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"…Well you see Temari-Chan because of my Dojutsu I have to have multiple wives and Hinata is one of the current two." Replied Naruto a little scared of his future wife he realized that Kankuro had vanished from the group and all he could think was 'Damn Bastard'.

"Oh really father never told me anything about this…" was all Temari could say before Garra interrupted…

This time…

"Mother wants your blood she says you will prove my existence…" Garra said before he used the Suna shunshin to leave. Naruto stared in shock before he could finally spoke.

"Temari…what happened to Garra?" Naruto asked they had been friends. This wasn't the Garra he knew, this Garra was crazy. "Can you give us some time alone? I'll tell you what happened later" he whispered to Hinata, she nodded and she left but not without getting a kiss with just a little tongue which made her blush. No matter how many times they kissed in public she would still blush a light pink.

As Hinata turned around and left for the Hyuga compound Naruto placed his arm around Temari she was obviously shaken and he was trying desperately to comfort her. He knew Temari was the type of person to hide her feelings from other people. They walked in silence through the village, receiving strange looks it was no secret that Naruto was dating Hinata so why was he comforting this girl in such an Intimate way, but Naruto didn't really care Temari was his Fiancé too. They finally arrived in Naruto's favorite place on top of the Yondaime's face. He thought it would be a great place to calm her down. They laid down on the stone and stared at the cloud Naruto had learned to love Shikamaru's favorite pass time it was so calming.

"Temari-Chan what happened?" Naruto asked still in some form of shock as the two lay there. He knew she had been close with her littlest brother and him acting like this must be killing her.

"The year after we stopped visiting you a group of Ame Nin came and then after they left he just changed. He didn't remember who we were or the past. He started threatening people." Temari said in a depressed way…she wanted to cry but she was a Kunoichi and just couldn't let herself.

"Temari I promise you I'll give you your brother back no matter what it takes dattebayo!" said a very serious Naruto, it was strange whenever he got like this that word just came out.

"Thank you Naruto-Kun…" was all she said before she pulled him toward her. She was happy she knew enough to know Naruto kept his promises. She didn't know what came over her as she kissed him but this kiss escalated quickly. Naruto's eyes widened as her tongue entered his mouth, he soon began the battle for dominance and just as he began to win Temari ended the kiss. She had never kissed a boy she felt like it would be cheating on Naruto but now that she was with him she felt like she could have fun, but then she remembered three letters CRA.

"Naruto-Kun I was hate to ruin the moment but we need to talk about the CRA." Said the blonde girl. Naruto pouted in a cute way Temari was really a great kisser even if the kiss was sudden.

"Well Temari-Chan the CRA is made to protect my Dojutsu…" Naruto began only to be interrupted by Temari.

"You have a Dojutsu?!" shouted the stunned girl, she couldn't believe her fiancé had a Dojutsu and she had no idea but then again her fiancé had another fiancé and she didn't know.

"Yes it is called the Bijugan it allows me to copy bloodlines or pretty much anything it also lets me use Yin and Yang chakra easily. Lastly it gives me the ability to change make and erase seals with just my eyes. But anyway about the CRA it means I have to have 4 wives and restart the Uzumaki clan. You and Hinata are both my fiancé so I figure you two will decide whether or not the girls are okay." Said Naruto he was worried about how the girl would react he didn't want to trap Temari.

"…Well Naruto-Kun I'm glad you will let me and Hinata have a say about the other girls." Said Temari.

"Of course I would, I love you both and also I want you and your brothers and Baki-san to stay with me on my compound, ok?" asked Naruto. Temari gave him a quick kiss in response.

"Alright we'll go pick them up at the Hotel they probably haven't unpacked yet." A happier Temari said. Thy proceeded to pick up Temari's team and go to the compound.

As they walked Naruto and Kankuro talked with Temari hand in hand with Naruto. Baki walked next to Garra watching him.

"So you have to have four wives and one of them is my sister, wow I would pray to all the Kami's if I were you Naruto." Said Kankuro at first he thought the boy was lucky but that was short lived when he thought about living with four women like his sister.

They arrived at the compound.

"Hey Garra, Temari, Kankuro, Baki" Sasuke waved Naruto pointed to the room.

