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Unknown place

In a cave, ten figures stood in the shadows in silence. They all wore black cloaks with red clouds on them.

"We will begin the hunt for the Biju. We shouldn't have much of a problem with them, maybe except for Uzumaki Naruto because of his brother and girlfriend. But there is one person, who they can't fight, isn't that right, Itachi?" said the figure in the darkness.

"Of course, Leader-Sama" said Itachi with an emotionless face.

"We move out in two months." the mysterious figure ordered.

In the Chunin Exam Tower

The tower, that served as the ending point of the second part of the Chunin exams was filled to the brim. On the balcony to the right sat the Shinobi council of Konohagakure. They usually didn't attend preliminaries, but this was a special case, since the heirs to most of Konoha's major clans were participating. On the left side stood the teams and their Jounin sensei. The eyes in the arena were glued to the board waiting for the names of the fighters to appear.

"The first match of the preliminary round of the Chunin Selection Exams is Neji Hyuga vs. Hinata Hyuga." Said Hayate, the referee for this part of the exam.

"Good luck Hinata-Chan, but I know you don't need it to beat Neji-san." Naruto hugged Hinata and let her go down the stairs to face her opponent. The contestants said nothing to those around them.

The two of them stood before each other. "The genius before the weak Heiress, how fitting... but I suggest you to quit so I won't embarrass you in front of your father and boyfriend." Neji said coldly.

"You have no idea how wrong you are Neji-niisan." Said Hinata.

Hiashi was conflicted. The son of his brother hated the main branch and his own his cousin but all of his daughters wanted to do was to help him. He was saddened at the fact, that his nephew hated him along with the main family, but he was also proud of his daughters for wanting to end the families' disputes.

'Why did you have to go Hiziashi…Hitomi?' the man thought.

"Begin" shouted Hayate.

"Byakugan/Byakugan no Kitsune." Said the two Hyuga.

Neji stared in shock as he saw Hinata's eyes after she released the Genjutsu.

"You see, Neji-Niisan, this is the new and probably the most powerful Byakugan there is... I'm sorry as I never wanted to hurt you nor I never wanted to see you sealed. All I want is you and all the branch members to be free, just because that seal was put on you, it doesn't give you the right to hate me." Said Hinata.

"You think your bastard Byakugan is better than the pure Byakugan? I will show you the truth." Said Neji. "This is the true power of the Byakugan, you failure." He spat.

The two engaged in combat and it soon became clear, that in Juken in its purest form, Hinata was slightly behind. "An heiress that can't master the style, why don't I beat you at your own main branch games" said Neji as he got into the eight trigrams stance.

'No Genin alive can beat Neji when he uses this' thought Tenten.

"You are within my range of divination. Eight Trigrams 64 Palms!" yelled Neji.

"Protection of the Eight Trigrams 64 Palms." Said Hinata.

Hiashi looked on in awe at Neji.

'He had mastered the technique without any help from the main branch!'

He looked on in awe at Hinata too, as she had developed the defense for one of the most powerful Hyuga styles. He hardly ever worked with her.

Clearing his thoughts, he stared at the fight, where Hinata focused on new moves for the eight trigrams.

The two of them met, with Hinata blocking every single one of Neji's 64 palms.

'Impossible, no one can beat Neji' thought a shocked Tenten.

"Neji, I don't want to do this, you should forfeit now." Said Hinata.

"What are you going to do, failure? Even if you can defend, you still can't win. Or are you going to use the seal on me?" Said a bitter Neji.

"I never even learned how to, Neji-nisan. Raiton Eight Trigrams: 32 Pulses" said Hinata. Neji tried to block, but every time he did, he was hurt by the Raiton chakra, that shocked him, slowing his reactions, in the end he laid paralyzed on the floor.

Hiashi was still in shock as his daughter had greatly improved on the 32 palms and it now caused more damage to the person.

Neji fell to the floor.

"H…How is this…possible?" Asked Neji before he passed out. Tenten looked on in the same shock, Gai also looked at Kakashi.

"Neji, I never wanted to hurt you. I love you, as you are my cousin and one day I hope you will understand that." said Hinata.

She didn't use the full power of the attack, knowing it could seriously harm her cousin.

