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Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata walked into the door of the academy. They proceeded to walk up the stairs they did they found a large group of Genin. They then saw Neji and his team kneeling on the floor.


Naruto and his team walked forward to find the Team 9 begging for the permission to enter a door that was obviously under Genjutsu. They walked past the scene, dispelling the Genjutsu and went to the real room 301. They entered it and inside they saw the so-called Rookie 9.

"Sasuke-kun you're here!" Sakura shouted with joy as she jumped on the boy.

"Sakura-san, it would be wise of you to remove yourself from me." Uchiha spoke in a voice he used to scare away his fan girls. When she did as advised, Sasuke walked away, kissing Ino on the cheek as a greeting, this caused the girl to blush. That made her think more about the decision that was still unmade.

"You're here too…troublesome." Shikamaru said lazily.

"You bet we are." An overly enthusiastic Naruto exclaimed, receiving another 'troublesome' from the lazy Nara.

Then the Rookie 9 noticed a grey-haired ninja, who introduced himself as Kabuto.

"Hey you guys, quiet down. The last thing you want, is to cause a scene." Kabuto told the rookies. "Although, I can't blame you. I remember how I was when I was a rookie myself."

"So you've taken this test before?" Sakura asked the newcomer.

"Actually, this is my seventh time, since the exam is held twice a year." Kabuto said with a hint of shame in his voice.

"Well then, I guess you're not cut out to be a chunin." Naruto said.

"Shut it Naruto-Baka. So you must know a lot about these exams, right?" Sakura said in a way that most would consider screaming at the top of your lungs.

"Yep. I'll even share some of my info with you, using the nin-cards." Kabuto said, whipping out a deck of cards. "On these cards is information on every ninja in this competition. Is there anyone you want information on?"

"How about... Garra of the Desert and Naruto and Sasuke of the Hidden Leaf." Kiba said, making his presence known. He was afraid of this Garra as the boy smelled of death and a raccoon strangely enough.

"First, Garra. 8 C-ranks and wow, a B-rank mission. Since he's a newcomer, I don't have much information on him, but it looks like he has returned from all of his missions without even a single scratch. Also, he is the youngest child of the Yondaime Kazekage. Uchiha Sasuke – Classified, that is all I have….looks like the same with Naruto." Said Kabuto as the duo received strange looks from Kiba and Shikamaru. He then explained that the top Genin from the Leaf, Sand, Sound, Grass, Waterfall, and Cloud were here too. He went on that since the sound was new they were probably nothing to worry about.

All of a sudden, a trio of sound ninja jumped out of the crowd and attacked Kabuto. He easily dodged the first strike however he was hit by another force soon enough a sound wave. His glasses cracked with the vibrations. "We are Dosu, Kin and Zaku of the sound and put this in your Nin-Cards the Genin from sound will make Chunin" the boy said jumping at Kabuto again.

The fight started to escalate, a large puff of smoke in the front of the room stopped every action. "Quiet down you worthless bastards!" The new ninja said as the smoke dissipated. Behind him stood a few dozen Chunin. The man wore a long black trench coat with a Leaf bandanna and his face was covered with many scars. Most of the Leaf ninja knew him as Ibiki, the torture and interrogation specialist.

"I am Ibiki Morino, the proctor for the first exam. Take your seats now before I decide to start kicking you people out."

Nobody doubted him and with it, an order was brought back to the room. He started handing out the tests and Naruto realized that none of the rookies, except Shikamaru, could answer the questions.

"Now, I will explain the rules. Questions will not be allowed." Ibiki said as he began to write on the board. "The first rule is that you will start off with 10 points. The test is made up of 10 questions and each question is worth a point. For every question you get wrong, you lose a point. The second rule is that this is a team test. Your entire team will pass or fail based on a combined score of your team. Now, the third rule is that every time you are caught cheating, you will lose two points. If you are caught 5 times, your entire team fails. The last rule is that those who lose all their points and those who don't answer any questions correctly, will automatically fail their entire team."

"Alright, begin!" Ibiki announced. The entire room started the exam, quickly realizing that it contained some extremely difficult questions. Fortunately, Sasuke, Hinata and Naruto were all built for this test. Using their Dojutsu they began to copy the answers from the ones who knew them. They had all realized that this was the point of the test.