"You will do well to prove my existence." Garra said before going to the room that he would be his. Sasuke was informed of the situation during dinner. After dinner the Suna Nin left to the house in the back. Before Temari left she decided to pull Naruto aside to kiss him for a third time that day. Naruto concluded that Temari was a little more liberal with the kissing. Naruto decided to have lunch with both girls the next day.

Sasuke and Naruto sat down in the living room to discuss Sasuke's day.

Flashback…With Sasuke…Earlier that day

Sasuke Uchiha walked slowly away from the Hokage's office it had been almost two weeks since his date with Ino. He couldn't help but wonder if she had made her decision. He walked on though he was very tired and had his date with Haku tomorrow. He made it to his compound after receiving bows from all the villagers calling him 'Uchiha-Sama', he hated the way they kissed up to him but then hated his brother.

The boy walked through the gate and went into his home. He took off his ninja uniform and put on civilian clothes. He walked out of the bathroom and stared out into the room that was his parent's room he just stood there for a minute. He proceeded into the room and went to lay on the bed. His finger got cut on the end table and almost as if in slow-motion a drop of his blood fell to the floor. When the blood hit the floor something happened that Sasuke wasn't prepared for.

A bright red seal that reminded Sasuke of fire glowed on the floor in the middle was the kanji for secret. After this happened a trap door opened and Sasuke found two scrolls both were made of black paper similar to the kind Naruto had found in the safe house. He read the two scrolls. The first one read 'Secret technique: Phoenix Fire Armor' he looked at the Jutsu scroll and saw why it was an S-rank technique, the amount of Chakra it required was insane. Luckily for him though ever since his blood promise with Naruto his chakra levels was at the same level so was Hinata's, but Kyubi had said it couldn't work again. He took the scrolls into the back yard and learned the technique it too him 20 minutes. It was a simple Jutsu it was just high on chakra basically the Jutsu let Chakra seep out in its fire transformation basically as long as you have chakra you have armor, you could also control the temperature.

After he was done with the Jutsu he moved onto the second scroll which was much larger than the first. He read the front it said 'Phoenix Summon' this was the second animal he had never heard of along with the Hydra. He wondered why both of these used Black paper. He signed the contract after that he performed the seals, he remembered because Jairaya-sensei had taught them to all of them.

He placed his hands on the floor and then the pattern appeared he yelled "Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Phoenix". A giant cloud of black smoke appeared before him, it was near twenty feet in height. The cloud blew away and before Sasuke stood one of the most beautiful creatures he had ever seen. The Phoenix was eighteen feet in height, it had talons and a beak both made of Obsidian. The bird had feathers of yellow and dark orange like fire its skin was swirls of crimson, red and bright orange. The most amazing thing though was that the bird was on fire it was just a small fire though it reminded him of the armor Jutsu. Sasuke's thoughts were interrupted though by a loud voice that was almost like a song.

"Who dare summon I the queen of the phoenix?" said the mighty being she had not been summoned in two hundred years she was quite happy in her own realm.

"I did lady phoenix, I am Sasuke Uchiha. I am the last Uchiha." Said Sasuke he knew that he shouldn't ** of the phoenix queen.

Looking down at the young Uchiha the Phoenix queen sneered, "Ahh I see, another young Uchiha thinking he can just summon me at will. Well Sasuke-Chan unfortunately for you I will not squander my talent on just a mere Child...So for me to allow you told the phoenix contract you must fight me." The Phoenix said Flapping his wings allowed him to rise to the air. "Eternal flames of the Phoenix" Hono yelled before a white hot ball of flame the size of the Nidaime's head went barreling towards Sasuke.

"Field of Distortion: Sealing of fire" Sasuke shouted, It was one of the Jutsu of the Universal Mangekyo Sharingan. It created a large ring of Amaterasu flames that absorbed Katon Jutsu. 'Maybe this child is something special those eyes are greater than his.' Thought Hono. Sasuke decided not to depend on the UMS so he tried out another defense. "Secret technique: Phoenix Fire Armor" shouted the boy as his body became covered in a thin layer of fire. 'Time to go on the offensive' thought Sasuke.

"Fire and Lightning: Eternal Vortex of shocking flame" was all Hono heard but Sasuke said something else his under breath "Secret Seal: Pentagram of Paralysis" he said. Hono had risen to the sky in avoidance of his Katon Raiton combination, she hadn't seen the pentagram on the ground the points made of Sasuke's Kunai. As the Phoenix landed the seal expanded and she couldn't move every time she moved a large amount chakra was drained. The seal worked by draining someone's chakra if there was movement. 'It seems I was wrong about this boy, Of course I was at one-fifth power but this was still amazing. He was the first Uchiha who had passed the test while not relying entirely on the Sharingan.'