"Winner, Hinata Hyuga" said Hayate as she went up to the balcony and Neji was carried away. The crowd cheered for Hinata, Naruto more than the others. Then once the crowd settled down, the names on the screen began cycling again, until they reached a stop.

"Hyuga-Sama, I was unaware of this new Dojutsu. Tell me, is it of the same origin as the Bijugan" asked Shibi.

"Ah yes and as for its abilities Aburame-Sama, it will be discussed in the council meeting after this." Said Hiashi.

The next match, Omoi versus Choji, went by fairly quickly. Omoi was a Ninjutsu specialist and his Taijutsu was fairly good, so it was quite easy for him to use his agility to tire out Choji.

"The third match is Akatsuchi vs. Shino, begin". Said Hayate.

"Earth cuffs Jutsu" said Akatsuchi, the Jutsu causing Shino to be stuck in place.

This was purely a game of time, as Akatsuchi had fairly large chakra reserves and Shino knew it would take a while to suck away his reserves. Akatsuchi on the other hand was fighting to complete his most powerful Jutsu.

"Double Earth Dragon Bullets" said Akatsuchi and the Dragon took form and began its journey toward Shino it was close and Shino knew he couldn't dodge it or make a bug clone

Akatsuchi's earth dragon was getting closer to Shino, but then the dragon began to crumble as Akatsuchi's chakra was drained. As Akatsuchi fell to the ground exhausted a ball of dust hit Shino.

"Aburame Shino is the winner." Said Hayate as another participant was sent to the medical ward for treatment.

Takatsuchi forfeited the match immediately after Fu used Bug Bite on him. In truth, he was out of his league, being the weakest Genin in Iwa, who made it this far only because of his team.

"Sakura Haruno vs. Yamanaka Ino" the two girls made their way to the floor.

"Ino-Pig, I'm going to kick your ass and then Sasuke-Kun will be all mine." Said Sakura while Ino giggled. "What? Ino-pig, you think you can beat me?" questioned an angry Sakura, upset at being laughed at.

"Sakura... Sasuke-Kun and I actually really care about each other. So even if by some kami given miracle you manage to win, he and I would still be together." Said Ino in an especially uncaring tone that served only to further aggravate Sakura.

"You stupid Bitch" screeched Sakura.

"So how about we end this talking and get on with the fight…Begin!" Just as Hayate said this, Sakura ran forward punching Ino to the ground.

"Ha, take that Ino-Pig, Sasuke-Kun is mine!" yelled Sakura. All of the teams in the stands, including a masked Orochimaru, and the Hokage, deadpanned.

"Did you teach her anything Kurenai-san?" asked Kakashi.

"My…my student was…was caught in a simple Genjutsu." Mumbled a distraught Kurenai.

Ino stood with a Kunai to Sakura's back, even she couldn't believe Sakura had fallen for something so simple.

"The winner is Ino Yamanaka" said Hayate and then Sakura began screaming and yelling about how she should have won until Kurenai hit one of her pressure points, knocking her out. There was a loud mumble of 'thank kami' from the rest of the competitors.

"The next match is Garra vs. Dosu" said Hayate, the competitors made their way to the floor and since they were both silent, Hayate continued with "Begin".

"Decapitating airwaves" said Dosu, quickly launching his attack. The air waves met only a wall of sand. Dosu ran up to the wall and said "Kyōmeisen" but the wall only rippled.

"Your attacks are useless" said Garra on top of the wall. Suddenly two arms came out from the sand grabbing Dosu.

"Proctor I would prefer not to crush him." Said a calm Garra.

"Winner Sabuku no Garra." The proctor said.

After that, when the ring was being cleaned, Naruto saw his name pop up on the board. "Naruto Uzumaki vs. Kiba Inuzuka".

In the stands, "I must say I am disappointed, I was hoping to see Naruto-San against one of the kazekage's children or perhaps an Oto nin." Said Shibi. He heard Tsume growl.

"My son won't go down easy." She growled at him. Hiashi and the Hokage smirked though, knowing this would not be a battle of the ages.

"I found out you asked out my sister, and for that, I'm going to kill you and once that's done, Hinata-chan will be mine." Kiba growled, as Akamaru nodded.

"Well Kiba-san, what happens between your sister and I is none of your concern. I will ease your displeasure though. Know this... I will protect Hana because I see her becoming one of my most precious people." Said Naruto.