Shino had released his insects to gather information for answers, logically double-checking every piece of information he got. Meanwhile, Akamaru was being on a look out from Kiba's head, scanning the room and barking him the correct answers. Neji had activated his Byakugan, giving him the ability to see through anyone and to look at any test in the room. Sakura, on the other hand, had the intelligence to solve three of the questions. Ino used her family Jutsu to switch with Shikamaru and use his answers also giving them to Choji.

"Look kit, now that you are done I need to tell you something. I can feel five more people like you in these exams…" The demon fox said before being interrupted.

"WHATTTT?" Naruto screamed in his mind.

"One girl from the Cloud, one boy from the Mist, one girl from the Waterfall, one from the Stone and one from the Sand. Also, before you ask, no, I don't know who they are nor if they are in control." Said the Kyubi, she was worried about her Kit and his vixens.

Before Naruto could respond, Ibiki began talking once again.

"Alright, time's up" Ibiki announced, chuckling inside his head... he would finally get to make them squirm. "It is now time for the tenth and final question." By this time only about 120 of 200 exam participants remained. Everyone who stayed looked at Ibiki in anticipation, they wondered what the question would be. "Before I give you the last question you must decide whether or not to take it."

"What do you mean choose whether or not we take the question?" A certain blonde sand Genin asked. "What happens if we chose not to take it?"

"Well that is simple enough, in that case your points are instantly dropped to zero and you with your whole team fail the test" Ibiki explained.

"What does that mean? Of course we will take it then!" another test taker shouted, wondering what was going on, it wasn't making any sense, under these conditions...who wouldn't take it.

"If you and your team choose to take the tenth question and then answer incorrectly, you will be barred from participating in these exams, remaining a Genin for the rest of your insignificant lives." Ibiki said, silencing everyone in the room.

"That's the dumbest rule I've ever heard. There are people here, who have taken these exams tons of times!" Kiba shouted as Akamaru barked along with him.

"Well I guess you guys have shit luck since you got me as he proctor this year, so as I said, if you want to risk your career, just answer it. My test, my rules." Ibiki said.

"However, I will give you a way out. You can choose not to take it and try again next year, if you are not confident." Ibiki sent an evil glare to the Chunin candidates. "Now, those of you who do not wish to take it, put your hand up and wait for your number to be called. Then you and your team may leave."

"I won't take it." a leaf ninja said, standing up and his team were immediately escorted out of the room. His sentiment was repeated throughout the room. Over the next five minutes, a total of 30 more opted not to take the final question, leaving 90 Genin remaining.

Naruto raised his hand, much to the rookie 9's shock. Then he proceeded to slam it down on his desk as he stood up, a look of determination on his face. "You think you can scare me? I'd like to see you try to keep me a Genin." He shouted. "Even if you somehow do, I'll still become Hokage." The boy received smiles from both of his fiancé as they laughed internally at his antics.

"Ha Ha, I'll give you all one last chance to back out. Your life is depending on this decision." Ibiki said, casting one more wave of fear into the Genin. However, Naruto had managed to inspire the entire room and now they had confidence in their eyes.

"Hmm, that is an interesting kid." a voice inside a blonde Kumo Kunoichi's head said. "Why do I feel like I know him from somewhere?"

"I've seen that stubbornness before. I've seen it many times in Master Bee." the Kunoichi thought back to the voice. "We'll have to be sure to find him in the second stage of the test and see what's so interesting about him."

"I don't think that's it but that is beside the point. Looks like my little Kitten likes a boy." The other voice in her mind replied teasingly.

"No, I don't." the girl thought.

"Heh, no one else? Alright then, good decision. You all pass the first exam!" Ibiki announced to the room, shocking most of them. "I congratulate the 90 of you, the 30 teams that pass." Inside his head Ibiki was thinking something else. 'This kid is just like his dad, he was the most inspiring person I knew. He will go very far."

"WHAT?!" Enraged voices erupted from all over the room.

"What do you mean we pass? What about the 10th question?" Sakura asked, now confused.