"Sasuke you have passed the test, now if you could release the Jutsu" she began and she sighed as the constricting Jutsu was released. "Now you may ask me three questions before I must go."

"Well my first question Hono-Sama would be, what are the powers of a phoenix?" Asked Sasuke he wondered how strong they were.

"How funny that just so happens to be the first question Saisho your ancestor asked me. The powers of the Phoenix are many. We are fire spirits. Our first ability is that to be born of our ashes, if we don't die in battle we are immortal. Our second ability you are familiar with the fire on my feathers I can make it as big or small as want and as hot or cold as I want. The second ability is our ability to breathe fire. The third is that we can fly. The last power is secret to the phoenix only known to our summoner it is a last resort as it can affect our friends our shriek can kill any adversary." Said the Phoenix she had no problem boasting the strength of her species.

"My second question is the difference between black and white summon scrolls." The boy was curious he had seen the Monkey and Toad scrolls and they were different than the Hydra and the Phoenix scrolls.

"The difference is that the white scrolls contain normal animals and the black scrolls are mythical summons. We mythical summons are far more powerful though the other summons are very powerful to." Said the bird creature.

"Alright I have one last question, will you be my summon?" asked the raven haired boy.

"Sasuke…I stopped being a personal summon after Madara… I just can't do this…I'm sorry but I think my daughter would be happy as your personal Summon." Said the Phoenix queen before she disappeared. She was quickly replaced by a smaller Phoenix of about Twelve feet in height.

"My name is Hiishi and I guess from now on we will be partners." She said, they continued talking for a will and then she poofed back to her home.

"Well that was interesting" Sasuke said to no one in particular.

Flashback end

"Well I know who I will be talking to tomorrow." Naruto said and on that note the boys went to their separate rooms for bed.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto wandered forward in what he knew to be his mind, the last time he had been here he had been with his father. Naruto hadn't spoken to Kyubi since so he wondered why he had been called here. He walked into the dojo to see Kyubi sitting there.

"Hello Kyubi-Sama." Said Naruto he always wanted a better relationship with the Kyubi, if you are stuck with somebody you might as well get to know them.

"No need for that Kit, the reason I called you here was just for a chat, for you see you have now absorbed enough of my chakra to the point I can talk to you without you being here. Also you can now control my chakra though you will need a lot of practice. Well that was it Naruto I'll talk to you later…

The Next Day

The sun hadn't reached the sky and the moon still illuminated the village hidden in the leaves when Naruto woke up that morning around three, he usually awoke at five for training but he didn't want the village seeing what he was doing. He dressed in his new clothes. He wore black ninja pants with an orange shirt on top of that was the chest piece of his ancestor's armor. He also wore a cloak it was similar to his father's. It was white but on the bottom was orange fire and black lightning. On his back it said 'Naruto of the infinite bloodline' over these words were his two Katana forming an 'x'. Naruto walked outside the door he created fifty shadow clones. They were divided into five categories: Hiraishin no Jutsu, the next were trying to incorporate natures into the rasengan, the next was working on dual blade Kenjutsu, and the fourth was working on Ninjutsu and the last Fuinjutsu.

He was working on summoning, to do the summoning he went into the largest clearing in the Uchiha-Uzumaki forest. He stood there in the clearing but them he did some hand seals Boar → Dog → Bird → Monkey → Ram. He then yelled "Niju Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Hydra and Toad". He pumped in all of his chakra.

Naruto was in awe in front of him was Gamabunta which was who he was trying to summon but sanding across from him was the creature called Hydra. The creature in front of him was unlike anything Naruto had ever seen its body was covered in scales like a snake but it had four legs and wings it also had seven heads.

"Gamabunta the toad boss, and you must be the one who summoned me." The hydra boss said looking at Naruto with one of its heads. "We, the hydra, know a lot about you Uzumaki Naruto but if I may ask why you have summoned Gamabunta and myself? My name is RyuOi, the Hydra king, by the way." Said the beast who was now named.

