Uchiha Naruto

BY: NamikazeNarutok12

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Naruto woke up a little before his brother, he decided to try what Hinata had shown him yesterday and make boiled eggs, Hinata was trying to show the boys how to cook since they would be living on their own . You could say he succeeded in his attempt to make them that is if you don't mid pieces of eggshell stuck onto your egg. His brother woke up and choked down the breakfast his brother had made. Naruto and Sasuke both prepared for their last official day of school and then waited for Hinata just outside of the gates. Hinata came out and greeted the boys as they made their way to school. As they walked they ignored the stares and glares of the ignorant villagers. When they reached the class room they entered and took their seats.

"Ok class, today you will be taking the final part of your exam: Ninjutsu. The class rankings are as such, so far: one: Sasuke Uchiha, one: Naruto Uchiha, one: Hinata Hyuga, two: Shino Aburame, three: Sakura Haruno, four: Kiba Inuzuka, five: Choji Akimichi, six: Nara Shikamaru, seven: Ino Yamanaka …. We will go in that order for the exam. The exams were finished by three o'clock that day, and the class rankings remained the same. (Ino is not dead last some random civilian is.)

"Wow we all made first place." Said Naruto with his usual happy nature.

"Yeah but I mean we were trained by a Sannin, so it really wasn't fair not to mention our eyes." Replied Sasuke.

"Well we all agreed not to use our eyes." Said Hinata "Anyway you guys want to go get something to eat."

"Ok" the two boys responded in unison.

The group went on to eat at Korean Barbeque much to the displeasure of a certain blonde haired boy, not that the other two hadn't grown to like ramen it was just that you had to eat other foods once in a while.

The group sat down for their mid-day meal talking about their classmates. When suddenly an Anbu appeared stating that the Hokage requested the boys presence in his office. The boys nodded and the Anbu left, the boys paid for the bill. Telling Hinata good-bye the boys went on into the village towards the Hokage tower.

"Hi we have a meeting with the Hokage." Naruto told the receptionist.

"Go on in." the receptionist responded uncaringly.

"Thanks" both boys responded simultaneously as they went into the room.

"Hi Hokage-Ojisan" Naruto said as the boys came into the Hokage's view.

"Oh Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun I'm glad to see the both of you. Now that you are Genin there are certain things that you must learn of." The Hokage told the two boys.

"But don't we still have to take the second test?" Sasuke asked.

"You do, but I have confidence in the both of you. So I will tell you today." The Hokage replied smiling. "Now have either of you heard of the CRA?" asked the elderly but still incredibly powerful man.

"No" replied them both.

"The CRA is something that the council imposed, It stands for Clan Restoration Act. Its main purpose is to ensure the continuity of bloodlines like the Sharingan or the Bijugan…" said the Hokage before he was interrupted.

"What does this have to do with us." Asked a certain blonde impatient ninja.

"If you would let me continue." The boy nodded hearing the slight agitation in the old man's voice. "The CRA is in acted when someone is the last wielder of a bloodline. The CRA has three parts to it, the first is forced polygamy or having multiple wives in the CRA the person has 4 wives. The second part is the lowering of the marrying age to 14 or whenever the person makes Chunin. The last part is accommodation which basically means the village provides you with a compound. Now there are rules to the CRA as well such as having to be married to 4 people by sixteen or having people selected for you. The next rule is that each wife must have 1 child or be pregnant by her eighteenth birthday. This and the clan must start or have a Taijutsu style associated with it. Now the reason I am telling the both of you this is because you both have had the CRA enacted on you."

"WHHAAAAATT?" yelled a shocked Naruto. He couldn't believe not only would he have 4 wives by 16 he would have 4 kids by 18 and what if Hinata didn't want to share him, even though he never said anything he liked her, even Sasuke knew it.

"Naruto you already have two engagements." Said the Hokage.

"Who?" asked Naruto, again in a state of shock. I mean getting married was one thing but having two out of four wives already selected for you was a whole other thing.

"Temari Sabuko and Hinata Hyuga." The Hokage responded he understood the boys hysteria, this was a lot to take in. 'I am marrying Hinata-Chan, I wonder if she knows', Naruto thought 'No she probably doesn't and Temari-Chan to that explains why I always went to Suna and she always came here, but I haven't seen her in about 5 years I wonder how she has changed.'

"Hokage-Ojisan I was wondering, where will Naruto be living for his clan compound." Asked the raven haired boy. He was worried about his brother moving, he was all he had left.

