Uchiha Naruto

BY: NamikazeNarutok12

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Sasuke walked towards the compound, it was Ino's family house. The girl that had been his top fan girl. Apparently she had become a more focused Kunoichi in the past four months, He thought about her asking her out at the academy but then again he didn't want some yes girl he wanted someone strong and independent. He had decided that if she was being a more serious Kunoichi he would give her a chance. He had already decided that he would tell any girl he went out with about the CRA on their first date they deserved the information. He finally came to the door and knocked. Ino opened the door…

"Sasuke-Kun" yelled an overly excited Ino… 'Wait he only started to like me because I stopped being a fan girl' thought Ino. "Where are we going for our date Sasuke-Kun?" the girl questioned trying to sound more mature. 'Well I guess she hasn't completely grown out of being a fan girl but the more we hang out it should go away.' Thought the young boy. The two teens wore their best clothes. Ino wore a purple silk Kimono with a white lotus pattern. Sasuke wore a black kimono with black trim and three red tomoe on the back.

"I figured we could go to this sushi place my brother told me about, that is if you like sushi." Sasuke responded to the girl, Naruto said Hinata liked the place so it sounded good to him.

"That sounds great." The girl responded. They began to walk toward the restaurant taking in the all too familiar sights of Konoha .They were about half way to the restaurant when Sasuke decided to break the silence the stood between them.

"So Ino-Chan what is it like to be on team ten with Asuma-sensei?" asked Sasuke it was strange he found himself nervous, this was unknown territory for him… being on a date. Ino listening to his question did not fail to notice the addition of chan to her name once again.

"Well Shikamaru is lazy as ever, but he does sometimes get serious on mission. Choji still eats all the time, and Asuma-sensei isn't that bad but he usually just plays shogi with Shikamaru. What about your team how are they?" Asked the girl stopping herself from rambling.

"Naruto and Hinata, well one of them is my brother and the other has been since forever so it's great spending time with them. Kakashi-sensei is always late, but he always takes missions seriously especially the C-rank ones. Has your team done any C-rank missions? Asked the boy, trying to learn more about the girl who one day might become his wife.

"No not yet but Sensei says we should be going on one next week" Ino replied a little ashamed she knew Sasuke's team had already completed 5 c ranks.

"I'm sure you'll do great." Sasuke wasn't usually the comforting type but he could hear the doubt in the girl. Just as Ino was going to respond, Konoha's resident mythological creature showed up…

"Sasuke-Kun what are you doing with Ino-pig?" screeched the thing that most people called Sakura.

"If you must know Sakura-san, Ino-Chan and I are on a date and I would like it very much if you would leave us alone and refrained from calling her a pig." Replied Sasuke sure Ino and he were only on their first date but that didn't mean he would stand for someone calling her a pig, especially someone whose forehead was the size of a piglet.

'He is on a date with that pig' thought outer Sakura… 'That bitch stole our man end her' screamed inner Sakura. 'Yeah your right, Sasuke must be mine I won't let Ino-pig have him'… 'Dam right I am and no we won't'. Then as Sakura came out of the trance that occurred when she talked to her true personality she found Sasuke and Ino gone and she skulked away fuming about how she got away.

"Well that was a close one, thank Kami we are finally here." Said Sasuke under his breath, sure Ino was bad but Sakura…

As they walked into the restaurant Sasuke asked the martedi "May we have a table for 2?" The short bald man nodded and led the blossoming couple toward the table that would be theirs for the night. Sasuke pulled out Ino's chair and then proceeded to sit down. Ino walked around the place the decorum was nice there were paintings of forests and flowers, there were even a couple of Bonsai.

"Hello are you ready to order?" asked the server who was a teenage boy a little older then the two.

"Yes I'll have the Temaki" replied Sasuke the cone shaped sushi was something Hinata introduced him to it was a safe bet to call him addicted, not as bad as Naruto and Ramen but pretty bad.

"I'll have the Gunkanmaki" continued Ino she was never a big fan of sushi until she tried that dish which she loved almost mare than any other.

