Uchiha Naruto

BY: NamikazeNarutok12

AN:*This is a story where Fugaku and Mikoto adopt Naruto. This story will mostly follow Naruto's plotline but as an AU. This is also a Naruto Harem and Sasuke Harem story as well as a Naruto bloodline Dojutsu story (He will have Bijugan (tailed beast eye)). * * This is my second attempt at Fan fiction and I really want reviews I don't care if you follow or favorite (though it would be great if you did) but I do want feedback. * *Thank you.*

Hiruzen had only seen such darkness in the eyes of everyone in the council room in times of war, but then again what they had just been through had been worse than war. The Fox had taken so much, so many were dead and their Hero was gone…Minato Namikaze was gone. Even from the civilian side whose eyes were usually filled with bliss from their ignorance from the real world. He saw it in most of their eyes the look of a ninja who had lost a comrade.

He held a baby in his hands the boy's name was Naruto… Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki. The son of the hero of the leaf. 'Minato I'm so sorry you'll never get to see him grow up' was all Hiruzen could think.

"Let us begin" said Hiruzen who had retaken his place as the third Hokage. With that everyone quieted, well as much as the room could because almost everyone was already silent. It was a loud silence though he could almost hear the tears of Konoha itself crying with its people. "I need a full damage report including death tolls and damage to property from all the clans, regular ninja and civilians, also for the time being D-rank missions will be suspended. Also Tsunade, Jairaya and myself will be taking full control of the academy by creating a new curriculum. Which will focus on Fuinjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and more advanced Taijutsu" Finished the Hokage. He saw nods from around the table.

"Hokage-Sama, who is the child you are holding?" asked Mebuki Haruno the newly appointed head of the civilian organization the Allied Mother's Force and a woman who was soon to be a trouble maker just like her mother.

"This is the one who saved the village hidden in the leaves, this is the boy whom the fourth sealed the Kyubi into" with this the civilians looked terrified while the shinobi clan heads who knew that the Kyubi could not be killed and had no fantasies of its death nodded in understanding "This is the heir to the Uzumaki and Namikaze, He is also the boy who sealed the negotiations with Suna, he is to marry the Kazekage's eldest child."

"We must kill the boy now before he kills us all and destroys the v…" Mebuki along with many civilians, began but they could not finish their sentence as they as the room was drowned in killer intent by the two men that were usually the most calm… Fugaku Uchiha and Hiashi Hyuga the newest clan heads of Konoha's most powerful clans and the Minato's teammates.

"You threaten to kill the son of my former teammate again and there will be one more on the civilian death toll." Fugaku said.

"I concur" stated Hiashi.

"Now the boy will not be killed and no one who does not have my special permission will make sure this news does not leave the council. Whoever speaks of it without my permission will die and their family exiled. I ask the civilian council to leave, which includes Danzo, Homaru and Koharu. The civilians departed the room many sneering including the elders.

"Minato left a letter for all of you. Here it goes

'Dear Friends,

I have sealed half of the kyubi into Naruto, the seal I have used will slowly filter its chakra into Naruto. Now I would like for someone to take him in, but please let him when he becomes a shinobi let him rebuild his clan, and let him keep the Uzumaki name at least adding yours. Also Kushina wants whoever adopts him to let him play with Mikoto and Hitomi's kids, she said they always talked about it as Team Tsunade. I have instructed Jairaya to give him my Jutsu scrolls when he is 8, but those are for him not the clan that adopts him. Lastly as per are agreement with Suna he will spend 3 moths there and Temari will spend 3 months here until she is 9 when he becomes a Genin of Konoha make him aware of the marriage, He will have to have CRA and the Kazekage understands this. 360000 ryo will be given to Naruto adoptive parents every year.

Thank you,


So is anyone interested?" The third asked.

"I can't Hitomi is still pregnant and is having difficulties it would be too hard for her" Hiashi said. He looked solemn and saddened at this like he was unable to help the man who had become his friend.

"I will do it, Mikoto and I already have Sasuke so it will be difficult raising them both but since Hiashi understandably can't I will." Spoke Fugaku who was internally moved knowing that his friend and teammate wrote that letter knowing that the he was going to die, sacrificing his life for the village.

