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Tsunade's Son

Chapter 1

Last Ditch Effort Gone Wrong

Six year old Naruto Uzumaki climbed a tree as a last ditch effort to hide from the group of deadly villagers. He watched them go by, and jumped down, then headed north deciding that staying away from the village for a few days would be best. Time for them to cool off a bit, then he could sneak back, and sleep in his own bed, at least the gate guards liked him. He walked on a path before going east for a few minutes then finally found the cliff he was looking for. He walked down it, after a few hours he saw the entrance and decided to take a break. He sat down and leaned over the edge a bit to watch the huge river sixty feet below him crashing through the small chasm it had created over many millions of years. There was a jerk beneath him; he paled scrambling away from the edge as quickly as possible, but the rock that fell didn't stop by the edge, it moved inward about five feet putting Naruto in the (As I'm calling it) Drop zone. He kept moving and found his hands half off the other edge of the narrow path of rock exactly five feet from the edge... 'Crap...' was his last thought before the rock beneath him finally slipped off of its foundation, taking him with it. He fell, not even remembering hitting the water after passing out (But he'd still feel it when he woke up...)

Tsunade and Shizune walked along a path. Tsunade had gotten an awful losing streak, and now they were fleeing at Shizune's suggestion. It was either flee, or Tsunade would make a show of her strength, and that usually ended badly for the challengers. They finally decided to stay off the map for a day or two, hopefully have their followers pass them so they could continue on to the next town. It just seemed too obvious if they went to the next town immediately.

"Shizune would you go and get some water?" Tsunade asked after finally having snapped the tent in half because it just wasn't working with her...

"Yea, I'll be back in a few minutes." Shizune answered.

Shizune walked through the forest; she knew there was a stream around here. She walked out of the trees only to freeze when she saw a kid with sunny blonde hair, and orange clothes. He was breathing but soaked and red all the way down his front. She immediately threw down the canteens and used a jutsu to check him over.

Naruto woke up, and the first thing he noticed was that he hurt…A lot…

"Ouch…" He muttered, trying to sit up, but it was not to be as a woman with black hair pushed him down. He sighed staying down; he knew that he wouldn't succeed at the moment.

"Are you in any pain?"

"Eh a bit…All over really…" The woman nodded, a few seconds later she gave him some kind of medicine to drink, he tried, he really did, but it tasted absolutely awful, so he instead threw it up after swallowing. He was given more, and willed himself to keep it down.

"There, that should start to work in a few minutes. So, what's your name?"

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki; what's your name?"

"I'm Shizune."

"How's that brat doing?" A blonde woman asked opening the tent (Which Shizune is way too good at repairing by the way).

"Who're you?"

"I'm Tsunade Senju."

"That sounds familiar…I know I've heard it somewhere before…Hmmm…I don't know...Your name sounds familiar from somewhere, maybe I heard it in my sleep during one of Iruka sensei's lectures…" Shizune face palmed, while Tsunade was wondering why the name Iruka sounded familiar…

"Iruka…I've heard that name…I know! I helped deliver him when he was born! So then you must be from Konoha!"


"Well at least we know where to point you…"

"You aren't gonna, you know…Take me yourself?"

"No. I'm never going back to that village again."

"I know who you are now! You're Tsunade of the Sannin! The one that left the village vowing never to go back to it ever again!"

"That's right brat."

"Why did you leave?"

"And why should I tell you?!" She yelled temper rising rapidly.

"You don't have to yell I was just curious…Do I really have to go back?"

"Yes, because I know at least one person would have a fit if you didn't."


"What about your parents, they would probably have fits to."

"I don't have any. There are only four people I can think of that would be even relatively worried, the Old man, Iruka-sensei, Shikamaru, and Choji." Tsunade's expression softened just a little bit. (Hey she might be kinda mean and grouchy but she isn't heartless!)

"Look…I…I can't believe I'm actually saying this…But I'll send the Hokage a letter, and see if he'll let us keep you."

"Really, I won't have to go back?!"

"No. If I can persuade him…"

"Only if you can persuade the Old Man…If you can I would really like it!"

Tsunade left the tent with a piece of paper and a pen, sighing. She didn't know why she offered to keep the kid, there was just something about his personality, and he somehow was able to just wheedle her into liking him…She didn't know how, only that it happened…

Hello everyone! Here it is Tsunade Version 1 AKA Tsunade's Son! I hope you all liked it, and everyone that voted is satisfied with this! Enjoy! Chapter two will be up in a couple days! ^^