Their food came and they began eating. They continued talking until they finished their meal at which point they left and as Sasuke walked Ino home he brought up the CRA…

"So Ino I think there is something I have to tell you considering that I had a great time and really want to see you again. You see the council created something called the CRA it makes it so I have to have 4 wives" the boy began he saw the shock already building on Ino's face. "And each has to have a child by the time they are 18. I don't know how you feel but… I didn't want to keep this from you." Finished Sasuke it came out rushed but at least he got it out.

'He has to have 4 wives and I'd have to have a child by 18, is he joking? No he doesn't joke I know him well enough to know better than that. Naruto is pretty much enough comedic release for that trio. I really like him but can I share him… at least id have people going through this with me. What do I say?' The platinum haired girl thought. "Well Sasuke I have liked you for a long time but I need to think about this…ok." Said Ino hesitantly she didn't want to lose her shot at Sasuke.

"Of course Ino-Chan I would be worried if you didn't time besides it isn't like we would be getting married tomorrow" he said this as the couple came to the door. Sasuke smiled at Ino and kissed her on the cheek and she blushed 'Sasuke kissed me' she thought. They said their goodbyes and Ino went inside, Sasuke went home to think about the date.

"Team seven a man has submitted a simple escort and guard mission but considering the instability of the country that he is going to, wave country, I am worried about surprises. Unfortunately I cannot afford to send a team of Chunin on this mission, so I have decided that you are the best option for this." Said the third he was genuinely concerned about sending any other Genin team on this mission but Team Dojutsu wasn't the average team of Genin.

"Of course Hokage-Sama we will do our best to reach your expectations" responded Sasuke not wanting his younger brother to embarrass the team.

"I hope so Sasuke-Kun…" the Kage said, then he said slightly louder "You can send in Tazuna-san now." With that the doors opens and a man whose sake filled breath could be smelled from Water country stumbled into the room, He then spoke…

"These…are the brats... that are supposed to protect me. The blonde one looks goofy… That guy I mean how he can see with one eye" Stuttered the drunken old man who was the only hope for his country.

"Sir I can assure you that my team will protect you." Replied Kakashi when their sensei finished Sasuke waited for his brother's snide remarks but they never came. He looked over to Naruto and Hinata expecting to see them holding hand but instead he found them an arm's length apart. He thought 'I wondered what Naruto did now, I better talk to Hinata…' "I want all of you to pack for a three week mission." Kakashi said interrupting Sasuke thoughts and the cycloptic man left.

"Naruto would you mind packing for me I have to do something before we leave?" asked Sasuke Naruto nodded and left. As Naruto was out of sight Sasuke caught up to Hinata. "Hinata-Chan I know it isn't my business but why are you mad at Naruto?" questioned Sasuke. Hinata responded…

"Well last night…


Hinata and Hanabi sat in the former's room, they were pressing flowers it was what they always did after training. It reminded her of times when she was young and would do this with her mother.

"Hinata-Sama you're father request your presence" said the branch member who stood at the door way of the large room.

"Thank you Nidoma-san, and Hanabi keep pressing I'll be back soon." said the lavender eyed girl. She then walked to her Father's office when she arrived she took the seat in front of Him.

"Hinata-Chan there is something we need to talk about, but you must promise not to interrupt me." The girl nodded wondering why her father would have her promise that "Hinata you are betrothed to Naruto and not only that but Naruto must take 4 wives" Hinata was starting to get the whole no interrupting thing" Also you must bear a child by your eighteenth birthday" the man finished with a sigh worried about his daughters response, this was a lot to take in.


"So you are mad because you have to marry Naruto?" Sasuke asked, he honestly never thought this would have been Hinata's reaction. Shocked surprised sure but upset he swore she had liked him enough to marry him.

"No I'm mad because he didn't tell me himself" Hinata responded. Sasuke face palmed and looked at Hinata.

"Your dad should really tell the whole story, he was the one that asked Naruto to let him tell you Hinata." Responded Sasuke he understood how that could cause her to be upset. He was also glad he wouldn't have to deal with a moping Naruto.

