot the fragging slagger for blowing up my radio."

"You would have to wait with that a little, old friend." I placed the girl in the bed and walked out the room closing the door behind me. "She wants him to join the Autobots."


"I'm going to talk to the foster parents about moving to base." I said and walked down the stairs. "She is going to give you a hand full once were back. She might be more Cybertronian then we thought."

"But Prime…" He followed after me to the living room where the others were. "We are talking about Barricade here! He kidnapped her and-"

"Saved her." I added. "Autobots go and get your recharge. I need to speak with the parents alone." Everybody stood up except for Will and Sarah. Ironhide had taken little Anna, that little girl had the warrior wrapped around her little finger.

"How is Phoebe doing, Mr. Prime?" Darla, the foster mother, asked. Her worry was amusing to see, especially since it was for a sparkling that wasn't even her own.

"Her temperature is still a little low but according to my Medic she will be as good as new in a couple of days." I replied with a smile and took a seat across them. "Though I believe that if the Decepticons reach her again that it will end very badly for her."

"Decepticon activities have been rising over the last couple of months." Lennox said and addressed the parents. "We have been talking about taking Phoebe and yourselves back to N.E.S.T. Base in Diego Garcia, for your own and her protection. We are not sure what the Decepticons want with her so we wanted to take you to the safest place we could think of."

"But what about her school?" Thomas, the foster father asked. "Her education? And of course we have a check up by foster care in a couple of weeks. The last thing we want is for Phoebe to be taken away from us or to be placed in yet another family. I don't know how much more the girl can take of that."

"I'm sure we can figure out something." Lennox smiled. "You wouldn't need to live exactly on the base, we were actually thinking about building a house on the side so you still could have a little privacy but Ratchet would like to do some tests on her and it would be easier if she was near."

"What kind of tests?" Darla frowned. "Our doctors can't find out what it is, they have been testing on her for years so what makes you think your Medic can find out what is wrong with her?"

"Mrs. Nicholson, if I may." I said. "The first time we rescued her from the Decepticons we found Cybertronian DNA in her blood. We have one of her biological creators in custody right now. He was also the reason we found her the second time and what she told me on the road truly indicates that there is a big chance that she might be more Cybertronian then we first thought."

"Could it kill her?" Sarah asked for the worried Darla.

"That we don't know." I replied. "That is why we want Ratchet do run a couple of tests with her. There might be a chance that he Cybertronian side grows but we don't want to jump to any conclusions yet."

"So Phoebe's real father is a robot." Thomas concluded with wide eyes. "Is he one of you or the bad guys?"

"Neither. Some choose sides while other choose to stay in between. They are usually hired as a hit man, as you call it. They do their job and get paid by their employer… I let Phoebe decide his fate, since Barricade is her creator, and she want him to turn to the Autobots."

"And what if he refuses?" Lennox asked.

"We kill him." I said.

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