"I know Minato would have been happy with you as a guardian. All of you though know this Naruto may know of Kushina but not of Minato, at least not until he is made a Jounin because of Minato's enemies. Iwa would have an army here yesterday if they knew. He may now of the Kyubi only when it is necessary and I will leave that decision for Fugaku. So if you would sign here as his guardian Fugaku and you here as his alternate guardian Hiashi he will be known as Naruto Uzumaki-Uchiha. And you may both be able to tell your clans but warn them of the consequences of telling others" They both signed and the meeting was dismissed as Fugaku left to tell the news to his clan.

At the Uchiha compound (8 pm)

"Now that everyone is here I will begin. Today I have adopted a child…Naruto Uzumaki-Namiikaze-Uchiha he is to be the new head of the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan at 16 but until then he is the son of the head of the Uchiha clan. He was the son of the Fourth and is the jinchuriki of the Kyubi. I expect you all to treat him as you would Sasuke or Itachi or face the consequences and know this I will not simply allow an Uchiha to be banished. Now you may not speak a word of this to anyone outside of the Hyuga Clan or our own and never mention the name Namikaze or Kyubi in his presence. Is this understood?" The crowd said "Hai" and retured to their home to sleep, they knew their leader would never put them in harm's way. Fugaku had already sent a clan member to add another crib for the nursery. He and Itachi walked home he had already explained to him and Mikoto who was at home with Sasuke. They were silent in their short walk and when they arrived at the house Fugaku gave the baby to Mikoto and went to shower.

"Oka-san can I hold him?" said a 6 year old Itachi, who had just enrolled at the Ninja academy.

"Of course Itachi-Chan he is your Otōto after all" said Mikoto as he handed Naruto to him "Just be careful" she said as he went to his room leaving Itachi sitting in the Nursery with just Sauke in the other crib.

Naruto began to cry but Itachi hushed him and said just as he said to Sasuke on the day of Naruto's birthday "Hush Naru-Chan I will protect you and Sasuke no matter what." And with that he put Naruto into his crib and went to bed.

The next day Itachi was returning from school and heard crying he found a shinobi of Konoha with a full black mask and his mom on the floor. He then saw Naruto in the Man's arm he attacked furious at the man, but still he was being careful not to hurt his brother and then the Jounin punched him sending him to the floor. Itachi blinked and he saw everything more clearly.

So this is what the Sharingan does. I don't have time to worry about getting the Sharingan now. I must keep my promise. I must save Naruto. "You have no idea what you have done. Nobody will harm my brother" said Itachi. "Demonic Illusion: Crow's attack" he said speaking calmly he had already known the C- rank Genjutsu and knew the Sharingan would make it stronger. He caught Naruto and knocked out the man who was hopefully still dreaming of crows attacking him and pecking him apart. He then put a Genjutsu on Naruto Heavenly Illusions: Butterfly dreams. After putting Naruto in his crib Itachi tied up the man and got one of the Chakra seals his father had gotten him and put it on the man's back. He picked up his mom and put her on the couch. He hadn't wanted to worry the other members of the clan so he decided to wait for his Tou-San. About 20 minutes later than man woke up but he couldn't move because of the way Itachi tied and taped the man up. Fugaku came home and Itachi told him what happened. Fugaku called in two guards and told them to guard Itachi, Sasuke, Naruto and the still sleeping Mikoto he also asked Hiashi if he could send over a guard because the Byakugan was great for long range surveillance so if anything happened the Hyuga guard could get backup without being noticed. He then took the man who tried to kidnap his son to the Third.

"Fugaku I am sorry for what happened and I will assign an Anbu guard to trail Itachi and another to watch Sasuke and Naruto. I believe Kakashi and another Anbu will watch the boys but will also do missions so they'll be on rotation and Yamato should do to trail Itachi since I don't want him to leave the village just yet. But if this man has a certain seal on his tongue I believe I may actually be able to end the man responsible for this." Said the Third and Fugaku nodded un-taping the man's mouth and telling him to stick out his tongue which he did, the third saw the seal. "Hexagram Curse: Concealment revealed" the Third said removing the mark "Who gave you this mission?"