"You could say that your choice was the 10th question." The man said in a rare smile, though it was more of a smirk.

"Then what was the point of this entire test?" Temari asked, being the second hot-headed Kunoichi to lash out.

"The point? Think about it. The first 9 questions served to test your information gathering skills." Ibiki explained. "This test was designed to put pressure on the entire team as each member would be forced not to mess it up for their team. However, the questions on this test were much too difficult for most Genin to answer alone, so everyone came up to the same conclusion….you would have to cheat to score. The whole point of this test was to make you cheat, but without getting caught."

A few of the candidates got the purpose right away. "Now, mixed into the group, there were a few Chunin who had already taken this exam and knew the answers. This was to help you guys out and to give you accurate information. This is because…" Ibiki said, removing his bandana, only revealing a bunch of scars covering his entire head. "Sometimes, information is more important than life, and on the battlefield people give their lives to acquire such information."

Everyone saw the scars and screw holes on Ibiki' head and cringed a little at the image. 'Is this what life as a ninja is like' many in the room thought.

"If the enemy notices you, there is no guarantee the information you obtained will be accurate." Ibiki stated. "Remember this, a proper information can be a powerful weapon for you and your comrades. This is why we had you gather information through cheating. This clearly separated those who did and those who did not have the right abilities."

"Wait, then what about the 10th question?" Temari asked understanding the purpose, just a slightly curious.

"Ah, but the tenth question is the true purpose of this test. The 'take it' or 'not take it' decision" Ibiki paused momentarily. "Let's say you become Chunin and your mission is to steal an important enemy document. You don't know the number nor the skill of the enemy. Do you accept the mission? Because you don't want to die…Because you don't want your comrades hurt? Can you avoid this dangerous mission? The answer is NO!"

Ibiki let out a slight grin. "Those who aren't willing to put their lives on the line. Those who cling to the uncertain future of 'there is always next year', and then walk away from their chance. Those pieces of trash who can only make cowardly choices, don't deserve the right to become Chunin. That's how I feel!" Ibiki said. "You have made it through the entrance of the first test, I wish you guys luck."

"Hell yeah!" Naruto shouted out, again receiving smiles from his fiancé. They weren't the only ones as the room was full of smiles of those who happily passed. As everyone smiled a black pack came crashing through the window along with a poster. A shorter lady with violet hair crawled out, wearing a coat and an orange skirt with mesh underneath.

"This is no time to celebrate. I am Anko Mitarashi, the second exam proctor. Now I want you maggots at the training grounds 44, ask your sensei where to find it. If you're late you're disqualified." Said Anko before her body flickered away.

After a while the Genin gathered in front of a forest which was surrounded by fences, each panel holding a sign saying: 'Danger: Keep Out', scaring most of them.

"Welcome to the second stage of these exams. Right now you are standing in front of the Training grounds 44. In the leaf village we call this place 'The forest of Death'." Anko said in a hiss, instilling fear in the hearts of the Genin as most of them gulped. "Heh, all of you will know why this is called the forest of death soon enough."

"All of you will find out why it is called the forest of death soon enough." Naruto mumbled to Hinata, making her giggle at Naruto's mocking of the proctor. Anko did not find this amusing and in response, she threw a Kunai at the boy, causing a shallow cut that bled a little.

"Its kids like you that are the first to get killed." She licked the blood off the boy's cheeks, earning glares from Hinata and Temari. "Kids that are cocky." Before Anko could finish talking, she was interrupted.

"Here is your kunai?" a grass Genin said with a hiss.

"Thanks, but if you ever sneak up on me again I can guarantee that you will die a slow and painful death." Scaring everyone again and then she spoke again. "Before we begin this test, all of you need to sign these forms." As she finished talking the forms have been handed out to every Genin, possible future Chunin.

"Wait, why do we have to sign these?" questioned a Genin from Rain.

"Because people die in these exams and without your signature on the form, the responsibility for your death would fall on the Leaf and we don't want that, right? It also helps to prevent wars." said Anko. "Now I'm going to explain this test. There are 30 teams, each team will check into this booth and receive either an earth or a heaven scroll. 15 teams get earth and 15 get heaven. In the middle of this forest, there is a tower where you have to bring one heaven and one earth scroll to." As she said this, every team glared at each other.