At the gate stood Team Dojutsu and Tazuna. Hinata now stood closer to Naruto like she usually did and had given him a kiss when he arrived. Naruto ignorant to why Hinata had been mad just went with the flow. The group walked Hinata behind Tazuna, Sasuke to the left and Naruto to the right while Kakashi walked in front. Hinata had her Byakugan activated she saw a group of three low Anbu level ninja they were running towards them.

"Three shinobi coming our way…" yelled Hinata, in all of their C-ranks they had never once fought actual shinobi only bandits.

"Hinata fall back to protect Tazuna. Naruto, Sasuke you're with me." Kakashi said, he saw the doubt in Hinata's pupil less eyes. The Genin followed their orders. Then three ninja landed on the ground in front of them they all wore Anbu masks.

"Kakashi Hatake also known as Kakashi of the Sharingan… You are losing your touch if you think a couple of Genin could take out the Iwa extermination unit." Said the head man all three wore standard Anbu garb. Kakashi had heard of them they were a group, they were a division of Anbu that was unique to Iwa, their task eliminate people found in the bingo book.

"You would be surprised what they are capable of. Naruto, Sasuke no playing around." Kakashi said. Naruto and Sasuke understood so they both activated their UMS this was the first time the UMS would see outside the walls of Konoha.

"Katon: Goukakyuu No Jutsu" Sasuke and Naruto both yelled this was Plan Delta so it was distract and paralyze.

"You must be crazy if you think that will take us out." Said the arrogant leader of the Iwa team what he didn't know was that there were three people behind them.

Naruto's eyes changed as the three stepped back three Naruto clones in back of them with Bijugan activated quickly yelled "121 points : Chakra release" when Naruto said that Hinata's Byakugan saw what it did it opened 121 tenketsu completely causing the recipient to barely have Chakra then Naruto walked up placing paralysis tags on the three. He then promptly passed out.

"The three of you go ahead, I need to take care of this." Said Kakashi. Sasuke nodded as he picked up an exhausted Naruto, the combined chakra use was a lot the UMS and Bijugan along with a C and S rank Jutsu used a lot of Chakra even for him.

The quartet walked on until Hinata saw a puddle, the three thought it odd since it hadn't rained in days. Hinata took out one of the custom Raiton paralysis tags Naruto had given her she placed it in the water stepped back and then activated it. Suddenly two ninja burst out of the water shaking at the force of the Raiton then after the convulsing stopped the two lay paralyzed on the floor. Then Kakashi jumped out of the tree beside them.

"Sometimes I wish you guys weren't so efficient I wanted to see who these two, the demon brothers, were going for." Kakashi said, five ninja in one day, definitely not a c-rank.

"It was me…you see in wave country a man named Gato has taken over I'm building the bridge so he can't control the Economy anymore, I knew he would send ninja but this was all the money my countryman had and we still couldn't get a B-rank. I'll understand if you want to leave I just hope they leave me in one piece for my Daughter and Grandson." Said Tazuna playing for sympathy.–

"Don't try for sympathy we won't give you any, but the Hokage gave my team this mission because he thought there was something fishy going on. This team is the most powerful genin team in the village so you're in luck." Kakashi said.

"Thanks, now let's keep going I need to hurry and finish this bridge." Said Tazuna. The group walked on.

Hinata's Byakugan saw two ninja one had the same power as Kakashi. "You two can come out now." Yelled Hinata to the rest of the group's surprise. Out of the bushes jumped two ninja one was tall and noticeably muscular he had pale skin, short spiky black hair, brown eyes, and small eyebrows. He had bandages like a mask over the bottom half of his face. The ninja on his left had long black hair, pale skin, a slender frame, and was also quite short she wore an Anbu mask.

"Zabuza Momochi, demon of the mist, A-rank missing-nin of Kirihagakure, wanted for treason against the Mizukage" Said Kakashi, the man before them was dangerous not to mention the added threat of the girl in the hunter-nin mask.

"Kakashi of the Sharingan eye it is an honor that you know my name you were a kill on sight in the bingo book when I was one of the seven swordsman. But why don't you and the kids step aside while we kill the old man." Said Zabuza.

