I can't believe no one has done Omega!verse for JackRabbit. It's just so... fitting. Yes, I posted before I finished writing the whole thing but I want to know people's reactions to this. If anyone is interested I have another Omega!verse plot that needs adopting, because I already have this one.

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Mother Nature was known for growing about anything. Everything she grew was also more vibrant, more fragrant, and more bountiful then normal plants.

In her green houses one could find rare flowers of every shade. The one in North America was one of her favorites.

The bushes of 'Carefree Beauty' roses were a pride of Mother Nature's. Like her Bougainvillea that climbed the glass walls in pink, lavender, red, gold, and orange bundles. Finding a Nightmare there wouldn't be an easy task.

Jack flies after the fleeing shadowed mare as she snakes around trees and through colorful bushes, dodging ice blasts. The ice melted quick in the green house, providing the plants with a refreshing drink.

Jack felt his body become tense as he forces himself to try to fly faster. "Stay STILL!" A snowball slams itself into a tree as the Nightmare evades it, again.

Just as the Nightmare darts past a weeping willow a hole opens up and a certain irritating kangaroo jumps out to join the chase.

"This one is mine, kangaroo, go away." Jack pushes himself to try and go faster and shirks away from a tree.

Bunny smirks at the frost sprit "Ya look like ya can't handle it. Cause it should have already been caught."

Jack glares but then smirks too. "A race, is it?"

Bunny smirk grows from the suggestion. "I told ya never to race a rabbit." At that he speeds up and darts in front of Jack.

"I'm going to get this one!" Jack yells and suddenly alters directions with a sudden right turn in front of a blueberry bush. He flies higher and spots the Nightmare heading to an elevated platform. I can do this!

Bunny was forced to jump or duck around all sorts of plants and couldn't see the oncoming platform. The nightmare reached the ladder and deformed itself into black sand to twine around the rope to reach the platform. Bunny jumped through a bush and, expecting more forest, hit the platform base.

Jack laughs at the startled Bunny and joins the Nightmare on the metal platform. He paid little attention to the bottles and glasses all around. Jack launched himself after the Nightmare as it scrambled over the shelves and knocked over vales of questionable liquids.

"Get back he- ahh!" Jack flailed as purple water like material hit him. He accidently swallowed some even as he tried to choke it up. A glass shard sliced alongside his jaw line in a gentle caress.

Suddenly a boomerang sliced through the nightmare that was already launching itself into the air in a last desperate attempt to escape. "Ya okay, Frostbite?" Bunny laughed at Jack's crouch on the floor until he saw the gash that was bleeding.

"Not so good yourself, kangaroo!" Jack pointed to the nose bleed that was barely under control from a headlong crash into the platform.

Bunny ignored the comment on his species to pull jack up to inspect the gash, running his paw over it. Jack blushed a faint blue at the closeness as Bunny finished his inspection and let go of Jack's arm. "Ya are just fine, unless it stings. Then ya can cry if ya want."

Jack pushed away from Bunny and glared "I don't cry!" He quickly wipes off blood that was running down his chin. "Let's just go back to North."

Bunny smirks and taps his furred foot against the ground so that both he and Jack fell through the hole and into the newly formed tunnel. "Bye mate!" Bunny sped off in a way that clearly indicated that he was starting a race. Jack grinned and flew after him.

The normally quiet glob room at Santoff Claussen was quickly interrupted when the door opened and a shivering Bunny entered with a blinding speed. At the same time the window opened and a blast of cold wind indicated Jack's entrance.

"I win!" Both looked at the other and glared. Bunny walked over "No, I won, Frostbite."

Jack stood as tall as he could "You're mistaken Kangaroo, I won."

Then North laughed "I was here before either of you!" Bunny turned his glare at North "You weren't part of the race, you overgrown elf."

North just chuckled before getting serious "Did you eliminate problem nightmares?" Bunny and Jack nodded and glared at each other again. "Then we done! Bunny, don't you have something to prepare for with your silly holiday?" North walked to the door in clear dismissal.

Bunny perked his ears up at that comment "Easter is an IMPORTANT holiday!" He quickly followed North and Jack just shook his head and opened the window. He stood on the sill for a moment, just enjoying the vast snow fields before calling the wind. "Wind! Take me home!"