"Danzo" was all the man said. Hiruzen used restrained himself from using his famed bloodless killing technique as he would use this man as evidence and then told Fugaku there would be a complete council meeting tomorrow. With that Fugaku went home checking on Itachi and told him he was very proud of him for protecting his brother and activating his Sharingan.

"Tou-san I promised Naruto and Sasuke I would protect them all I did was keep my promise." Said Itachi. His father smiled never being more proud of anything his son said and told him to rest.

Next Morning.

"Hokage-Sama if I may ask why you have called this council meeting?" asked Shikaku he thought that these council meetings were troublesome especially ones at 6 in the morning.

"Well Nara-san a leaf shinobi attempted to attack Naruto." Replied the third "but the boy's elder brother was able to stop him"

"Was the man caught?" asked Danzo in a slightly disappointed manner. He was rather upset that a 7 year old stopped a member of his root even with a Sharingan.

"Unfortunately no Danzo-san" replied Fugaku with that Danzo gave the slightest smirk. At least the man wasn't foolish enough to be caught, but then again the seal would stop him from talking if he was. No one could break my seal.

The meeting was called to order when Koharu arrived.

"For the first order of business…" said Hiruzen before he paused. Several Anbu walked into the room. The one leading the group of four spoke.

"Danzo Shimura you are under arrest for ordering the kidnapping of Naruto Uzumaki-Uchiha. This council is your judge and jury. If you attempt to escape we have been given authority to use lethal force." Danzo was more the shocked, 'how could this be? There is no way they removed the seal'.

"You can't do that he is an elder of the village" shrieked the local harpy known as Mebuki Haruno "Especially not for some Demon brat."

"This is a ninja village civilian, and you hold no power only the Hokage does so never tell him what he can and can't do. Know this if you ever calls Naruto a demon again I am not against assassination missions." Said Hiashi, he couldn't stand the Haruno scum.

"Bring him in" Hiruzen said then another Anbu brought the kidnapper in. "Also Hiashi if you would please use your Byakugan to see if he is telling the truth."

"Of course Hokage-sama" said Hiashi

"Were you involved in an attempt to kidnap Naruto Uzumaki-Uchiha?" asked Hiruzen.

"Yes" responded the man.

"Did you act on orders from a superior" asked Hiruzen again

"Yes" said the man again. He had the emotion trained out of him but you could still hear a tinge of disgust.

"Who was your superior?" He asked for the last time.

"Danzo Shimura" answered the man.

"All the statements made were truthful" said Hiashi.

"As the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure I hereby sentence these two men to death to be carried out immediately." The Hokage said. Then the two Anbu quickly snapped their necks and severed their cervical spines. The men died and that was the last time anyone said the name Danzo in the council room.

"The meeting is dismissed" uttered the third.

Five Years Later

"Good-bye Temari-Chan, Kankuro-Kun and Garra-Kun." Chorused the three heirs as their friends left. Temari had started coming to Konoha as per the treaty but this was one of the times her brothers came along. Hinata had become good friends with Sasuke and Naruto. Fugaku walked them as they dropped Hinata off. They said their good byes. Hinata wasn't shy since she made friends with Naruto and Sasuke. She was also more confident. She wasn't so nervous scared when the man kidnapped her so she had screamed at the Kumo-nin had attacked and Hiziashi came to her rescue and instead of killing the man he simply knocked him out. This helped the relationship between Hiashi and Hiziashi allowing Neji and Hinata to become. Neji had comforted Hinata when her mom died.

At the Uchiha compound

"Boys go inside and put on your gear. Today we start Ninjutsu and weapons training in addition to Taijutsu, strength, endurance and speed"

"Yes that's so cool Tou-san. Sasuke now we can be as strong as Onisan!" Naruto yelled excitedly.

"Yea Naruto, let's go." Said Sasuke.

Naruto came outside first he wore the clothes his uncle, Ero-Sennin, had given him. He wore black ninja shorts and he also wore a black long sleeve shirt. On top of that he wore a ripped short sleeved hooded coat with a thick black trim on it on the left was the Uchiha clan symbol and the right was Uzumaki clan symbol and in the middle was the symbol of Konoha. Sasuke followed wearing grey pants and a grey shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the front and the back was Konoha's symbol.