Kakashi threw three Kunai at Zabuza, they all missed. What the target didn't see was the inscriptions on the Kunai. Naruto had given his whole team these Kunai, They were the parts of the three point paralysis seal Jutsu. Zabuza was now completely immobilized. 'How did you do that' thought the trapped Zabuza, but his thoughts were interrupted.

"Why do you need to kill the old man?" asked the now walking Naruto out of the blue, he had positioned himself in front of Hinata much to her disdain.

"Well you see kid running from hunter-nin isn't cheap." Responded Zabuza unsure why he was answering the runt and also how he managed to get trapped.

"Well if you want to get away from Kiri I have an idea, you set up a meeting with your employer Gatoh and take him out helping us complete our mission, and then when this mission is over we take you back to Konohagakure under the protection of my brother and I, giving you amnesty." Said Naruto. Kakashi was shocked not only would Zabuza help with the mission but it would eliminate the risks involved and as a plus Konohagakure gets an A rank Nin.

"That sounds great kid but your brother and you are just Genin how would your protection help us?" asked a skeptical Zabuza.

"Well actually Zabuza Naruto and Sasuke's protection would make you untouchable." Said Kakashi who at this point was onboard with the plan.

"Well if that's true then I like this idea of yours" said Zabuza, amnesty sounded great, no more running and one day he would go back to the mist and become the Mizukage.

"Tazuna-san when can the bridge be done if you have two hundred more workers?" asked Naruto.

"Well I don't know where you are going to find two hundred extra worker, that will work for free, but it would take one week to finish." Responded Naruto wondering about finding two hundred more people.

"Well Zabuza meet us at the bridge in a week and make sure Gato is dead." Said Naruto, wondering if he could trust the man.

"I'll be there, just make sure you can follow up on your end of the bargain" said Zabuza. With that Zabuza and Haku left to their base. Team Dojutsu went on to the home of Tazuna.

"Tsunami, Inari I'm home" yelled Tazuna, the group hadn't seen him this happy the whole trip.

"Thank you so much for keeping my father safe. Now how about we have dinner?" The woman the group assumed was Tsunami said they walked and sat down at the table. Then a young boy walked in.

"Grandpa who are these people?" asked Inari.

"These are the people who're going to help stop Gato." Responded Tazuna with a smile at the thought of getting rid of Gato.

"You should leave. You are weak, Gato is too strong. He will definitely kill you all." Yelled Inari before running away.

"I'm sorry about Inari he's had a difficult life" said Tazuna.

"Would you mind telling us what happened?" Hinata asked quietly.

"I suppose…" Tazuna responded he told the story of Inari and Kiaza and how greatly Kiaza death affected Inari. After the end of the story Naruto got up and went to Inari who he found on a balcony looking out toward the ocean, the young boy was crying.

"Inari do you think your dad would want you to cry? No he would want you to help your grandfather and continue his legacy" said Naruto in the must determine voice he could muster.

"What do you know about pain?" asked Inari not expecting to get an answer.

"What do I know about pain? Well, a man killed the entire clan that adopted me except for my brother and most of the villagers hate me. But I get it you are one of those people who think they are the only ones who know pain. What about your mom she lost Kiaza to, but you don't help her you're just a baby."

"I'm not a baby it just hurts" responded Inari with a voice caught in despair.

"I know but you can't let the hurt take you over use the hurt to carry on the legacy of kiaza." Said Naruto he didn't want to be too hard on the boy because he thought he got the message.

"Thank you" said Inari finally realizing he had been wrong.

The next morning, in a bunker hidden in the forest, Zabuza lay on a bed like he was hurt this was part of his plan. Then Gato walked in.

"You idiot you let them get away, some Demon you are." Said Gato as he moved toward the man who looked helpless.

"See Gato the thing about demons is you can't really trust them" said Zabuza as he quickly drove a Kunai into Gato's neck.

"You bastard." The guards said before they tried to hurt Zabuza. Haku quickly sent two nonlethal senbon to their throat. The two bodies of the men hit the floor.