"Enough talking, Begin the fight" said Kiba in a lower growl.

"Begin" said Hayate.

"I know how I'll beat you easily." Said Naruto as he threw two scrolls onto the floor. Everyone now looked shocked. The scrolls opened and tar came pouring out of them.

It was a Kekkei tōta that no one in the village had ever seen or heard of. It was made by combining Fire, Water and Earth.

"I knew, that one day I may have to fight your mother for Hana-Chan's hand in marriage, so I began developing Tar style for this purpose. It renders Taijutsu ineffective but it also doesn't directly harm the opponent." Said Naruto.

Kiba and Akamaru were using Chakra to stand on the wall but the floor of the arena was covered in tar.

"Gatsuga" yelled Kiba as he barreled towards Naruto.

"Tar Release: Hand of the Abyss" said Naruto. Kiba who was half way towards Naruto, suddenly crashed into a hand that instantly closed trapping Kiba and Akamaru.

"Kiba is trapped and unable to continue, Naruto is the winner" said Hayate.

"Fuin Art: Re-seal" said Naruto and with a bright white glow, the tar disappeared, leaving groaning Kiba on the floor, lying next to Akamaru.

The matches kept going, not many really interested Naruto.

He already knew what he was going to be doing for training. He did however, keep his eyes open, looking for Kekkei Genkai. After a moment, he then heard a very familiar name called.

"Sasuke Uchiha vs. Zaku" said Hayate, the two just glared at each other and Hayate continued seeing they were both ready. "Begin".

"I heard you tried to hurt my brother and his fiancé in the forest." Said Sasuke glaring as he dodged Zaku's pathetic attempts at Taijutsu.

"Why does that matter?" asked Zaku in a dead voice, still terrified from his previous ordeal.

"Well nobody will ever hurt my precious people, and I know the best way to make it so you will never even try to hurt someone again. You know that technique Naruto used? Well, he isn't even a true master. Tsukuyomi." They appeared in the black world.

"For 72 hours outside, or 700 years in here (there are like 259000 seconds in 72 hours, one second is equal to one day) and your punishment is to relive the memories of every person you have hurt but from their perspective." Said Sasuke he returned to the real world and left Zaku to live the next 72 hours and 59 minutes of his punishment.

"Sasuke Uchiha is the winner" said Hayate as Zaku collapsed.

The rest of the matches were inconsequential and Naruto didn't even bother watching them.

"Now all of the winners will draw a number to determine the matches of the next round." The winners made a line and drew the small papers. "Now please, one at a time, announce your numbers." Anko hissed.

"1" said Naruto.

"10" Yugito spoke quietly.

"8" Kin said.

"4" said Utakata.

"2" Kurotsuchi told them.

"3" said Garra.

"11" Fu mumbled.

"Troublesome... 9" said Shikamaru.

"5" smirked Sasuke.

"7" smiled Ino, glad she wasn't fighting Sasuke.

"6" frowned Hinata. She would have to fight one of her best friends.

"12" finished Omoi.

"The preliminary matches are:

Naruto vs. Kurotsuchi

Garra vs Utakata

Sasuke vs. Hinata

Ino vs Kin

Shikamaru vs. Yugito

Fu vs Omoi

You have one month to prepare, dismissed." Said Anko.

Konoha Council Room

"Ok this meeting is about the results of the preliminary matches as well as the possible invasion." the Hokage said "We will first discuss the invasion and then some aspects of the preliminaries and then the civilian council will be brought in." said the Hokage.

"Well, Sensei, I unfortunately have no new details about the invasion plan. So we will only be able to discuss our defensive plan." Said the Sanin.

"Alright, then this is my plan. Fifty percent of each clan will stay and guard their compounds, while the rest of the clan will be given a specific job. The Nara's, Yamanaka's and the Akimichi's will guard the stadium after the fight begins. The Hyuga will assist them somewhat but will then go into the village and attack those who have broken through the perimeter defenses. Those will be handled by Clan-less shinobi, Sasuke-kun, Jaraiya-kun as well as the Aburame. The Anbu will assist the Hyuga and cover the tower. Naruto-kun and I will be responsible for dealing with Yagura and Orochimaru.