"Both of you are already prodigies based on your chakra reserves, Taijutsu, endurance, speed and strength. Now we'll see how you do with Ninjutsu. Here use these pieces of paper and channel your chakra into them." Said a curious Fugaku.

"Yes Oto-san" said Naruto and Sasuke in unison as they both did as they were told.

The result of this test surprised Fugaku more than when Mikoto told him she was. Naruto and Sasuke both had the same thing occurred to the adoptive brothers. Their pieces of paper sliced into four, the first piece caught on fire, the second turned to mud, and the third became wet and the fourth crumpled.

"Impossible" was all Fugaku could say. To have 5 natural affinities wasn't prodigious it was the stuff of legends. "Naruto have you and Sasuke ever made a blood pact."

"Yes about trying to be as strong as Itachi-Onisan" Naruto responded in a confused way.

"Both of you, we need to talk" said Fugaku as they went inside.

"Naruto the day you were born a demon fox called the Kyubi attacked the village. To protect the village your father sealed it inside of you. I want you both to know son you're not evil and anyone who says that will answer to me. You can't tell anyone outside the clan we talked about this ok." Both boys nodded. "Now we're going to try and talk to the Kyubi so Sasuke hold Naruto's hand." The boys did as they were told and then Fugaku said "Viewing Seal: Mirror to Glass".

The three of them appeared outside a Dojo and then they walked forward into it only to see a girl in a kimono training in Kenjutsu. The Girl turned and looked at them. "It took you guys long enough to find me I mean now we can talk about how I changed the Dojutsu of Sasuke and Hinata and gave one to Naruto."

"You're a woman "said Fugaku. Kyubi went on to tell them her name was Kurama and how she was tricked into attacking Konoha by a man with the Sharingan and also how she could see whatever Naruto could see.

"I remember you saying something about changing their eyes what was that about?" Fugaku asked.

"That is simple I enhanced those two Dojutsu's for Hinata's Byakugan this is what I did. I call it Byakugan no Kitsune it enhances the user by allowing them to control chakra flow by using the style on these scroll. Also it allows complete 360 vision and it is always on once you activate it for the first time it is always on though the depth and x-ray vision can be adjusted, it also costs you no chakra. As for Sasuke's Sharingan it is known as the Universal Mangekyo Sharingan it is the perfect Sharingan with the powers of Ems with the ability to create things out of thin air and less chakra cost and it will activate in a couple years when the DNA is finished modifying. As for Naruto he has the Bijugan he will be able to seal things without the paper also use of yin and yang chakra and lastly he can awaken blood lines as well as copy them but he can only use one at a time."

"This means the three of them will be the most powerful Shinobi of all time." Fugaku stammered shocked at what he heard.

At that they left un-expectantly and Fugaku alerted the Hokage and Hiashi.

3 years later

Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke trained hard with Fugaku Hiruzen Hiashi and Jairaya their new abilities remained a secret from everyone else though.

Sasuke and Naruto woke up and rushed out of their room. Today was their first day at the academy, they went down stairs to the breakfast table, to have the waffles their mother had prepared.

"Itachi-Onisan" the boys yelled when they saw their brothers as a Chunin he was hardly been there.

"What do you two think I would miss my brothers before their first day at the academy" Itachi said ruffling both of the boy's hair.

"Thanks Itachi-Ni we have to go now" Naruto said.

"I'll walk you two there." Itachi said.

"Yes" Sasuke and Naruto spoke in unison.

The boys made their ways to the academy walking together ahead of their brother. Most of the civilians knew by know not to bother Naruto when he walked with his mother, father or older brother. Today though some of them decided to glare at him anyway. These glares were met by Itachi who had his three tomoe Sharingan activated. The civilians rushed away inn fear.

The boys walked into the academy after Itachi waved them goodbye. Iruka introduced himself and began his lecture.

"Today we're learning about Konoha's clans it just so happens that we have someone from almost all major clan so I'll allow them to introduce their clans to the class." Iruka said "well go in this Alphabetical order."