"Haku why don't you go into the forest or something while I … cleanup" said Zabuza

"Yes Zabuza-Sama" she left the compound and went toward the ocean on her way there she came upon a certain Raven haired boy, she shook him till he woke. "You know if you sleep outside it's not good for." Said Haku.

"I know I was training and I feel asleep, and by the way I never got your name the other day." Replied Sasuke.

"My name is Haku." Said Haku.

"Well it is nice to meet you Haku, I have a question for you though how did you come to be with Zabuza." Asked Sasuke he was genuinely interested in how such a pretty girl ended up with a missing-nin. Haku told her story, of how her father killed her mother and how Zabuza found her and gave her purpose. Sasuke gave his story of his families' death they then kind of just sat there for a while.

"Sasuke it was nice talking to you but I have to go back to Zabuza-Sama." Said Haku.

"Ok Haku…but before you go I was wondering, would you like to go on a date when we go back home?" Sasuke couldn't believe he asked a girl he just met on a date.

"Ok Sasuke." Replied Haku before she left as soon as she was turned around a light blush appeared.

She stepped back into the hideaway and told Zabuza about her meeting leaving out the date of course.

The next day was a busy one Kakashi got the note about Gato's death as well as the location and decided to take a side mission, so he got the team together.

"We are going to raid Gato's place for anything that we can get as bonuses for our mission."

"Ok Kakashi-sensei but where is it?" asked Naruto.

"Follow me it is only a couple of miles away" said the Jounin and then the team was off they ran and they stopped in the bushes in front of the hideout. "Alright Hinata tell us how many people are inside." Said Kakashi.

"The place is empty Kakashi-sensei it is a large warehouse but in the back is a large safe." Said Hinata surprised that the place was already abandoned Kakashi thought the same.

"Well then let's go in." said Kakashi. They did they went into the underground base. There was nothing but empty crates and chairs inside, so they walked to the safe in the back. Kakashi used a chakra key to open the vault. Inside say four things of insurmountable value, they bore the marks of an ancient clan and a Kage. They belonged to the Uzumaki and had the mark of the Uzukage. Naruto looked on as he saw the four scrolls in front of him, they would allow him to truly restore his clan. He looked at the scrolls for seals with his Bijugan, sure enough there were blood seals on all of them. He activated the seals with a little of his blood. The first one he found contained a full collection of Uzumaki Nin and Fuinjutsu. It was safe to say Naruto was ecstatic he couldn't believe the prospect of having a true clan library. Then he opened the next scroll it was Armor from the first Uzumaki it was like the armor of the first Uzumaki it was in the style of the Nidaime's armor but it was black and in red paint with orange flakes in the front it had the kanji for Uzumaki and in the back it had the kanji for spirit. It was beautiful it was made of chakra armor that hardened when infused with chakra. Naruto thought 'I will definitely wear this when I become clan head'. In the third chest was the Uzumaki summoning contract it said Hydra. Naruto had never heard of a hydra but he hoped Bunta would let him sign this with the toad one. He also told himself to let his future wives and children choose between this and the toads. In the last chest was something Naruto felt elated about it was two things it was the rest of the Uzumaki Uzu no Mai style scrolls as well as a Katana. This blade was no regular one it was the blade of the first Uzukage. The scabbard was black and engraved in gold red and orange was the kanji spirit of the Uzumaki. The Handle was red, orange and black braiding and at the bottom was the clan symbol. The blade itself was magnificent the Hamon was like rolling waves and the blade had engraved First Uzukage.

"Naruto this wasn't just Gato's hideout this was an Uzumaki safe house that was used to store artifacts. The Uchiha and Hyuga also have these." Said Sasuke who was Happy for his brother.

"Naruto seal this stuff up and let's go, obviously you can keep this stuff since it belongs to your clan." Said Kakashi.