"I summoned you here for the purpose of asking you a question, I am aware I can summon you both. I do want to know though, will the toads and the hydras become the summons of the Uzumaki clan?" the boy knew that the hydras and toads were powerful and could help him to protect his clan.

"I will allow this though the clan can only have a maximum of ten summoner at a time and these will also hold the Hydra contract. They will be given the contract by the clan head. These are my conditions if both you and RyuOi are willing to accept them." Said the Toad boss he liked the idea of partnering with the Uzumaki and the Hydra.

"I like the terms Gamabunta has put forth and accept them if you can beat me without the help of Gamabunta." Said RyuOi, he thought it was time the Uzumaki were once again feared along with the Hydras but he would not allow a weak summoner.

"I accept these terms and thank you both." Naruto said and with that the smaller of the two boss summons disappeared leaving white smoke.

"We Hydras are creatures of water let us see how you fare against me… Five Headed attack. Water Release: Water Cannon. Boil Release: Giant Geyser. Ice release: 100000 needles. Mud Release: Great Rift. Cloud Release: Heavy Fog." Yelled five of the heads of the Hydra, he knew this was overkill but if he could block this attack he would be the first Hydra summoner in centuries. Naruto's UMS began to spin there was only one way he could block this attack.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" yelled the boy a wall of clones with the Bijugan for eyes appeared the attacks neared the rift opened and the clones jumped back and yelled in unison "Boil Release: Wall of Geysers" with that 25 geysers in front of the clones blew boiling Hot water the wall stopped the encroaching attacks (No Naruto did not spontaneously make a new Jutsu in reality he used Boil Release Great Geyser 25 times forming a wall of water.).

"You have passed the Test and for that you will have my son as your summon. I must know Bid you a due." The Hydra said disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Naruto continued his training and ran around the village hidden it was still dark outside. Naruto sensed four chakra signatures following him and so he stopped and turned around to confront them. "Come out whoever you are." The boy said. He saw a girl step out, she was beautiful really she had red triangles on her face she had long brown hair and dark eyes she was about Temari's age. He knew her from somewhere but he couldn't place it that was until he saw the three dogs step out from behind her. The girl was Kiba's 16 year old sister and a very pretty girl Naruto wondered 'Kyubi-Sama you think Kiba would kill me for asking out his sister'. 'Knowing the Inuzuka he would probably try 'Kyubi replied. 'Too bad for him' Naruto thought 'I'm going for it'.

"You know it's not polite to stalk people" Naruto finally spoke up. Hana blushed slightly unknown to Naruto.

"Don't flatter yourself, I was just training on following people and ambush" responded the girl, she thought Naruto was cute and really who didn't the blonde hair and the blue eyes not to mention he was very strong, something all Inuzuka's desired in a mate.

"Well I could help you…if you would go on a date with me." Naruto said.

"And what about your girlfriend?" questioned the girl she would be nobody's mistress strong or not.

"Well the CRA requires me to have four wives." The boy responded, not wanting her to think he was a pervert.

"Well when would this date be?" asked the girl in truth if he had to have four wives she wouldn't mind going out with him from what she saw around the village of how he treated he was a gentleman. This was not common among the Inuzuka.

"In 10 days I'll pick you up. See you then." Naruto said before he disappeared in a Katon Shunshin.

The sun was now overwhelming the people of the leaf on this hot summer day the Suna Genin thought the villagers were crazy if this was hot. The light shined in on the two girls sitting inside the Korean Barbeque. The two girls were in an awkward predicament.

Five Minutes ago…

The Anbu walked into the restaurant and walked to the table Naruto had seen them when they arrived. "Naruto-Sama your presence is requested in the council room immediately" the Anbu said.

"Thank you." Naruto responded the Anbu proceeded to shunshin away. Naruto smiled sadly at the girls they had just arrived and he had to go. "Temari-Chan…Hinata-Chan I have to go. Here is some money for you both." The boy said and then he kissed both of them in a chaste way before using the Raiton Shunshin away.

The two girls sat quietly eating their beef and rice. "So Hinata I think we should establish some rules in this Harem." Said Temari trying to break the silence.

"I agree I think the first thing we should talk about is where we will all sleep." Hinata said she agreed with the rules and the things they needed to discuss about the arrangements.

"Yeah you're right I never thought about that, I guess we could take turns sleeping on the same bed, or just have a really big bed." Finished Temari

The girls continued talking while they ate and later went shopping. The girls were friends since they were little after all. They decided whatever happened they would do this together.

