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The honeymoon spot was as perfect as Mother Nature described.

They were staying in a tree house that was grown from the tree itself, the bark coming down the trunk and covering the house like siding. It was small enough to make it cozy but big enough to not feel cramped.

The high ceiling was covered in messy art and diagrams of plants and animals while thin curtains revealed wide windows and a balcony. Judging by how Bunny glared at the balcony with distrustful eyes, Jack figured his mate wouldn't go out there.

There was one bathroom with a large shower and just one large bed in the room that was also every room other then the bathroom. A large TV sat over a fireplace, which wasn't lit yet.

Two suitcases sat on the wall next to the bathroom door, one open with Jack sitting in front of it. Bunny had left Jack to explore some while he went to get food for a quick snack to recover from the dancing.

This idea is embarrassing, Jack blushed. He hadn't even put it on and he was already blushing! But Bunny would like it, Jack glanced at another pot of blue roses, and he already made something special for me.

Jack looked back at the fabric in hand. He sighed and stood up, a blush covering his face. Better get this on before Bunny comes back from the Garden.

"Jack?" Bunny called as he walked in the double front doors and veered into the small kitchen. Bunny tensed when Jack didn't reply. The Omega's scent was still there and Bunny called again. "Snowflake, where are you?"

"In here." Came Jack's muffled voice. Bunny hopped over to the bathroom door.

"Ya okay, Jackie?" Bunny hesitated from opening the door. Jack mumbled something too low for even Bunny to hear then sharply replied "Go away!"

Something was wrong. Bunny jiggled the knob then growled. "Open the bloody door Jack, or I will kick it in."

Jack again responded with a childish "NO!" So Bunny grunted and stepped back some before charging the door, knocking it back and in. "Jack, ya oka-"

Bunny stared. He really didn't mean to, but he did. In front of him was a blushing Omega in what he would call a provocative wedding dress.

A short dark blue hooded jacket top that was buttoned shut hid part of the white hair from Bunny's eyes. It was sort enough to reveal a snug white top, similar to those in dress magazines that Tooth shoved at Jack, with a trim at the bottom that looked like icicles. The top had two gold bands with a green aqua band between them, a fusion of Jack's pale blue and Bunny's green.

White lace panties were under a flowing see through white skirt with snowflake patterns and swirls on it, presenting Jack's long and pale legs. At Bunny's stare, Jack's blush grew darker. "Just close the door and let me change back." The white haired man pleaded.

"No can do, Jack." Bunny stepped forward as Jack stepped back. "I'm assuming that this dress is for me to see and I want to see it." Jack ran into a wall and Bunny quickly stepped up to press against him, taking Jack's lips up in a kiss.

It started gentle, reassuring little pecks, before the kiss devolved into hungry moans. Taking a breath of air while Bunny sucked on Jack's neck, the Omega whined "Bunny!"

Bunny pulled away from Jack's neck leaving a red mark to pick up his Omega, lifting him up for another kiss as he somehow maneuvered to the bed. He dropped Jack on it, making Jack bounce a little, before kissing the Omega again.

While Jack was distracted, Bunny pulled the jacket off. The top that Bunny had gotten a glimpse of was defiantly modeled after normal wedding dress tops, with a low sleeveless cut exposing pale shoulders. He was too busy to properly admire it, pulling it off Jack as quick as he could.

Aster started to taste Jack's skin, leaving nips and kisses from the soft stomach to Jack's nipples that Aster stopped to play with. Jack had gasped at the first few kisses but he started whining when Aster took Jack's nipple into his mouth. "Bunny! As- Aster!" He keened at a particular hard nip to the bud Aster was occupying himself with.

Aster grinned and slipped the panties off, letting Jack's erection free. Jack shuddered as his cock was exposed to the cool air.

Leaving the delightful nipples, Aster bent his head to kiss and lick at the Omega's erection. Jack wailed, crying out at the sudden rush of pleasure. He pulled away too soon, to Jack's irritation, Jack having just tangled his hands in Aster's fur.

"Now, now, Jackie. We have bigger things planned tonight." Aster kissed the pouting Omega. While distracting Jack, Aster ran a dull nail at Jack's crack, causing the Omega to shiver. Aster could feel the little slick Jack's body produced when not in heat.

When the omega would go in heat, that would be a different story. Aster moaned at remembering the smell of a fertile Jack, much stronger than his natural musk.

Jack pulled away to catch his breath and Aster gently pushed him down onto his back. Jack stared up at Aster, eyes a little uneasy and fearful but mostly full of trust. Aster purred and nuzzled into Jack's pale neck. "I'm gonna loosen you up a little, okay Snowflake?"

At the white haired Omega's nod, Aster eased in his first digit. He pushed in and wiggled, making Jack start and moan. He added another and almost stopped when Jack winced. Omegas may be built to handle an Alpha but Jack was still a virgin to this.

When Jack started to moan again, Aster added the third digit. He flinched when Jack's face flickered with a brief moment of pain but then he struck a spot inside of Jack that made Jack yelp. Aster smirked at Jack's wide eyed expression and hit the Omega's prostrate again. Jack yelled, bunching his hands into the covers. "Please, please, please!" Jack begged.

"Do ya even know what ya are begging for?" Aster pulled his paw away and lined up his straining erection. "Ready Jackie?"

Jack stopped his begging to look directly into Aster's eyes. "I love you and I trust you."

At that, Aster growled and pushed forward. He didn't stop, forcing Jack open with a slow push. Jack cried out. "Oh Moon! That hurts! Bastard, you better make this worth it! Or it will NEVER happen again!" Jack glared at Aster.

Aster just kissed Jack, whispered a soft 'I'm sorry', and pulled out. Then he pushed back in, aiming this time. Jack yelled again, this time breathless calls of Aster's name. Got it.

The pace only got faster after that, Aster bending Jack slightly to get a better angle as Jack ran his hands over Aster's fur. Jack pulled one hand from tracing an ear to his erection but Aster grasps it before it gets there. He stops moving completely, making the Omega whine and try to move himself.

"You're going to cum ONLY from me. Got it?" Jack nodded quickly at Aster, desperate from some relief. At that Aster starts moving again, Jack too happy to help by screaming Aster's name and gripping his fur.

Finally Jack tenses and arches his back, screaming louder than before, covering himself and Aster in cum. At Jack's clenching walls, Aster finds his release three or four more strokes after.

He pulls Jack beside him as he collapses on the bed, fur matted and eyes glazed. He glances at the mass of drawings and pictures above, not really paying attention to what was there. All Aster can focus on is his arms holding the most wonderful person he'd ever met.

Aster turns over on his side to look at Jack's messy white hair, realizing that there, half asleep in his arms, is not only his lover, his mate, or his mother to his future children, but the one person he will willingly share his heart and soul with.

Aster pulls Jack onto his chest and under his chin, scent marking, before whispering into soft white hair "I love you."

Jack mumbles back an "I love you too" before snuggling into his Alpha's chest. Both dreamed of sex and kits that night. And as the night started fading into day, they shared a dream of true love that lasted eternity.

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