Throughout the next five days two hundred Naruto clones helped with the bridge and another hundred practiced the newly discovered Uzumaki stuff, Naruto decided to wait till he got back to Konoha to talk to Bunta and the Hydra. While the real Naruto spent time between Hinata and Inari. Sasuke wanted to train to get stronger so he asked Kakashi to teach him. Kakashi wanted Sasuke to learn Chidori so he put fifty pounds of weights on Sasuke's arms and legs.

It was the last day and the bridge was done, unknown to the villagers a group of 60 men came to take what they were owed since Gato was dead at the head was missing rock nin Deidara, this was his test to join the Akatsuki. They made it to the front of the bridge. Deidara blew up the front of the bridge Kakashi turned instantly and saw who the man was, the battle ensued.

The bandits behind the man were easily handled by Sasuke and Hinata, Kakashi knew Naruto could use the Explosion Release.

"You sent a kid to fight me, what a joke but he'll make a great work of art. Explosion release: clay birds." Yelled Deidara. But what happened next surprised even Kakashi.

"Explosion release: clay birds" Naruto repeated and at that instance half the birds in the flock turned and went to attack Deidara. The birds all exploded at the same time, and covered the two in smoke. The next moment Deidara and Naruto both landed on the ground.

"Impossible" yelled Deidara he thought no one out of Iwa had it. "Oh well, Explosion Release: Great Death." All of Deidara's clay went toward Naruto, Naruto strained to fight the clay back it exploded between the two fighters. Out of the smoke Naruto saw Deidara on a large bird flying away. 'That kid was tough and without the clay there was no way I could take Kakashi or Zabuza' thought Deidara.

Naruto passed out again it was really tough using a new bloodline. They fixed the bridge in two days and went back to Konoha.

The town then started saying their goodbyes. Inari was the last and hugged Naruto. Naruto told him to get stronger and help his mom and grandpa whenever they needed it. Inari agreed and went back to the big group.

After saying their final goodbyes, the Konoha group with Haku and Zabuza all left across the bridge and headed back home.

"Hey gramps, what should we call the bridge?" Inari asked his grandpa.

"Well, I think we should call it the Great Konoha Bridge. All in favor?" Tazuna yelled and getting a loud yes reply they all agreed on the name. And from that day forth in wave country the story of team seven circulated through the entire country of wave.

The group of now six people walked up to the gate.

Izumo and Kotetsu saw the group coming.

"Kakashi who are the other two people with your group?" asked Kotetsu

"This is Zabuza Momochi and Haku Yuki." Replied Kakashi coolly. At mention of the name Kotetsu and Izumo tightened they had heard stories of the man and quite frankly he was terrifying.

"He must be taken in to custody immediately" said Izumo quickly. Just as Naruto was about to reply he was shocked to hear Sasuke speak first.

"That will not be necessary Zabuza Momochi and Haku Yuki are under the protection of the Uzumaki and Uchiha clans." Said Sasuke, the Chunin looked at Kakashi who simply nodded. The Chunin let them go to the Hokage.

"Naruto, I've been meaning to ask you, how you know about village law?" Kakashi asked in a curious manner.

"Well Otou-san knew I was going to be clan head so he taught me clan law." Said Naruto matter-of-factly.

The group made it to the Hokage tower. And went into his Office.

"Hokage-Sama our mission was a success but in regards to others present, Naruto and I request asylum for Zabuza Momochi and Haku Yuki" said Sasuke in an official way.

"To gain Asylum one must be interrogated, so that is unavoidable after that they will be tested for the current level of skill after which they will become shinobi for now though they will need somewhere to live." The Hokage responded, he actually couldn't wait to hear how all of this came to be from Kakashi later.

"Thank you for your acceptance Hokage-Sama" said Zabuza and Haku in a very respectful tone

"Also we can provide housing." Said Naruto

"That will be acceptable, Snake badger tiger id you could take Ibiki-san" the Hokage said. The Anbu took the pair to Ibiki.

"Kakashi here is the paperwork you asked for." The Hokage said.

"Thank you Hokage-Sama. Here you go, fill these out and go to room 301 two days from now, it's for the Chunin exams. You are dismissed." The group nodded and left the office along with Kakashi. Sasuke went home while Hinata and Naruto walked the village something interesting happened.