"Well Sasuke I have decided to split the Uchiha compound between the new Uchiha clan and the Uzumaki clan." Said Hiruzen smiling he didn't want to split the boys to far apart.

"Awesome our clans will be next to each other." Naruto exclaimed it was comforting to know he and his brother would go through this together. 'Well looks like he will always be right next door' thought Sasuke in relief he wasn't losing his brother.

"Oh I forgot, congratulations to both of you for passing your test and also I made a few changes to the compound so I hope you'll be happy now go get some dinner and go home I had your stuff moved this morning and decorated both of the main houses already." The Hokage continued "That will be all".

The boys left and had dinner with the Hyuga one more time. They agreed not to discuss anything with Hinata just yet. After dinner the boys walked to the place where their lives had changed. Neither of them ever visited the place it would be to sad. Naruto swiped his blood over the gate activating the blood seals Hiruzen had placed. The boys were shocked there was one road in the middle the long lines of interconnected homes in the back were two meeting houses, one for each clan. At the front were two houses in front of each row of homes they were the clan heads houses. The left was the Uzumaki and the right was the Uchiha. It was so different, and both of the boys were glad of that, it did not remind them of that event. The boys moved to their separate homes getting ready for the team assignments the next mornings.

In the council room.

"As you all know we'll be assigning teams today know who wants to give their suggestions first?" the aging Kage asked. A medium sized man with wild but slightly spiky hair moved forward, the man wore his headband down over left eye and a mask over the bottom of his face. The Cyclops ninja was none other Kakashi Hatake or Kakashi of the Sharingan he was now the only person to still have the normal Sharingan.

"Hokage-Sama I have an idea for a team, one that I believe will one day surpass even the Sannin. I propose a team of myself Naruto Uzumaki-Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, and Hyuga Hinata."

"Hokage-Sama with all due respect that would create a power vacuum among the teams." Said the tall beautiful woman with the piercing red eyes who was a first time Jounin sensei."

"I agree Kurenei, what do you have to say to that Kakashi."

"They already have perfect teamwork not to mention that Hinata's new juuken would be wasted on the tracking team Kurenei wants to form. Also we would have a close range a close to mid-range and a mid to long range. It is the perfect team…"

At the Uchiha and Uzumaki compound…

"Are you ready?" Naruto questioned his brother before they made the last of their daily to the academy.

"You know I am, I can't wait to see what team I am on and what sensei I have. Let's go." Replied Sasuke eagerly awaiting his future as a ninja. The boys walked to the academy they were beyond exited. They took their seats and saved the chair at the end of the row for Hinata. She walked into the room and took her seat next to Naruto. Then in the midst of all the yelling going on around them the most unexpected thing that could have happened, happened.

"Hinata-Chan I was wondering well I like you so I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me?" asked the nervous Naruto. He was worried because even if they were going to get married what if she didn't really like him. The girl paused not because she had to think of the answer she would give him but because she was in shock, she liked Naruto but she never believed the boy would reciprocate.

"…. Yes Naruto, I would love to." Responded to Naruto and also Sasuke who knew he would have to listen to his brother's sorrow if she said no, it would also have added a certain awkwardness to their friendship.

"Well I'll pick you up around seven-thirty tonight at the compounded" said Naruto smiling at the blushing girl. Just as Hinata was going to respond Iruka walked into the room.

"Hello class or should I say future shinobi of Konohagakure, Today you will be assigned to teams. That Hokage-Sama assigned himself based on your strengths and weaknesses. Team one…Team Seven Jounin sensei will be Kakashi Hatake and the Genin will be Sasuke Uchiha Naruto Uzumaki-Uchiha and…"

At that moment all the girls began praying to be selected to this team, Naruto and Sasuke fan girls alike. Hinata desperately wanted to be on a team with her two friends and she didn't want someone to steal Naruto from her. A certain girl of Konoha's harpy clan thought that she would put up with the fake Uchiha who her mother said was a demon if it meant she could be with her Sasuke-kun.

"Sak-Hinata Hyuga." Iruka chided to himself if there was one student he couldn't stand it was Haruno Sakura he prayed for Kiba and Shino.

"Liar I must be on the team with Sasuke-kun" said the pink haired girl.

"Sorry but these are the teams chosen by Hokage-Sama" the Chunin said.

