Two days later in Bellwood

A/N bloom got to Bellwood two days ago.

Bloom was walking around town and found a smoothie place called Mr. Smoothie.

She then went to get in line but Cash and J.T. stopped her

What's up hot stuff? Asked Cash

Leave me alone. An annoyed bloom said

Aren't you a feisty one. said J.T.

A few feet behind the bullies were Ben and Gwen

Hey Ben look Cash and J.T. are harassing a girl shouldn't you try and stop them? Asked Gwen

Yea thanks Gwen. Said Ben

Ben then walked up behind Cash and J.T.

Leave her alone Cash. said Ben

Why should I Tennyson. Said Cash

'Cause I might hit you both. said Bloom

Like you're tuff enough to hurt us. Said J.T.

That only made bloom mad and bloom kneed them both in the gut.

Fine we'll leave. Said Cash

Cash and J.T. then left.

Thanks. Said Bloom

No problem. I'm Ben Tennyson. said Ben

Nice to meet you I'm Bloom Peterson. Said bloom

Hey want to join me and my cousin at our table? Asked Ben

Sure just let me get a smoothie. Said bloom

I'll come with you. said Ben

1 min. later Ben and Bloom went to where Gwen was at.

Bloom this is my cousin Gwen Tennyson. Gwen this is Bloom Peterson. Said Ben

Nice to meet you. said Gwen

Like wise. Said Bloom

Where'd you get that outfit? Asked Gwen

My best friend Stella made it. Said bloom

Cool. said Gwen

And so the three became close friends.