"Excuse me Hokage-Sama but I have two concerns." Said Hiashi, he received a nod. "Well, I understand Naruto's strength but do you really think he can defeat the Mizukage? Also who will be guarding the Uchiha and Uzumaki compounds?" Questioned the Hyuga head, as he was concerned for the boy who he thought of as a nephew.

"Hokage-Sama if I may?" asked Naruto, he too receive a nod. "Hiashi-Ojisan, you know that one of my Dojutsu's ability is that of sealing. I will be able to seal away Yagura's demon. As for the compound, the Kazekage and his children will be guarding them." This statement received raised eyebrows "He said something along the lines of 'I won't have the home of my daughter's future husband destroyed.'" Naruto clarified.

"Fine, now let us move on to the preliminaries." Said the Hokage.

"Well, I believe that we have a good chance of winning." Said Shibi.

"I believe so as well but I know Sasuke, Hinata and I will have a hard time dealing with Yugito Nii, Utakata of Kiri, Han of Iwa, Fu of Taki and Garra of course. Shukaku-san, Shibi-san, I believe you should train your sons very hard. Shikamaru needs to increase his reserves and I think Shino should work on seals, since the Jinchuriki's reserves will be too large for his bugs, unless he learns some chakra restriction seals." Said Naruto, who received nods.

"Okay let us see what it is the civilians want." Said the Hokage. The Anbu at the door nodded and let them in. They proceeded to take their seats.

"Hokage-sama, we request the cancellation of the Chunin exams as well as our alliance with Suna." Said Homaru and Koharu in unison.

"Explain." Was all the Hokage said as the Shinobi council picked up their jaws off the floor.

"Well, we believe that there are several Jinchūriki other than Kyubbi competing in the exams, including the Kazekage's son." Said Koharu.

"Okay, and?" questioned Shikaku lazily.

"We will not have five demons running around Konoha!" yelled one of the council men.

"I would like to know where you got your hands on this information." Said Sasuke.

"That is simple." Answered Haruno. "My daughter heard a conversation between Ichibi, Kyubi and the Rokubi from Kiri.

"My village will crush Suna and Konoha." Said Utakata. Garra growled in response. "Do you believe your one tails scares the six tails?" asked Utakata just as Garra was about to begin.

"No but I do believe that it fears nine and before you say anything about five I'm sure two over there would happily help Garra."

"We refuse to ally ourselves with Suna and the Ichibi and we don't want the six and five in our village." Said Haruno.

"If you ever refer to Garra as Ichibi again I will kill you." Said Naruto in a growl.

"Anbu arrest him" said Koharu. The guards of the elder went to arrest the Naruto. Sasuke sent two Kunai into the Anbus' legs.

"As an Anbu you take orders from your captain or the Hokage." Said Sasuke coldly as the civilians shook off their shock.

"How correct you are, Anbu arrest Koharu and those Anbu." Said the Anbu commander.

"This meeting is dismissed. Team Myth change and comeback" said the Hokage.

10 minutes later Hokage's office

The Hokage stared in front of him, waiting for the two members of team Myth. The two Anbu shunshined in, using the blaze and ice versions of the Jutsu.

"Good to see you out of that stuffy meeting Naruto, Sasuke.." Said the Hokage.

"What did you want to see us for, Hokage- Ojīsan?" asked Toad aka Naruto.

"Well Naruto it seems you and your brother made it into Ame's and Iwa's Bingo book a couple of missions ago." Said the Hokage as he showed them the page.

Name: Uchiha Uzumaki Naruto

Alias: Konoha's Limitless Bloodline

Rank: B-A-Rank Genin

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: October 10th

Age: 13

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue/ Changes with Dojutsu

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Summons: Toad

Bloodlines: Unknown Dojutsu. Possible Ice, Sharingan, Crystal, Byakugan.

Known Affinities: Wind, Water, Fire possibly others.

Personal Note: Much is unknown, there are reports of the ability to copy bloodlines. Adoptive Brother of Konoha's Crow Itachi Uchiha, as well as The Last Uchiha Sasuke Uchiha.

Note of Engagement: Use extreme caution when engaging in Ninjutsu battle or Taijutsu battle. He appears impervious to Genjutsu. Do not show him your bloodline. Approach only with superior numbers. Teacher is Sharingan no Kakashi. Flee on sight when with Sasuke Uchiha, Hinata Hyuga and Hatake Kakashi.