"I am Aburame Shino" said a boy of normal height, he wore shorts and a coat with a hood he kept down at all times "I am of the Aburame clan we are known for our use of chakra devouring kikaichū bugs in battle. We breed our bugs and they live in our bodies." Shino finished.

The civilians of the class had a disgusted look on their face, those of clans knew of the Aburame prowess and were undisturbed.

"I am Akimichi Choji" said the boy with spiky, brown hair, and swirl marks on his cheeks, he had a more robust physique like his other members of his clan. "We use techniques that enlarge parts of our bodies to attack, my clan is also famous for my father's inclusion in the formation of INO-SHIKA-CHO." Choji then looked away sadly as a couple of the civilian girls commented on his size.

"I am Hyuga Hinata a member of the Hyuga clan we are one of the strongest clans of Konoha known for the Byakugan. We along with the Uchiha hold the only bloodline as well as Dojutsu in Konoha" Hinata said in her tight white and purple jacket she wasn't self-conscious of her development and so she wore a simple jacket with her clan logo on the back.

"I am Kiba of the Inuzuka we are known for our tracking abilities as well as our dog companions." Said the boy who smelled like dogs. He had marks of teethes and a puppy on his head. Some of the civilians talked about how cute the dogs.

"We use shadows and my dad was in INO-SHIKA-CHO." Said the Nara boy. He didn't say it in a mysterious way that what take too much energy he said it in a much more lazy way that's all he was lazy.

"We are of the Uchiha we are a clan of both shinobi and civilians. We have the Dojutsu known as Sharingan." Said Sasuke in the ninja garbs he had worn since he was 5.

"Our clan also helped the Senju found Konoha." Naruto finished for Sasuke also wearing the same ninja garb.

"You're not a real Uchiha you fiend" yelled the harpy-in training known as Sakura.

"Shut up and that's my last name you clan less civilian" Naruto didn't usually get mad and he definitely didn't not like he loved Teuchi and Ayame from the Ramen stand he frequented, but he hated when people said he wasn't a real Uchiha.

"Hah and why should I my mom said I don't have to respect you my mom said I don't have to" screamed Haruno.

"Then listen to me and silence yourself while we continue our lesson Sakura." Said Iruka. Sakura knew better than to argue with her sensei so she just shut up. Ino finished the lesson and since it was the first day they Iruka dismissed them after lunch.

The two boys walked Hinata home and turned toward the compound.

The boys just stood at the gate staring out, they were in shock everyone was dead. They saw Itachi on the floor and ran toward him.

"Onisan what happened?" asked Naruto sniveling he and Sasuke had lost all their family.

"Madarra is alive… he came back to kill us… don't avenge us my brothers… break the curse of hatred love don't hate…Sasuke…Naruto" said Itachi before he died.

That was the moment Naruto unlocked his Bijugan it was the first time he had really lost someone he and Sasuke knelt over their older brother crying and when Naruto put him=s arm over his brother he had accidentally activated his brothers Sharingan. The boys cried until they passed out from grief.

The next day the boy found themselves in the Hyuga compound. They came out of the room they were in and went to the dining room, they had spent a lot of time in Hiashi's house with Hinata. They found Hinata Hiashi and Hanabi in the dining room.

"Hiashi-Ojisan why are we here" asked Naruto sad about what happened yesterday but also remembering what his brother had said about not hating, Sasuke had felt the same sadness, but also remembered what their brother had said.

"Naruto…Sasuke after what happened yesterday they didn't want you two to stay by yourselves. I decided to take you in until you are Genin and then you can move back into the Uchiha compound."

The boys nodded in understanding and went to school with Hinata. While Hiashi went to the council meeting.

In the council room everyone had arrived and they were quiet. "Let us begin. Sasuke will now also have the CRA in acted upon him. We have selected to put Sasuke and Naruto in the care of Hiashi."

"Yes of course Hokage-Sama, I'd also like to write up a marriage contract between Naruto and Hinata" Hiashi stated.

"Of course Hiashi, he'll be notified when he makes Genin." The Hokage said.

Naruto and Sasuke didn't talk to anybody at the academy that day. Eventually they lightened up in the academy and later on they began talking to people in the coming weeks. They had a normal academy and home life in the next years the Dojutsu trio were at the top of the academy.

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