Naruto landed in front of the Hokage's tower. He moved inside and went into the room that was meant for the council. He entered the room and saw that all the clan heads were there. He sat in a seat across from his brother they were towards the end of the long table. The Sandaime saw that everyone was here. This was the worst thing he was going to have to say since he announced the start of the fourth shinobi world war.

"Are you all familiar with the Kiri blood line purges?" asked the third fire shadow, he received nods all around. "Well the leader of the rebellion Mei Terumi has sent us word of a meeting between the Otokage and the Mizukage, they plan to invade Konoha during the last stage of the exams." He gave the room some time to take in this news. "Naruto…Sasuke, team Dojutsu will remain but you two will be promoted to Jounin and Hinata Chunin. You will still take part in the exam so we don't rise suspicions." Finished the Hokage.

"That…means…I…am getting married…in a month in a half." Said Naruto in shock.

"Hokage-Sama Naruto and I now hold two of the five most powerful summons we will be sure to summon them that day in preparation for battle." Said Sasuke he and Naruto swore to defend the village like Itachi would have wanted…

"What are these summons if I may ask?" questioned Hiashi.

"The phoenix and the hydra." Said Sasuke figuring they wouldn't know about the mythical creatures.

"You hold the summons of legend, I thought they were mere myth…" said Hiashi in one of the few moments he allowed emotion.

"Naruto-Kun" was the chorus made by Hinata and Temari as Naruto entered the Uzumaki clans head house. Naruto was glad to see the girls being friendly with each other.

"How are my two favorite girls?" questioned the boy before kissing them both, he was nervous about telling them of the now soon approaching marriage. "Ummm…Girls I need to talk to you. Well the first thing is pretty minor I asked a girl out on a date" he saw the looks on their faces they were mad. "Of course you two will decide if she is ok or not…" he said trying not to get into too much hot water.

"Who is this girl Naruto-Kun?" asked Hinata, she didn't want some fan girl tricking Naruto who was at times a little too trusting and gullible.

"Hana…Inuzuka" said Naruto nervously 'would they approve' he thought.

"Well Hana is nice I think she'll be fine Naruto-Kun but she will need to talk to us before the Date." Said Hinata worrying about another older girl being with Naruto.

"What is the other thing you wanted to tell us Naruto-Kun?" asked Temari who was worried about this Inuzuka girl despite Hinata statements.

"Well this is an A-rank secret, directly after our exams Sasuke and I will be Jounin and Hinata a Chunin. Team Dojutsu will remain though. So in a month and ten days we will be married." Naruto said, he hadn't had a single clue how the girls but this wasn't it. 'Well I guess it was a bit shocking for them' the boy thought. He moved the girls into two of the bedrooms and while they slept he went outside.

Garra stood outside of Naruto's home he could no longer wait he wanted the Kyubi's blood. Naruto walked outside and saw Garra. He activated His Bijugan and that is when he saw it…Garra had two seals one of which was a seal to inhibit the mind…'this means Shukaku was in control…Garra' thought Naruto. Then he said in a whisper as not to alert Shukaku "Mental Inhibitor Release". Using his Bijugan he removed the seal. He saw Garra drop to his knees. 'I guess it worked' Naruto thought.

"I'm sorry I hurt them they hate me…Help me Naruto." Garra said. He watched as Naruto came forward and touched his forehead entering a joint mindscape.

"Garra it wasn't your fault…I know it wasn't. I don't hate you, you are and always will be my friend. Also you're brother loves you and so does your sister. Can you tell me how this happened?" said Naruto he wanted to know who had hurt one of his precious people.

"The ninja from Amegakure he knew I was a Jinchūriki he trapped me and threatened my family. He then sealed me and then gave Shukaku control and I was trapped in my mind watching. Shukaku couldn't become fully formed though. Because of when Jairaya-Sama fixed my seal." Finished Garra he couldn't wait to see Temari and Kankuro.

Temari Kankuro and a newly freed Garra spent the night talking. They hadn't all spoken in five long years. Garra was ecstatic. The tree of them were ready to become Chunin.

Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata walked into the door of the academy. They proceeded to walk up the stairs they did they found a large group of Genin. They then saw Neji and his team kneeling on the floor.

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