"Team eight Kiba Inuzuka, Aburame Shino and Haruno Sakura and your sensei will be Kurenei Yuhi." 'Just my luck bug boy and dog breath' thought Sakura. Iruka went on "Team ten Ino Yamanaka, Nara Shikamaru and Akimichi Choji and your sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma. Those are all the teams so I'll be leaving your sensei should arrive soon." Iruka finished and left the room.

Jounin sensei entered the room leaving with their students one by one until just team seven was left. They sat as the hands on the clock turned at what seemed like half speed. then Naruto decided that now would be a good time to test his Byakugan fighting style against the juuken, Naruto wanted to learn the juuken but the Hyuga elders would never allow it, so instead he began working with some of his mother's Taijutsu scrolls of the Uzumaki fighting style he tried turning the art known as Uzu no Mai or Dance of the Vortex he managed to change it slightly to fit his Byakugan no Kitsune better. He had also learned how to improve his clan's native Kenjutsu style (Kisetsufū no ha) by hitting the points of the body with the lowest amount of Chakra so even a small cut would be more painful. The other two told him that they should just wait for his sensei and Naruto agreed so he used his Bijugan to place a little electric pulse seal that would shock the next person who touched.

Soon the cycloptic man touched the knob being zapped, he just brushed it off and walked on into the room. Naruto was angry the man didn't even looked surprised. Than the Jounin walked.

"You see there were two old ladies who needed help crossing the road so…" Kakashi used one of his top ten favorite trademarked excuses. "Now meet me up stairs." Before the Genin knew it their sensei had shunshined out of the room.

The three heirs walked up the stairs to the roof of the academy and then sat of the bench in front of their sensei who was leaning on the railing.

"Well now that you are here how about we get to know each other better by telling each other our names, likes, dislikes and your dreams." Started Kakashi wondering about the trio that would be his students, well that was if they passed the test….

"Why don't you go first sensei" Sasuke told Kakashi, trying to get to know more about the man.

"Fine, my name is Kakashi Hatake. My likes…well they really of your concern, my dislikes…again not really your concern either. As for my dreams well I don't want to share them with you." Finished Kakashi. The ninja in front of him just stared as their sweat dropped.

"Well that what informative. Anyway my name is Uchiha-Uzumaki Naruto and my likes are ramen, training, my friends and my brother. My dislikes are those that harm others and the innocent as well as bullies. My dreams are to become Hokage so I can protect everyone, my other dream is to rebuild my clan and learn who my birth father was." Spoke an exuberant Naruto. 'Wow he didn't show any anger towards the man who killed his family I wonder how his brother feels though.' Kakashi thought.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke and my likes are training, my brother and my friends. My dislikes are who take things from others and hurt them as well as those who say my brother isn't a real Uchiha and glare at him. My dream is to rebuild my clan and take my brothers former position as Anbu captain and then father's former position as chief of the Military police." Sasuke finished. 'He only wants to honor his family not avenge them.' Kakashi thought again.

"I am Hyuga Hinata I like spending time with my two best friends as well as my other friends as well as my sister and cousin. I dislike the separation within my family and people who see kindness as weakness. My dream is for the caged bird seal to be eradicated." Hinata said.

"Well we will see if you guys make Genin tomorrow. Meet me tomorrow at the training ground at 7, Oh and don't eat breakfast or you will throw up. Said the Jounin nonchalantly 'well let's see if these so called prodigies follow orders blindly or not' though the Jounin who caught himself smirking before he shunshined away.

"That was interesting" Naruto said.

"You can say that again" concurred Sasuke as they walked on.

The trio now known as team 7 ate lunch after running into team 10. The boys then dropped Hinata off, reminding her to eat breakfast. Naruto told Hinata he would pick her up at seven-thirty. The boys then left to train at their compound.

Naruto was genuinely concerned about his first date, He took a shower having just trained. He then selected some of his more fancy civilian attire. He thought about where he was going to take her realizing that he hadn't even considered it, he decided on a new sushi place.

Naruto stood and gulped just outside of where he could be seen from the Hyuga compound, which was pretty far considering the range of the Byakugan. He then continued finally making it to the gate. When he approached the gate he found a single guard.

"Naruto-Sama" the branch member said, they began calling him that after he moved in with the main family. "Lord Hiashi wanted to speak to you before your date with Hinata-Sama." Naruto nodded not trusting his voice, if there was one person that scared him it was Hiashi, in his time with the Hyuga he had seen the man go from kind to terrifying and now he wanted to meet with him. The boy slowly walked to the man's office anyone could read the fear coming off of him he was like an open book. He walked into the office and in front of him sat Hiashi Hyuga.

