"Severus, tell me where we are going right now."

He only chuckled. "If I told you that would take all the fun out of it." He said, tugging on my fingers.

I rolled my eyes and thought back on the time I spent with this man.

Two years. Two years since I sent that daring note out of anger. I have never regretted anything less.

After New Year's following our first Christmas together, I went home and told the others. It wasn't the best of receptions. Harry seemed strangely calm throughout it, but gave neither rebuttals nor encouragement towards the relationship. Ginny seemed completely thrown through a loop (as was everybody else). Ron, though. His anger was beyond anything I had ever experienced with him. I didn't stay long that first visit home because I was mostly afraid that Ron would be waiting to hex me around every corner. As time went on, though, things got smoother. By the next Christmas, I brought Severus with me to the Burrow to celebrate with the family.

That was quite the site and I smiled lightly at the memory. He was so completely out of place amongst all the cheer and the others didn't quite know how to react with him, but they were cordial, and things had been getting steadily better.

I visit him most weeks, and he visits me on the weekends. He is the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.


Now that felt right.

"Hermione." Severus said, pulling my attention back from the memory. "What are you smiling at?" He asked, with a smirk in my direction.

I simply shrugged and leaned up to softly press my lips against his for a moment. I felt him smile slightly before I leaned back and smiled up at him. "I'm just glad that I sent that note."

Severus laughed lightly. "So am I."

I noticed then that we had come to a stop in the middle of a square. "What are we doing here?" I asked, taking in the small shops around us. It was definitely a muggle town, full of people running around doing these wizards had wands for.

"Call it an early Christmas present." Severus whispered, turning me slightly and pointing into the window of one of the shops.

I threw him an amused look and turned to squint into the windows. It was a small café with a few people sitting at the bar and a couple sitting at the window. A couple sitting at the window. "Oh my Goodness." I whispered, my eyes transfixed on the couple that I recognized nearly instantly. "Oh my, Severus. Is it really?" Tears were burning at my eyes and they quickly fell over.

I felt Severus squeeze my hand and I fell against him, my eyes still focused on the couple. "Their memories have been restored. Go to them." He said quietly into my ear.

"How?" I said through a cracking voice.

Severus's deep laugh rumbled up through his throat. "You can't just accept a Christmas gift, can you?" I felt him press a kiss to my temple. "I was a spy, Hermione, I have connections. I am sorry that it took so long."

I shook my head. "You're going to have to explain yourself." Somehow, I found my legs moving myself forward, but I didn't let go of Severus's hand, dragging him with me. I heard his deep chuckle again, but dismissed it as I pushed my way through the door. There was a light tinkling and the couple with which my eyes had been so focused looked up.

"Hermione." The woman croaked, standing up and rushing over to me. She threw her arms around me, tears already staining her face.

"Mum!" I joined her in crying, my arms wrapping tightly around her. It only took a moment for another set of arms to circle around us and I only had to take a deep breath to realize who it was. "Dad!"


"How did you do it, Sev?" Hermione voice rose to my ears from her head resting on my shoulder several days later.

I pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "I told you." I whispered against her hair. "I have connections. Plus, once people hear that the famous Hermione Granger is looking for her parents, everyone is willing to help. Once they were found, I spent days tracking them and trying different spells and potions to try to revive their memory. And finally, one worked."

Hermione's fingers clasped around a handful of fabric from my shirt. We sat in quiet for a while longer in front of the fire. Hermione had spent the last few days with her parents. Almost every hour of the day was spent reminiscing and explaining and going over what had happened. The hour that I turned up in the conversation had proven to be awkward, but they hadn't refused me, and Hermione reminded me to take that as a positive.


I smiled at just her name, my fingers slightly tightening around her before relaxing. How wonderful it was to be with her. Just to be with her.

"Severus, I love you." Her voice drifted lazily up to me.

"And I love you." How easily said those words were but how utterly and completely true.

To my surprise, Hermione sat up from my shoulder and turned to face me, a determine set to her features. I widened my eyes at her movement, but otherwise remained calm.

"Marry me, Severus." Hermione's voice brooked no argument.

My eyes widened in shock. In a moment, I schooled my features and cocked an eyebrow at her. Clearing my throat, I rolled my eyes. I sat up slightly and reached into my pocket for what I knew was there. "You just couldn't wait till Christmas, could you?" I asked, holding a small black velvet box out to Hermione.

Hermione looked down at the small box in my hand and a slow smile spread across her face.

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