"I'm POSITIVE I'll be fine on my own. Emergency numbers on the fridge, no boys, I got it." Marietta was rushing to get the Cullens out of the house so she could start getting ready for her guest.

"Mhmm, and Edward and Bella,"

"Are practically next door; I know, I know." She cut Jasper off.

"Hold it little miss, what's the hurry?" He asked, shutting then leaning on the trunk of Alice's lavender Porsche.

"Nothing. I just don't want you to be seen in daylight in THAT chick car."

He looked her over suspiciously, and grumbled, "Alice WOULD leave me HER car."

Marietta smirked in her mirror, but the smile quickly faded. Her mascara had faded. Man I need a touch-up. She tousled her hair and frowned. That will NOT cut it. Sighing, she checked her phone again. No new messages. I'll just wait a second. Her finger traced the glitter M on her phone-case as her toe tapped the seconds away. Though she had seen him last night, she couldn't WAIT to see him again; to talk, to stare into his eyes, to taste his lips again. He liked cinnamon gum a lot and said he used to use it to help him blend in while sneaking around Rome at night. So their kisses were spicy, in more ways than one. Maybe tonight, I won't ask, I'LL just kiss HIM. She giggled a little to herself. But if he hasn't texted me yet, I probably have time to shower. With that thought, she stood from her vanity and disappeared in the bathroom.

Love was in the air, via wireless signals. The previous evening on the way back to the hotel, Alec passed what seemed to him like twenty different couples doing everything from eating dinner in Forks Diner to holding hands strolling down the street to one adventurous couple rolling around in a tent in the woods. He smirked, Next time turn of the lantern. A laugh escaped him as he remembered the pornographic shadow puppets and he shuddered. Following the theme, he'd gotten a call the next morning from Felix, bragging about bedding Gina yet again. But the conversation had quickly turned to Marietta and Felix said something along the lines of, "Is it not unfortunate that Aro expects you to return with a girl of virtue? That isn't as unfortunate though, as the truth that he can read your every thought. Hints, hands off, and don't even think about it. I'll enjoy pondering your miserable frustration."

Knowing Felix was right, Alec tried to hammer every tactical thought of Marietta out of his head, which was beyond difficult considering he was permanently a teenager and currently very much in love. That was odd admitting to himself. He loved his sister, but stayed distant from others. He was friends with Felix and Demetri, but that wasn't love, that was friendship. And for Jane he felt a family love. The love for Marietta was romantic. As cheesy as it sounded to him, he knew it was true. That made it easier for him to trek through the wolf-scented forest to see her again. He almost felt as if his heart beat when his eyes fell onto the Cullen's house amongst the trees, and it would have beat even faster when he saw the light coming from her bedroom window. Two jumps and he was in her sliding doorway.

Oddly enough, he didn't see Marietta. Her music was on as usual, but she wasn't around. Steam hung in the air along with the smell of some sugary shampoo. He leaned around the corner, just in time to see the bathroom door open. Marietta stood at the sink, towel drying her dripping hair, completely oblivious to Alec. Wanting to say something, he opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He was awestruck. Her porcelain skin shimmered, still wet, and her cheeks and lips were reddened by the heat. Her hair was almost black it was so wet, and it cascaded from her head down her back to her small waist. He leaned back, thinking to himself that watching her without announcing himself was spying and wrong and improper and disrespectful and something he should NOT be doing. But he found it impossible to tear his eyes away from the scantily clad angel in the bathroom. A satin robe hung at her elbows and aside from that, he couldn't tell what-IF she had anything else on. She hummed to herself and posed a few times in the mirror before fidgeting with her hair and walking back into her bedroom. The fact that she actually was half clothed should have eased him a little, but the small garments of pink lace only made him worse and though he'd hunted the night before, a different hunger spread.

As Marietta looked into the mirror, she shrieked, spotting him in the reflection, "Alec!" She yanked the satin back up over his shoulders, "I-I'm sorry I wasn't sure when you'd be here an-" She looked him over; his chest was moving like he was breathing heavy, his eyes were wide like he was hunting, and he was tensed. "Alec? Hey, what's wrong?" She reached out and placed a concerned hand on his arm. It was too much for him.

In one fluid motion, he lunged, clamping his other hand on her arm, prying it off his and tossing it to the side, as his other arm shot around her waist, his other hand slammed into the small of her back, and she was thrown into him with only a sharp intake of air.

Her eyes and mouth shot open in surprise as she was yanked off of her feet, and before she could question, her open mouth was covered with his. As their lips crashed together, their bodies crashed into the wall, almost knocking a painting of hers to the floor. Before she could protest, her robe was ripped off of her arms, the shift of balance causing them to wobble. Her questioning tone was melted into a passion like they were. Alec stumbled back, turned her back towards her bed, and almost flung her down onto it, diving to meet her there. He kicked his shoes off without breaking their contact. His coat followed them crashing to the floor before his hands found her again and roamed. Without thought she went to work unbuttoning his vest, then his shirt and pulling them off of his arm. The only thing in the way of her hands getting a shot at his glittering white muscles was his Volturi chain. Without breaking contact she tore it off of his neck, breaking a link or two and flung it against the wall. They were trying to be as close as possible, from wrestling tongues to his knees between hers. His weight pushed her farther into the pillows which she barely noticed, also ignoring the fact that she wasn't consulted by the suddenly dominant it teenage hormones or angst? Probably. Was is primal vampire passion? Probably some of that to. Point being, neither of them cared.