Name: Uchiha Sasuke

Alias: The Last Uchiha

Rank: B-A-Rank Genin

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: July 23rd

Age: 13

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black/ Changes with Sharingan

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Summons: Unknown…Possibly a Crow

Bloodlines: Sharingan

Known Affinities: Wind, Earth, Fire possibly others.

Personal Note: Much is unknown, there are reports of a higher level Sharingan. Brother of Konoha's Crow Itachi Uchiha, as well as Adopted Brother of Konoha's limitless bloodline Uzumaki Uchiha Naruto.

Note of Engagement: Use extreme caution when engaging Sasuke in Ninjutsu battle or Taijutsu battle. He appears impervious to Genjutsu. Do not show him Secret Jutsu. Approach only with superior numbers. Teacher is Sharingan no Kakashi. Flee on sight when with Naruto Uzumaki Uchiha, Hinata Hyuga and Hatake Kakashi.

The Hokage flipped the book page.

"You are also the first Team to appear with an SS ranking as a team since Ino Shika Cho and that was when they were Jounin. If you guys keep improving like this you will be called the Neo-Sannin." He said showing them the last book page.

Name: Konoha Genin Team 7

-Uchiha Uzumaki Naruto

-Uchiha Sasuke

-Hyuga Hinata

-Hatake Kakashi

Alias: Team Dojutsu

-Konoha's Limitless Bloodline

-The Last Uchiha


-Sharingan no Kakashi

Rank: SS rank Genin team

Gender: 3 males 1 Female

Time since Creation 6 months

Age: 13- Genin, 27-sensei







-125 lbs.

-120 lbs.

-115 lbs.

-148 lbs.

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Summons: Toad, possibly crow, none, Dog.

Bloodlines: Unknown Dojutsu. Possible Ice, Sharingan, Crystal, Byakugan, Sharingan, Byakugan, Sharingan.

Known Affinities: Wind, Earth, Fire, Water and Lightning

Personal Note: Great Teamwork.

Note of Engagement: Flee on sight…

"I just wanted to keep you all updated. The real reason I called you both here as Anbu is that I have a mission for you." Said the Hokage. "There will be injuries during the Chunin exams and the event afterwards, so I want you two to bring back Tsunade. She will also become the Godaime Hokage. You have three weeks. The other reason I am sending you is that I don't want anyone spying on your training this month. Say your Goodbyes, you leave in an hour." Said the Hokage, he paused to make sure he didn't forget anything then said. "Oh, I almost forgot. We have found that there is a world tournament in poker and sake drinking contest in Edo Castle next week, so you'll probably want to go there." Said the Hokage.

The boys left and met at the gates an hour later.

"You ready?" Asked Toad. They would wear the mask till they were a good way away from the village.

"Yes" said Hawk. With that, they started running and when they made it to the point they took off their masks.

They safely made their way back to the village and gave their report.

Naruto walked out of the village, he wore his usual attire he had requested access to his father's old training ground. The training ground had seen the creation of the Hairashin as well as the rasengan and now it would see the creation of the five perfect elemental rasengan or at least as many as he could make in a month. He would have normally trained in the Uchiha Forest but there were too many distractions, namely his two beautiful Fiancé.

Naruto sprinted to the training ground, wearing gravity seals at 10 time's normal gravity, he decided that this would be the best physical exercise for him.

He arrived, the place was two mile outside Konoha, and it was a simple log cabin on the outside. He went inside the cabin and proceeded to the back door where he cut his finger, smearing his blood on the knob before slowly opening the door. It opened into a stairway, which led to a simple wooden door. He opened it and nearly collapsed as he entered. He saw the sides of the room had seals... gravity and chakra seals. Basically, the place was designed so it put your body in a chakra depleted and exhausted state. It did this so you had to have perfect chakra control to perform high level Jutsu.

Naruto stood and 100 clones poofed into existence around him.

Tthey quickly made groups of twenty, each group was assigned an element for the new rasengan. Futon: Rasenshuriken. Doton: Rasenyari (Earth release Spiraling Spear). Katon Rasennokoribi (Fire Release Spiraling embers). Suiton: Rasenuzu (Water release Spiraling Whirlpool). Raiton: Rasenshōgekiha (Lightning Style Spiraling Shockwave).

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