"Ah Naruto-kun I see you got my message, there are some things we need to discuss about dating my daughter. First although you will marry her she will remain a virgin until marriage and the second is that even though I have treated you like a son for the last four years if you ever hurt her let me just say Bijugan or not your line will not continue. Do I make myself clear?"

"Of course Hiashi-Ojisan." Said Naruto. "But know this if I hurt Hinata you won't be able to hurt me because I would already be dead." Hiashi smiled at the nobleness of the boy's words. "Does she know of the engagement?" Naruto asked and as he dead a thought that scared him to death came upon him, 'two of my in laws are a clan head and a Kage, just great.'

"No she doesn't and I ask you to let me tell you" stated Hiashi.

"Of course Ojisan." Naruto replied and with that he turned out of the office he walked out and saw, at the gate was Hinata facing his way. The Hyuga girl was wearing a light grey Kimono that highlighted the light lavender shade in her eyes. He walked toward her with butterflies in his stomach, little did he know that Hinata also had butterflies.

"Hello Hinata-Chan, are you ready?" the boy asked worried about his voice the whole time. The girl nodded in response not quite as confident in her voice. "Well let's go, I thought we could have dinner at this new sushi place and then go for a walk. The girl smiled and nodded again.

The two preteens walked hand and hand through the city, both of them smiling. They came to their table in the restaurant. They ate and just talked, Naruto paid when they finished. They then walked up to the Hokage Mountain Naruto showed her how beautiful Konoha was when you saw it from far up. The new couple sat there, Hinata leaned into Naruto's shoulder. Realizing it was close to ten-thirty. Naruto walked her home and gave her a small chaste kiss goodnight, they both blushed.

Naruto walked home wondering what Hinata thought of their date, he then went to sleep, he did after all have a very important day tomorrow.

The next day all members of the Genin team ate breakfast and the Genin made it to the training ground, their Jounin sensei however stood in front of a stone for two hours lost in thought.

When Kakashi arrived he found his team talking, apparently not caring he was hours late. "Alright" Kakashi said trying to get their attention "today you will each try to get these three bells from me whoever doesn't gets tied to a post while we all eat lunch." 'There is no point trying to break their teamwork so let's just see what they got, and looks like they all ate breakfast considering none of them looked fazed when I talked about lunch.' The Jounin thought. "Begin" he finally said.

With that a series of unfortunate event began for Kakashi.

"Mass shadow clone Jutsu" yelled Naruto. About 100 clones surrounded Kakashi, he didn't know that both Hinata and Sasuke were both hidden among the clones and that cost him. After about fifty of the clones got extremely close to Kakashi Sasuke shouted.

"Doton: Earth dome" with that a small dome concealed the clones and what happened next shocked (you will see the pun later) Kakashi. Several clones threw out storage scrolls that held water that ended up filling the dome, then In front of Kakashi were three Naruto who formed a seal and then mouthed "Raiton: Paralyzing shock" Kakashi quickly switched with a piece of wood, but he didn't realize a Naruto clone had already taken the bells. Kakashi realized this as he exited.

"Well you got me congratulations you all pass but next time I want to see more out of Hinata" Kakashi said then he realized that she was right next to him ready to fight him had he said anything different "errrr… never mind, here's your lunch. "

The group ate and went to Hinata's house.

Kakashi went to the meeting with the Hokage.

"Team one fail" said a Jounin obviously not happy this trend continued until it was Kakashi.

"Team seven passed the improvised bell test by taking the bell test" Kakashi sounded ashamed at the fact he had been beaten.

"Team eight pass" said Kurenei.

"Team 10 pass "said Asuma, who actually didn't give his team a test.

The next four months went by quickly for teams 7, they completed 15 D ranks and 5 C ranks that was until… the day they got the wave mission. Hinata and Naruto grew closer they know kissed in the open and went to dinner often Sasuke and Ino started a relationship, that was once Ino got out of her fan girlness.

So in the coming chapter we have a couple of things a Sasu/Ino date some NaruHina, Hinata finds out about the Harem and the marriage and the beginning of the wave mission. Sorry for the size of the chapter it was more of a connection between arcs with some NaruHina fluff and for you Sasuke fans don't worry he will get his first date. Also there is going to be a council meeting. Tell me what you think and your harem picks, if you see problems or a deterioration in my writing let me know. As always thanks for reading.