"Now, this area is a dense forest with a river running through the middle. As I said the tower is located at the middle of the area, about 10km from each side." Anko said, holding up a map of the area. "Around this perimeter, there are 44 locked gates. This will be considered a survival exercise. You may use any weapons or Jutsu to complete the task. The only rule is that you cannot open the scrolls until you enter the tower with both of them. Other than that, there are no rules and killing is allowed. Also, there is a time limit. The test lasts 120 hours, or 5 days. If you are not at the tower at the end of the time limit, your team is disqualified." Anko finished the instructions.

"Five days? What about food?!" yelled Choji.

"Oh, there is enough food, you just have to find it." Finished Anko.

With all of that said the teams checked in and got their scroll. Then they all lined up at their respective gates.

"Sasuke, how do you want to play this?" asked Naruto as they ran through the forest.

"Let's make a camp about a kilometer away from the tower. That way we wait and take the scroll from whoever passes by and after that, we head directly to the tower." Said Sasuke.

"That sounds good to me Naruto-kun…Sasuke-kun." Said Hinata. They arrived at the spot and quickly set up the camp.

"Naru-kun do you see that?" asked Hinata as she felt something. Naruto activated his Byakugan and nodded. "Three Shinobi coming at us fast, let me see their headbands…Kiri" finished the boy.

"I've been meaning to try out some new earth Jutsu." Sasuke smirked. Then they heard a shout.

"Water style: water needles Jutsu." The team heard three separate voices say. Hinata quickly used a Genjutsu to cover her and her teammates. "Looks like we got them" one of them said. "Yeah let's look for the scroll".

"Oh I wouldn't do that yet." said Sasuke as the three leaf Genin jumped out from the trees. Under the Genjutsu they moved through the trees, surrounding the unknown shinobi.

"Water Release: Water trumpet" (Suiton: Mizurappa) the three mist ninja yelled after looking at each other.

"Earth release: Earth wall" yelled Sasuke, the water was stopped and dropped to the ground. After this the earth wall fell. Hinata body flickered into the middle of the three.

"You are within my range of divination Doton Eight Trigrams: thirty-two-crushing-palms." This was the Jutsu Hinata had just finished. The beauty of it was the fact that unlike the regular Gentle Fist, you didn't have to make contact with as many Tenketsu because of the earth chakra. Hinata's palms moved as she hit the pathways of the three targets. When she was done, her three opponents fell and a scroll escaped from their clothes.

"Nice job Hina-chan" Naruto said jumping from the trees giving Hinata a kiss, making the girl blush.

"You guys can get all lovey dovey back at the tower, let's move out." Sasuke said. They had been out here for 5 hours and the sun was setting down.

"Kukuku, Sasuke-Kun what's the rush." Asked a Grass Genin, who jumped from a tree.

"How do you know us?" asked Naruto wearily. "This guy isn't a Genin Naruto-Kun, he smells of snake... I think this man is Orochimaru" finished Kyubi, making Naruto gasp in shock.

"Oh, but I make it a point to learn the names of my teammates students, Naruto-Kun" said the Grass Genin.

"Orochimaru…" whispered Hinata, terrified of the snake-man.

I don't plan on killing you three just yet so I'll be leaving soon, but before that I will test you and then I just want to give Sasuke a parting gift. Binding Snake Jutsu." Hinata and Sasuke were now stuck in a wrapping of snakes.

Naruto launched himself toward the snake Sannin wishing he could have mastered the flying thunder god before the exam. "Oh but Naruto-Kun I was hoping for Ninjutsu not Taijutsu." Said Orochimaru. Naruto appeared behind Orochimaru as he avoided a punch with substitution. Naruto aimed to kick the man and succeeded only to find a Hebi Bunshin. "Kukuku over here. Wind release Great Breakthrough." The Sannin said.

"Fire release: Ten thousand fireballs" Naruto countered. The fireballs came out of his mouth and went toward the gust of wind the attacks cancelled since the wind was stronger.