In the council room a familiar place to the Hokage sat the council ready for his arrival. The Hokage walked in the room with full robes on and sat in his chair. "I am here to inform you of the arrival of two people into the village who request amnesty." Said the Hokage he hated these protocol as it forced him to meet with the council and somehow they always brought up Naruto. "Their names are Zabuza Momochi and Haku Yuki now let's get this over with who votes in…"

"Hokage-Sama, what do this ninja have that make them worthy of being given amnesty?" asked a civilian councilmen who received nods from the rest of the council. The Hokage was hoping they'd just let It go on by.

"Zabuza Momochi and Haku Yuki helped with the completion of an A-rank mission, I'll go in to detail after the civilian council departs, and upon completion the Uzumaki clan and the Uchiha clan placed them under their protection. Zabuza Momochi was an A class missing Nin known for being a Kenjutsu and assassination specialist he was one of the seven swords men. Haku Yuki is the last known member of the Yuki clan she has the Ice release Kekkai Genkai. So know would you please vote." Said the Hokage, tired of explaining. Seventy five percent voted for their admission and when the Hokage was about to dismiss the civilian council when one of them decided to speak.

"Hokage we request that the ky…" he received glares and corrected himself "Naruto Uzumaki be barred from the Chunin exams." The Hokage was pissed but responded.

"Your request is denied now all civilians get out." Said the angry village leader. The civilians begrudgingly left as they were reminded how little power they actually had.

"Now for the report of Team 7 aka Team Dojutsu they were first attacked by their Jounin level ninja from Iwa's famed elimination squad their target was Kakashi…" at this point he saw the shock on many of the clan heads "Sasuke and Naruto handled it Naruto passed out after this Hinata's Byakugan found a puddle laced with chakra she used one of Naruto paralysis tags and found the shinobi in the puddle were the Demon brothers. They met Zabuza and company convincing them to assist. After this there was a battle on the now named Konoha Bridge between Naruto and Deidara. There was a side mission in which Naruto retained some clan artifacts. He is now in possession of 6 bloodlines including Explosion and Ice release he managed to find one of the slugs that produces exploding clay." The group was shocked and Hiashi was silently happy that he had betrothed his daughter to the boy who would surely become Hokage.

Naruto and Hinata walked hand in hand until they noticed a large square rock following them. "You can come out now." Said Naruto and without a loud puff and a huge cloud of smoke three short coughing academy students came to view.

"I Meogi the sassiest Kunoichi around…

I'm Udon, I like algebra…

And I'm Konohamaru the leader and were

The Konohamaru corps!" went the trio. Then Konohamaru ran up to Naruto and took the sealing scroll on his back trying to play ninja. Konohamaru ran into a tall kid with purple makeup on his face.

"Hey watch were you are going kid." Yelled Kankuro.

"You know Kankuro you could be a little nicer." Said Naruto kind heartedly. Then Naruto looked at the beautiful girl standing next to Kankuro, Temari. She was tall and had green eyes with blonde hair, which is gathered into four ponytails. Temari's outfit consisted of a single light purple-colored, off-the-shoulders garment that extended to halfway down her thighs, with a scarlet sash tied around her waist. Hinata was shocked at what happened next Temari went up and kissed Naruto deeply on the lips, the boy was shocked. The girl pulled back.

"HI … Temari-Chan…Kankuro-San…" said Naruto still in shock.

"Temari-Chan it is nice to see my fellow fiancé again" said Hinata a little mad about the kiss.

"What do you mean fellow fiancé Hinata" asked Temari on the defensive, she had known about her engagement since she was twelve and knew that if Naruto passed the Chunin selection she would never go back to Suna but she didn't know anything about this.

"…Well you see Temari-Chan because of my Dojutsu I have to have multiple wives and Hinata is one of the current two." Replied Naruto a little scared of his future wife he realized that Kankuro had vanished from the group and all he could think was 'Damn Bastard'.

"Oh really father never told me anything about this…" was all Temari could say before Garra interrupted…

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