"Lightning Release: Giant Ball of thunder" yelled Naruto.

"Earth release: Shield of the Twin snakes." Said Orochimaru. Before Naruto knew it they were engaged in Taijutsu once again. Orochimaru double feinted a punch and Kick combination this was followed by Naruto being kneed in the stomach. Naruto grabbed his stomach and fell. Orochimaru passed him biting Sasuke, the boy screamed. The snake Jutsu released the boy fell.

"Looks like the heaven mark not surprising. Well good bye Naruto-Kun." said the snake as he Shunshined away before Naruto or Hinata could even react. Naruto saw the gift that was given through the evil sealing method. He was sickened by that man Orochimaru.

"Bijugan." Naruto yelled as he walked toward Sasuke. He looked at the seal and saw it was doing it was lacing Sasuke's chakra with Orochimaru's. He activated his Byakugan no Kitsune and sealed of his pathways around the marks to keep it from spreading. He activated his Bijugan again and placed a purification seal on Sasuke's shoulder it cleaned away Orochimaru's influence. He thought about it for a while, the Bijugan couldn't remove it because it wasn't really a seal it was just a chakra storage seal so if he destroyed the seal the chakra would flood Sasuke's system. He had to destroy the chakra and he only knew of one thing that could absorb and destroy Chakra. "Amaterasu" yelled Naruto after he switched to the UMS. He know could safely remove the seal. "Bijugan: Curse seal of Heaven Release."

The trio ran through the forest, well two of them did anyway Sasuke was slumped over Naruto's shoulder. They heard a voice through the trees.

"Decapitating Airwaves." Said the boy in the trees. The duo dodged. Three people jumped out from the trees. "I wouldn't be going anywhere, Orochimaru-Sama wants him dead and I plan to deliver." Said the first one if he remembered his name was Dosu.

"I don't have time for you… Shadow clone…Tsukuynami." Naruto yelled.

"This is the world of Tsukuynami and in this world, I control everything. I'm only going to knock you out long enough for us to get to the tower." Said Naruto, the world around him was pitch black and in front of him stood the three that had looked into his eyes. He had made it so they were fighting their precious 'Lord Orochimaru'.

"Hinata we need to go…" said Naruto as his eyes faded to their normal bright blue. He picked up Sasuke and they were on their way.

They opened the door to the tower. They saw the clue above them and opened their two scrolls.

"Congratulations you made it" said Kakashi. "I was hoping you guys would have broken the record set by team Minato but I can see something happened." Said Kakashi.

"We were attacked by Orochimaru he put a curse seal on Sasuke but Naruto successfully removed it." Said Hinata. That statement led to a retelling of the story.

They watched the teams come in, one by one. Temari's team had already been there before them. Afterwards on the second day, the Mist, Stone and Cloud teams came. On the late fourth day, all the other rookie Genin teams came, as well as Kabuto's. The fifth and final day came along with the Sound team along with the Waterfall's one.

The second day had come and Naruto laid in his bed. He was exhausted, using the Tsukuynami on three people with an EMS would kill anyone else but with the UMS it only made you dead tired the next day. Hinata had gone to the Hot springs so he was left in the room by himself, well not technically, because a still comatose Sasuke laid in the bed across the room. He heard a knock on the door and said "Come in." trusting it was someone on Team Baki.

"I heard what happened and how could you be so careless, using that Jutsu three times? And you also used other C and B and A rank Jutsu." A mad Temari yelled at him. She was worried sick after she found out about what happened earlier just like Naruto would have been, if something happened to her. But she thought to herself was she mad or terrified at losing the boy she loved the boy who saved her brother.

"I'm sorry Temari-Chan I…I couldn't lose my brother to him …" he was silenced when Temari laid down next to him. Curling up to him, she kissed him soundly on the lips, finally relaxing. "I'm sorry I promise I won't die anytime soon". It was strange, if anyone else said this it would be just a promise but when Naruto made a contract it was like he was signing a contract in blood. They kissed again deeper this time. Once the kiss ended, a single tear fell from Temari's eye she couldn't lose this boy who she loved. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

The timer stopped, the second portion of the exam had concluded. All the candidates who passed the exam were now standing in a large room. On a stage in front of them, stood the Hokage, proctor, and the Jounin sensei of each team.

"First off, congratulations on passing the second stage of the exams." the Hokage announced with a happy smile at Konoha's presence in this stage.

"Wow, 36 participants out of 90. I was expecting to cut them in half, but I was expecting single digits" Anko thought to herself worrying about her abilities but she was satisfied thinking "I guess Ibiki was right, there are some outstanding ones in this group."

The candidates looked around to see who else was there. Team Sound looked the worst, having just arrived. If one looked close enough, they could see the wear on the teams who came on the fourth day.

"Hmm, your team looks pretty good, Kakashi" Gai said to his 'eternal rival'. "But as long as my team is around, don't expect them to get any farther. Now, it's all about REAL ability. Well, with youth, there are sweet times and there are sour times, eh Kakashi?"

"Huh?" said Kakashi, completely ignoring anything Gai had just said. "Oh Gai? You said something?" he said aloud, thinking about his students 'time to drop the act guys, show them what you can really do'. There were five people who knew the true strength of Team Dojutsu…Hiashi…Jairaya…Kakashi…Fugaku…Hiruzen. They hid Hinata's Byakugan and Naruto only used his eyes outside the village. Sasuke also used Genjutsu. But this would all change soon enough.

Gai turned away and tensed up, clutching a fist. "Not bad Kakashi. Your coolness is the bane of my youthfulness."

The Jounin took a look at their students. Baki looked at his team of Sand ninja and noticed that once again, Garra was unscathed. Kurenai noted that her team looked shaken by something. Gai admired the youthfulness of his team. Kakashi on the other hand, just gave his team the usual smile and wave. To be honest, he had never imagined that his team would not made it this far.

"No wonder they nominated them" the Hokage thought to himself, looking over the rookies. "For all of them to make it is surprising to say at the least."

"Hokage-Sama will now explain the true meaning of the exams and the third test" Anko announced to everyone. "Please, listen carefully."

"The true purpose of these exams." the Hokage said. "Think about it, why do we have many different countries here if each village could hold their own Chunin exams for their own ninja?" the Hokage questioned the present Genin.

Everyone took a few moments to think about what the Hokage was saying. "To promote friendship between countries?" the Hokage asked. "The true meaning of the Chunin exams is not to be confused, this is a competition not of Genin…it is a competition of nations. This is a controlled replacement of War" He received many startled looks from the crowd.

"Hokage-Sama what do you mean, War?" Tenten asked the Konoha's leader.

"If you go back in time, current allies were once enemies who fought each other for control." the Hokage explained. "In order to prevent fighting, this is the stage these countries chose to do battle on…That is the purpose of these exams."

"But isn't this exam only to select people who are good enough to become Chunin?" Sakura asked dumbly.

"It is a fact that this exam decides who has what it takes to become Chunin" the Hokage explained. "But this exam has another side…Where each country's shinobi risk their own life to protect their land's prestige, honor and place among the nations. There will be leaders and influential individuals watching the third exam, many of them come from countries that are not home to ninja villages and are clients of the hidden villages. If the strength of a country is clear in these exams, that country will receive more clients, and if seen as weak, they will lose them. Not to mention, it will send a message to others, that 'our village has much power'. A country cannot be strong if it has a weak village. A village cannot be strong if its ninja are weak. The true strength of a ninja is born only through mortal battles but war is not something that can be taken lightly and so we have the Chunin exams..."

"Everyone, I am (cough) Hayate Gekko the proctor (cough) for the third exam, before we can begin (cough…cough), the third round we must hold a preliminary. To decide (cough) who gets to participate in the main event." Said the man awaiting the impending backlash from his statement.

"Preliminary!" many of the Genin shouted. "What do you mean? We worked hard why can't we all participate?" Sakura asked.

"Because the first (cough) and second tests may have been too easy this year. There are (cough) eleven teams left" Hayate said. "According (cough) to the rules, (cough) we may have a preliminary to reduce (cough) the number of participants for the third test. As Hokage-sama said, (cough) there are (cough) many important individuals and time is important to someone like a daimyo. (Cough) Now that that is said, if there is anyone who feels like they cannot participate in a preliminary match (cough) now, please step forward now and you will be removed." The man finished.

"I'm going to quit" Kabuto said. One of Kabuto's teammates opted to do the same. Two of the Waterfall ninja did as well. From the Waterfall village, only a girl with mint-green hair remained.

"Shouldn't we remove Uchiha due to the curse mark?" Anko whispered to the Hokage.

"I don't think that will be needed" Kakashi said, joining the conversation. "He had his curse mark removed by Naruto."

"What?" said Anko in shock, she could be rid of the accursed seal once and for all?

"He'll remove yours later." was all Kakashi said to this.

Neji turned to his cousin. "Hinata, you should also back out. I must admit that I am impressed you made it this far, but if you continue, something bad will surely happen to you" said Neji. Naruto, who was within hearing distance of this was a little enraged by Neji's unexplained behavior towards Hinata.

Hayate walked forward.

"The first fight will be…"

Who will be in the Matches you wonder I guess you are going to wait and find out.

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Original Techniques from all chapters…

Demonic Illusion: Crow's attack- C-Rank -Genjutsu creates illusion of crows attacking and pecking you apart.

Doton: Earth dome- C-rank – Earth style Ninjutsu creates a dome made of earth that traps an opponent inside.

Raiton: Paralyzing shock – C-rank – Lightning style Ninjutsu opponent release Lightning chakra that creates a shock wave in water that paralyzes whatever is inside the water.

121 points: Chakra release – S-rank – Fuinjutsu that releases all the chakra in the chakra points before blocking them.

Raiton paralysis tags- Fuinjutsu tag that stores Lightning chakra and then releases it when activated.

Three point paralysis seal Jutsu- B-rank – Fuinjutsu, 3 kunai are the points of a triangular seal used to immobilize everyone within the triangle.

Explosion release: clay birds- B-rank – Explosion release Ninjutsu, flying birds made of detonating clay fly towards the enemy.

Explosion Release: Great Death – A-rank – Explosion release Ninjutsu, all of the clay the user has is gathered into a ball that floats towards the enemy.

Field of Distortion: Sealing of fire- A-rank- UMS Ninjutsu a circle of Amaterasu flames opens up a space time wormhole that absorbs fire Ninjutsu.

Secret technique: Phoenix Fire Armor- A rank- Fire style Ninjutsu, using fire nature chakra is emitted from chakra points and creates controllable armor made of fire.

Fire and Lightning: Eternal Vortex of shocking flame – S-Rank – Fire and Lightning style Ninjutsu Vortex of Fire and Lightning chakra is sent out from the user's mouth in a vortex.

Secret Seal: Pentagram of Paralysis –A rank –Fuinjutsu stronger version of tree point paralysis Jutsu with 5 points.

Water Release: Water Cannon – C-rank – Water Ninjutsu, A large amount of high pressured water spews out of the user's mouth.

Boil Release: Giant Geyser- B-rank – Boil release Ninjutsu- ground water is super-heated and erupts as superheated dense steam.

Ice release: 100000 needles- C-rank- Ice release Ninjutsu, thousands of ice senbon are shot from the user's mouth.

Cloud Release: Heavy Fog- C rank- Cloud release – Cloud style Ninjutsu, more dense and heavy version of Hidden mist Jutsu.

Fire release: Ten thousand fireballs – B-rank – Fire style Ninjutsu, thousands of miniature fireballs are expelled from the user's mouth.

Lightning Release: Giant Ball of thunder – A-rank – Lightning release Ninjutsu, similar to Chidori but is thrown.

Earth release: Shield of the Twin snakes- S-rank – Earth style Ninjutsu, two snakes made of earth rise from the ground and intertwine to form a shield.

Doton Eight Trigrams: thirty-two-crushing-palms- Brank – Earth release Nin- Taijutsu combination, uses earth style chakra to crush the chakra pathways and points in the chakra system, effectively immobilizes the enemy.

I really am stuck on writing the preliminary fights so I apologize ahead of time for the probability of a delayed release of Chapter six.